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  1. Hi @BobbyO, I noticed you at the current end of this thread, and would also like to welcome you into Worthy Christian Forums. God bless you! Shalom, David/BeauJangles Hang in there, BobbyO!
  2. When the British Invasion hit the radio air-waves, my friends and I began taking in the comedies of English humor. Monty Python was one that we watched quite a lot. Some of the skits did need a mental filter on some of them. The film that featured the Python cast, The Meaning of Life was way over the top though. I can't recommend it to anyone. It had some very tasteless scenes. Never wanted to see it twice.
  3. Hi Andre, @OneLight has the answer for this. Nice to meet you. Welcome to Worthy and God bless! Shalom, David/BeauJangles Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine ~ KJV
  4. Hi Vee, Yes, I'm old really old! Nice to have you join the site. Welcome to Worthy and G0d bless you! Shalom, David/BeauJangles I love this bouncy little guy!
  5. That's kind of amazing to me. Last look, and it was some time ago, the approximated populus as claimed by LGBTQ community was 10%. They really want twice that much more influence? (sigh) Well, it's all over daytime television here in this nursing facility, but a good deal of the staff are also. Some of them are pretty obvious. I hear them chattering away about their open lifestyles too. One of the guys got married to another man, and adopted a baby girl. And one of the women couples had a child by artificial insemination. Oh, well. That's the healthcare industry. But it's everywhere, folks.
  6. Hi @Wayne222, I also strongly believe in angelic intervention. Many times, some of the worst case scenarios have been made to be much less than they could have been. Praying the Lord's comfort in the after effects of this traumatic experience. God bless. Shalom, David/BeauJangles
  7. Sure, you have every reason for the annoyance. Bedtime for my sister and I was at 9:00pm until about age 12. It's unfortunate to have this invade your preferred viewing. I recall a popular sitcom here that turned really sordid after a few seasons on. I discontinued watching. Switching channels is sometimes the necessary alternative.
  8. Hi Diana, I admire your zeal for the studies. Welcome to Worthy and God bless! Shalom, David/BeauJangles Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine... KJV
  9. Hi @mel85, Praying for your wife, Salome. Do keep regulated temp checks on her. Anything at 104 can be life-threatening. Pneumonia is serious too. I had what was termed as 'walking pneumonia' at 19 and it lasted for three months. The elders of the church finally grabbed one Sunday evening, took me to a private room and laid hands on me in prayer. The Lord is indeed gracious and good, but I did have to seek medical attention also. The Father needs those who minister for Him to take care of their bodies and continue on. God bless. Shalom, David/BeauJangles
  10. I'll admit to being a fan of the Fab 4, and always wanted a pair of Beatle boots. The ones manufactured here were cheaply made though, and probably weren't comfortable at all. Cheap shoes hardly ever are. Umm... Sorry for going off-topic again. I try to watch that. Sleep deprivation over a couple of weeks now, and my mind is a bit wonky.
  11. Only a matter of personal taste and fashion, and not that big of a deal to me. I don't find them attractive personally, but the same could be said of my style. Stilettos are quite popular again like they were in the 1940s - 60s, and I see them all the time now. They don't seem very practical or comfortable though. I wear sandals and moccasins most of the time. Back-dated probably, but comfy.
  12. Stunning photograph. Was this from a digital camera or standard 35mm? Also liked the ones around the coastal area where you spent some younger years. I've got some rather nice shots taken in the Morro Bay region, and some of the notable ones were taken at sunset against rock, and around the pier with a pelican or two. I can't post them, unfortunately. They're all in storage - so is my Nikon by accident, and my scanner was stolen by my step-son. The brat!
  13. Not quite sure what you mean, but it is an interesting use of colors and design.
  14. Hi @Cognostic, Could you please not use words in expletive form? A post can be very effective without having to use them. Thanks!
  15. Hi @F_Ivan, I'm sorry you're having such issues about accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. But could you tone down the use of edited expletives? You seem to have some anger about surrendering your life to God and having to give up the sins you enjoy. I get it. But we do have some younger readers and guests of undetermined age who might find the usage of your wordings to be a little bit offensive. A post can be effective enough without them. Thanks! Shalom, David/BeauJangles
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