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  1. Thanks, Fez, but that's the problem. I don't want the problem to be "dealt with" by law enforcement or other people, as if I was incapable. All I meant to do was ask for help so I could have a few tips in dealing with the situation myself. I want to solve my own problems so that I can learn to be an adult. I realize now how scared people are of school shootings, but I really want to make it absolutely clear that I'm a strong, strong Christian and I would NEVER EVER do anything to hurt anybody, regardless of what they have done to me. I wouldn't even dream of pushing them, much less killing them!
  2. Ya... but really, I don't have a problem. All of my teachers are my friends, we just get on each others nerves sometimes... but I like them, I really do, I just don't feel like they are the kind of people that I learn from the best. Yes, I get that people take things seriously now, because for a while I thought I was going to get arrested... I don't really want to say anything because I'm afraid that whatever I say will get me in trouble again, but heck ya, I learned to be careful what I type because a lot of things can end up getting you into trouble out of context... But I still feel really bad and I'm still scared the cops are gonna come back, and I'm just feeling confused about the whole issue... I'm not a dude with problems, what I'm going through is a perfectly natural reaction, but... it sure wasn't interpreted that way. I guess I think uniquely...
  3. Thanks everyone... So at 4 in the morning this morning I was woken up by two police officers that told me I had been "turned in" and that I was a threat, so I'm in legal trouble now. Everything I said about shooting people and wringing necks was COMPLETELY figurative, and I'd never actually consider hurting anyone, I just wanted to make the point that my teachers make me really upset sometimes. PLEASE leave the legality issues out of it, because I would NEVER consider doing anything to another brother in Christ, even if I don't like them. If the police come back I've had it, and I'm really scared that that's gonna happen, and my parents are really mad about it, and I'm SUPER stressed out and I'm just trying to do my best for God's glory. I promise, I am not a threat. I never hurt people, even if I ever want to. I'm not an angry guy at heart, I'm just irritated. I'm sorry, I took my question way to far, I just wanted you all to know that it was actually bothering me. *Sigh* So now what do I do? I get irritated with my teachers, but I love them so much, and I pray for them every day!! I don't want to cause anyone pain, and I'm not going to, I just want help reaching God when my feelings get a little hurt. Please don't sent me to Juvie or anything. Now I'm really scared. I swear I'm not dangerous.
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    Hello My Name is Joe. I am currently in my last week of being a high school freshmen. I go to a very small school, of which there are only 32 kids in the high school. Last Friday, the teacher in charge of detention was handing out detention notices to everyone who had received detention. I did not receive a slip and I personally spent five minutes talking to ensure myself that I had not received detention. He promised me that I was not on the list. Then, the next morning I got an email from him saying he had lied and that I did have detention. Now on the last day of school, I have to go to detention after school ends. I have detention for the stupidest reason, too. Out of the 250 days I went to school this entire year, I walked in a minute late on three of those days. That is enough to get me detention. My school is apparently "Christian", but the teachers literally act like the spawn of the devil. They are always yelling at me, always assigning me extra work, always riding me, always ridiculing me, and always telling me I'm worthless and hurting my feelings. I hear that in detention it is ten times worse. The thing about it is that during parent teacher conferences all of the teachers act like angels and they are super nice to the parents, telling them that we are all wonderful students, so my parents have never believed me when I told them what terrible people were in charge of my education. Finally, I just ended up completely revolting against my parents and enrolled in a new school next year without their consent, because I have a life to live. But all of these teachers are SO bad and hurtful to me, and I literally hate them for treating me like a bag of scum. In 4 days, these people will no longer have jurisdiction over me, and I want revenge. I want to tell them how horrible they were. I want to wring their necks. I'm having such a hard time just leaving them be and forgetting they existed, because, although it's terrible, I literally want them dead. I'm not overreacting, I would not be surprised if they were demons hypnotizing all of the parents to send their children here. In my anger, I've sort of started a student revolt, taking a third of the high school with me this year, and another half after next year. But how can I control my anger against these freaks? How can I show them that their wrong? How do I resist the urge to stinkin shoot them?!?! I am not an angry person, but I have been abused so badly, I can't imagine what God wants me to do with this situation. HELP!!!!
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