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  1. very straight forward and smart answer
  2. It is going to be very good that the Jerusalem is recognised as the capital of Israel in as much as this is purely factual and scriptural. And more importantly that this regime or administration in the US confirms this by all necessary legal, official and concrete-proof steps.
  3. this is educative and informative
  4. Bitcoin Business.......Is it good for christians

    how is bitcoin able to increase in value like this? take for example from $500 -$15,000 what is really giving bitcoin this power?
  5. It has come to my observation how people are talking about bitcoin business. Summarily they said it is highly profitable. I do know little or nothing about it and this is why I am asking: 1. Is it good for a christian to go into it? 2. Can anyone in a simple way explain the principle with which bitcoin business operate?
  6. Has Science been hijacked?

    I surely know that scientific knowledge can breed concrete or abstract products, hope you understand this?
  7. Has Science been hijacked?

    If Science has been hijacked as said; do you consider it safe to use products of Science from evil scientists recognising the fact that they may subtly package little evil with products we may percieve as good?
  8. Has Science been hijacked?

    Science is good considering the benefits of it but if it should be in the wrong hands, God forbid that we settle for what it is bad. My interest is to know whether Science has been hijacked. If yes, how? And what can be done at micro and macro level? If no, what are the proofs? For instance, what percentage (roughly) of the past and the present renowned scientists were/are really and genuinelly christians?
  9. Freemasonry

    This discussion seems to be a powerful spiritual matter. Sometimes, it gets complicated along the way.
  10. Are you into black soldier fly larvae (bsfl) production?

    There are many uses of it as gathered from online literatures: 1. For waste management (rabbit, goat, chicken feces, etc faeces); 2. The matured larva (bsfl) can be processed to feed birds and fish; The residue from feeding activities of the bsfl bin is also a good fertilizer source.
  11. Are you into black soldier fly larvae (bsfl) production?

    Sell something? NO. Just trying to get the experiences of people who are into it. A lot has been said and written about it but looking for those who are into it directly.
  12. If you answer yes to the subject above, please share your experience.
  13. Righteous ways to make money online

  14. Righteous ways to make money online

    Just as explained above
  15. Year 2045: The Year Man will become immortal

    What are they even trying to do?