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  1. Yes, I am sure =0) Employer Responsibility Under the Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act does not require businesses to provide health benefits to their workers, but applicable large employers may face penalties if they don’t make affordable coverage available. The Employer Shared Responsibility Provision of the Affordable Care Act penalizes employers who either do not offer coverage or do not offer coverage which meets minimum value and affordability standards. In 2016, these penalties will apply to firms with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees. This flowchart illustrates how those employer responsibilities work. -- http://kff.org/infographic/employer-responsibility-under-the-affordable-care-act/ The EWTN says it would be fined $600,000 to start and as I read there statement. That's Chump change to this business that sells perhaps thousands of items for profit and makes 10's if not 100's of Millions of dollars a year. The company is spending at least $7,000,000 a year just for employees( @20k ea.). A mark up of 1 - 3% on the items it sells would more than cover the costs. I am sure the viewers of the station would understand, as it applies to morale value. I can assure you way more than $600,000 has been spent by this company( and other sources ) in legal fees that continue to rise. How can they be fighting for the rights of others by Refusing choice??? They pay taxes, and those taxes support the same moral issues we are discussing any many more the RCC does not support, do they not??? If they quit paying taxes, I steadfastly believe they are standing on firm Religious Morals. My personal view is the Gov. should provide health care to all, I would totally agree to have my taxes raised to accomplish this. As you may Know there are still many millions w/o healthcare. Peace/ Love/ Blessing to All
  2. No the Company isnt being Forced. The Company can drop their employee health coverage, and give individuals the money to purchase their own coverage. The individual has the option to not purchase contraception, sterilizations and abortion-inducing drug options. Problem solved. Just as my earlier, wordier and more specif thread indicated.
  3. I do not remember using the word " Hasatan " === in fact I do not believe I have ever seen it, much less know what it might mean. Jesus immediately Rebuked Peter, so I agree he was not a host for Satan. And not a host for another reason, he did not have the Knowledge that Jesus was serving God and his purpose in going forward into certain death( Peter thinking he was protecting Jesus ( God's purpose ). Kinda reminds me of God saving King Abimelech from sin/ and destruction ... as he was without the knowledge he was about to sin ~ Genesis 20:2 Abimelech seems to mean "My Father is King" P.S. - Travel flows from left to right in the avatar, landing in Isra'el. P.S - Careful now an Avatar as used in Hinduism, as a deity or supreme being may travel up and down, or is everywhere and needs not travel for its presence is in all dimensions not just 2 or 3 of our limited computing prowess. Just playing around a little =-) God Bless Bob
  4. A Simple Solution -- Maybe ( LOL ) Why cant the Company drop the insurance carrier and let the people get the insurance they choose in the open market? Yes, the company might or would be inclined to give the people a raise to cover the cost to their employees, but that should resolve the companies morale dilemma ... should it not it? The money is now the individuals to buy the insurance they choose, using their own Individual Religious Freedom. Problem Resolved. More than likely, the company would not like my resolution .... If so Why? Because, The Company ( in line with the Church ) would have to relinquish some of its control and authority over the Religious Freedoms, of its individual employees/ members. Individual Freedoms are Protected not companies, businesses, or even churches. Calling this an assault is almost laughable, in comparison to when the RCC was/ is the Governing Body, through the hundreds of inquisition years, to the hiding and protecting criminals who sexually assaulted children( and the criminals that where/ are accomplice/ complicit in hiding the crime), and Mafia Blood money Laundering. If the company does not like the Ruling, or an alternative solution( as the one I suggested ). The only option left is to get fined, and or take it up with God. I am not much of a betting man but, When cash is on the line how long do you think the company will pay the fines to keep from offending their Religious Moral's? This maybe the Truest measure of Conviction and Conscience in the matter....... Stay Tuned and Lets us see the dollar value the Company might place on this most important issue.......................................
