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  1. Brother, if you simply want to debate, feel free to continue it one sided but it benefits no one. If someone has a genuine question, I think I have shown that I will spend as much time as is necessary to help them through any confusion. But that is not the case with you. You simply are trying your best to make this a fight.and for what reason, I cannot figure out, But that is not my goal or my intent to “win” arguments. I simply want to help people that do not know how to walk in the victory that He has purchased for them. Nothing more, nothing less. Love you, brother me Blessimgs,
  2. Am I offended by your attacks? Not at all. It allows me opportunity to share more clearly to other readers. If you were walking by a house late at night and saw flames coming from one of the windows, would you wait until they asked for you help before you offered it? We are told clearly by the word that God’s will is that we walk in victory over the world, the flesh and the devil. Are you saying that you believe that most Christians are doing so at present? Nd if you have the answer, until they actually ask you, you will be silent? I am simply offering what God shared with me that changed my life. He has asked me to share it, and I am and will continue to do so to the best of my ability for any that see the need in their own walks to reach out in faith to believe their God. Are you disagreeing with the Word that tells us that God can indeed keep us from falling? Or that if we hold up our shield of faith, we will not find all the fiery arrows of the enemy quenched? These are promises God has made to us. He is not a man that He might lie. Can we believe His words without any alterations or should we take them with a grain of salt and assume that God did not exactly mean what he plainly said? You keep saying there is no easy and quick way to walk in victory. It seems in the book of Acts, they might have disagreed with you. We have created a Christianity that sets few if any free, and makes us religious as we cling to our positional holiness and yet,outwardly, that holiness never comes to the surface, even after decades of serving God that best we can. Is this what God intended? I do not believe it is. Blessings, Gideon
  3. Brother Yowm, what exactly is your issue with what I have been asked to share? Are you denying the truth of what just about everyone else clearly sees, that the church is for the most part, especially here in the west, going trough the motions, with few if any one walking in real victory over the grip of sin, and with us still battling our old fleshly nature, but never truly gaining the upper hand? When so many are struggling, would it not be more productive and pleasing to the Father for you to share with them how to overcome, according to your understanding, than to simply try to constantly discredit what I share, and what I have found that really works, even for a chief of sinners like I was? Why does it not concern you more to help those so bound with heavy burdens to where they cannot get up and walk in true victory with joy in their hearts? If you have an answer, one that works, preach it, and I will cheer you on. Blessings, Gideon
  4. All slept. Might as well get out the really broad brush, amen? blessings dear brother Gids
  5. Let us be sure we read all the verses that accompany this truly amazing revelation as to how we can really see ourselves changed into can His likeness. Here are the next verses found in 2 Peter 1: 5-10 As wonderful as the promises of God are, the Word of God is a two edged sword. Immediately following being told that it is through our believing the glorious promises that our God will not fail us in freeing us from the grip of the world, the flesh and the devil, a warning is added, and it is a sobering one. I will add no commentary here. We simply need to let the words of the apostle Peter sink into our hearts and not flee conviction if the Spirit brings it. God only wants to bless us. And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity. For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.” But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins. Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall: 2 Peter 1:5-10 Blessings, Gideon
  6. Brother, there is no straw man, as you would have everyone believe. What we have all supposed as to be the way is simply not working, despite one having served God for not years, but decades, as I did. The church, especially in the west, is still a shallow, worldly, divided mess, with everyone bickering, claiming they know the right way, but with few if any actually displaying it though full victory over their fleshly nature and the sin that goes with it. The world sees us as hypocrites for our words and our lives have never matched up and spiritual fruits have been woefully lacking, even in those who are leaders in the church. Any with eyes and an honest heart can see that. What God asks us to do in cooperation with Him is to believe His promises. And when we finally hate our self loving,pride-filled natures, with our flesh still clinging to sins, even if they be the little fox variety, our eyes will be opened to how to walk as overcomers. When we are finally found willing to lose our lives completely, submitting ourselves fully to Him,to our joy and amazement, we will find that believing His promises is not hard, but as easy as saying “Yes, Lord!” blessings, Gideon
