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  1. I don't have a picture... however my avatar/ screen name is the first letter to each word of this prayer.... Father Lead And Guide Every Step And Provide Every Need.
  2. Hi Alex. You know that God is your creator.so you also know that he knew you before you were even born that he stitched you together in your mothers belly.that he has plans for you to prosper plans of hope and a future. That future and hope is found in Jesus. While Adam and eve both ate from the tree which causes sin to come upon all men.which are from his blood line(all of us are of this). they were warned about that tree which fruit would kill them and bring death and seperation from God. They having free will chose to eat it. Knowing that their offspring would suffer too for they were to multipli and fill the earth. While you might not think you should be responsible for their choice .which is true you did not cause them to eat. But you inherited their sins just as someone with a disease might inherent it from there parents.you have made many mistakes on your own I'm sure for I know I have also.and it was by choice. Yet we also now have the choice to be forgiven for all things. If you choose forgiveness which is found in Jesus you don't have to worry about damnation. because the price to pay for our sins and the sins of Adam and eve have been paid in full. Now as far as the angels go. Satan and the ones that followed his lies. Will be punished forever in hell. I don't doubt that they too knew what they were doing would seperate them from God also.however there were ones who did not rebel and held true to God's words and will.and they chose God. So just like us if we choose Jesus who is God in the flesh. They also will not be punished. And we with the holy angels will live with our Father who is in heaven. Because the blood shed by Christ Jesus. covers us and we are no longer inheriting Adams sins we are now heirs and joint heirs with Christ as God's children . Pure and free from sin... this is fair and just.for those angels who chose to be with Satan live in sin as those who are human and are choosing to live with sin will both be punished the same.so are those who choose God are going to be with everlasting life.which was his plan that we remain with him in perfection forever.
  3. Flagesapen

    please pray for my dad!

  4. Flagesapen

    prayer request for my daughter

    Praying that you both be provided with all that is needed.
  5. Flagesapen

    Please Pray For My Eye

  6. Asking on your behalf for strength and courage to overcome your fears, for growth of faith and trust in our Lord Jesus. May the Holy Spirit be with you, to guide, comfort and bring you peace of mind. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
  7. Flagesapen

    Prayers for a mother and child

    Prayed for this request in Jesus name let it be so, and so be it your will Father.
  8. Flagesapen

    Linda facing cancer again

    Praying for linda's complete healing and restoration of health.
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    Prayer for marriage