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  1. Blockage in stomach

    Update: So we just found out that my cousins partner now has gastro as her appendix actually bursted inside of her while she was still pregnant. Please continue to pray for a safe and healthy recovery. Not quite sure if she'll have to go through another operation. Thank you to all who have and are praying. Gbu all
  2. Blockage in stomach

    Update: Please continue to pray for my cousins partner. They got the stuff out of her stomach which is good but She is still recovering and is on a liquid diet now but when she eats her stomach cramps up and is in pain. Also they can't seem to find out what's actually wrong with her. Gbu all
  3. Blockage in stomach

    Hey everyone, If yous could please pray for my cousins partner who is currently in hospital. Recently she gave birth to two beautiful girls - twins. She came back home a few days later but had to go back as she had stomach pain and had to get her appendix removed which actually burst. So she had an operation but now she has a blockage in her stomach which they had to put a tube in through her nose down to her stomach and if nothing comes out then she is required to go through another operation. Please pray that the lord protects her and she will come out of the hospital safe and healthy. Especially for her new born babies who are nearly a month old and she has seen them since they were a few days old. Thank you all Gbu
  4. My niece

    Thanks everyone. Not sure how she's doing at the moment KPaul but thanks everyone! Gbu
  5. Why me Lord?

    What a beautiful testimony. Gbu!
  6. My niece

    Hey everyone, It's been awhile since I last posted a prayer request. I wanted to post one especially on behalf of my niece. She has some health issues and one of them involves her kidneys. Her health is really bad. I think she had an operation on her kidneys and not sure where it's gone from there. She also has diabetes and if I can recall correctly she also has PCOS and another bunch of other health problems that I probably do not know of. Please pray for her. Especially her faith in God. I can see that she's really REALLY hurt that so many bad things have happened in her life and she did mention that she felt as if God was punishing her and that he didn't love her. It breaks my heart as her auntie to see her feel this way. Especially since i know what it feels like to feel as if God didn't love me and was 'blessing' everyone else but me. Please pray for her. She really needs it. I pray a breakthrough will happen soon in her life. Thanks everyone! In the name of Jesus Amen!
  7. Later guys x


    1. angels4u


      Love you Kaylay :)

  8. Update: A Few Years Later

    Hey guys! How are you all?! Well I wanted to share an updated testimony from my previous one I shared back in 2015. If you wanna check it out the link is below! It has been such a long long long journey of healing and recovery. I believe God is bringing me out of this season that I have been in for over 8 years and bringing me into a new season and journey with him. Why he chose now? I really don't know and may not ever find out. So many questions I had for him through these years of brokenness, pain and sorrow. Yet through all the suicidal attempts, he pulled me through. I could never leave this world even if I wanted to and i would always ask: Why? And i remember when a few of my close ones found out they would say to me: God has you here for a reason and you have a purpose. I never believed it. I thought to myself who would want me here when I am NOTHING? That's how i felt. Like NOTHING. Yet, each day I somehow pulled through, with struggles and hardships of paranoia (I have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia since 2009). Today, I look back at what I've been through. The many many years I suffered, the hell I went through, just everything really. And I say to myself "Wow! Did I REALLY go through all that?". I've been on this chat since around 2009/2010. I have learnt so much from worthy. Learning to make sure everything lines up with Gods will and word. I have gained some awesome, loving and caring friends who lend me an ear even though I'm pretty sure I'm annoying sometimes LOL. I just can't give God the glory enough, I wished I was this grateful when I was going through my struggling season then the season I am in now. He has brought me out of my darkness and is still slowly washing off the things that are not holy in his eyes. He is bringing me closer to him in a relationship. He is slowly setting me free. If you's could watch a movie of the things I would go through, You would understand why I, who am nearly in tears right now (lol), am grateful to be here today even though i don't deserve it. I remember back in 2012, having nightmare after nightmare, being attacked during the day, hearing voices wherever I go. It didn't matter where I was, I would suffer 24/7. As we moved into our own place things were still the same but over time as i drew closer and closer to God, I was slowly being set free. The suffering went from 24/7 to sometimes during the day and night, then mostly at night, and now its maybe once or twice a week to nothing at all during the week. I could sleep better, my confidence came back and I slowly found my way around. Things I couldn't do before I can do now. I know this testimony may not be that great. But I just wanna say thanks to everyone, EVERYONE who has prayed for me, encouraged me and helped me on this long journey. I am being set free and I can finally breathe again. Thank you Jesus!
  9. Hope you have a good day today. Happy birthday :)

    1. MissKaylay


      Thanks annette! Gbu

  10. Please pray!!

    Thanks everyone for your prayers and encouraging words. I didn't end up doing it. My mother did it instead. gbu all
  11. "My peace I give unto you not as the world give I unto you"Let not your heart be troubled,ye believe in God believe also in me....Were the Spirit is ,there is liberty...The struggle of your heart and mind and it,s answer is in filling it with the Word. It is like filling a glass to the brim even pouring to much.What do it do?Overflow right? If you fill it with milk and stawberry juice ,what colour would take over the other? Red  srtawberry right? So you can,t fill something that is full right.My point Miss kaylay is.Fill your heart with specific scriptures.Fears like making a mess in your speech? What scripture would you think now about fear?Fear not for I am thy God I will uphold thee with the right hand of righteousness? Perhaps other comes to mind?As to making a mess.You are special in the eyes of the Lord,Your weakness is an opportunity to shine His light. Even a Child is cute and pleasant with his stutering and quivering lips in the eyes of the parents.God will help.It is important to wait on the Lord  at that specific time God will provide.It may not remove the difficulty or even lingering fear.But at that specific moment God is sure to help and answer your concerns.I,m praying for you.Be courageous and strong.Orphan


    1. MissKaylay


      Hi orphan,

      Sorry for the late reply i JUST saw this today! thanks for the encouraging words. However, in the end i didn't end up reading it but thank you for the words! gbu