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    I'm a father of three boys who leads adventures despite having a seminormal career and family life. I've hunted bears in Alaska, hiked portions of the Continental Divide Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and the Pacific Crest trail, as well as placed in several foosball and disc golf tournaments. I'm leading my boys to be lovers of God and lacking in timidity. I was born in Abilene, Texas.
  1. Missplaced they are about 1/3 the heat of habeneros which allows you to enjoy the fruity flavor without the pain.
  2. My rain forest pepper plant is loaded. Tonight I made some pepper sauce. If you like pepper sauce, the recipe is here http://wp.me/p3bCKM-9S Do you have a good hot sauce recipe?
  3. This question dovetails off my earlier post. If God closes a door, we need to move on and continuing seeking his will for us. However, we know that Satan wants to distract us and muddy our efforts at serving Him. In an effort to serve others and honor Jesus, I want to go abroad on medical missionary trips. I have the time and resources. However, I attempted to do this about 2 years ago and ultimately quit trying because I felt as thought God was closing the door for that at this point in my life. ( I had just added a newborn to my family of 2 boys, began coaching little league and joined a local church) Recently I felt the call again to attempt a medical missionary trip, but I don't want to be pushing my will over God's. Yet, I don't want to give up because the devil puts a few roadblocks up. Have you ever struggled with this question? I love to hear your input.
  4. Thanks for the help folks, I filled out the application for Samaritan's Purse and now am waiting for their response. If you have any personal experience of another medical missionary group, please let me know. I want to serve.
  5. Q thanks for the help. Sadly, this appears quite often. I will fill out an application, and then continue looking. "ONLINE VOLUNTEER APPLICATION ATTENTION NURSES: No placement opportunities for nurses are currently available. Your application will be kept on file and we will contact you when new opportunities for service arise." No worries, I will continue my search.
  6. Hey guys and gals, My name is Andy and I am a CRNA by trade (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist). I'm blessed with lots of vacation and want to take a medical missionary trip where I provide anesthesia for needy folks. The trouble is, I can't find a group to go with. Google is no help because I run across strange groups who seem more intent on getting money from me than me actually joining them. I grew up protestant, but I have no problem working with fellow Catholic Christians. I'm more than willing to pay for my own travel, lodging and food items. I just need a reputable group. If you have a church group or organization you'd recommend, please let me know. My time frame would be for next year, and I appreciate any and all help you can provide. thanks, Andy
  7. Nothing is more manly than a roaring fire in the fireplace, unless you are cooking a hunk of wild game on said roaring fire. The temperature dropped to a brutal 39 degrees here on the Texas coast, and it reminded me of one of my favorite methods of cooking. The following has its origin in the medieval French countryside. Any 4-6 pound hunk of meat will do, so don't feel limited to just using wild pork. If you do use a rather lean cut of meat, do plan on larding it. Serves: 4 Prep Time: 6-10 hours Ingredients: Use any herbs and spices you like, a large hunk of meat, pork fat if a lean roast, and lots of extra virgin olive oil. Method: 1. Lard your 4-6 pound roast if necessary. This is basically poking holes through the meat and stuffing with fat. I do this to my venison roasts and other lean meats. Most pork and lamb won't require this step. 2. Purchase some butcher twine and netting and stuff your roast. Coat in olive oil and season. 3. There are a few ways you can spin your meat in front of the fireplace. The easiest, but most invasive, is to put a strong nail into your mantle. You may have a nail already for hanging Christmas stockings, but you want to make sure its strong enough to hold your meat. Falling meat is a catastrophe. I have a portable metal grill with a swinging hand I place in front of the fireplace and hang my string from the handle. I've also seen tripods set up like cowboys use to cook a pot of beans over the fire. The longer your string is, the less often you must twist your roast. Be sure to place a metal bowl beneath the roast to catch the drippings and olive oil baste. I baste about every 30 minutes and oil the twine to keep it from drying out and breaking. 4. Cooking time depends on your meat, fire, and taste. Bear and wild pig needs to be done, whereas lamb and venison of course is better medium rare to medium. 5. Let it rest 20 minutes at least. This is where I fail so often, but it really should be done. Be strong, ignore the guests rumbling. Slap hands. Do what it takes, trust me. We don't get much cold weather here in Southeast Texas, but when we do I love cooking on the fireplace. Have you cooked anything on the fireplace? I've got some videos of the process here: http://wp.me/p3bCKM-98
  8. ok, so maybe my reading comprehension does leave a bit to be desired...
  9. I know as I study the bible I run across items I constantly overlook. I know I've read all of Matthew at least 5 times, and then last night, while reading a book about Heaven, BAM: I read where many holy people were resurrected at the same time as Jesus and came into Jerusalem. How many facts and statements have you noticed in a passage after having read it several times? I do it constantly, and my reading comprehension skills aren't lousy! Am I alone in this?
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