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  1. it takes time and practice to get away from being self sufficient. for months and months i kept going over the passage that starts out "consider the ravens" and in a sense i put God to the test on His being Faithful to His Word. He did not fail in being Faithful. it was like baby steps at first, and eventually you begin to just trust He Is going to show up. the only surprise is when and how... its just what you need and on time... time is also another thing. letting go of i need this now. or this needs to happen. God will show you in time what He Is doing with/thru you, and that is what time it is. so we must yield to that. truth is for a believer every activity is spiritual because spiritual LIFE now lives in you, and He is even closer to you than your very breath.
  2. He Is concerned deeply about every aspect of our life. I have grown to expect Him so show up everyday. not that i demand it, but that i know His goodness is beyond words. when we put our life, our path, and we allow Him to be king in our heart... what the scripture says is so true. Psa 34:7 The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. Psa 34:8 O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psa 34:9 O fear the LORD, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him. Psa 34:10 The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing. when we honor Him... you will be overcome by His goodness, blessing, provision, love, mercy. ALL that He has to give, He will give it. I no longer try to run my own life or keep a schedule... i ask, what are we going to do today? and the heart of the question is that i am following His lead. Technically He Is The One doing it, I am just along for the ride.
  3. I have an ak47 that is russian. SAR-1. although its only "fully semi-automatic" lol. silly liberals. I had a baby eagle in 40. it was sweet. it did not posses CZ accuracy though.
  4. evolution = monkey business. and by monkey business i mean... someone saying they believe in something found nowhere in scripture, and trusting what some man has said, many of whom deny Jesus Christ, instead of trusting and seeking God for truth. How can God have used evolution to make man... are we now to believe monkeys are made in Gods likeness and image? oh pah-leeeeeze. Are we now to believe its a monkey with flames of fire for eyes and riding on a white horse? oh pah-leeeeeze. now they say God does everything for a reason. what do you think the reason for God making a monkey with a blue heiney is? my thoughts... to disprove evolution. study the madril. only the alpha male has the most blue on his hind end and it has to do with testosterone. it even makes them loose hair back there... and even more... the other males dont get so colorful unless they are taking the spot of the alpha male in their family. this shows intelligent design, not evolution. look for intelligent design in all of creation and soon enough you will know evolution is nothing more than a lie.
  5. God put that song ever be on my heart a while back. I like the lyrics: Your kindness makes us whole And you shoulder our weakness And your strength becomes our own Now you're making me like you Clothing me in white Bringing beauty from ashes I tell you i have been seeing God bless me so tough here lately. i needed something at work... didnt even know what the technical name was. a water heater went out. plumbers came to replace it and there was a big box of exactly what i needed in the same closet as the water heater... the plumbers set it right in front of my desk. i spent a good 30 seconds loling and just thanking and prasing God when i realized what was in the box. Another thing i needed... this is a true story... i was looking in my tool box in a hurry to find a tool for a whole different job. the tool flipped out the exact thing i needed from the tool box, brand new in a bag, right into my arms. i didnt even know it was in there. I see Him thru me living and blessing others. i am really astonished how much help i get in my job, in me as being able to bear up under all the busyness and stress. everything i need is right there, right on time. His time is better than a clock. I have even given up on keeping a schedule or having a plan as my job keeps me on my toes and my whole plan is wrecked in 15 minutes. but He is there and provides every thing i need. everything. a tool. an attitude. a right attitude i should say. words to say. it is so awesome having Him live in and thru you. there is no way i could do all of this. only God.
  6. baby eagle mags fit cz 75 platform too. i can make coke cans dance at 20-25 yards off the hip with my 75. no sights. CZ has dropped manufacture of 40 cal. if you want one its got to be used. handloads in 40 can actually get you up into 10mm power. factory 40 is watered down. witness is made by tanfoglio and is a cz 75 clone. so is the older baby eagles/Jericho, berettas, caniks, KRISS makes some, Sphinx, Sarsilmaz makes/made? the Kilinc 2000, even colt made a pistol called the colt z40, somewhere in south africa cz licensed a company to make cz 75 clones, even north korea has the baek-du-san. the cz 75 pistol is highly cloned/copied/modified globally. this list here is not all of them either. not all parts/magazines are compatible, but the fact the 75 is so highly cloned/copied says a lot about it. oh yeah... even Springfield made the p9. and now that i think about it there is another company in the Czech republic that makes clones too. they make the bruno. Russia and China have clones. China of course is norinco, and russia is SoRatnik. A pistol out of england called the spitfire. Another company out of switzerland called itm made both cz 75 clones and tanfoglio clones. most folks dont realize the famous bren 10 or bren X made by Dornaus & Dixon was a spin off of the cz 75. BUL Transmark out of Israel made the storm 9mm. so so so many. some are edit i do not know why it put that link in my post 3 times. i didnt even want it there once.
  7. whatever you do... do not buy a cz rifle. if you do it wont be long until you have a whole bunch of them. my first cz was a 75. sold all my other smith and wessons and even my colt 1911. i got a p-10c, wish it was the p-10F. i would like to sell the p-10c to get the F. I really like the 75 Sp-01 phantom. I also really like the 97BD (which has quite a few internal parts the same as a 75.) I tried a few glocks out, and I really do not like them. I am not a fan of DAO trigger/striker fired. to date the p-10 series is the only double action only trigger i like. some say they are gritty, but mine was smooth and light. my CID number is also 18... which is what is desired as previous numbers had some lemons. look on the slide to see the CID number. some of the p-10s are also made in america, so in my book those are not real CZs. I tried shooting a p-07 but the grip is to short for me. same with the p-01. i took the +2 magazine extensions from the p-10c and put them on my p-09 so now i have all 17 round mags in .40 cal. if you translate the CZ-UB website they have a cz configurator. you make your own cz pistol custom the way you like it. they only do this in Czech Repub right now, but they have plans to expand worldwide. I am really moving away from handguns. right now. I am building a hog slayer right now. aero precision upper and lower. 16" faxon 308 gunner profile. fail zero bcg. surefire warcomp 762. midwest handguard. CMC trigger 3.5lbs (made in texas) I timed it so i could utilize black friday sales for the more expensive parts. in the end total spent should be about the same price as a decent ar15. On this ar10 i will put night vision and it will be a dedicated night time hog rifle. maybe some coyotes too.
