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  1. i just wish christmas was coming. at least i can find Jesus in that more.
  2. i've been on medicine before. i have even attempted while on medicine. i been to a rescue mission for 6 months. i just feel like i have no options anymore. im afraid to talk to anyone anymore
  3. thank you. been listening to music, gospel music but i still feel like im not alone tonight in a bad way. i really am against doing anything but you know how it is. its still just a very dark foreboding feeling.
  4. i just feel so dark and suicidal for days and i feel that i should more look for a friend to stay with even for a little bit because i dont want to go to the hospital or something like that. going to the hospital for this stuff scares me. i dont even know why i feel so down like this. i jsut feel like im better off if i was gone. i told God to take me....
  5. i would also want to know where someone stands with dissociative disorders. it can be hurtful if someone compares it to being a demoniac or something
  6. and if people agree to disagree then therefor they agree on something :p
  7. i feel like we are basically like the people in the hunger games yet except they arent broadcasting live tournaments of people killing people yet....
  8. i dont thikn something is wrong with exposing something. as i watch and read things i will try to test the spirits.
  9. i was meaning to watch this show in general. but im not sure if i should? if it were wanting to claim that mkultra was real and what it does to people i could consider it but sometimes i wonder if its meant to mock? i feel like national treasure movie is there to make you doubt illuminati is real
  10. These are people who think multiple personalities have demons. Yeah I really summoned Satan because I was trying to get away from being abused or traumatized the way I knew
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