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  1. Thomas_K

    True forgiveness

    I think forgiveness is a choice. Even if the consequence(s) of what happened still is present, you can choose to allow it to continue to hurt you. And you know if you are free from the hurt if you have happiness and peace in spite of it all. This is where God steps in and acts like a magnet, absorbing all the negative so we don't have to bare the weight. We have to decide that we want to let go though and open that door for God to lend a hand.
  2. Thomas_K

    I am new here.

    Thank you for the welcome. I found my way to the chat room and enjoyed the conversations. Are you one of those. . . *coff coff* . . . fixtures? Tom
  3. Thomas_K

    I am new here.

    Hello Kwik, thank you for posting. I am a Christian. You are quite alright to be curious. By practical I meant he is realistic, grounded, wise etc. There is no non-sense with God, he is practical, you know? Perhaps practical is not the best word to wrap up God's entirety, but really what word is? Any other question I'd be glad to answer. Tom
  4. Thomas_K

    I am new here.

    Hello there. I agree this is a good site. I like the variety of discussions. Have you been to the chat room yet?
  5. Thomas_K

    Holy Humor

    Anyone know any biblical or Christian-related jokes? For example Satan as a master is bad, his work is worse and his wages are worst of all. or Question: Who was the best financier in the Bible? Answer: Noah because he floated his stock while the whole world was in liquidation.
  6. Thomas_K

    I am new here.

    Hi Ladychance42. I am doing good, thank you. How did you find this site?
  7. Thomas_K

    I am new here.

    I see. You Teyla... silent? Shocking! :> Well it looks like this is my 5th post. Thank you for the welcomes.
  8. Killing should be banded world-wide.
  9. Thomas_K

    Im going insane....

    I don't know what kind of health issue you have but there are many opportunities out there that you can do while at home and they can be done without necessarily taking a whole lot of effort or energy. Think about what hobbies you like and can possibly make money off of or maybe exploring new things. The sky is the limit. I believe that God has a reason for everything he allows to happen in the world and in our lives. Perhaps he wants you to put your focus and energy to something specific during this time? prayer always precedes a miracle as my mother likes to say. I pray that God will take your hand through this trial.
  10. Thomas_K

    I am new here.

    lol - hello! I decided to check it out and went further to create an account since I was already here. Why won't it let me see your profile? (not to sound creepy lol)
  11. Thomas_K

    I am new here.

    Hello, I am Thomas (most call me Tom or Tommy). A friend recommended me to this site when I mentioned that I wanted to meet more Christian people and I hope I can do that here. I enjoy practical conversations and reading interesting things relating to those practical things. I consider God rather practical so I think I'll like it here. Hope all the best. Tom