  5. Music - God's Comfort to All "As Mother Comforts her Child so will I Comfort YOU " - Isaiah 66:13 God made the hearts, minds and souls of those that sing and play music. He also made your heart, mind, and soul that can Feel the Love and Grace of God. Certain songs and music move you in a Loving way. "God is Love " so maybe he is reaching out to you, even as your feelings bear witness to the Love you feel when certain Music is playing. Music is spoken of or used in the Bible many times. Some examples are -- 1st instruments( if not the 1st ) from Cain's lineage, David playing for Saul when Saul had an ominous spirit, Psalms are songs, and many more times are songs/ music mentioned. In order for a person to Receive their Full Measure of God's Love, they should be in a proper state to receive it. In order to receive and do God's Will to the Fullest extent, a body & soul should be immersed in the Love of God. There is a simple method to accomplish both in one sitting, but there are a few mandatory Rules : 1). Do not use this method as a Test of God 2.) Do use it, if you Honestly Seek his Love and Will ( God's Will for you should not be corrupted by outside intervention or meddling ) 3. Be in a Calm and Peaceful Mind and Place. A Method: 1.) Go to a Calm and Beautiful place where you can be alone and away from any distractions for a few minutes..... I place devoid of anything man made. 2.) Take these 3 items with you: 1.) Bible - with the easiest to understand translation you believe is Truth 2.) A pen or pencil 3.) A favorite Song that touches your Heart & Soul. Examples: I have used " Wind Beneath my Wings " -- Jesus is my Hero, " Higher Love " -- as we all Crave a more Perfect Love ..... choose your own Song, the type does not matter. Only Feelings the Song invokes matter... Try to steer clear of Hymn's if you can as many of those pertain to Praise & Worship of the God ( Jesus ) our focus here is Love. 3.) When you have arrived at your chosen place, reflect on and See the Magnificent and Beautiful creations of God. 4.) When you are calm ask God to Reveal his Will & Love for you. Do not speak a word, God can hear your thoughts quite well. 5.) Reflect on Who is the Creator Of Love and People. Is he also not the one who created the people that wrote, play and sing the Song(s) you have chosen? Is he not the one that created your ability to feel Love? Certainly the answer is Yes to both of these questions. Now, Plug in the Song you have chosen-- Hear and Reflect on the Words and the Meaning as if they are God's own Word's/ Song(s) Reaching out to You. In Truth they are God's Word's, Meant just for You and to You; at this moment in Time. If you are receiving God's Love in Truth, you will Cry Joyful and Refreshing Tears. No human Cup( flesh ) can hold the Boundless Love of God. Our Cups(Body/ Spirit) runneth over( overflows ). This overflow of Love manifests itself in Flesh, by the Tears to a Cleansed Body. In Spirit( Soul ) by Burden(s) lifted. 6.) Now cleansed by the Love of God, you have Eyes that can See and Ears that can Hear. 7.) Take your Bible and without looking drop it over your shoulder onto the back floor board ( if you do not have one improvise ). Blindly twist, turn, drop in front seat or whatever means you chose to insure you do not know how the Bible lands in the back floorboard. This takes any temptation or desire away from one wanting to go to any specific area of the Bible. 8.) Take pen( or pencil ) in hand. Calmly and without looking, reach behind and gently place your pen inside the Bible. Make a small mark on the top or bottom page after you feel you are at the right location. Its ok to try and insure your mark hits words on the page you are at. If you miss, hit blank pages or those without scripture; reflect some, calm down and retry. Squeeze the pages around the pen so as you retrieve it, you can easily find the mark you made. You should be exactly where God wants you to be. Reflect on the Word(s), The Story, The Meaning of the story or words and how they might be relevant to you. Not all will be the same, some may just need 1 word, some the story, some the application of the meaning of the story .... you should easily see what God is telling you. This is just a start, and by no means should be used if the Cleansing Criteria has not been met. Use Music that reflects Love with God, all you want .... after all, he put it there for our Comfort. Now, you have Knowledge of God's Will or Lesson. Maybe not the entirety, but a good 1st step at least. This is between you and God...it is no others business. If you are sure God has directed you to divulge his Will for you, or ask another's help to discern, then do so. Please be very careful for many have ensnared themselves, in thinking their mission and God's Will, is to Preach or Teach. God's Love for us is Boundless, we often put boundaries of our own making in place: these then inhibit, restrict, or cut off God's Love. God gave us Music for our Comfort, Enjoyment, to depart Evil Spirits, Ease Burdens, and to Praise God. Keeping things legitimate, one of many Scriptures concerning Music: And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him. God gave us (his children) a Fun, Pleasurable & Beneficial Instrument (Toy) to Play with, Music. Children Play to have Fun. God's Music Plays so we can Feel a small measure of his Love. Why not go out and have a little Fun? Why not let God make you an Instrument for His Pleasure?