  7. We as the church have sort of hit a wall theologically. We have identified legalism as something bad, and it is. Salvation is a free gift, as is sanctification. But we have assumed that if we do anything, it is trying to earn or to keep our salvation and so we have come to the point of Spiritual paralysis. We have been forced to simply assume we can do nothing, so deep is our fear of becoming modern legalist. So.... here we have sat. It has sort of left us like the lame man at the pool of Bethesda. If we can’t do anything, then we are left waiting on God to do it for us. So we have been left to sort of simply ‘exist’, mark time, and have been told that only time is what is needed to see us sanctified and purified, and to begin reflecting the character of Jesus. We are left like the lame man who had been there for almost four decades, waiting for God to stir the waters so we can be set free from the old us and begin to actually begin our metamorphosis to look like Jesus. And like him, we too are left to wait, week after week, sermon after sermon, year after yearand before long we find that we get into a religious rut, going through the motions, but we never actually see ourselves being changed, never truly tasting freedom. The lame man was asked by our Lord “Would you be made whole?” And the man simply spoke the truth. He had no man to carry him quickly to the stirred waters fist so He could get healed. After all, he was lame. Even the blind had a better chance of stumbling into the water than he did. He simply had no way to see it done and get the healing he longed for. Guess what? We are in the same boat, aren’t we? We are, in ourselves, spiritually crippled. We cannot make ourselves like Christ no matter how hard we try? Defeat sin in our lives? Who are we kidding? And what exercise does one do if they are impatient? We laugh and say you better not pray for it, for God will send us things to ‘test’ our patience, as if that will do it. It does not, amen? Like that lame man, we too are paralyzed, forced to wait on God to move on us, and we believe there is nothing we can do to speed things along. Listen. We have been lied to by the enemy of our souls. We need to realize that God wants us whole, victorious, free indeed , and filled with joy and praise, and He has given us clear instruction as to how to do it, and the best part? It involves NO work. Let’s look at an amazing verse found in 2 Peter 1:3 Here it is: “ According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness.” Peter begins by saying, in essence, “Let’s get one thing nailed down. We are not prisoners of time, where we simply have to wait on God to move. He already HAS moved. Right now, today, we have what we need to walk in freedom and victory. We have everything that we need to walk in victory, and everything we need to bear fruits that are Christ’s very nature grown in us by the Holy Spirit.” Now that, brothers, is good news! But it is the very next verse, 1 Peter 1:4, that is the revelation as to HOW we go about getting our transformation kicked into gear in our lives. “Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.” Do you see it? Oh, I pray you do. What can we DO without doing? We can believe His promises. Not hope for. That is future .Believe is always present tense. NOW faith. Guys, I understand the hesitancy of many here as to what I have been asked to share. The promises of God are meant to stretch us. They are meant to be hard to believe. Heck, we serve a supernatural God! Nothing is too hard for Him, even setting us free for our carnal nature we have assumed we are saddled with til He takes us home! That is the first promise we need to claim. What did Peter say? That we have... past tense.... escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. But getting freed from the grip of sin by putting off our old nature is not the end of our walk of victory as we have thought, it is the beginning! What comes next after being fully grafted into Him? Fruitfulness! Christ’s character flowing through us till we begin to bear fruits.... Christ’s very character... grown in us for all to see and for us to marvel at. And how do we get those fruits to begin to sprout? Exactly the same way we got saved. Exactly the same way we put off our ol$ nature and put on our new man. We use the promises of God as stepping stones into His likeness. Look. I have a long way to go in my own transformation, But God has taken an angry man, laden with sin, with harsh judgmentalism , with impatience and mean spiritedness, with self love ruling the roost and in these past eleven years He has and continues to change me from the inside out. Thank you, Lord. His promises are not meant to just be printed on motivational Christian posters to decorate our church walls. They are meant for us to believe them! This is HOW we are called to grow into His likeness! We DO nothing. But we BELIEVE everything God has promised us! And as we do and add to our faith... through our faith.... patience, kindness, gentleness, meekness, a servant’s spirit, then to our amazement we discover how amazing and full and sure our salvation really is. And lest we forget,there is an amazing and critically important fruit of the Spirit we nd to claim through faith. What is it? Self control! Satan has taught us we need self control to grow and to become Christlike. Ha! It is virtually the direct opposite. When we finally discover we can claim self control, because the old us is truly dead and gone, to our amazement, those sins that before slew us, we can now literally set aside. Glory to God! Blessings, Gideon
  8. How are billions decived .

