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  1. Cletus

    Jesus will return in 2040

    He never said at that time. no where in the bible did he say anything that says that, in fact, He gave signs so we can discern the time and know when His return is drawing near. that is the true words of The LORD Jesus Christ. and your message is a sign of the times... false teachings for itching ears. You sir, are teaching falsehoods and you need to repent.
  2. Cletus

    Urgent word for the Church

    I hear you. I have been saying basically the same thing for more than 10 years. I have been to more churches where all I got was a handshake and its good to see you here today, but very few where there is real actual fellowship. If we read how the early church in acts lived compared to today, there is day and night difference. Most people dont want that though from what I have seen. it burdens my heart as well.
  3. Cletus

    Jesus will return in 2040

    Matt 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. What you are preaching here is directly opposing to what Jesus said. How is it that you know better than The Son of GOD? do you claim to be The Father? because Jesus said only The Father knows. those who know The Truth will not be deceived by this as those who know Him, know that many false Christs and false teachings will arise. your teaching is a sign of the times. How can you know when The King will return when you do not even Know what He said? What saith thou about matt 24:36??? explain how you know when Jesus said no man knows.
  4. Cletus

    Forgiveness Doesn't Mean Trust... Really?

    I would give a word of caution about rick warren and listening or reading to his messages. some of his messages are questionable when compared to the bible, some of his statements. I do not see how trust and forgiveness are connected. Just because you forgive someone does not mean you trust them. once someone makes you not trust them its hard to trust them again. it takes time. if i am wronged and I forgive someone a good bit of the time i forgive them for ME. so i do not harbor bitterness in my heart, and so i can honor Gods way. we are not to forgive because someone deserves it, but because God wants us to. i have experienced in my life that even with other believers that wrong me, I forgive them, then later we are reconciled, but i still do not trust them until i see for myself they didnt just say the right words... I have to see actions to get the trust back. Jesus did not teach us to pray trust us as we trust others, no, He said forgive us as we forgive others. The bible even tells us not to put trust in man. I do not see anywhere in my reading of the bible God tells us to trust man... trust Him yes, but not trust a person. also keep in mind there is forgiveness, and there is reconciliation. those two are different. and both are words used in the bible. this is evidence that you can forgive someone and not trust them.
  5. more lawlessness from the dems. its a felony to knowingly lie on a government document like that. so go ahead and fill it out... Texas is very proud of their prisons and courthouses like to make examples out of people. this just shows a disregard for law and order. But hey, this could be a good thing as most of us Texans dont want illegals here in the first place.
  6. there is a really good video by uh, some american (i think) asian guy i forget his name but its with discover ministries(sorry if you are reading this bro but i gave up even trying to pronounce your last name) . its a video of him reading a letter to Trump about his proposals on actions Trump could do. its on youtubes. it exposes a lot of their corruption and the need to get this nixed. its worth a view and its one of his newer videos so it wont take to long to find. the video goes into a little more detail on a few key points.
  7. There is a really interesting film on this very topic. It shows how mutations in monkeys in a lab did evolve quite remarkably. first the monkeys were given a shot which altered their DNA. one of the remarkable things that happened was a change in eye color. Then after some time passed they began showing signs of increased intelligence. and by the end of this film, and this was the hard part to really believe even for something on film, but the monkeys started to actually mimic vocal sounds of humans on single syllable words. If memory serves me right the first word spoken by this monkey was the word no, i could be wrong about that though so dont quote me on that. If anyone is interested in watching this film its called the planet of the apes.
  8. I do not really push for wisdom outside of Gods Word that is in the form of writing, however there is an old Chinese proverb that says a wise man reads both books first, and then decides. I can see the wisdom in that. I can also see you are unwilling to do any reading up on this for yourself by your own words i quoted above. also, please do not accuse me of not being peaceful as I have not victimized you or anyone. I have stated my view and you remain unwilling to look into this even with the info I have provided, which is good information that does indeed back up my point of view. If you have enough time to reply to me then you have enough time to type some words, search, and read. But instead you would have me spoon feed you more data and links only to (more than likely) say the same, which is you dont agree. why would i want to waste my time with that as it seems your mind is already made up? You really are spinning your wheels with me at this point. the time has come to get out of the vehicle, grab a shovel, and dig so you can move forward again. With what I have already provided i can assure you i do not care about onus of info to be provided. I have provided and you remain unwilling and or to stubborn, no offense... but I am not going to hold your hand. put your big boy pants on, do a google search, and learn. I have way more to do in life than try and convince you anymore than the info I have provided and I have no desire to convince you because of your words which show a refusal to be open minded and expend any effort of your own whatsoever. let me be clear, I am not interested in debating this with you or anyone and you will get no response from me that says any different than what you are currently reading, unless, you show that you have more to offer than i do not agree and i refuse to look into this any further.
  9. yes sirree, here we had temps in upper 20's maybe 30's up north and still down south they were in the 90's. it came quick even for this far south. dont want to think about how it is further north. its flooding central texas bad and even up north. flooding is spotty all over though. they are wanting to dump the Llano river into trinity but the trinity is already up pretty good. they are saying they dont know when thats going to be. and it takes five days for the water to get from up around dallas to down my way and rain in the forecast for awhile still. at least 4 more days.
  10. Cletus