  6. Who is the Gov.? Individuals elected by a majority of individuals. What is the Gov.? An individual or group of individuals elected by the majority. Like it or not( and for the most part Politicians/ Politics gives me great grief... All the Blatant Lies, Power Struggles, and total disregard for simple truth ---blah ). We the people( and God's purpose ) have voted them to have the Authority they have. Who determines what is God oriented ? Both individuals and groups .... Should we allow groups to distribute Guns and Bombs to use in Extremist Jihad? Should Cows not be used for human consumption? Should we have not went or stayed as long as we did, in Vietnam? --- ~ 2,000,000 Vietnamese Killed, ~58,000 Americans killed. Our government makes many choices I ( as an individual ) totally disagree with, but I cant escape the fact that we the people elected this authority. Perhaps this is why we are told to subject ourselves to it. More importantly we are told We should do this for the Sake of Conscience -- [ Submit to Government ] Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations Romans 13:5 Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience’ sake God Bless
  7. Do not all people protect their own unique religious/ spiritual freedom -- with their own Knowledge, Conscience, and sometimes Actions? Has the court infringed on any individual or their freedom? Has the court ordered the church to change its doctrine or beliefs: such that one must use contraception? Is there a way to appease both? --- perhaps, dropping the current insurer and letting the individual chose their own plan.?. Should the Church yield authority to those that God has placed above it's own authority? Does the Churches insurance policy restrict its holders from that which is Gov. mandated? You be the Judge: Let Scriptures, Prayer for discernment, and your God given Conscience be your Guide. Dont get me wrong here, I do not like churches in general ... I believe they inhibit more than they enhance my personal relationship with the Lord. I do very much enjoy fellowship in any setting, as it is back and forth discussion. Fellowship, Individual study, and Prayer for discernment are the methods I very much prefer, over being preached at.
  8. Good Lord Charlie Brown - Not the Tax Code !! This post is meant to be on the lighter side of scripture study, as well as how God can reveal a future ( or prophecy ). I even put " I see a women in Judgement coming our way " to see if anyone would discover that this was one of Jesus prophecies === Hint she was a queen. It was also meant to see if others had similar experiences in their studies. It was not meant to be a lecture, or in any way promote arguments. It was simply my experience in what seemed to be more like a fun game than strictly study. I researched to see if these names, numbers, people and their actions could all be tied together. To my surprise it not only tied together, but revealed ( or was prophetic ) about the child's future! I believe God has purpose in all things. God created us so that we can enjoy, have fun, be happy, and chose those things that give us pleasure in general. I believe it would be more pleasing to God if study of scripture is pleasurable, and not done strictly out of obedience. A person can be made to Obey using strictly punishment and reward but absent pleasure -- How can there be Love? * Some people Love Tax Codes and exploring them, or other things we may hate .... All the same praise God if he has made it your pleasure to study Scripture ! *
  9. I agree with you both, and would comment, as I have used in other threads. God have given us a great example of Why he Loves us, and Why we also should Love him: When one of our children is born there is great Joy, but Why ? We know that this being will poo-poo, pee, and vomit on us. This child will keep us up at all hours of the night, and is totally incapable of doing anything for itself. So why do we Love them -- Many reasons, use you own. One reason I like is that: A child is one of God's most precious gifts. A gift, that if properly loved, cared for, and nourished can not only return the Blessing of the Parent's love; but magnify it in the form of grandchildren. God can see the wonderful Loving Children he intends us to be, even though we may be offense to him from time to time.
  10. To me best representation of repentance is Tears that fall, at the thought(s) one has of offending(sin) God. Tears falling for offending the Lord whom they Love. Lots of good examples use Gateway and search tears. To me, Its is God's way of cleaning the inside up till the cup runs over and tears come forth. We are supposed to Love God with all our Hearts, Mind, and Soul..... if we offend one we Love, we hurt inside and ask forgiveness. Yes, we should obedience to his will is needed, but it seems that God would have us obey out of our Love for him. An example: I can make a dog to obey me, but I cant make a dog Love me. I wrote a thread on what I thought true repentance was ... you might enjoy it...... God Bless
  11. Temptation originates from our own desires, if it is something we dont have a desire to do --how is that tempting? My statement ......... Looks like we agree !!! Our thick heads and our stiff necks, contains All the Knowledge/ Conscience/ Love/ Hate/ Desire/ Thought and Spirituality and more in what we call a Brain(Mind). They cannot be separated. What effects function of our Thoughts(Mind) affects many other(if not all)Thoughts in our Mind. If I effect a change on my body by cutting off a toe, it has no affect on the function of my finger. Can you warp a Conscience, without warping the Mind? The Lord saw that humanity had become thoroughly evil on the earth and that every idea their minds thought up was always completely evil. God Almighty did not blame Satan for the evil, nay he blamed the Mind of man. So if ones Mind makes a bad decision and gets caught in Sin, is not also the conscience affected.?
