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  1. but... but... same sex attraction IS homosexual behavior. notice where it says same sex... and then notice the homo prefix in homosexual. dont let the world bend the borders of morality in your mind.
  2. Jesus wouldnt have had to die on the cross. thorns wouldnt exsist. no death. animals wouldnt be afraid of us. childbirth less painful. dying daily wouldnt be a thing. and much much more. God is good.
  3. firearms

    nearly double the range is nice./on the other hand so is subsonic with a can. thats how i see it.
  4. firearms

    if you do get a p09 in 40 quite a few internal parts and sights will be the same as in your p-07. they are interchangeable between p-07/p-09 and 9mm/.40 same parts for different models and calibers. pretty sweet set up, i think. what i would do if i had a p-07 in 9mil is buy some 19 round p-09 mags and use those for backup. czusa also sells an aluminum plus two extension.
  5. why christians don't support gun control.... because the statement is ignorant to start with. I am a christian and i do support gun control. do you realize its THE LAW to lock up guns if you have minors or mental types in your house. they don't want to enforce those laws though... do they? they want to talk about gun bans. its all the same agenda just repackaged. the next time, oh and we just had one, there is a school shooting, enforce the law that already exists and see how quick stores sell out of gun safes.
  6. Salvation for only $2,200 Jim Bakker.

    Dont forget your water purification tablets.... wormwood will irradiate the water!!! LOL.
  7. that is amazing, a space craft that measures imaginary radiant heat.
  8. firearms

    what you said here is the same thought thats been floating around in my head for a while. and really thinking of going blackout. however i live in the sticks. most deer i have eaten have been taken at 100 yards or less so anything over 250 yards range is unused potential. unless someone is hunting/poaching in someones cow pasture, which is a no no. i dont need the range. where u live maybe you get more use from range than i can?
  9. firearms

    I actually now own one of CZ's .40s. the p-09. i sold a pistol to get this one, and i am not at all disappointed. ringing gongs at 55 yards. if the round dies out there will still be companies selling ammo components and i will handload. I am thinking otherwise now, about the round dying out. I have done a lot of reading and its not likely to die. i read but idk if its true that the coast guard uses .40 smith. its just not as popular right now. its a fad.
  10. Trump Wants To Replace Food Stamps With Boxes

    i remember the boxes. a neighbor always gave my mom the peanut butter out of his box. it was a big container. he said the peanut butter stuck to the roof of his mouth. it was pretty good. not the best, but still good. the cheese wasnt to bad either. the crackers were very good. the real reason they dont like it is because the whole welfare plan is a liberal scheme.
  11. get rid of any/all paraphernalia. destroy it. remove from property even. Repent and pray. seek salvation in prayer. get in Gods presence and stay there. God inhabits the praises of His people.
  12. I am not to sure how supreme it is to be a white supremacist with a Jewish King.
  13. Will there be a per-trib rapture

