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    Makes her way through life on a dazzling blue planet which dances around the Sun.
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    Learning to live and love like Jesus Christ, Reading, Science, Acting, Autumn, Writing, Medieval times, Online quizzes, Star Trek, the Roman Empire, chocolate milkshakes wi/ fries, and.....uh, I'm going to run out of room.

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  5. Which bibles do you use?

    NKJV all the way. -Era
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  10. Ascended, listen, "once saved, ALWAYS saved." You can't lose your salvation. Remember, believers sin all the time, that doesn't mean they lose their salvation. God has already forgiven you for every single sin that you commit, both before, and after, salvation. As for baptism, it is a sign of salvation. Baptism doesn't save you. It is a public "announcement," if you will, of your acceptance of God's free gift, His forgiveness. -Era
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  14. Happy birthday Eragon!! Sorry I forgot about it.

    I am so glad to talk to you.

    I'm sorry we don't talk much but that's what makes talking to you special.

  15. Hope you have a great birthday today :cake: