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  1. Just joined!!! Hi!!!!

    Welcome to Worthy, tweety! I just noticed you were also included in this thread and didn't want to over look you. God bless you, Shalom David/BeauJangles
  2. Just joined!!! Hi!!!!

    Welcome to Worthy, Ahiak! God bless you, Shalom David/BeauJangles
  3. I was wondering if and when you were going to enter into this topic, other one! I knew you had planned on observing for a bit, before posting on it... What took you so long? LOL Willamina, I'd have to admit that men often are not as responsible as they should be. This was traditional back in the days, but as Robert Zimmerman aka: Bob Dylan sang in one of his early protest folk songs: "The Times They Are A Changing" Although he no doubt he had something more political in mind. And speaking of changing... Well no, let's not! God bless you, Shalom David/BeauJangles
  4. Hi from R.S.A. :)

    Welcome to Worthy, Sarah! God bless you, Shalom David/BeauJangles
  5. How to embrace change

    Welcome, and praying for you. God bless, Shalom David/BeauJangles
  6. it's been six years

    Welcome to Worthy, Holly! God bless you, Shalom David/BeauJangles
  7. You are correct Arka, pertaining to the term: "be fruitful" mentioned in the Old and New Testament. That would be a total of 9 times in the King James Version. You are also correct in it's meaning to populate in the book of Genesis. It was said to the fowl and creatures of the sea. (Genesis 1:22) Also to Adam and Eve. (Genesis 1:28). And again to the descendants of Noah, as to replenish, or repopulate after the flood. (Genesis 9:1). Abraham lived 175 years and his wife Sarah, 125 years. She had been unable to conceive or was "barren" as it was termed. Yet the Lord promised she would give birth to their son, Aaron... Though Sarah questioned how this could be possible, as she was beyond her years. I'm not sure what age was considered no longer able to concieve, knowing that people at that time still maintained a life span beyond our own. "Should We Still Fruitful and Multiply?" Well right now, India and China among several other nations are very over populated. My now ex wife and I didn't have children, because she already had 3 sons from a previous marriage. They were a bit rambunctious, and I thought that was sufficient. They also had ravenous appetites, and nightly contests on who could eat the most, was occasionally frightening to see! ROFL! Anyway, according to the book of Revelations, many millions will die to catastrophic events... Including plagues, famines and wars, etc. We've already had a recent topic in the forums on the End Times... It got a bit chaotic as usual, so let's not go there right now! It is my understanding both Mormon and Muslim desire highly numbered families for world wide religious domination. Last count, I think the Muslims have the current advantage. God bless you, Shalom David/BeauJangles
  8. I need your help everyone

    Welcome to Worthy. God bless you, Shalom David/BeauJangles
  9. I found a new snack that is so good

    ROFL! Yes, ncn... Bro cards come in handy. We were running short, so I found source that can deliver on weekends!
  10. church split debate

    Contemplates for a moment, but then decides to
  11. I found a new snack that is so good

    LOL ncn!
  12. Are the saints going through the tribulation.?

    Welcome Dove... Thanks for being so graciously understanding. God bless you, Shalom David/BeauJangles
  13. Canadian Thanksgiving

    A Happy Thanksgiving, and all the best to our friends in the northern hemisphere. God bless you, Shalom David/BeauJangles
  14. Greetings from New York

    Welcome to Worthy, Dave. God bless you, Shalom David/BeauJangles