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  1. acsanders22

    Just joined/New

    I think I am just supposed to introduce myself on this board so here goes. My name is Angela, Jesus is my Savior and I love the Lord. I would like to say hello to everyone in this community and feel I found a good place to be. I hope to be a good member and enjoy fellowship. God bless!
  2. acsanders22

    Hi Everyone! I'm new on here

    As most of already replied, it brings me so much joy to see any younger folks posting anywhere their love for God. I felt encouraged to read your kind words and would like to ask you to please pray for my family and myself. I just became a member and had a few questions but didnt plan on asking for prayer until I read ur post. I knew instantly that God knew what I needed. So thank you God, and thank you Dallas, and thanks to everyone for this site. I already feel better. Hope I did this post right, it is my first one.