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  1. Cletus

    Calm before the storm...

    Its over 20 minutes yes i did read the sticky... but just watch and you will understand why its important to post this to give an idea on how close it is and there are many out there who dont know and are asking how close.... how close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2CnuZNlB1w
  2. Cletus

    The Coming Alien Slave Trade

    well you are certainly welcome to your opinion. But the facts are the facts, which you didnt pick up on with my original reply to you So I dont think it would do much good to reiterate.
  3. Cletus

    The Coming Alien Slave Trade

    I actually did look up the words before i responded. the celestial bodies is our new bodies that we will get. please refer to the mount of transfiguration for an example. thats not alien beings. even though the words are different if you look at strongs definition/usage you will see it says in heaven or heavenly...not outer space beings, not E.T.s wanting to phone home, not mork and mindy with weird finger gestures saying nanu-nanu, not predator vs aliens, not alf creatures eating cats . If you actually look into it all those claiming outer space aliens abducted them, or they came and saw them, they are deranged, and in the new age type religions they believe this because they saw visions. this is demonic activity deceiving the them. also look into what media outlets have shows that publicize alien beings.... now look into their positions on evolution and God. they are against God. Dont buy into the new age bunk. Also i wouldnt be using modern terms for something written over a thousand years ago. And besides all that, in modern times "they" just make up words and twist words to mean what "they" want to. for whatever agenda they have cooking at the moment. what most dont realize is that words have meanings and we cant just make up rules/definitions as we go along to suit us. its kinda like children on a play ground, changing the rules of their games as they go along.
  4. Cletus

    The Coming Alien Slave Trade

    terrestrial means worldly or of the earth. extra terrestrial would be out of this world.... E.T. phone home.
  5. Cletus

    Pope as AntiChrist?

    I have read what you wrote a bunch of times. it sounds like you are saying They dont accept him? the false prophet. I am getting tired anyway. to tired to dive in the deep end on this topic. tonight.
  6. Cletus


    Am interested. there may be a day where we cant just go to the store and buy some lube. and its kinda necessary.
  7. Cletus

    Pope as AntiChrist?

    why does it have to be a Jew? The muslims have a maadi, or their last prophet. some of them are saying he is already on the earth now. I am not saying it is a muslim, and i am not saying it is not a jew, just wondering why you say it has to be a jew.
  8. Cletus

    Sit on lawnmower

    A riding lawn mower or a tractor? Most mowers are made in china these days and are made in the same factory/factories. same designs across multiple companies. I have a husqvarna that is the same design as a john deere lawn mower and i have seen craftsman mowers thats the same design as well. The main thing to look for is the engine. is it commercial grade or not. the main two i look for is a honda engine or a briggs and stratton comercial grade. Kawasaki makes a good small engine as well. I have not done good with kohler . the huskie mower i have now is flooding out the carburetor and gas is getting in the oil. its not commercial grade tho. it was at the time whats affordable grade. now i am paying for it. the engines used are made to customer specs. the different companies are just different color paint and stickers put on the same bodies. the good ones are not cheap. so if you dont have the money to go pro, research whats available to you online with customer reviews and see if any consumer reports are available. other than that, its trial by error. sadly its mostly error. edit: different companies use different engines. sometimes multiple engines so its no longer the brand that matters as much.
  9. Cletus

    Did dinosaurs actually exits?

    I have not prayed about dinosaurs. I do not get into non-canonical writings. to deeply anyway. I would read them, and have but i do not base my belief foundation on those writings. Recently i read about the testimony of Benjamin. Never knew it existed until a few days ago. But what i have prayed about, and what God has shown me i would not say your claim is beyond something to believe in. In Job it mentions two creatures that seem to be pretty big. I do not recall God claiming to make leviathan, but He did claim to make Behemoth. 40:15. some have said God only made one of those and not male and female. I have not prayed to much on these things because What i did pray on and what God showed me. The message was as in the days of Noah. then in months to follow i saw videos that were real. man made abominations, playing with dna, playing God. It was one of the most sickening things I have ever seen. not frightening, but disturbing. frog and human hybrids. human figure but frog skin and a frog face. they were giving it cpr. they said they could not keep it alive and something about the things system was rejecting the dna . there were many more, but the main one i remember was the frog one. the people in this video were named scientists. real people. Also there are videos, i forgot which one until recently when the one atheist guy wanted evidence of giants and i quoted the wrong video, but the one by trey smith titled nephilim has some real skeletons and evidence on there. I hope he comes back on here so i can refer him to that video. Just wondering if you have any data or things you have seen as this topic does interest me.
  10. Yes, it could also be, due to content of the whole passage, due to being sick... maybe a sin was bringing a curse in the form of an illness. many refute this while some claim thats the correct interpretation. I only mentioned it because it had to do with confessing. I do not believe its about obtaining forgiveness either. I mentioned that but did not say it as clearly as you put it.
  11. Cletus


