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  1. preciouspearl


    My devotions haven't been the same. I've been feeling like I'm better off dead. Considered hospital. But was afraid. Considering it again. I have class and work . But my isolation is painful
  2. preciouspearl


    thank ou all. i dont know what to do than to allow you all to pray for me. i feel like i have no or little faith if any. the guilt and shame if eel is unbearable
  3. preciouspearl


    thank you the only thing im trying to hope for is the observation that she is so easily influenced by different teachings. i prayed that God will open her eyes more. i guess. now its hard to tell what God wants. maybe God wants me to listen to her....
  4. preciouspearl


    mom says im supposed to suffer in my affliction. i feel betrayed. i feel evil 😢
  5. preciouspearl


    i think i should apologize to them. i am the crazy one. a bad christian
  6. preciouspearl


    i ruined and betrayed my family. im evil
  7. preciouspearl


    could God want me to die? alll i feel is i cause pain and misery. i am a burden. don thave a lot of my own life or money. i feel like id be better off dead . i want to be out of pain.
  8. preciouspearl

    God and UFO's

    i used to tell my mother ET (the brown thing) was peekin gin my window when i went to sleep. she told me i actually sounded believable.
  9. preciouspearl

    God and UFO's

    without reading the rest of the thread i will state my own beliefs. as a teenager i remember going to church for a bit and going to a prophecy conference. i know about project bluebeam and how it is either a fake rapture or them saying it is a reason why people are gone.
  10. preciouspearl

    666 revealed

    https://zelda.gamepedia.com/Triforce just pointing something out. im the last who will say a game is evil.
  11. preciouspearl

    666 revealed

    Triforce I mean
  12. preciouspearl

    666 revealed

    the one picture looks like the zelda trigram........
  13. preciouspearl

    this my soul

    this is one of thos esongs that make me laugh and cry amazing!
  14. preciouspearl

    who is the morning star?

    i hear songs referring to the morning star as being Jesus. but i know some people have said this was Satan. 😕
  15. preciouspearl

    possible awareness about a friend.....

    about going to his house for the a holiday event. i dont mind talking to him and going to coffee shops with him but they have decorations that ward off evil spirits. i dont want to be mean and having really hung out with them all in general.