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  1. Time to leave. Gbu all and good luck with your journey with the lord.


    Take care!

  2. I'm still here. Just moving on with life. Gbu all

  3. Hey everyone, Just here with a prayer request if you's can please pray for me. I don't know what to do with my life. I don't know what job to get, what to study etc. I'm lost. I mean I know to wait on God but I don't know what I want anymore. It's been many years and I've come to an end of where I've realized that my dreams have broke so that it can be replaced with God's dreams for my life and his plans for my life..But I just dont know what to do. maybe I don't trust him. Maybe thats why I'm like this but I just need some prayer for better guidance on what to do while waiting for him cause I've lost hope for my future. I'm just pretty much honestly just sitting here just breathing for the sake of it and feeling useless cause everyone is working, studying and know what they want and here I am in the path of trusting God even though I dont know where hes gonna take me. Thanks guys gbu
  4. Just a quick request. If you's can pray that we have a safe flight and trip. We're flying off to australia tomorrow morning and im kinda nervous and worried bout getting paranoid and attacked spirtually. Been stressing over little things or should i say NOTHING lol but the lord still helps me get through it. From making sure i have everything prepared to this flight to trusting him one step at at time. So please pray for us. gbu all
  5. ofa atu ( i love you) sister!

  6. Fooooooooooooooooood!

  7. Bye Peoples 


    Gbu all

  8. When no one can get into the chatroom hahahaha

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    2. shanee


      i just saw a post from Omega about a chat room for when Worthy chat is down...its in the chatter forum..you can message him if you want to get in the chat.

    3. MissKaylay


      thanks. I already know bout it tho i think lol

    4. shanee


      o ok cool :mgbowtie:

  9. Thanks everyone
  10. Hey everyone, Just a small prayer request. My csw has rang and has asked if I wanted to do a course with her daughter. Social Services. I struggle with this because I did a course there last year..but things didn't go to well. I was being spiritually attacked a bit and I just couldn't wait to get home. Plus the kids there make me feel really uncomfortable. Mostly teenagers. Sometimes I don't feel safe. But its the closest place I can go to, to study. I can't drive so I can't go anywhere else. My mum drops me off. I dont want to put mum through that misery again of picking me up it would make her tired. There is public transport but I dont feel safe catching the bus. Around here if you're not careful and if you're alone you could get jumped. I'm just wondering if Gods wants me to go down this path. I felt that course I didnt last year was a waste. I honestly cant remember a thing. This was business admin. But the social services course is something I'd be interested in. But I dont wanna waste my time again. I need Gods wisdom. Please pray for me. I need to know if social services is a path he would want me to go. I have until next week. Such a short time i know lol gbu all
  11. I'm walking away lalalala



    yay lol

    1. soonsister


      :laugh: Your cat picture is hilarious. What a face!

    2. MissKaylay
  13. He's the only reason I live but oh what a reason!


  14. Blah blah blah.