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  1. in december i was sick with bronchitis and tracheitis . i was given antibiotics as well as a cough suppresssant which was also anesthetic like. i have felt very depressed lately since november. i feel like i should actually end it all. i wont and trying not to but i see no reason to even finish pursuing my career. i panic when i hear sirens or helicopters. i sometimes panic when i hear a car drive by. there is no point in going on when you feel like you could die or your life or you will end soon.
  2. i agree. on church page no one should be excluded. events should be announced clearly and concisely. on their on personal fb pages i could understand but the church fb site is usually public :/
  3. yeah that is why i never bought a soun dmachine. youtube is good for finding what you want. just a steady noise. no surprises. and my ceiling fan
  4. i look up scripture readings that i can listen to. or music. i even like listenign to ocean waves or rain
  5. if you cant confide in your parents you can confide in the Lord or pray for someone to talk to spiritual you can trust.
  6. hello kenzie, thinking of you. i have been where you are this time of year can be difficult im happy that you are still with us <3
  7. please dont fight with me. im not saying we should allow it . you just didnt seem to understand they were already being trafficked and it just doesnt happen when they get to the border. that was my point. instead you criticize my logic instead of maybe asking to clear something up?
  8. trafficking often has travel. this is going on at home already technically.
  9. i was not yet an adult when i heard of SRA, it is pretty straightforward that it i abuse so i never blamed survivors of this. because i have my own stuff that people could say it is my fault but maybe other survivors would say it is not.
  10. i always liked christmas canon.. i also like christmas eve sarajevo by TSO but pachelbels canon is actually more of an exercise than an actual piece. this is something i learned in music history.
  11. Thank you since October I'm not able to sleep until I take something or feel physically forced to
  12. people might be mad at me for this but im not looking forward to thanksgiving. last thanksgiving was bad for reasons. nothing happened that day but just things going on.
  13. im struggling with severe depression. i dont like night time and i feel like im being watched lately the past few weeks. i sleep ok but never rested. i dont get up early but at least i dont sleep most of th eday anymore i feel like im evil and fallen from grace soemtimes
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