    The main controversy in this passage is what the Greek words translated ” the apostasy” [ho apostasia] mean. Believers in a Pre-Tribulation rapture say it is a code word for “the rapture.” Believers in the Pre-Wrath position say it means “the rebellion from the faith.” Paul states at the beginning of this very verse that we are not to be deceived. It is incumbent on every Christian to understand this passage because there is great deception in the Church about this verse. One side of the argument is obviously correct and the other is deceiving the Church. It is the responsibility of every Christian to understand the argument of this contested passage and teach the truth. Church historians believe that Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians were the earliest letters that Paul wrote with 1 Thessalonians dating to 52 AD (about 20 years after Jesus’ resurrection) and 2 Thessalonians being written a year later. In these early letters of Paul, he discusses more end time issues than he does in all his other letters to the churches combined. It appears that after Paul wrote 1 Thessalonians, the Church at Thessaloniki received a forged letter from someone claiming to be Paul. Paul wrote 2 Thessalonians to answer the mistaken views that the forgery produced. It is in that setting that the controversial section finds itself. Before we examine the exegesis of ho apostasia, let’s examine the passage in context because meaning is always found in its surroundings. WHAT PAUL SAID BEFORE THIS Context means whatever comes before it and what comes after. The passage before this one (2 Thess. 1: 4-12) lays the groundwork for the discussion. We see in verse 4 that the Church was undergoing severe persecution. This in combination with the forged letter, led many to think the Day of the Lord (God’s Wrath) had begun. In verse five Paul makes an enormously important point: The first thing we learn is that persecution of the Church is normal and even considered a sign that believers are considered worthy of the Kingdom of God. Those who argue that the purpose of the rapture is to prevent persecution need to read this verse. Paul is teaching that persecution, even severe persecution, is normal and a sign from God that we are worthy. This passage then also states that upon the return of Jesus, He will give relief to those who are afflicted and punish the wicked who afflicted us. By this Paul is re-assuring the Thessalonians that they haven’t missed the rapture, it hadn’t happened yet because they haven’t seen their relief upon the return of Christ. He also mentions that Christ’s Holy Angels are part of His coming. This is to reassure them that it will not be a silent rapture. Paul is saying Christ will be “revealed” in flaming fire. It also shows that God begins pouring out his wrath once the Church is removed. IT WILL NOT COME UNLESS Paul then launches into the controversial passage. He begins by reassuring the Thessalonians again that Jesus has not come and raptured his Church yet. The reason he mentions the Day of the Lord (the Wrath of God) is that the rapture (the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together to Him) must come before the Day of the Lord. God will not let his Church experience his wrath. Next comes the verses that cause all the controversy. Paul says that “it” (the Day of the Lord and the rapture that precedes it) will not come unless two things happen: “ho apostasia” (the controversial words) and the revealing of the Antichrist. Verse four proves this “man of sin” is the Antichrist because he is the one who sits in the Temple of God and declares himself to be god. Only the Antichrist does this. It is how the Church will identify him. All the “Antichrist theories” out there today are meaningless. Only by sitting in the Temple can we know for sure the man is Antichrist. WHICH COMES FIRST Some in the church teach that “ho apostasia” happens first and then the Antichrist is revealed. They teach this because of Paul’s use of the word “first” after “ho apostasia.” Paul, however, consistently uses “first then” if he means a sequence of events. He always does this. It is a consistent pattern in is writings. An example is found in the most famous rapture verse of all. Because Paul does not use the word “then” in conjunction with the word “first,” we can be assured that “ho apostasia” and the revealing of the Antichrist are two events that happen at the same time and both precede the rapture. We know that the revealing of the Antichrist is his sitting in the Temple of God. We know from MIDPOINT OF THE TRIBULATION: EARTH’S PERSPECTIVE that this occurs at the Midpoint of the Tribulation. Nearly all commentators believe this. We have already proven the rapture cannot occur until 3 1/2 years after the Tribulation has begun when the Antichrist is revealed. SO IS IT RAPTURE OR APOSTASY So now let’s finally look at the etymology of the words ho apostasia. The first word ho means “the.” This means that this apostasia is the definitive one. There may be others but this is the significant one. This is what HELP’S Word-studies and Strong’s Dictionary say about the second word: 646 apostasía (from 868 /aphístēmi, “leave, depart,” which is derived from 575 /apó, “away from” and 2476 /histémi, “stand”) – properly, departure (implying desertion); apostasy – literally, “a leaving, from a previous standing.” Definition: defection, apostasy, revolt. Several older 15th century English translations of the Bible claimed the word meant “the departure.” These mis-translations were based on one of the words apostasia was derived from: aphistemi. This mis-translation led those who support a Pre-Tribulation rapture to say that this word is a “code word” for rapture: “the departure.” But as can be clearly seen above, apostasia means “departure from a previous standing. ” It means a rebellion or defection from the faith in this context. This is not the only time this word is used in the new testament. The other use of this word in Acts cements its true meaning: In this passage, the elders of the Church at Jerusalem were talking to Paul. They told Paul that the faithful Jews in Jerusalem had been told that he was teaching the gentiles to apostasia Moses. By this, the elders obviously meant the Jews were told that Paul was teaching gentiles to depart from the faith imparted by Moses. This exact match of meaning proves that apostasia means rebellion from the faith or falling away from the faith. WHAT COMES AFTER THIS PASSAGE After the controversial passage, Paul supports this meaning of apostasia: Is Paul talking about those who were already opposed to Christ or is this passage about those falling away in the great apostasy? Those already opposed to Christ don’t need a deluding influence to oppose Christ, they are already fallen. In this passage Paul is is discussing the reason that former professing saints will fall away in the great apostasy . This is critical because Paul would not have included this follow-up passage explaining the great apostasy unless he had just mentioned it a few verses earlier. Otherwise Paul would have simply been entering a random thought into his letter. This contextual proof is further supports our position that a pre-tribulation rapture is absolutely without merit. SUMMARY We have learned: Apostasia means apostasy or rebellion from the faith. Persecution is normal and a sign of worthiness. The rapture is nota means of escaping persecution. The rapture won’t be silent. Jesus will come with his Holy Angels and fire. The wrath of God will begin immediately after the rapture. The rapture cannot occur until after the Antichrist is revealed at the midpoint of the Tribulation (Daniel’s 70th Week) and after the great apostasy which begins at the same time. Now that we know these things, the passage in 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-4 completely shatters two theories: the pre-tribulation rapture theory the theory that the rapture is imminent (that no other prophecies must be fulfilled prior to the rapture.) If you currently are holding either of these theories, I am sure this post has been challenging. The theory of a pre-tribulation rapture is one of the most comforting theories held by the Church, but if it is wrong it is incredibly dangerous. The Church needs to prepare itself for what is to come. Thinking we will avoid persecution and possible martyrdom is a path to potentially falling away when faced with the truth. Consider and pray about these things. (Nelson Walters....."Are we ready for Jesus") John 16:33 – Jesus Christ said to His followers, “In the world YOU shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” Acts 14:22 – Paul told Christians, “WE through much tribulation must enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 24:21,22 – Jesus said there would be “great tribulation” which His followers (the “elect”) must endure. Yet for “the elects sake, those days shall be shortened.” Romans 5:3 – True Christians are to “glory in tribulations” because “tribulation works patience” and develops Christian character. Revelation 1:9 – John was our “companion in tribulation.” Revelation 2:9 – To His church, Jesus said, “I know your works and tribulation…” Revelation 2:10 – Again to His church, Jesus said, “YOU shall have tribulation…” Revelation 7:14 – God’s final people “came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” They did not escape it, but endured through it, being purified. you quoted 2 Thess. 2: 1-4 that isnt talking about a forged letter. its talking about what today would be equivalent to ordination papers for a preacher.
  14. I am not convinced

    the bible also says in james 4:8 if we draw near to God He will draw near to us.
  15. Despite denial, Pope got abuse victim's letter

    hopefully this will allow those who do not already know, to know. lots of things coming to light these days. Please pray for boldness and strength for the victims and their loved ones.