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    Learning how to sew. Painting. A talent I never use, but Lord willing, I will paint things with scripture on them. Bird feeding.

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  1. Welcome to Worthy Olivia.
  2. Welcome to Worthy, hope it gives you what your looking for. (Except funds of course )
  3. I don't see how that is changing anything according to the Word, since that is in the bible.
  4. Wow. This girl must be gone since this thread was reserected from last March and she only has 7 posts.
  5. Hi, welcome to worthy.
  6. Pamelasv


    Intersesting. I believe that.
  7. I wonder if one preached to the monetary poor that they would have a bigger inheritance than any on earth, they would be more receptive to it.
  8. Pamelasv


    This has always been a verse that brings questions it seems. I guess I asked it that way to see if anybody had any strong convicted beliefs on it. Seems like nobody really does. It is a tough question. But if you do have convicted beliefs on it, go ahead and share, but not like you have to teach.
  9. I believe that, but I don't believe they all embrace it. Look other countries where they lived for years without being jihads. Saudi Arabia is strict with regard to women, hence their religion, and in recent years been allowing the women to have their own businesses. And something else I don't recall. But why would some even WANT to come to America. I agree whole heartedly that muslims in America need to be observed with caution, but it would be against our constitution to not allow them to come here. So what can we do? I confess I am only a little educated on this subject, but I do have a knack for the obvious. Now I am ready for a big blast against my post, and my uneducated foolishness or wishful thinking. But seriously, they don't all embrace it. Don't even read their own Koran.
  10. Seems to be now that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are winning in recent state elections? Neither who are christians. Donald Trump with congress may get thing done, but when you look at Kings in the bible, didn't God save the nation with the God fearing Kings? Actually, I am not 100% postive with them ahead in recent elections, but I have been hearing that on the radio which is turned down a little too low. But that doesn't change the rest of my post.
  11. Hi Deborah, I hope you get the type of fellowship you are looking for here. Welcome, love in Christ.
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