    Critters Falling Through Roofs!

    I used to live in a log cabin and once a snake got in the house. I never figured out how it got inside. it was just a chicken snake which is not venomous, there are some species that are but not the ones here. you still dont want one to bite you because it can get infected and they eat rats. I think they are actually called rat snakes but they get in the hen house and eat eggs so people here call them chicken snakes. they like to climb so i am guessing it came in thru the floor somewhere.
  11. If you go on ABC13 they have a video that shows how quick the temperature dropped in texas with time lapse. it shows a restaurants marquee sign that says: the temperature went from 90 to 55 like it saw a state trooper.
  12. Cletus


    At D.I.A. there is not only this horse statue but a statue of an egyptian god, anubis, which was over mummification and sending the dead on their journey to the underworld. coincidence its at an airport? there is also a plaque with a time capsule under it and the plaques inscription has a freemason symbol right in the center with words saying something about most worshipful grand lodge. there are other statues in this airport. the horse statue is symbolic, i forget right off the top of my head what it represents but, its an evil representation.
  13. I will say the same thing i already told you... do your homework. there is way to much to type up in a forum on this. the evidence is out there. the scriptures i have provided also support this. and by the way, I have provided already several pieces of evidence that shows the claims of global warming are not trustworthy. if those claims along with scripture that also backs up my claim is not enough to interest you enough to look into it openmindedly then i do not really care to try and convince you as I have seen many times on this forum and people in general where their mind is already made up on a subject. it appears to me this is the case with you. you want to quote me and say nothing more than you disagree with my point, and then when I respond you still offer nothing more than you do not agree and want me to prove it. Just open another tab... and google NOAA manipulates data... 2nd link down from my search is a fella from Texas thanking a fella named dr. john bates for coming foward with the info. the list of links is not a short one either. i say again... do your homework... find your own links. Plenty of info on this out there. is it all true, probably not. some of it is probably conspiracy theory delusion that is at the far end of the scale. this is a topic that I have been keeping up with for pretty close to ten years, do you realize how much info and links and data that really is? If you do not want to look into this on your own with an open mind then please do not requote me saying i dont agree because if you wish to believe whatever the scientific community up-chucks then by all means, dont let me get in your way. the scientific community does not really have a strong track record of promoting real science for quite some time now. data manipulation and falsifying data/records, and using theories as facts even when its not possible to replicate in a lab is however quite popular these days. you will not change my mind as I have said from the beginning of this that its a falsehood, and I am not trying to change your mind, you can believe whatever your heart desires. but I have given enough info for people to look into it. if they want to. either way, I tell you of a certainty, global warming, climate change, according to scientists... it is a lie. and i saw the push for this when i was a little boy. they came to my school promoting earth day. I heard the words the woman spoke, and i remembered them all. over the years i have watched these same words come up again and again. I have watched since then as those words were changed and added to. manipulated. its always been the same type of people that really promote this too. its all a big scam.