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  1. My final thought on tattoos. If you like them. Good for you. If you don't like them. Don't get one. Works for me.
  2. Wow! When I left to go swimming this topic was on page 10. I get back and it is on page 18. I got some reading to do. I have giving up on the debate. I am now in read and make goofy comments mode. Since no one ever changes their mind about these things anyway.
  3. So what other OT Laws do you follow? From what you just said, it better be all of them.
  4. Wow. That seems to make real sense. The part about knowing right from wrong not making you like God. “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”
  5. Not my opinion. If anyone cares to know what my opinion is.
  6. I see where this is going so I am going to go back to eating my pop corn.
  7. Or some may think it is beautifying the temple.
  8. I always thought you were a pick up truck. I think I'm a volkswagen beetle myself.
  9. Oh goody! I am just in time for the tattoo debate. I'll get the pop corn!
  10. I find it funny that a topic on being bored as become so interesting.
  11. Again people. I made a short list of what I think are sins. My reply would be far too long to read if I listed every sin that could point to someone not being saved. Anyone is free to add to my list. Just don't make me out to be saying something I am not.
  12. Dose your church have dress code guidelines? If so what are they? How does it work? If I show up in the wrong clothes will I be turn away? I ask because I hear of this stuff but I don't know how it works. Do churches with dress codes turn people way? Or kick out members for not following the code? I am not asking this to be a jerk. I am just wondering how it all works.
  13. Alright! I did not have time to list every sin. So I made a short list of things. You may add more to my list if you like but don't twist my words to mean something they did not.
  14. If someone would want to buy someone something nice to wear to church that is fine and loving to do. But I don't think people should be made to feel like they have to put on this or that in order to attend church.
  15. Hatefulness. Unloving. Not caring for others. Just out right being rude. That sort of thing. A church that just seems to have no light in it.
  16. Dose is really matter? Is that what our concern should be on. If people are wearing a suit or a dress to church? If we think this is what church is about then we have missed the mark. This is a sensitive issue for me. Growing up my cousin one Sunday refuse to go back to church because someone made fun of her cloths. She would not attend until she got "the right clothes." We are hurting people, putting stones in their way and hindering the work of God by getting hung up on what people should and should not be wearing to church. We should be ashamed. Well now. That is what I think about that.
  17. Well I would think that if people are coming to Christ. Then the focus of that church would be on Christ. Let the fruit of the tree speak for itself so to say. Clearly if you walk into a church and no one seems to be saved. There is something very wrong going on in that church.
  18. I attended a church once where I got more out of the little skit they put on then I did from the sermon. Maybe, God reaches people through different means? For one person it maybe a song sung in church. For another it could what is said in a sermon. For someone else maybe it was a church play. Or maybe someone talked to them while doing an outreach program. God made us all different. Just a thought.
  19. The piano was once considered to be a too secular instrument unfit for church.
  20. For clarification reason only. My church has nothing to do with that Rick Warren guy.
  21. Reading over all of your complaints here, I am blessed when it comes to finding a good church to attend. My church is wonderful. It is alive! You can feel the power of the Holy Spirit working in the church and the people who are there. Marriages have been saved. Teens have been saved. People have been healed. Alcoholics have been saved and cured. The people there have so much love for each other it is amazing. Sometimes the Holy Spirit takes over the service and the pastor has to change what he was going to preach about and just lets the Spirit move. We have outreach programs and are encouraged by the pastor to go out into the world and be Jesus to people! Don't just sit inside the church. Get out there! The worship songs move me to tears and I can hardly get through them without crying. Just wonderful joy fills up the place when we sing. I love going every Sunday. And yes! We have a coffee bar. But I always bring sweet ice tea cause I don't like coffee.
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