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    I have so many interests but God and people are at the top of my list...
    Love people, even the heartless ones. Love life, even the trying, dark experiences. Love myself, even though I'm broken sometimes. Love solitude, even though I'm a people's person.
    People, Life, Books, Daily Gratitude, Leadership, Anthropology, Communication Science.

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  1. Sunflower


    Please help me pray for my partner who is suffering from depression. I feel for him so much as he is hurting so badly. He has asked that I pray for him I trust in our Father and in His power to do all things and I know He can heal my partner. All prayers will be appreciated
  2. Sunflower

    Strength and Guidance

    Thank you everybody for your prayers. I certainly felt strengthened ... Prayed my daily spiritual warfare prayer and stood firm. I am very thankful for your prayers, I could feel the darkness lifting as my day went by... And I'm still feeling blessed and on fire for God.
  3. Sunflower

    Strength and Guidance

    Please help me pray. I am in a dark place and all I am doing is trusting God, but it's hard. I'm desperately trying not to lean on my own understanding....
  4. Sunflower

    Hello Again

    Thank you all. I appreciate the prayers... I need it very much.
  5. Sunflower

    Hello Again

    Been battling with a lot of downs and dark places. But I'm still loving The Lord through it all. It's been a rollercoaster of dark vs light, but the light has me getting up and moving forward. Hope everybody is doing well and that my Northern Hemisphere brothers and sisters are enjoying Spring! Stay Blessed
  6. Sunflower


    Dear Father, I pray for the season I'm in... It feels like a quiet storm, what could be a time of great strife and worry. Lord, because I know that you are in control and work all things for good, I can be flexible when life doesn't follow my plan. When my plans don't work out, help me to find the good and stay positive. This will pass... Pray with me, my mind is so powerful, and I need to guard it each day... Im getting better with time, but as a fairly new Christian I need all the help I can get to stay the course...
  7. Sunflower

    Silence when I mention God

    Hello I've been thinking through this.,, my attention and focus in on Our Father during this time... Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it... Much love
  8. Sunflower

    Silence when I mention God

    I thought I'd give an update on this... Today my partner let me know that he had just finished a video series of Louis Farrakhan - and how he loved this guy. 'twas a random comment but I was curious... Googled and my spirits nose-dived. Esp when I saw some of his vids... So the root cause of his silence may have it's answer right there. Louis Farrakhan is the leader of the Nation of Islam...
  9. Sunflower

    Are you an extravert or an introvert?

    A bit of both
  10. Sunflower

    Reason for fasting?

    Woah I have a situation I'm battling with, and for the past few days I keep hearing "3 days" in my head... I don't know what it means but I get the sense it has to do with fasting... I have been persevering in prayer, but I'm not sure about fasting... I've never fasted in my entire life!
  11. Sunflower

    Speak Life!

    Lord, I know that my mouth is a powerful tool that can be used for You or for the enemy. I submit my mouth to You. Show me how to speak Your truth into my life and into the lives of others. I need your guidance daily...
  12. Sunflower

    Positive Side

    It's a daily, conscious choice, to see the positive in every situation. I'm making progress, though today I lost my cool and forgot about it for about 5 minutes. My workmate did a double-take when I did a 360 and spoke life into the situation... We had a good laugh at that point!!
  13. Sunflower

    Beautiful Day

    Haha!! He so mixes things up! I have a smile-inducing story, but next time!
  14. Sunflower


    I'm practicing this daily...