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  1. Bye Everyone. Take care and gbu all :)

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      Bye, MissKaylay!

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      Thanks You too.

  2. I really enjoyed this story/article. Look forward to reading more Gbu
  3. Hey guys, Plz pray for me. Im overseas and not doing well mentally and im losing faith n cant sleep properly at night. I wanna go home but i dont think my parents will let me. Im suffering so bad mentally and spiritually my paranoia is at its worse. I wanna die.
  4. Hey everyone, Please pray for me and my parents. Next thursday we'll be off overseas to the islands and im REALLY nervous and a bit worried. I'm worried about my anxiety and paranoia etc and how I'll cope over there. Last time we went there i didn't do too well. I couldnt wait to come back. Lucky we went only for a week for a funeral. This time its 2 weeks and a half and we didnt want to be rude because my dads boss payed our fare. I'm not really looking forward to this trip but seeing as theres not much i can do i have already decided to be prepared for it as i can be and THIS TIME i'm taking my bible with me! So please pray, I just want to try and at least enjoy this trip. Thanks everyone and gbu
  5. Sorry for the late reply. His name is Nga
  6. Hi everyone, Please pray for our family as my uncle/papa has passed away recently. It is very hard on the family as he just returned home overseas. We are all broken hearted as he is held dear and close to our hearts. Thanks and gbu all
  7. Bye everyone



  8. Happy Easter HOlidays! Craving heaps of chocolate LOL

  9. Have a good weekend ya'll! BYE! 

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  10. Hey everyone. Wasn't sure which topic to post this under lol Just something I wrote awhile back and thought I'd share it with yous. GBU all Sunset&Sunrise Laid before her was the life she had lived. The life she'd fought in, cried in, rejoiced in and had joyful moments. It was like a sunset with different colours shimmering the oceans spark. It was like a reflection of the sunset that fell upon the waters. She just sat there. She never moved. She was still. She was breathing in the peace that entered her presence as he drew near to sit next to her. Her head fell upon his shoulder and remained there. As they both gazed into this memorable sunset, not a word was said. It was as if time had faded, noise grew silent and peace became frozen still. Even the whispers of the wind were not to be heard. He said not a word. He just remained next to her. His presence was enough. She needed nothing else. He was a friend. A friend who was there before she was born. A friend who was there before she knew him and a friend after she knew him. He was and will always be there for her. Tears flowed down her face. Tears that spoke words on its own. A flood of tears emerging in her eyes as they asked questions of their own. Why? Every tear that dropped from her eyes, he counted. He could feel the warmth, broken heart and love in the tears that slowly dripped one by one. He felt her pain and his heart broke just for her. He loved her and he'd be crucified and die for her one last time, even if she was the only person on earth. She was worth the sacrifice. Time had gone by already as they glanced into the distance and realized a sunrise was just peaking over into the ocean. Thats when he got up and offered her his hand. She looked at him, heart shattered, confused mind and weary body. Her eyes asked him if she could trust him like all the other times he offered her his hand. This time, she reached out for his hand and he helped her stand up. Taking one last look out into the sunrise, she knew that it was time to move on. Time to let go and let God
  11. I wonder if life is really worth it with all the trouble in the world and lost people. Hmmmmm........Just a thought.

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      Hi Miss Kaylay;

      You ask a very profound question that many have pondered...

      For us Christians what makes life worth while is Gods plan of Mercy and Grace. 

      If it were not for my faith in Gods plan of Mercy and Grace I would not find living very worthwhile but because He lives, I have hope, i can face tomorrow, because He lives, all fear is gone, because I know, I know, He holds the future, and so life is worth the living just because He lives. This last phrase I wrote down, is also lyrics to a christian praise song, and many times I sing it out loud as a prayer of gratitude to Him.

      Best greeting to you

      In Christ Jesus always;

      1to3 :)

  12. Time to leave. Gbu all and good luck with your journey with the lord.


    Take care!

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  13. I'm still here. Just moving on with life. Gbu all

  14. Hey everyone, Just here with a prayer request if you's can please pray for me. I don't know what to do with my life. I don't know what job to get, what to study etc. I'm lost. I mean I know to wait on God but I don't know what I want anymore. It's been many years and I've come to an end of where I've realized that my dreams have broke so that it can be replaced with God's dreams for my life and his plans for my life..But I just dont know what to do. maybe I don't trust him. Maybe thats why I'm like this but I just need some prayer for better guidance on what to do while waiting for him cause I've lost hope for my future. I'm just pretty much honestly just sitting here just breathing for the sake of it and feeling useless cause everyone is working, studying and know what they want and here I am in the path of trusting God even though I dont know where hes gonna take me. Thanks guys gbu
  15. Just a quick request. If you's can pray that we have a safe flight and trip. We're flying off to australia tomorrow morning and im kinda nervous and worried bout getting paranoid and attacked spirtually. Been stressing over little things or should i say NOTHING lol but the lord still helps me get through it. From making sure i have everything prepared to this flight to trusting him one step at at time. So please pray for us. gbu all