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  1. Parents

    Hey guys please pray for my parents. They had a big argument and dads gone. My paranoia hit the roof that night and i don't really feel like leaving the house. Just want to pull myself together. Plz pray gbu all
  2. My aunty passed away

    Hey guys, As i posted in my last prayer request for my cousin, i mentioned how she wanted to see her grandma before she left this world. Which is too late. She passed away last night. Please pray that God comforts this family. Also pray that my cousin will be able to go Overseas to her grandmas funeral. They are struggling financially. I'll be praying too. Gbu all
  3. My Cousin Is Broken&Stressed

    Thanks guys. Sadly her grandma passed away last night. Plz pray for comfort. gbu all
  4. My Cousin Is Broken&Stressed

    Hey guys, Please pray for my cousin. She's going through alot at the moment. Somethings happening with her agency or something, and she hasn't been paid for nearly 2 months now. Her and her family are struggling financially and now her grandparents are slowly getting sick and seems like they would leave the world any minute now but she has no money to fly over and see them. Her heart is broken and stressed. Also they have a birthday coming up for her parents first grandchild 1st bday and shes just stressed as she had to cut of a few things due to financial struggles. Please pray for her. She's been stressing, feeling depressed and upset and not wanting to talk to anyone. Her mind is all over the place and on the top of it she has health issues. She needs our prayers please. Gbu all
  5. Lost Loved One

    Hey guys, Please pray for my two nieces. One wants to go back to church and wants to find her way to God. She wants to understand the word Of God more and just learn more about him. The other one Wants to come to christ but she doesn't know whats stopping her. She's been feeling very lost and i've tried helping her but in all honestly sometimes i dont know what to say. I love them very much and want to help them but I know I am Not God. I am only a vessel, someone who can help them the best I can. Please pray for them. Please pray that God will send some help too maybe new christian friends to help them on this walk gbu all
  6. Learning new things while on this walk with the Lord!

    1. Western Gem

      Western Gem

      That's great!  No matter how old we get, we always can grow and learn new things!  Praying for joy in the journey! :)  (((Hugs)))  ~ Gem

    2. MissKaylay


      Thanks Gem gbu

  7. Niece wants to take me to church

    Didn't end up going last weekend. Ended up at my uncles funeral instead. Oh well lol
  8. Kay that is the prettiest picture!

    1. MissKaylay


      oh thanks chal lol

  9. Niece wants to take me to church

    Hey guys, thanks for the prayers but we didn't end up going last weekend. Hopefully we'll go this weekend tho! Gbu all
  10. Niece wants to take me to church

    Thanks everyone! I'm going church tomorrow morning so I'm really nervous. Hopefully I can go next weekend too as we've been invited to a group at the same church. My parents wont be happy :(. Please keep me in your prayers gbu all
  11. Niece wants to take me to church

    Hey guys! Thanks for all the prayers. Will be going church this weekend with my niece. Hope it goes well. Gbu all!
  12. Niece wants to take me to church

    Hey Pat, Its hard for me to tell the Dr I've been feeling depressed. I don't like worrying my parents. I still regret telling the Dr that I attempted suicide and then my parents found out and then i think my Dad told his family which made me mad. So i draw the line there. But thanks for the prayers gbu
  13. Niece wants to take me to church

    Brother, there is no youth but my cousins. all family. Theyre not really stable if you know waht i mean and my nieces use to go there but left. LONG STORY. i just wanna leave im sick of this church gbu
  14. Hey everyone, So as a few of yous know from chat, I've been wanting to go to a new church. Well an opportunity has come up. My niece is going to a church I've always wanted to go to. We haven't been there before but we want to go next weekend to see what its like etc. Bonus is they'll be preaching in english which is good for us as my parents church preaching my fathers tongue which i dont understand. Its very hard for me to just go to another church even though i am a grown woman. Its kind of part of our culture that we have to respect our elderly and listen to them. Thats what makes it difficult. I just want to visit this church with my niece and see how things go. The problem is my parents. Especially my mother. she is VERY old school. Family all goes to one church as i can understand. But shes traditional. Very old school as in she thinks church is everything. Its just how she was raised. I think if i mention to her that i want to visit this church next weekend she will think that im going there forever and get angry cause i havent been to their church for 2 months. I've learnt nothing but seeing 2 facing, backstabbing, gossiping and people there just judging others. I'm sick of it. Long story short, I am spiritually dying at that church. I've tried explaining it to them but they dont get it. I'm not growing in God at all. When i tried to talk to dad he didn't look happy so i'm kind of stuck at this church .UGH. Please pray for the lord to soften my parents heart so i can go to this church and just see how things go from there. I hope its his will. I'm broken and ready to take my life any minute if i have the chance. I'm just tired of life but i just live anyways since he wakes me up in the morning but thats another story. Gbu all
  15. Drs App & Benefit App

    Thanks everyone both appointments went well. So glad theyre both done and over with till next time. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words gbu all