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  1. In order to receive the mark of the beast, one will have to declare their allegiance to the beast and freely choose to worship him, which means you will no doubt have to deny Jesus as your Lord and God. There will be nothing sneaky about receiving the mark of the beast. So, don't worry about getting implant chips nowadays as they are just identification markers. They might eventually be used as the means for the mark of the beast, but without your open public denial of Christ, they are just ID chips.
  2. Can an alcoholic be a Christian? If a Christian is defined as a follower of Jesus, then anyone who is in bondage to this world can follow Jesus. The sins in our lives hurt us more than anything else. Our sins prevent us from connecting with God as He wants connection. If someone is addicted to alcohol and he is making progress to overcome the alcoholism, then his heart has a real love for the Lord, more so than for the alcohol which is a physical addiction. Do we have to become perfect before we can follow Jesus, or is it that our Lord is at work perfecting us with daily little steps? If we confess our daily sins before Him, He is faithful to forgive us our sins. The purpose of this forgiveness is to set us free to hopefully move closer in our hearts toward our Creator who created us not for destruction, but for life. So, look to what progress you are making and don't get utterly discouraged when you fall. Everyday has a new beginning with God, a fresh new start with Him, that you might become the loving person that is His design for all of us.
  3. Welcome to Worthy. Reply to 4 people here with a "Hi" and you will have 5 posts which allows you to develop your profile and to post threads in many different sections of this website. Good people are here with good wisdom. Hope you get involved. God Bless you.
  4. Welcome JohnDi, You are anguishing over your desires being disappointed. You desire Lindsay. The reason for dating is to discover who each of you are. Are you joyful in knowing the whole Lindsay? If not, then lose the desires, because you are desiring the one not meant for you. The anguish you feel now, is telling you to let go of Lindsay. Much of life is about letting go of things and for Christians, it is letting go of the things of this world. JohnDi, desire good things and keep your heart free to see the truth in all things. Trust God to bring the right person in your life. And if Lindsay should have a change of heart, you need to be free enough to see what are the real reasons she has changed. Don't try to make the relationship work, let it unfold to discover if she is indeed the one for you. So, step back and look at her in the light of God's Truth. Agape, my brother in Jesus, Greg
  5. Hello, welcome to Worthy. God bless you.
  6. Welcome to Worthy. Looking forward to you being a wonderful blessing to others here. Shalom!
  7. Welcome to Worthy, Ashley. You are in a good place here with many solid Christians. As you reply to those writing in this forum, once you give 5 replies, you will be able to use the personal messenger through your profile page to communicate with a woman in a more discreet way if you are needing confidentiality. In the meantime, let me address your situation with a few facts. Satan has no power over you since you are a born-again believer. As a child of the most High Living God, you are protected by the blood of Jesus. Satan's teeth were pulled at Calvary. He can still effect non-believers in a physical way, but he has no power over true Christians. His only power over us is to make suggestions to our minds to invoke fear. He has no actual power over us except what we grant him. It doesn't matter who satan is using, be it warlocks, demons, witches, bad people, or objects, etc. If you decide to believe that spells and the like need to be broken, then you have granted power to satan by believing in those spells and the like. They are nothing but a rouse to get you to fear evil powers and thus grant your permission for them to influence you and your loved ones. You don't need to tell your stories to anyone. My advice is to don't tell them. That's granting credence to evil powers and it keeps you focused on perpetuating your weakness as a human being. Deal with the source of evil: satan himself. God has granted you power and authority over satan. Go to God and ask Him to show you what to do. Ask God to give you the Faith to know that you have power over the devil and all evil forces. You have God's power within you and you are the one to put satan down by the power of God which is already in your authority. It's not a matter of building up your determination. Go to God with a quieted heart and hear from Him. Let Him show you the authority that He has given you. Your children are under your care, even as we are under the care of our Heavenly Father. As He Loves and protects us, you have been granted stewardship over your children. The same power and protection that our Heavenly Father has for us as parents is extended to your children through your Faith in God. Quit focusing on the devil and evil forces and put your full focus on God and let our Lord guide you. Clean your house of all things evil in nature, even deleting emails that contain descriptions of your stories. You can ask us for prayer, but you are one responsible to end your ordeal. We can pray for you, but you can negate our prayers by perpetuating the devil's hold on your life by continuing to give attention to evil forces. Have no fear of the devil or anyone in his dominion, for Jesus has conquered the devil. Make your stand with Jesus and the devil will flee away. I hope this helps you to better understand what's really going on with you. By all means, stay on this website till you have your victory (the devil will try to get you to leave here). You have many brothers and sisters here who love you in Jesus. Gleam their advice and encouragement. God bless you, Ashley. Agape, Greg
  8. Hi there, Welcome to Worthy. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you are looking for. Agape, Greg
  9. Hello Marcus, Welcome to Worthy. Since, you have your 5 posts already, you can send and receive personal message from your profile page. I have sent you a personal message regarding your battle with evil spirits. I hope you check it out. Agape, Greg
  10. Hello Maggie, welcome to Worthy. Happy Birthday. As soon as you get 5 posts (you can reply to 4 of these welcomes and that will give you the 5 posts), you can start threads of conversations to get some wisdom and advice about your desire for inspiration.
  11. Welcome to Worthy. You will get what you are desiring from here. You are in a good place, my brother. Go to your profile and check your mail when you get a chance. One more post from you and you will have 5 posts which entitles you to start threads. God bless you.
  12. Welcome to Worthy Navy_Blue, Listen to Tinky's advice. And listen to the advice of the amazing woman: "This started an arguement, which lead to her more or less telling me if I don't go with her, we can't be together because "our spirits are not in unity"." This statement is what you should be telling her. Don't let your human love rule over God's Spirit. If you want more Spirituality in your life, go directly to God and open yourself to His Presence. God's Presence in our lives is our true strength as Christians, so open your heart to Him to receive His Spirit into your heart so that you can have an Agape Love for all people including amazing women, but realize that you cannot give anyone "guidance" if they are not open to it. Hope these words help to set you free to seeing that what makes people truly amazing is the amount of Godly Love within them.
  13. Welcome to Worthy Charlotte, Your own expectations of what you think God is expecting of you is keeping you from having a deep relationship with God. He Loves you by His own sovereign choice to Love you. He knows that you are not "the perfect little Christian". Let go of the notion that you need to impress Him or that you need to earn His Love for you. He freely Loves you, so freely accept His Love if you want to have that deep relationship with Him. Just open your heart and let Him into your heart. It's the only way that we enter into deep relationship with Him. As far as sin, simply confess it and He will forgive you. When you let His Love into your heart, He will make you pure with His Love. This the power of God. It takes a Godly power to live a Godly life. God Bless you, In His Love, Greg
  14. Welcome to Worthy. Just in case there is a misunderstanding, it is you who needs to post the 5 replies. You can do that by responding to each person's posts to you in this thread. Love to hear what you have to say.
  15. Hello and welcome to Worthy. As brothers and sisters in Jesus, it is okay to relate to each other without the notion of eventual marriage. It's a thing called friendship. Look at your friend as a friend and love him with an agape love that has no strings attached and no expectations about the future. Focus on his "true" needs above your desire for a serious relationship with him. You don't need to be in a serious relationship to help him if he is willing to be helped. I encourage you to stay with this Worthy website and get your five posts so you can create a thread for discussion. At you age, you are going to get a lot of good perspectives from older brothers and sisters who have "been there and done that". Gleam from their experiences, but let God guide you and lead you with all you hear. God bless you.
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