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  1. In continuation, I wanted to share some of the thoughts I've seen expressed on the issues facing us. We are a Polarized society but even in the Christian community our responses can vary widely. These responses can be seen every where including social media, internet, popular news media, and even water cooler talk. (Warning: This is not a Political Post or even offered for argumentation. It's just an examination of the arguments and commentary out there.) Standard responses I've seen expressed by Pagans are that we Christians and our foundation of Judeo/Christian values and morality are to blame. It is hateful because it isn't inclusive some even express. Some blame what they term the Radical Right or Right leaning Politicians who might share some of the Judeo/Christian ideals. There is hateful rhetoric and an anti-Judeo/Christian God of the Bible sentiment. Standard responses I've seen from Christians range from condemnation to extreme inclusion. In example Christians will often say that adherents to the Pagans argument will and should be condemned to hell while other Christians will try to appease the argumentation by being inclusive to the point of arguing away Biblical morality and values. Some might condemn Politicians and the Nation outright while others believe that we can save Republic if we will institute more restrictive moral laws. Some even believe that "If America falls, the World will also fall." (To borrow from our early Roman brethren.) What are some of the responses that you have heard? If you'd like share them here. Peace, Dave
  2. I was researching General Christian History recently and stumbled upon the Fall of Rome and how Christianity reacted to it. Then today I was reading about how the State of Virginia was proposing an Abortion bill that would have allowed infanticide in allowing a woman and her Doctor the right to determine if a pregnancy can be terminated right up to dilation and full term delivery. This is on the heels of New York passing a similar measure and having the State House in full applause at what they had accomplished. What should Christians do when the World seems to have gone crazy? How are we to react when we see possible Judgement drawing near? In the year 410 AD Rome was sacked by the Goth's some of whom happened to be Christian and even paid tribute to St. Peter at a basilica dedicated to the Apostle. The Christian world saw this as the end of the world. There was saying of that day and it went like this," When Rome falls, the World will also fall." To everyone concerned both Christian and Pagan the sacking of Rome meant the end of Rome. Even though it's final demise would come later. There were three Christians of Note that reacted to this event as they saw streams of refuge's both Christian and Pagan fleeing from Rome. Augustine of Hippo (354-430), Jerome of Bethlehem (347-420), and Orosius of Spain (375-418). These men varied widely as they responded to the concerns of those affected. I want to explore this some more in later posts. What I want to do here is relate how the concern for our very own Nation the U.S. has Christians and Pagans reacting. These men mentioned above witnessed chaos unleashed as the Greatest Empire of their day fell. It took years for this to happen and was mostly due to the decadence of the Roman Empire. I'm reading with keen interest the happenings right here in the U.S. The reactions of Christians vary and the explanations for why this is happening vary. The reaction of Pagans is that it's the Christians fault and even that the very foundation of the Nation and it's effect on the World are at fault. Not surprisingly the Pagans of Rome's fall blamed Christian practice and worship too, even though the Goth's that sacked Rome were primarily Christian. Can we learn something from the reactions of the past? I don't mean to say that we will be sacked here in the U.S. or even that we are falling. I think it's pretty obvious and has been for a while that we are in a moral free fall which isn't going to end well unless we see a Revival. I'm not date setting or prophesying. I'm asking what our reaction to this should be. Fear, anxiety, condemnation, or exhilaration? Where should our focus be? Peace, Dave
  3. I apologize I confused what you were saying with another person. My angle is this. Someone came here asking for assistance and there are some who want to throw condemnation at that person who is obviously struggling with the issue. It helps if we can explain a little bit about who God is and how He see's our sin. Personal conviction comes into play here and although we all agree that there is Biblical reproof to call it a sin and to even condemn the behavior it never helps the sinner out of the context that they are actually in. There's a whole host of reasons for why an individual could be trapped in bondage to this particular behavior or any particular behavior and blanket statements don't help. God works through relationship. Why? We can draw assumptions on behaviors without ever understanding the real reason that someone is behaving that way. Often there is a critical spiritual reason that they are in bondage and they are actually blind to it. Only the Holy Spirit can lead someone into the Light and He wants us to cooperate with Him. Again, I misunderstood and mistook you for someone else, I apologize. Peace, Dave
