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  1. ... or France. muslims over there are gathering together in such numbers they are covering the streets and sidewalks blocking traffic during prayer time. and thats not the worst of it. they tried to gain ground in Poland. There is a youtube video titled... "Poland to muslims, Here Jesus is our King so get out" if you have not seen it its worth watching.
  2. its really sad how people can be so naive, up unto the point of something like this happening. Which is to late.
  3. Cletus

    Man Calls Cops On Baby Squirrel!

    your post reminds me of another animal tale I have that I think you will like due to how much you post about animals. I came home from work one day and heard a really high pitched sound over and over. I thought what is that. I was sleepy due to pushing myself at work that day and working a few extra hours. I was going to go take a nap and dismissed the high pitched shrieking. Went in and laid it down, closed my eyes. the sound would not stop and was to loud for me to sleep. I went outside in search of the source of this annoyance. (grrrrr) nothing was to be seen but i kept zeroing in on the noise until I almost stepped on it. It was a tiny tiny baby squirrel. eyes were still closed. I picked it up and it quit making this noise. I thought this thing can make all that racket? I looked up in this huge pine tree that is taller than most in my area. I saw a squirrel nest way way up and thought wow, you survived that fall? so I took it inside and tried to put it in a box, it started to make the noise again. (oh c'mon man, dont do me like that) I picked it up and thought little human babies got to eat every so many hours. I spoke to this lady who was at the home church i went to because she was older and already raised three kids and at that time i had zero kids, so i was out of my element. She just so happened to have a friend of hers that they were close, praying and eating lunch often together that was involved in animal rescue and worked with animals in her past. she was very knowledgeable. she told me what to feed it, how to feed it and how often... every 2-4 hours at he longest. I thought this little guy is gonna die if i cant find anyone to help me take care of it because i got to work, and i cant be doing all this. So i thought about seeing if i could reunite it with its mother. I set the baby on the ground and it started shrieking again. Momma came quick. I have never seen a squirrel so mad. She was up on a power line next to the tree. If she was any lower i believe she would have jumped at my face. I picked up the baby and hung it by its claws on the pine tree bark. no sooner than i stepped off, maybe five- six feet I heard the sound of momma jumping and landing on the tree and scurrying up the tree.
  4. God created people so He could have a people of His own, for His good pleasure. We are to work, but that dont equate with creating anything. 1 corinthians 3:9 says we are laborers with God, but we dont create anything. Man has pretty much subdued and replenished the earth as of today. Gen 2:1 Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. Gen 2:2 And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. as far as what does it mean for human beings to be in the image of God... its in every way, not just we stand upright and have two legs and two arms. not just our appearance. man, more specifically adam and eve fell. they caused sin to enter the world by eating the fruit God said not to. Col 3:10 And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him: Eph 4:24 And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. its not just physical appearance.
  5. It gives signs of when its close. wars and rumors of war. natural disasters, earthquakes, diseases. The signs are given for us to know its drawing near. its not just based on morality. According to what Jesus said if you dont see it coming you are blind. to many Christians are not sitting down, they have abandoned their posts. as I said God is bringing some back to Him. I do not see how you can say someone is a good Christian because they are ashamed in the gospel or in Jesus. And what good Christian is friends with those in darkness? The book says there is no fellowship between light and dark. So what exactly are they doing when they associate? If someone is keeping friends with immoral people and they are ashamed to speak the truth... how good of a friend are they to them? How good of a christian are they really? These Christians you are calling good... those are the ones God is calling back to Him. they are not close to Him. As far as co-creators... i dont even know where you are coming from with that. no human and no angel helped God create anything. God created it all by Himself. and i dont see anywhere in the bible where we are called to labor in the betterment of nature and society. Where did you get that from? Not the bible.
  6. no one knows for certain on when. what i can find out is this, the customs and lifestyle reflect whats called the patriachal period which is around 2000-1800 BC. some say 15th centrury BC, which would be around moses time, i think.. dont quote me on that part. some say it was written around the time of solomon, and some say as late as second century. Personally i believe its one of the oldest books. maybe not when it was written but when it took place.
  7. I disagree based on my reading of the new testament. The bible tells us what its going to be like in the last days. there is zero scriptures that say society will get any better. my point was its futile to think we are going to change that when Gods written word tells us about the great falling away, which is unfolding before us now... it tells us the love of many will grow cold and that man will be without natural affection. these are clues as to how the majority of society will be. not everyone is going to accept Jesus, and Godlessness will be prevalent, as in the days of Noah. The book says our own family members will betray us, just as Judas betrayed Jesus. The Book tells us the great tribulation will be a time worse than any other time on earth. consider the holocaust. consider thru out time all the genocides, even whats happening in africa now, consider the book of lamentations where it says mothers cooked and ate their own babies. Just wondering, what scriptures can you point to that says society has hope as a whole? what scriptures can you point to that says Spirit filled believers will turn the tide in the last days? What scriptures can you point to that says we have the power to change any of this? because The Book says God will give them over to strong delusion... is that not evident He has already been doing this? They are even trying to normalize pedophilia in society now. People are doing the exact thing these days God spoke of in the OT... inventing ways to do wickedness. I do not believe in fairy tales based on false hope or how good it sounds. I believe in The Bible. However good you got it now, enjoy it while it lasts. Focus on your relationship with God, and anyone who is hungry or thirsty for righteousness. Dont waste your time banging your head on the wall. The term "the great tribulation" literally means grapes or olives in a vat being pressed from all sides.
  8. As in the days of Noah. that is where we are now, if not quite there its coming soon to a neighborhood near you! overall scope, immorality will increase until Jesus returns. they are about to start pushing for pedophilia to be normalized and tolerated in society. there was a thread on this website about it, and they even got TEDx talks to be the launching pad. I remember years back a man, i forget His name said the NFL had fallen. His ministry was one of those prophetic ministries that everyone nay sayed. now we have homosexual themes at half time. in the 90's if a musical artist that was popular was found out to be homosexual people quit buying the albums/CDs. These days, i hear young folks speaking to one another saying... oh he is gay, we can hang out with him. as if being gay verified this persons coolness factor. its been creeping in but its growing fast to. society is ate up with this. Society as a whole will not improve until Jesus comes back. However, there are people that God is going to save. There are still people coming to The LORD. there are a lot of Christians who have walked away from God and God is and will be calling them back, now and in the future. The ship is sinking. all we can do now is salvage what we can before its to late. This is the time each of us need to take an honest look at our own lives, and look hard in the mirror, and see if there is any wicked way in our hearts and repent. there is a parable where there were five wise virgins, and five foolish. we need to be trimming the wicks of our lamp. we need to be getting the extra oil because buds have been visible on the fig tree for a little while already. we know summer is near. and its going to be hot this summer. We need to focus on our own relationship with God, and anyone around us that will hear the gospel. forget society.
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  10. Cletus

