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  1. and immoral videos easily accessed by children are masked appearing innocent. research elsagate. or don't. its disgusting.
  2. Merry Christmas. I found my glasses two days ago
  3. so i found an older pair of glasses which are better than nothing. but if i can at least find hte presscription blank i can get a pair more true to my needs but been find for now. thank you all struggling with a general world against me feeling and just feeling hopeless, tired, isolated. have had flu like symptoms since saturday so generally quiet.
  4. When i hear a crunch I might know I found my glasses😕
  5. i feel bad about this....i feel like a pest. but i did my final today and on break untill....january. i feel so hopeless latley and even more so. i cried . my vision has been bad all day. i cannot find my glasses. i feel like i needed them more today and they are gone.
  6. i had two sunday school teachers who i think lookng back are molesters. i probably shouldnt post details openly though..... it is everywhere.
  7. im thankful in this year two friends were saved. it is amazing. God is amazing. i feel some hope.
  8. so i am trying to do more devotions while it is closer to christmas. i feel like i ruined the rest of the year. i still have thoughts of thoughts of self harm and stuff. i recorded a song on sunday. i felt good after that. but mostly i wish i wasnt me or anything. yesterday i tried to reflect a passage from Exodus 14 about myself and my situation. i am not sure if i am just going too far with trying to desperately look for anything. i dont believe every passage applies to any and every situation. it is also about context. here is my reflection any how. i think of how it would have been better if i kept certain secrets to myself and not gone through what i am going through now. as i face fear, uncertainty and triggers i feel it was better for me before i had them hit me again strongly. yet if you read exodus 14 you notice the israelites (God's chosen) wished the same. they were brought out of slavery in egypt yet wandered before they got to the promised land. they faced hardships. they wished they were back in slavery but God thought them ungrateful. this is something i am thinking about considering everything i am going through. i should not wish my secret was still only with me and some friends online. i can choose to trust God that i will reach my healing.
  9. hi. i understand how you feel. it is disappointing when you realize you shouldnt have turned to a specific person. other than this forum i have been on a site called setting captives free. they have 30 or 60 day studies and you can be assigned a mentor.
  10. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/earthquake-seismic-waves-mayotte-madagascar-volcanic-activity-science-a8659236.html?amp
  11. so now im struggling witht he fact that my mother wants me to have a relationship and reconciliation with my father as well as my sister. i feel like i am being blamed for something i never started. i feel like she is being immature about this and thats in the highest respectful way possible i can try to hope for something good about this
  12. what i have done is research the meds i was taking. if i noticed a trend or others similar i would make a decision about the meds. but not knowing your situation i cant sit here and tell you what to do. some things take awhile to adjust and then the symptomes go awway.
  13. i cant sleep. mom implied how she wants us all to have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy it. did she say that to anyone else? i feel blamed. feel confused and abandoned always.
  14. trying to stay close to God today. i dont know what is going on with me and a friend. i havent let her in or talked to her much since the past few weeks. i had a bad thougth that "oh good.... it is easier to end it all if you dont have friends left" i hate how my mind can turn against me.
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