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  1. Not even close. He looked up excommunication to explain infallibility. How about looking up infallibility to define infallibility. Call me crazy. I want to know what apples are so I'm going to look up oranges. Yep sounds about right. Lol
  2. There are Catholics ignorant of their faith. I wouldn't argue with that, but the same can be said about any faith tradition. My driving instructor told me he was Muslim, than promptly said he doesn't go to the mosque. I just thought to myself well than what makes you a Muslim than?!? For too many faiths it is simply a cultural thing that people were born into and in generations gone by you had to be "something" so they identify as their parents faith regardless if they have any faith or not.
  3. Children at not able to become part of the Body of Christ until they answer an altar, give testimony before a congregation of some other act. in the OT entrance into the conventant was at 8 days old and circumsion. Entrance into the new covenant is through baptism (you become a new creation) and as scriputre says entire house holds where baptized. Not just adults or children that teach the age of reason. More indepth than my previous post. But I thank you for the opertunity to expand on that.
  4. Yet you with hold it from Children. Saying they are not a member of the body of Christ unless you do xyz. Xyz being different for each group of Protestants. As for baptism being of no use, that's why it repeated over and over again all through scriputre. It's mentioned more that being saved by faith. But it's nothing. Yep okay. God just thought it would be amusing see Christians getting wet.
  5. The Pope doesn't keep me from Jesus.so I'm at a loss how you think that
  6. Again we don't with hold anyone from Jesus including children. I would argue that Protestants with hold Jesus from children by not allowing them to enter the body of Christ which is a free gift that can not be earned. But in the Protestant faith it's with held from them until they perform an act.
  7. This isn't being intellectual honest. Out the three verses this is the only one that mentions scripture and it was written before there was a NT. The scriputre mentioned here is the OT. This is not the standards set out in the new testement. Verify verify verify. You ripped that verse out of context. That verse is talking about the Jews found in the synagogue they were using scriputre to know Jesus. Acts 17:10-11 10 The brethren immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Beroe'a; and when they arrived they went into the Jewish synagogue. 11 Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessaloni'ca, for they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so. it was NOT talking about ordaining preachers. It's talking about believers.
  8. This makes no sense to me. We are the ones that baptize children. We are the one that truely believe Gods saving grace is truely a free gift. It's so free that we believe even babies can recieve this gift. Protestant refuse to baptize their children therefore withholding the body of Christ from them until they can perform a certain act. How bizzar to say the Papcy keeps children from Jesus. Please explain because clearly I'm missing something. Cheers
  9. Yes this is true. I did not check the context of this verse, so the benifet of the doubt I'll give you So if this verse means what you say it means than how do you explains the mass division amongst Protestants that all claim to be lead by the Spirit to truth all using the same scriputre (translation variation taken into account). Side Bar: what anointing is being referred to? Protestants don't anoint do they? They proclaim "confess with your lips" not be anointed.
  10. Apostasy is a strong word. Very strong word and you will know better than me because you were there and I wasn't. But was it perhaps a simple misunderstand of theology with the Evangelical or did he reject the Sonship of Jesus. Like you I agree that Jesus is God the Father is very wrong and bad theology. Your YouTube channel sounds very familiar, I'll have to check it out.
  11. I read similar things saying hes about to allow gay marriage, woman priest etc etc. Catholic believe that same thing when it comes to faith and works. Works are a fruit of faith and it's by Gods grace that we are able to do works that produce fruit. Where we disagree is we do not believe that the sacraments are works were as Protestants consider those as earning salvation. And there is no reconciliation between those two views. Same with sola scriptura. The Church rejects that teaching and again there is no reconciliation there. Understand, Catholics do not believe the Pope is perfect and correct 100% of the time.
  12. Bob I get it. Same thing happens to me here. I'll say "most" "lots" and I get people chastising me as if I encluded them. I have to remind myself when that happens that's the truth striking a cord of truth with that person and they don't like it.
  13. Very interesting point of view. Never looked at it that way before. Truth matters and it matters very much. This is why I don't understand how Protestantism declares to have the truth when non of them can agree on what that truth is. Thus you end up with tens of thousands of divisions. You end up with people staying home with their bibles and not worshipping with others. Jesus was the truth. The Apostles had the one truth, one Lord, one faith, one baptism. Protestantism is thousands of variations of that one truth. It's a man made interpitation declared to be the truth. I often hear that all you need is scripture. Sola scriptura!!! The problem isn't scriputre it's man and mans ability to interpit scriputre. Scriputre itself tells us that scriputre is hard to understand. It also tells us that we need someone qualified to interpit it. Jesus left his authority with the Aposltes and they passed it on to their successors. These are the men that have the authority to properly interpit scriputre. Not each individual person; we are like the Ethiopian: Catholic Study Bible Acts 8:31 31 And he said, "How can I, unless some one guides me?" And he invited Philip to come up and sit with him. Jesus built a Church and left his authority with that Church and sent the Holy Spirit to guide that Church. He certainly didn't not abandon his people for 1400 years and left them to be lead to hell by false teachings. Protestantism has taken "unless someone guides me" and changed it to "I will guide myself". How many times have people said that they'll be guided by the spirit? That's how they know what truth is. Is the Holy Spirit schizophrenic? How can it lead one person to one truth and another person to a different truth? There is one truth and that's Jesus Christ.
  14. What fruit has sola scriptura brought? Mass dis-unity and the idea that "all I need is my bible and that's it". People are rejecting community because they decided become the authority of interpitation. Sola Scriptura is a falacy. Look at Protestantism, do you really think that's what Jesus envisioned. Thousand upon thousands of private interpitations leading to thousand upon thousand of divisions. So much division that people rather stay home than come together and worship. Thats the fruit of sola scriptura. Mans pride being the authority.