  4. Hmm, so condemnatory actions on your part are the norm? Where in scripture do we find access to this point of view and attitude? Here's how God always works. He meets people where they are, but He never ever leaves them there. That's the thing and we need to see Jesus on this and other situations like it in our society and culture. Throwing flame on this isn't going to help anyone. I personally have family members that struggle with this issue. Smoking Weed will not send anyone to hell but it sure will keep us from living a productive Christian life and having an effective witness. Who do we want to win here because our battle isn't against flesh and blood? Someone is struggling with this issue and answering in a fashion full of Grace will help them and after all we are looking for Liberty because it is what we were reborn into. Love is the answer! If your conscience is clear, good for you! However, what you do not have the right to do is to tell another where they should be or are in their walk and what their conscience towards God currently should be. That's the Lord's job. Peace, Dave
  5. Good, I'm glad you agree. Let's not jump to conclusions about where this is going. We haven't gotten there yet and I'm not going to advocate swimming with Great White Sharks or smoking weed. LOL Peace, Dave
  6. Good observation MJ! So then if we agree, and I'd like Missmuffet to chime in before we carry on, then we can take this thing somewhere. Let's hear what she has to say and then I will develop a little more where it is I'd like to go with this. Theology can be fun. Peace, Dave
  7. Hi Missmuffet, Let's talk a little bit about Theology, would that be okay? The first thing I'd like to say is that God Created everything Good! Genesis 1:31 God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning--the sixth day. Do you agree with this statement of mine? Peace, Dave
  8. Welcome, I'm more than sure that you will find help here. What's going on? Peace, Dave
  9. Here are two quote's that I like about this very subject and they are from Susanna Wesley the Mother of John Wesley.
  10. Wow sis! I didn't say Salvation wasn't important. I said Restoration was missing. Sorry that you misunderstood. P.S. Salvation is about Restoration. God came to Save what was lost. Much Love, Dave
  11. Bless you sister, Yes, indeed, we agree. It sounds like you are on the right track and you sure exemplify grace here. When I minister to men I seek their greatest need first. If they never acknowledge that there will never be an acknowledgement of anyone but themselves. I try to help the man see that we are all by products of a fallen nature and that we are wounded. There are a lot of Christian men harbouring secret wounds. The greatest thing that we can do as men is to open our hearts completely to Jesus and allow Him not just to be Saviour but Lord of our hearts, enthroned there. Then He can remodel the house, so to speak. The greatest thing missing from the gospel being preached today isnt Salvation. It's Restoration! God's desire is to take that old rusted 65 Mustang sitting on cinder blocks and to restore it to its original intent so that He can go cruising on it. Only this Mustang has to extend it's free will and allow the relationship to grow. Hows your husbands relationship with God? Much Love, Dave
  12. Hang in there Sister! As a Minister of men I can guarantee that he is struggling with what we "all" struggle with as men in this society and culture. The first thing we are asked when we are met is what is our name and what do we do for a living. It's a measure of our value but our value isn't in what we do. That's so hard to get past. Our value is found in who Father God says we are. The reason we are asked what we do is so that others can measure our value in the pecking order and categorize us in the level of value we bring to the relationship. Marginalization will ensue afterwards according to our degree of status. Value him for who God says he is and what God says his potential is. His life will change! He is also a by product of the generations before him but that does not limit his potential. There's a reason that there is a whole section of "Begots" in the Bible that we all ignore while reading it. LOL David was the least loved and liked of his Father's sons. The least respected. His daddy remarks that he's the little one out tending the Sheep as if he's some kind of mistake or something and if he gets eaten by a wolf so be it. Then we wonder why David has such a horrible time relating to his sons to the point that one of them rebels against him. Yet, he's a man after God's own heart! A trophy seeker when it comes to woman. What's he trying to prove anyway???? Maybe he's not so little after all???? Maybe his manhood is tied up in how many women he can conquest???? Maybe he's a fallible man trying to live up to some expectation entitled manhood???? Maybe he's trying desperately to earn R-E-S-P-E-C-T???? I'm praying for him that he will understand the potential of the knowledge and the liberty of acknowledging the value in being fully engaged as a son of God. Peace, Dave
  13. Grace to you, My Home Church opens our services asking the Holy Spirit to come and enable and empower us to Worship. The Pastor will often ask the Holy Spirit to help him to deliver the Word. It's been my practice for years when I preach to yield to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit so that I do not get in the way of delivering His Word. I used to preach in front of the White House in McPhereson Square and Franklin Square parks. The times I asked the Holy Spirit to invade the park and take if for the Kingdom were the times the most effective Ministry happened. Much Love, Dave
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