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  1. Woman marries herself.

    hi Sister. I think i do understand your heart here. and even more it was what you said about praying for the lost that made the words about self stand out to me. my statement was more based on out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, and her very words revealed glorifying self and not The King. i agree pray for them. the level of how fallen a fallen world can be shows itself more and more these days.
  2. Woman marries herself.

    the woman said its about self awareness. The Book says to die to self. edit: satanism is all about self.
  3. As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25
  4. Pray this be the year planned parenthood falls never to rise again.
  5. most liberal 9th circuit judge dies

    Ezekiel 18: 32 For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye.
  6. Beware the NIV Teen Study Bible

    if people would use as much energy in arguing the niv is complete and with no omissions... use that much energy to openmindedly look into what i and others have said.... treat it like fish eat what you can and throw the rest back.... if you exerted the same amount of energy you might learn some thing. I do not care what version anyone reads either. and in other posts i have said if God speaks to you out of whatever bible, read that one. and i still say that. however i will also add that if you are actually growing in The Lord, you will out grow the NIV. but please, pretty please with sugar on top i dont need the stiff neck attitude. learn to use your brain before you use your mouth. and dont get me wrong here i am not trying to be rude, but if i come on here telling the truth and people want to accuse me of judging their relationship with God and telling me about footnotes, why then would i want to come on this site and continue telling people things that i have invested years of my life learning about? I could be doing stuff more productive for me.
  7. Beware the NIV Teen Study Bible

    and i thought i explained it well enough to be crystal clear that your explanation was not correct. i even offered to show you what it said in the greek, which is the closest we have to being original. I guess no amount of explanation can help someone who is not open minded to the truth. you trust what a foot note says from a bible with over 800 omissions? especially when it was shown to you that your foot note was not telling you the truth in the instance of the scripture i provided?
  8. Beware the NIV Teen Study Bible

    here it is the way it is in my esword. in the kjv of the esword the italic words are the ones added. Rom 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. notice the part that has the text the niv does not is not in italics? thats because the kjv did not add that in. if this will not suffice let me know so i can post from the greek. I do not make up stuff about the bible. nor was i attempting to hijack this thread. however i will not keep silent on Gods word when things are not there that should be... things that hold significant meaning and value.
  9. Beware the NIV Teen Study Bible

    i never said you or anyone was. i said the NIV has omissions. lots and lots and lots of them. when i eat steak i dont want part of the meat cut off. i want the whole thing.
  10. The Bible and the dinosaur.

    to not know 100% is accurate? margins of error even? thousands of years is not very accurate.
  11. I wonder what their children will look like.
  12. The Bible and the dinosaur.

    that depends. are the carbon dating devices feeling a bit tipsy?
  13. Easter 2018

    many will nay say what i am going to tell you. but its the truth. easter goes back to ancient babylon. back to nimrod and semiramis days. easter is pagan. easter is based off the spring equinox. which varies. easter is not a chirstian holiday. now before people fire up their torches and prepare a stake in which to burn me at, and before you sharpen your pitch forks which you shall thrust thru me... i am not saying you are evil and vile because you do a ham dinner (nimrod who was a great hunter was killed by a wild pig) or search for easter eggs... ok? i am also not saying that in todays culture most christians do not celebrate Jesus' resurrection. i am stating the truthful orgin of easter. if you dont like history, i cant do anything about that. but it is what it is.
  14. just because you/we dont see how God will do something does not mean He can not or will not. the fervent effectual prayers of the righteous availeth much. God wants us to involve Him in all aspects of our life, because He cares, because He desires fellowship with His bride, because He wants to be lord over our lives, and to give us His best. Even when the prayers do not cause God to be moved we should pray. In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thy hand; for thou knowest not which shall prosper, whether this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good... Ecclesiastes 11:6 edit: in james chapter 4 it says ye have not because ye ask not.
  15. The Bible and the dinosaur.

    problems with results? if i was to do a search for a synonym for "problems with results" if the search would yield an option of the word "inaccurate" things that make ya go, Hmmmm.