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  1. Found a Lump

    Update: Hey everyone! Good news!! Mum got a phone call from the nurse (her dr's away on holiday) and recieved the news that her lump is nothing to worry about and its nothing serious at all! Thank you all for your prayers! Gbu All!
  2. Bye guys :). Talk to you all later. gbu all

    #Signing Out

  3. Niece & Health

    Hey guys, If you could please lift up my niece in prayer. She had some tests done and results showed that she had some kind of cardiovascular problem. I'm not quite sure what that is but she said it is to do with her heart. Her health has been weighing upon her shoulders. She also has other health conditions such as diabetes etc. She has been warned about having hypo's as she is busy with her studies (cookery course i think its called), and her eating isn't quite according to how she should eat. She says sometimes she forgets to eat while doing work experience in a restaurant or that, when she DOES eat, its a big meal of something that might not be healthy. Please pray for her, to ask God to give her wisdom in this area so she is able to take her meds and sort out her eating and health related problems. Thank you and gbu all
  4. Found a Lump

    Thanks everyone. gbu all
  5. Found a Lump

    Hey guys, I should've posted this up before but plz pray for my mother. She found a lump on her back last week and just went into the lab today to get some tests done. She will get her results in a few weeks. Please pray that its nothing serious. gbu all
  6. Considering it...

    thanks gbu
  7. Considering it...

    I'm doing better Paul, Thanks for asking gbu
  8. Considering it...

    Thanks everyone for your advice, prayers , comforting words and encouragement. I think I'll be okay. I'm feeling a bit better now gbu al
  9. Considering it...

    Hey guys, So I've had a pretty anxious and paranoid night..and also an emotional one. I won't say much or into detail but thoughts of suicide are kind of swimming on the surface here. I know people probably think my life is great with my relationship with God going so well. But just thoughts of suicide is swimming around in my head. It's not bad, it's not enough to make me do it but its enough to think about it..I just need prayer. I can't really pray for myself at the moment as I'm kind of overwhelmed a bit with the paranoia and stuff....I'm tired. I'm just tired. Gbu
  10. Parents

    Hey everyone, So sorry I thought I updated everyone on this post. Thank you all for your continuous prayers, my parents are now doing okay. Things are okay now. So thank you all so much! I appreciate all your prayers and help. May God bless you all!
  11. Parents

    Thanks everyone!
  12. Parents

    Hey guys another update: Dad is now talking to me, mum and bro as normal. Although things are still a tiny bit rocky between him and mum, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has and had us and especially my parents in their prayers. I think we can finally be a family again. You don't know how much this means to me and mum. God bless you all!
  13. Parents

    Hey everyone! Just an update again. Dads back home from overseas. He's starting to talk to me now and i think mum maybe not sure yet but she seems more comfortable around him. Thank you all for your continuous prayers! Means alot gbu all and will update if things turn out well gbu all
  14. A Concerned Aunty

    Thanks everyone for your prayers gbu all
  15. A Concerned Aunty

    Thanks NoOne!