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  1. thank you everyone for your thoughts, suggestions and prayers. I wasn't proud of what i did, and I totally admitted to her that I was wrong, and confessed to an emotional online affair. It was hurtful but what she needed to hear. She has had a few rough days but has been incredibly gracious to me. I think she knows my road to redemption will be a slow one and long, and she is giving me the grace I need to earn back her trust.
  2. I am guilty of chatting with women online and lying about it and getting caught. I want to make my marriage our God wants it to be and my wife has a lot of questions. some of my chats were sexual in nature and I know she's going to ask about this. I don't want to hurt her any more than necessary but I don't want to lie either. I know our healing is going to be a long process where she is both the victim and yet what have to be a partner as well. I would appreciate some advice on how to deal with the questions she is going to have about what I did online
  3. Going to bed Anthony. I. Will tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your prayers and support everyone. I believe this forum will be helpful. I really am looking for some people I can share my entire story with and walk through this process of healing.
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    Hello. I'm new too.
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    Hi Hope. I just joined too.
  7. Guess I have to post 5 messages to start a topic, but I've ran into some issues in my marriage and need a lot of help. Basically just got caught about an hour and a half ago, and this is my first step. I'm 40 and been married since my early 20s and we are having problems and I'm the cause.
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