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  1. jmldn2

    Are there two creation stories?

    On another site I belong too, there are several people arguing with me that there are 2 difference creation stories. I say there is only one. I was just curious to know what you all thought. Good answers and thanks,
  2. There is the creation account in Genesis 1 and then Genesis 2 goes on about creation again. To me there is only one creation story in Genesis 1 with Genesis 2 being a more succinct telling.
  3. While some of these stories may be fabrications, I would not venture to say they all are. I see no reason why this experience could not occur.
  4. jmldn2

    Prayer for an act of disobedience?

    I think of David often and especially pertaining to a topic such as this. David was a man after God's own heart yet David was an adulterer, had blood on his hands. David suffered much through his consequences yet God loved David and continued to bless him.
  5. jmldn2

    Prayer for an act of disobedience?

    So if we have been disobedient in an area of our life we should not ask for "relief" from the consequences that disobedience has caused? Of course, we must ask God's forgiveness and ask Him to help us to learn from our mistakes and to follow Him more closely in order to not make the same mistakes again. However, there is an old saying I grew up with. "if you make your bed, you have to lie in it." I do not believe anymore that statement to be true. I, as well, believe it human to ask for relief. The prodigal son was given relief by his earthly father.
  6. jmldn2

    Prayer for an act of disobedience?

    God is forgiving. God is loving. God is merciful. We are all disobedient at some point in time, are we not? Yet, God covers us with His grace. Now that is mercy.
  7. When we have been disobedient with an area of our lives and we are suffering the consequences, should we ask God for relief?
  8. jmldn2

    Soul, Spirit, Heart

    I've heard as well that we are a soul with a body. That clicks with me as well. Thanks for all of the replies. I see soul (psyche( and spirit along with a body.
  9. jmldn2

    Is America about to be judged?

    Not merely "a secular nation", but AN EVIL NATION (as relates to the laws, government, and systems of the USA). When a government KNOWINGLY AND DELIBERATELY gives aid and comfort to evildoers (e.g. ISIS, the Iranian, Pakistani, and other governments which are committing unspeakable atrocities) then it is as evil as the evildoers. When the government and the courts KNOWINGLY AND DELIBERATELY promote sexual perversion through their laws, the murder of millions of innocent babies, the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of war veterans, etc. then it is AN EVIL NATION. Ezra I am in agreement with you.
  10. jmldn2

    Is America about to be judged?

    America is being judged IMO. We have become a secular nation, omitting God from just about everything.
  11. jmldn2

    Soul, Spirit, Heart

    Sometimes I get confused about what actually we mean by the words Soul, Spirit, Heart. Are they 3 or do they all mean the same?
  12. I have said this to my friends, my Sunday School class and to my own family members, "there will come a time soon whenever Christians will have to take a stand." I personally believe that time has come.
  13. jmldn2

    Church Attendence

    The Church is the Body of Christ. This is first and foremost. The true Church is the body of believers who are to support one another, learn together, worship together. Now, I submit that today's "buildings and assemblies" are not as powerful in their gatherings as they used to be. Something is amiss IMO.
  14. jmldn2

    Why is Clinton email our concern

    Under no circumstance would I believe anything this woman has to say. Every time I look at her face, I see an untruthful woman.
  15. OK, should men have dominion over women in today's world? Is that biblical. What does it truly mean to "wives submit" to your husbands?