    Appalachian Ginseng

    its been going on for a while now. people are getting killed over it. it takes a long time for it to grow so its a lot of time investment. I first heard about it at least five years ago maybe as much as 7... not to sure exactly. its not very well known because it has potential to be big bucks. I dont remember all the details but China (or wherever) cant keep up with demand.
  11. wigs with long sideburns just sold out everywhere.
  12. How to interpret the OT?.... thru the lens of LOVE. when we read about judgment, and all that "bad stuff" if thats what we look at we miss the important, and true message. even in the book of lamentations Gods love can be found. The law parts, that was just to get us to realize we cant do it by ourselves or by our own power so we would lean on God. even as far back as genesis it shows Gods plan to save man kind. even when we look at the first few names/meanings of these names of the OT we see this: Adam/ Man , Seth/ Appointed , Enosh/ Mortal , Kenan/ Sorrow , Mahalalel/ The Blessed God , Jared/ Shall come down , Enoch/ Teaching , Methuselah/ His death shall bring , Lamech/ The Despairing , Noah/ Rest, or comfort. ... put those meanings together and it says.... Man appointed mortal sorrow, the Blessed God shall come down teaching His death shall bring despairing rest. God is Good.
  13. Cletus

    How do I know God has forgiven me.

    God desires us to know Him, to have a relationship with Him. The Book says the fear of The LORD is the beginning of knowledge. pursue God in prayer, and desire to Live as He commands. you will mess up, but keep going. Cry out to Him day and night until you have this knowledge of Him. and keep in mind God dont do the same with everyone, some people He takes them fast, some slow. In my case I had an "experience" at the time of salvation but it was not until some time later that I really knew God. Things take time, and everything is in His time. Everyone is different. take me for example, I can be quite stubborn sometimes, I really do try not to be but sometimes it dont work out for me. I have noticed on certain things God has me in suspense on and its not for awhile before I see where He is taking me or what He is showing me. And i tend to have a hard time growing in Him in certain areas. but His way with me is very through, and I dont see Him doing this with others. When He is done the lesson takes real well. it has made me become more patient also. everything God does is for a reason and His reason is Good. Trust Him, because He always has your best intentions at heart. Another part of trusting Him is taking Him at His Word, believing Him. He never lies and If He said it He will honor it. 100% of the time. For a new believer trusting and Believing Him can be a hard thing to do. I went thru it. I was not saved in a church, I was locked up. but when i started going to church I always wanted to makes sure i prayed the sinners prayer/salvation prayer at alter call. I never went up but i prayed it. I used to think, this time it took for sure. for sure i am saved now. A brother that God had preach the Gospel to me told me of His testimony of this same thing. He did used to go up every sunday to have the preacher or one of the deacons pray for his salvation. He said after quite a few times of doing this God spoke to him. He said, "Whats are you doing? I already saved you!" he told me that was when He really believed it and never went up again. Its quite common to have doubt until you have walked with God awhile and you learn to trust Him, and that He is trustworthy. Just keep seeking God, and never give up until you do know Him. and once you do, you will be so glad. Hosea 10:12 Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the LORD, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.
  14. All people are Gods creation, but if someone is not Born again they are not Gods child because they do not have His Spirit in them. Dont get sucked into the all in unity teaching. we are not all the same, we do not all worship the same god/God.
  15. Cletus

    Cows Help Police Nab Criminal!

    thats probably thermal vision