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  1. But you don't know why I posted this and if it has to do with mental illness. People can be ill and gifted even ill and genius . Not saying I'm genius lol
  2. So just cos I have issues I can't have premonition? Whatever
  3. Is it possible to have them ?
  4. i hear random ideas to do things to myself or things i own. ive been able to take care of myself by doing physical thing slike chores, taking care o fhygiene or meditating biblically or just turn on stories, etc ive been pickin gmy skkin which is more like ocd or anxiety than self harm. im afraid i will go through wiht things cos i stil suffer. the thing is. how do i know if i hve a true mental illness or am i possessed by a demon
  5. this was brought on because of someone ik now saying the beast from beauty and the beast is the devil i dont understand. it was a curse from a fairy nebuchadnezzar was chastised from God to be a beast.
  6. he came to be the final sacrifice of grace so stop the sacrifices that were becoming works. not sure what this has to do with the devil lol
  7. Does he actually have horns? Some people say he appears as beautiful which is the deception
  8. rusty doesnt have to tell me. im just stating a possible explanation.
  9. Maybe she was abused as a child too? We should try not to judge I never did tell the pastor btw
  10. I posted this for guidance from everyone However I'm fasting for God's direction, will, healing and guidance. I want to do it on a day no one notices I'm eating or not . The last time I fasted was kept private .
  11. I'm interested in spiritual fasting . But I'm worried about feeling awful. A youth pastor I had said its okay to have a meal replacement drink if needed but I don't know. I fasted two meals once. But I used to not eat when I was depressed. I'm afraid I will turn depressed again But maybe not Any instructions or advice? I'm thinking when I do give up coffee too because all that makes me feel miserable on that alone .
  12. people are still replying? lol i stopped going to that church. :/ i dont know how i feel. im at my mom's church but still...
  13. cool i like to listen to asmr bible readins if im having a har dnight. it is helpful and im thankful people do it.
  14. I feel like people tell me to hope in God because they don't want to be there for me. They fail to understand I have been doing that all the past year. More Him than people. This time I feel I need people,.. But they hurt me 😢

    1. shel


      Well said, precious. Those words can be a cop-out. Yes we do need people. The good Samaritan had godly actions, not godly words. 

      I am sorry you have been hurt. What happened?

    2. shanee


      Sorry to hear that...I had someone do that to me a few times...but i will say it didnt turn out good for them in the long run.

    3. preciouspearl


      im fine now. thanks.