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  1. I do have a life outside this form, next time quote one of my posts so I get an email notification. Also your comment was only 5 hours ago. Please give me a bit more time to respond lol Cheers
  2. A small correction, the apparitions have not been on going for 100 years. It's the 100th anniversary of the first apparition. The Fatima apparition like all apparitions are private Revelation and Catholics are not obligated to accept them or even believe them. As for my thoughts on Fatima, well on the day the sun "danced" in the sky there were eye witness that were Catholic and non-Catholic. I believe there was even an atheist reporter that witnessed the miracle and wrote about it. If someone wants to believer or not believe, I have no problem with either. As for me I believe it happened. The miracle of the sun was witnessed by thousands of people and dried up hours and hours of rain and mud in a matter of minutes. cheers and God Bless
  3. Different people say different times in history so I was curious as to when you dated it. Thanks
  4. I don't mean to derail the thread so I'll just ask the one question. When did the Roman Catholic Church come into existence?
  5. We are not to judge someone's salvation. Only God can judge that, but there are some that seem to think they are qualified for the job. Westboro are famous for declaring those that they view are sinful as condemned to hell. That's the parallel I was drawing. The OP claims Coptics are not Christian because they don't adhere to Sola Fide. Something the bible DOESNT teach. The Coptics are very much Christians and love Jesus Christ. They believe and have faith in Jesus Christ and for the OP to judge a faith community solely on Sola Fide I feel is just as wrong as what Westboro does. And the vanacular used is similar to what you hear from Westboro. And one last point, Shiloh has said he is Baptist so asking him if he's a member of a Baptist Church isn't terribly off the mark. Asking me if I'm a member of Westboro would be laughable. I'm sorry you took offense to my question. Cheers and God Bless
  6. I'm not the only one that found the post mean spirited.
  7. I asked a question. Westbuoro Baptists are known for saying inflammable things. So I felt what was being said was similar to something they would say therefore I asked if he was a member of that Church. If I asked if you were a member of west alliance Church would that marvel you?
  8. I've poundering this question. And I'm not sure I know what you are asking. Are you asking how do we know Mary was saved? as for the issue of whether or not Mary was sinless I found an article that discusses this: https://www.catholic.com/magazine/print-edition/hail-mary-conceived-without-sin
  9. Adam and Eve were made perfect and remained perfect until their fall. Jesus was also perfect. When I say perfect I am saying they were not lacking anything. How do we know Mary was saved? Does Mary make a profession of faith? As for your question, I'll get you the information, I don't have it off the top of my head.
  10. We're not Jewish and therefor don't hold to Jewish festivals. I'm pretty sure scriputre makes that clear. I believe Paul even warns against those that require you to hold to the Jewish festivals. Same reason we don't observe the sabbath. Instead of adding the Lords day as another day of observance, we dropped the sabbath (were not Jewish) and replaced it with the Lords day. I don't think it needs to be more complicated than that.
  11. Okay, again I disagree. You said your interpitation was correct. Earlier in the thread someone said something and you challenged it with "where in scripture ......" and I'm challenging you. I really don't care (not being mean) if people believe in a literalist interpitation of the fall. But if your interpitation is just that, Yours. Than you should not hold someone else to a scripture alone standard. Scriputre does not say the snake and Satan made a pact. If you want to believe that's literally what happened fine. But don't demand scriptural proof from someone else when you can't provide your own to support your interpitation. Heres where I get flamed with the "well if you don't believe what scripture says......" i do not view the creation story as a literal historical account of what happened. I find it entertaining when some here argue against Sacred Tradition being accurately passed down over the last 2000 years. But will stand strong on a creation story that wasn't written down for 4000 years.
  12. Yes Mary was human, I agree She needed a saviour, I agree Mary was not perfect, I believe that at the moment of conception she was given sanctifying grace. And than given the grace she needed to resist temptation and to not fall into sin. The only perfect one is Jesus, I agree that Jesus was perfect He never sinned, I agree and the Church is a body of believers, I agree not a building with a name, Catholic or otherwise, I disagree and in the interest in not derailing the thread I'm content at leaving it there. I have a thread started (long ago on this topic) were I made my arguments. As a Protestant (that's a bit of an assumption on my part), I would expect you to disagree. If everyone agreed all the time..... well we'd all be Catholic ........ lol that last part was purely for humour and no malice was intended. Cheers and God Bless
  13. So you believe that a walking talking snake was hanging out with satan and had a back and forth discussion on how to bring down mankind. None of which is in the bible but on your own authority you're right and everyone is wrong. Because it's common sense to you. So essentially you are doing what the Pope does. You are declaring your interpretation as in falliable. Because to you it's perfect common sense. Okay.... I disagree, I know big surprise. But it's okay to disagree.
  14. I've never heard of this before. How do you I know this?
  15. But scripture doesn't say that. Give me the verse that says that?? this is my point, you rejected someone's idea because it's not in the bible and than asserted your idea that's not in the bible. Show me the verse that says that the serpent and satan got together, made a pact to bring down Adam. I find this a regular occurrence amongst Christians, shut down someone else's idea with the line "where is it in scripture" but than have their own interpretations that are not in scripture.