  12. The Mind and Conscience are inseparable, They work in unison with each other. Let me try and agree with you and say " Yes there are different aspects in me that can cause Temptation. " As an example " My Mind Tempted my Conscience as I saw a woman, and lusted for her. " Should my Conscience convict my Mind of Tempting it? Should I gouge my eyes out so my eyes wont allow me to see lustful things ...opps, no that wont work as I know dont need eyes to see -- I can dream and envision things within my mind. Thankfully the Lord, can both strengthen us in Mind/ and Cleanse Conscience. The Lord does his good works in the place where temptation is rooted your Mind/ Conscience. I suppose if you wanted to say I am wrong, This verse of Jesus might be useful to you : If your right eye causes you to stumble,(AI) gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. 30 And if your right hand causes you to stumble,(AJ) cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell. Surly we would all soon become blind, deaf, dumb, and dismembered if we took this literally. We also know that blind, deaf, dumb, or dismembered people are capable of sin. I am pretty sure he is speaking of cutting sinful nature from both Mind/ and Conscience. Going back to a root of this discussion -- you said " it is not our conscience that tempts us. " Lets go back to the beginning and ask " Who Tempted Satan, was it God or Angels ?? or could it have been his own Mind/ Conscience(internal thoughts) ?? Temptation it born in our Mind/Conscience . Temptation cannot exit in an environment void of Knowledge and Conscience. I admit that A person or Spirit may put a temptation before you, but It is you and your Mind/ Conscience that has some measure of desire for it to be so, if not it would not be tempting. Out of your own desire comes the struggle to do or do not, which is decided by your own Mind/ Conscience. Temptation originates from our own desires, if it is something we dont have a desire to do --how is that tempting?
  13. If one does something wrong and they know its wrong( as we all have, many times ) who is the tempter? You alone have tempted yourself, and committed a wrongful act -- with full knowledge it was wrong. Then God said to him in the dream, “Yes, I know you did this with a clear conscience, and so I have kept(S) you from sinning against me . Without knowledge ( coming from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil ) there can be no sin, just as we lived before receiving Knowledge. A Conscience Must have Knowledge of Good and Evil to function. You cannot remove Knowledge from your Conscience. The struggles we all fight are in the confines of our own Conscience ( a battle of Good vs. Evil ). You said " it is not our conscience that tempts us. " --- Should I always blame Satan or others for falling into sinful temptation. I believe God gives me the Knowledge and Conscience to avoid sin. In those instances where I have no Knowledge of Evil, yet I commit a sin, I believe God will hold me harmless as I did not have the Knowledge to fend off the sin. I also believe forgiveness is not given to those who blame anyone or anything( outside of themselves ) in repentance. Should we not shoulder the responsibility for our sins? A good example is Adam and Eve --- both blamed someone else, neither forgiven. A Conscience must be comprised of Knowledge of Good and Evil, an area for the battles between Good and Evil, and something like a morale like a compass to guide us on the Right path. There can be No Temptation w/o Knowledge. To say " it is not our Conscience that temps us " is the same as saying that " Knowledge has no relevance with Temptation. " .... Thus, if Adam and Eve had no Knowledge of the Tree, they could have eaten with a clear Conscience, and as the verse above demonstrates, God would have probably prevented them from sin. Without Knowledge, they could not have been Tempted but, they had Knowledge and were Tempted. If I can put an infant in a crib and watch over it, keeping from it harm,.... how much more so could God have kept us from eating of the Tree? I believe it is all part of his Glorious plan. To me, God is infallible and his purpose will be served, whether we know or understand it. Peace
  14. I dont remember saying Satan is a " what or a who? Simply trying to say " our struggles between good and evil manifest themselves in our conscience " " temptation displays itself in our conscience, though its origin is usually outside our conscience -- when temptation comes knocking your conscience decides to open the door and let it in, or keep the door closed. I would much rather know what is Satan?, What ( Defined ) -- (used interrogatively to inquire the reason or purpose of something, Knowledge and Tools I require to reject Satan's purpose. Reflecting on the definition of What and applying it to Satan, reaps many benefits for me. How does this blind me??? Perhaps the better question is not Who or What .... Rather " Why is Satan "? The Lord's will Judge us both, my conscience clear before him and you. Right or Wrong, if there is a burden to bear I ask it to be mine.
  15. How can one be tempted without a conscience? please tell. How could someone completely void of Knowledge or a Guide of Evil or Good be tempted?
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