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  1. Remember, Christ is called the "Lamb slain from the foundation of the world" (Rev. 13: 8). Adam & Eve left the garden of Eden clothed in the skin of slain beasts. That means they were already covered by Christ's atoning work. Then Abel offered of the first-lings of the flock. Why was his sacrifice accepted and Cain's wasn't? Because Abel had faith in the blood. Peace & Health, Brian HUH?
  2. eric


    Well, brother, they may call themseves believers, but they are believing a lie if they think that as well as coming to a wrong conclusion. IMO, that is.
  3. There are many ways of entering into ministry, but as Nebula pointed out, you have be certain which ministry you wish to get involved with, depending on age, gender, full time, part time teaching, preaching, evangelism and the list goes on. You will have to be a bit more specifc I'm afraid.
  4. Yup, when Jesus died on the cross (gave the guost) the veil was torn from top to bottom to allow all to pass into the holy of holies.............OT and NT saints... of course.
  5. Well there's no more to add, really. new age is as anti-christ as it gets. Period.
  6. eric

    Deut 13:1-5

    Exactly.Eccl 12 : 14 For God will bring everything into judgement with every secret thing, whether it be good or wether it be evil. Why should He wnan't test our love for Him if He already knows if you love Him or not.
  7. I don't recall having a vote in this subject, but I would like 2 cents worth. So firstly IMO salvation is not a gift. Salvation is deliverace, by redemtion, from sin and the cosequences of sin. It's a state of where your heart is, in relationship to the righteousness, expected of you, by God, by repenting of your inborn carnal and sinful life, and living a the life that God has purposed for you. Now in order to accmplish that condition, it takes what EricH said......faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God. The work on the cross was a perfect example of a perfect sacrifice. If we are to follow Christ into eternity, we should be prepared to acknowledge our sinful state and repent of our carnal lifestyle and make a few sacrifices of our own, and we can't do that without conviction of the Holy Spirit, who will lead us into all truth. You don't get a stamp on the back of you hand or a certificate. You get a heart transplant......in a manner of speaking. In other words you make a heart-felt committment to Jesus to turn your life around and keep His commands. It takes Faith, and we can find out all about faith in the book of Hebrews.......This my own understanding of salvation after tewnty odd years of reading the word.
  8. I didn't see secret rapture in the OP, only "rapture" It can't be secret with all the cry of command, the voice of the arch-angel and the trumpeting.
  9. I voted yes, but I prefer to call it resurrection.
  10. I can only respond with scripture, John 5:24.Truly, truly, I say unto you. he who hears My word and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life and will not come into judgement, but has passed out death into life. The judgement a christian faces when he arrives home is not about the evil he has done, but the rewards for our faithfulness to Him and His gospel. Want another? Rom 8:1 There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Now I have no intention of going through the whole bible with you, but if I were you I would brush up a bit on your exegesis.
  11. Sorry I am late getting back to you Nebula, but I have been sleping and have only finished brekky. You quoted from Jn 10:10. ReC version says, The thief does not come but to steal and kill and destroy. I come so they may have life and may have it abundantly. No mention of power here, just that he comes. I can not deny that, and he does succeed with those who are vulnerable. His tools are slick craftyness and audacity, but in Eph, Paul tells us to put your armour on and fend him off with the sword of the spirit. In another question you ask would wiccan have lasted so long if there was not some sort of power attached to it. Well wiccan is a satanic religion and people have a choice whether or not to follow after them. They have no power to make anyone join up. You also ask, Can Satan - or demons - give people knowledge of things? Well, why not? I mean, it would be quite odd if a demon couldn't discern between spirits, don't you think? satan can only give people knowledge of things, if people are willing to listen, but we are told that he is a liar and father of all lies. He certainly can't give me any knowlrdge that I don't already know about. You have a nice day sister
  12. Thank you, Isaiah43, for your input, but as I do not know you from Tom Jones, I am not in the position of testing your faith in The Lord Jesus Christ. I don't know that I have ever posted on the same thread as you before. Depression can be a medical or clinical problem. Forty five years ago,my mother took her pwn life when suffering from depression. She was a confirmed anglican and was 72 at the time. I read thecoroner's report that stated that Mrs...............ended her own life while the state of her mind was unbalanced. None of her family were b/a christians. including myself, at the time, so satan was never ever considered as a motivating force. Another of my favourite scriptures is 1 Cor 10:13. no temptation has taken you except that,which is common to man: but God is faithful who will not let you be tempted beyond what you are able, but will with the temptation, make also the way out, that you may be able to endure it. If it wasn't for that passage of scripture, that my wife of 52 years, and myself, read together,we would not be together still. We had only been married 30 years at that time and our marriage only just held together because of our children's sake. Even after our conversion, about 22 yrs ago, we have been through the fires, but He is faithful and each time He has brought us out of the fire, we have been stronger in our walk and never once have we ever given satan a thought, let alone blame him. It's tough out there friend and I also believe strongly what Paul wrote in Rom 8:28. You take care and be like me and make a rude gesture as the devil. He is a cowardly liar. PS No, mate your are not an inept fool who doesn't know how to put your faith in God. No one said being christian is going to be easy, but if you love Him as much as He loves you......you're a winner. PSS, I have just seen that you are a matess. I thought you was a bloke
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