    For pistols i use lucas gun oil. I got the applicator tip that is metal and it only releases a tiny drop, unless you squeeze to hard. i only lube the slide rails, and just a small amount and manually rack the slide to spread it out. I also put a small amount on the trigger pin for the trigger, and one drop on the trigger return spring. I never lube anything in the sear cage. maybe a small drop for the hammer. (the good thing about lucas gun oil is it neutralizes salts and oils in your skin. it will also stop rust. I had a baby eagle that got a small spot of rust in the mag well and on one of the magazines, probably from me sweating on it. I cleaned the rust with a wire cleaning brush and put a drop, it never rusted again.) I was instructed by a gunsmith to not lube the sear cage because it can get gritty and its hard to get it out. what i found works real good for if it does get burnt powder or if you drop it and dirt gets in it is wd-40 and then blast it with an air chuck hooked up to a powerful air compressor. (wd-40 mist goes everywhere so do it somewhere you dont mind getting a film of wd-40 on and keep your mouth closed and be careful with eyes.) then I let it dry completely so it wont gather more funk, this part is crucial. Lots of people say never use wd-40, again a gunsmith told me this is how he does it, everyone that took their guns to him had only good things to say. wd-40 stands for water displacement... and its the 40th formula. it was originally a government recipe before they sold it and it became public. its was used to spray nukes in silos to keep them from rusting. If you buy the big jug and pour it in a container and just let internal parts soak it cleans them with less work of any other method i know of. again, air compressor with a air chuck and let dry. I dont know if any of that will help you, or if you would even be interested in trying it, but thats what i do. But hey, if you ever needed to defend yourself its unlikely you would be needing to shoot that many rounds. My bro said his has gone bang every time.
  12. Cletus

    10 Serious Problems with Jesus Calling

    I think there is a miscommunication here. lets start with the scripture you quoted. Mar 11:24 Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. This scripture is not talking about what i am actually speaking of. And, for the record, I do believe and do what mark 11:24 says to do. But mark 11:24 is not saying what the word of faith teaching says. Its not even saying prayer. THe WOF is saying that you can speak things into existence. on your own. And it even says to those who cant seem to have this ability... well then you dont have the faith. you need more faith. and even more its about faith and prosperity, physically so. prosperity in the bible is not as they teach. I understand the power of life and death are in the tongue, but it is the added part of what the wof teaching puts in there that does make it like witchcraft. the power of life and death is already there... there is no need to bring down anointing and to release it. thats simply not how it works and its not how God operates. Furthermore, there is another part to what you are saying.... and that is... is it Gods will? Let me tell you a story, a true one. the story how i came to start to know that the whole name it and claim it thing is bunk. I wanted to play an instrument. I thought the guitar was the bees knees. I found a good deal on the exact type and brand of guitar i wanted/liked. I picked it up and prayed. I told God I wanted this guitar, i believe your word, i claim this in the name of Jesus, blah blah blah. I didnt have quite enough money on me. So i told the cashier i would be right back. He said no one has bought a guitar or even looked at them in months. i thought it was a sure thing. I went to go the money. went back. only the one guitar i wanted was gone. what what what? heartbreaking. months later i still wanted to play and i went in a music shop. again, i did not have the money to buy a guitar. But i did have the money to buy a drum. a djembe. pronounced jim-bay. its an african drum. didnt know a thing about drums. but i had peace about it so i made the purchase. On the way back home i prayed and asked God to teach me to play it. in not to much time I was playing at an african wedding. 2 weeks prior i heard a quiet still voice say african wedding and i felt this beat come into my chest and move thru my arms and on to the drum head. A deacon of the church i played in heard me play, and a friend came to get me to have us talk. we exchanged numbers. i went they chose me to play at an audition. the groom told me i beat that drum like a mandingo warrior. two weeks after the wedding i saw a video of an african wedding. that beat that i played was the same beat in the video. It was kinda weird being the only white guy at an african wedding and the one playing the drum. I am not a guitar guy. I am not a name it and claim it guy. God does what He wants. His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. God has not given us the ability to speak anything and everything we desire into existence. the wof teaching sounds legit on the surface, but once you get down to the depth of what they teach, its false. Do you believe in the WOF teachings?
  13. Cletus

    That an unlimited God had to be born here to die...

    In genesis it says God divided day and night. God created time. He set the bounds for man to no longer live past 120 years. God is not limited by time. God is not limited by anything we have knowledge of. In our present time it is possible for Him to change things from the past. God does not fit in a box. Time is not the issue, the issue is if your mind and heart are willing and sincere. If you seek God with your whole heart, you will find Him. He will reveal Himself to you. as long as you are sincere and willing to do it/live the way He says is right. Even a willingness to change. The thing you must realize is that God is for you. God loves you. Did you know when someone is crucified they must literally push and pull up on the nails just to take a breath? there is nearly nothing God would not do to have you. There is no excuse on Judgment Day, other than to point to Jesus and say, He paid for my sins. Nothing else will be an acceptable answer. If you lack the humility, then ask Him. anything you ask that is Gods will, He will do it. The truth is not something, Its SomeOne. Its Jesus Christ. Psalm 34:8... O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.
  14. Cletus


    My little bro has a ppk. He loves it. Its the only pistol he has and once he got it he was done looking for a pistol, he said.
  15. I have my doubts to. I was going to keep them to myself until i saw this. I also have doubts that i am alone in this theory.