  8. microevolution... its so small you cant even see it. we share dna with bananas and with grapes which is evidence of wasted tax dollars. Adult male apes have very large jawbones coordinates which supports the ability to eat more bananas We all know about belly buttons being innies and outies as well as the tails of chimps being prehensile but lets tackle the one topic of evolution everyone is most interested in... Mandrillus Sphinx or more commonly known as the Mandrill, and even more commonly known as the monkey with the blue buttocks. edit: lol. God made a monkey with a blue hieney!!!
  9. the tip up barrels are the tomcats and the jetfire... if memory serves me correct. those are to small for my hand. mine is one of the early to mid production cheetah models (1976 to ??? i forget which year)... i forget the model number now off hand. I would have to call the store and ask, but it is one of the cheetahs. from a quick search on the interweb it looks most like the 85F... but, my model isnt the F, its something else. cant remember now. i looked it up real quick on my phone in store and its legit. its an antique but nearly new condition and all the springs are like new. its been shot very few times. I had another one for a short while in 32acp i had bought from a friend for 100 bucks and like 3 months later he wanted it back. I shouldnt have sold it back but i didnt think a pistol was something to loose a friend over, even one who changes a deal after its final... lol. i sure didnt try to be a pawn shop for him ever again tho. the cheetahs are reliable and accurate. little heavy for size but it makes them a sweet shooter. very little recoil. I am not a fan of sig as I know to many people who have sigs in their toy box that never get taken out because they are not good for much other than a paper weight. my observation of sig is that the ones that are good are expensive but i am to apprehensive to buy one with what i have seen with many sigs. I also do not like their design. bulky like tanks and look how high the slides sits above the frame. many sigs are kinda... flippy. the design is why. My CZp-09 in .40 is my favorite handgun period. the only flippy type recoil i get from it is when i load up some 200 grain hard cast buffalo bore. hornandy critical defense at 165 grain pill weight shoots between a 9mm and a 1911 in 45 for recoil. I can shoot it almost as fast as a 9. I really like the lower profile slides. but sig may be my only option, if they make a da/sa trigger.
  10. i just put an old beretta 380 on law-a-way. it says made in italy on the weapon and on all 5 magazines. its nearly brand new condition. only two blemishes. I wasnt in the market for one either... but you have to jump on a deal like this when it comes to you or you will miss out on it forever. Not so much on a M&P that is still being made. They are pretty common so maybe one day you can find one. I am really wanting a 10mm. dont want a glock or a 1911. tangfolios are under sprung in 10mm. oh whats a fella to do? (i guess get a ruger 44.)
  11. Check out the "crosshairs" on a Primary Arms ACSS HUD DMR 308. I have one sitting on my savage 10 with a heavy threaded barrel and an AR 10. these scopes are nice, especially for the price. ACSS stands for advanced combined sighting system. HUD head up display and DMR designated marksman rifle. it can estimate range out to 1000 yards in seconds with no laser, windage, bullet drop, and... also leads for walking/jogging/running out to 600 yards. it can be used for lots of hunting applications also. MILS and MRAD is figured in to the image. If you acquire a ballistic app like strelok pro it will allow you to enter in barrel length material powder charge and type, bullet weight and construction, elevation, and all weather stats. ALL the math is already in the reticle. it will tell you sight in 1 inch high at 100 yards or whatever and the rest is on point. the glass is super clear and the paralax knob is sweet. I can identify individual weeds in neighbors yard or much.............. muuuuuch farther away. I will never go back to mil-dot unless thats all i have available to me. the turrets on the model with the 50mm objective lens are much better that the 44mm version. (and by the way... Primary arms scopes are made in the same factory with the same parts as vortex scopes)
  12. 1Ti 5:17 Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine. 1Ti 5:18 For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward.
  13. no human ever changed into something else. no creature ever changed into anything else. there is zero statements in the bible that says things can evolve and saying so is adding to the bible. why did you take the time to delete out the part that a leopard cant change his spots? perhaps its because you dont want to go on record speaking against what the bible says? if so that would be noble of you.
  14. one example of one thing changing to another? just one? (nope. not one.) Jer 13:23 Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil. emphasis is... nope. aint no changing. (nope. not one.) evolution is beyond ignorance. its foolishness.
  15. Lev 4:22 When a ruler hath sinned, and done somewhat through ignorance against any of the commandments of the LORD his God concerning things which should not be done, and is guilty; Lev 4:23 Or if his sin, wherein he hath sinned, come to his knowledge; he shall bring his offering, a kid of the goats, a male without blemish: Lev 4:24 And he shall lay his hand upon the head of the goat, and kill it in the place where they kill the burnt offering before the LORD: it is a sin offering. what was it David said in Psalm 51 about God not desiring a sacrifice? once you realize the words you quoted me on were not targeted to the crowd who understand obedience... those words may make more sense to you. the point being is if David understood this back then and obedience was important... how much more is it today.
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