    Brother, I agree with you. But lest we forget, in general, Satan tries to muddy the water by offering a false duplicate of the real thing. In the book of Acts, we are told concerning the early church that men would exclaim in amazement “Behold how they love one another!” And they did dwell together in unity, with Christ Himself as the head, the cornerstone. Peter, Apollos and Paul were extremely careful to avoid creating schisms which now have engulfed us to the point we cannot understand how God will ever put us back together as ONE. But the Word itself expressly says how beautiful it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity. We must be careful not to assume that any talk about coming together in unity, and in in love, must be a false teaching. Yes, we must test it out, for sure. But Satan hopes that by offering a duplicate, he will poison the minds of those destined to walk in the real gathering of the sainst in true agape love, so that they will miss partaking of the genuine article. When the Lord returns for His bride, she will be resplendent in glory, with no bickering or religious pride, with no I see clearer than you do. All will know Him, from the least to the greatest, and in that order. We will have had our feet planted on the highway of holiness, all of us, and as we all behold only Christ, and lift Him up high, worshipping Him alone, He will insure that we are not led astray by the counterfeit. Why? Because His sheep DO hear His voice and in the end, despite some missteps we all may have taken, we will not follow another. Blessings, Gideon
  9. Rom 6:11

    I am not sure what you are referring to by ‘that statement’ and I assure you I am not trying to dodge answering the direct question you asked. So let me explain if I may. The understanding of what God is telling us to do in Paul’s statement in the subject of the OP, Romans 6:11, was given to me eleven years ago at my lowest. For whatever reason, I received a direct visitation from the Lord who showed me why I had struggled to obey for almost four decades. It centered on this verse being discussed. In Romans 6, we are told two truths we must know, one, that we really died when Christ died, and two, when Jesus rose from the dead to newness of life, so to did we become born again and get new natures. But immediately thereafter, in verse eleven, Paul tells us something required of us... rhe activating ingredient so to speak. He asks us to step out in faith and to appropriate it as OUR truth. Once I saw it, it immediately clicked. In all my efforts to free myself from my sexual lust and porn addiction, in all my longing to become like Christ in my behavior and my love towards both God and men, I had never done that one clear step that was there right in front of me. What did I do? I did it. I reckoned that the old me died, so I do not spend my efforts trying to kill it, and I appropriate by faith my new nature that was able to say no to sin no matter the temptation. That was eleven years ago and it has changed my life. My walk went from defeat and wretchedness to victory and joy. It has and continues to be quite remarkable. Ok, that part, the believing of this critical and overlooked verse? I am not saying “thus sayeth the Lord” to you or any other. God has already said it, and clearly. That night, the Lord said, in effect, “thus sayeth the Lord” to me however. He then asked me to share what He showed me with others, which I have done consistently for the past eleven years with any who will put up with me. LOL. I simply say that Romans 6:11 is the missing key we have needed for victory and if we simply take it for what it says, well, it works. So, finally in answer to your question, when I talk about Romans 6:11, I can in confidence say “Thus says the the Lord” as to what God is asking of us, simply because ... well, He said it. So, if that is the statement you are wanting clarification on, the answer is yes. I pray that helps. Gideon
  10. Rom 6:11

    Good night all. Off to bed.
  11. Rom 6:11

    Thanks. Agreed.
  12. Rom 6:11

    Deal. Love you brother. Me
  13. Rom 6:11

    If you are asking in a round about way if I am a prophet, I have no clue as to even how to respond, for God has never told me what I am, if anything, other than a wretched man finally set free from the old me. I simply am sharing the message that God revealed to me at my lowest, which allowed me to escape the misery of my Romans 7 existence. He then asked me to share it and for eleven years I have tried to the best of my ability. Blessings, Gideon
  14. Rom 6:11

    As long as your definition is zero, I am game, LOL. Look, brother, I am not against you, I want what is best for all here, you included. I do not share like I do here to upset any. But with what I have been asked to ahare, it comes with the territory. I get that. I would love it if we could simply calmly reason together as brothers in Christ. If we still are not. in agreement, hey, it is not end of the world. And who knows, maybe in the future we will be agreed. We do serve the God of miracles, amen? I love you brother, Me
  15. Rom 6:11

    No brother, it is the exact same topic, if we actually truly reckon ourselves dead. And yes, God is the one who must give the increase. But how long must the world wait for us to unclog our pipes so it becomes a flow again? Again, His promises WORK. If they are not working, and our tree is not producing good fruit, it is Tim to get the ax and lay it to the root of our old nature and come into agreement with God that the old us really did die with Christ, i promise you, if we will do that reckoning after we get to the place we HATE our old nature, out of our bellies WILL flow rivers of living water. There is no maybe about it. Blessings to you, me