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  1. Alejandro84

    A Big Hello To Everyone and a Introduction

    Greetings Joy, welcome!! Glad to have you here, hope you'll meet some good friends here and enjoy great fellowship. Not many sound biblical churches in your area huh? I know how you feel, I've been trying to find a body of believers by me for the longest
  2. a lot depends on how well I know the person. If it was someone that I barely know, or just a casual aquaintance, i usually ignore it or shut them down. If its someone Ive known for a long time and I know theyre joking on occasion well joke around a bit, depending on the purpose. I have a few friends that we might joke flirt on occasion, never on a regular basis though, and never anything we wouldnt say while our significant other was in the room. This make a lot of sense. If you have boundaries and the people involved understand it's light hearted and silly, nothing serious...then it should be ok. I tend to not flirt though with married people at all. I feel that for some, all it takes is a slight opening to walk through, and I don't want the things I say to be misconstrued. I'm not much of a flirt even with single men lol I'm friendly, and men may flirt with me, but I tend to only flirt after I'm dating someone. But married people are off limits. Even guys who have gf's are off limits. I tend to lose respect pretty quickly for people who are in relationships, and act like they're not, when around others, when their SO's are out of sight. If the man or woman is married run for your life like curious said.If a person is in a serious relationship that is always a red flag as well like you said.Some people feel that until you have that ring on their finger that anything goes but that is not showing a lot of integrity or commitment.Some men can turn on their charm and that is when the brain kicks in and you have to put aside your emotions and ignore what your heart is telling you.Satan is right there and He also has a lot of charm.Evil charm. Satan does have a lot of charm, false charm...yes, good post! Yea that's right, an old preacher named leonard ravenhill once quoted and said: the things in this life that charm me the most helps me the least.
  3. Alejandro84

    Do Believers REALLY pray?

    Yep Nice to meet you Sarah, salutations and greetings!! I befriended you on your page, great to meet another fellow believer
  4. Alejandro84

    Do Believers REALLY pray?

    Yes I try to do that, I'll either pray at that very moment or I'll remember to pray later on. I think communication with God is so awesome, we can pray in our spirit at anytime, the Lord delights when we seek his face and spend time with him. We can do that in our daily hussle and bussle, not just in the quiet time in the morning or night! So I agree with you, if someone asks for prayer I will pray for them, because the effectual prayer of a righteous man avails much
  5. Alejandro84

    God help me when no one is looking

    Hi m.a.g, I know what you mean. Yeah in those moments we have to talk to the Father and ask for help and strength to fight those desires. By the help of the conviction and comfort of the Holy Spirit we can! I've been through the same things. There are thoughts that come through our head that wants to cause us to stray off the narrow path but we don't have to dwell and entertain them, like what the Word says in 2 Cor. We have to take those thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. He is our ever present help!
  6. Alejandro84

    Hello I'm new here

    Greetings mag, yes it's always edifying to encourage one another in God's Word! These days are dark and we have to keep our lights burning, and be sober and watchful.
  7. Yes I believe so, this white horse represents a counterfeit light, appearing to be Christ like but has teachings and traditions that contradict.
  8. Alejandro84

    Should We Tune Out?

    I agree with you, I say yes, let's tune out.
  9. Alejandro84


    You're correct about that yes. I still believe though that fallen angels did not have a desire to marry women.
  10. Alejandro84


    That is already known, the ones who specifically stood before the Lord were though. Of course not everyone from Seth was a true believer but the ones who stood before the Lord in that specific verse was. It's rather baffling to believe that you think I believe all people from Seth were of God. So with that being understood, the scriptures speak for themselves when it says "at which time did the Lord called any of the angels sons?" None. It is folklore to believe that angels procreated with women.
  11. Alejandro84


    Sons of God are the men of Seth lineage. Not angels. God said in Hebrews speaking of old times "to which one of any of the angels has he called a son?". Angels have never been referred to as sons. The daughters of men are daughters from the lineage of Cain. It's time to clear the misconception that angels procreated with women to birth nephlim.
  12. Alejandro84

    Hello, I'm new here

    Greetings Kuro, nice to meet you. Yes I would be glad to discuss your questions.
  13. Alejandro84

    Sun explosion

    Yes that's right
  14. Alejandro84

    Sun explosion

    How probable is this to happen this year?
  15. Alejandro84

    New Here... by Divine appointment