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  1. I agree but can't help reading the exact order in 2Thess.2.and verse 3. Apostacy will be present,and beginning the first of seven seal openings we will know/expect many false Christ's/and signs,leading to what happens after number three....the abomination of desolation.The coming of Jesus will not occur until this happens.There is nothing before it only afterwards,clearly between 6-7 seals where/when we behold billions coming before the throne/tribulation saints yes/but we know all others are admitted too. Bless and encourage one another knowing we will walk among these too.We must not think Fight or Flight but Faith in the great tribulation/the title of a book by that name of Charles Cooper/Strong tower Pub. Blessings to you!
  2. Everyone best read as another source at least only,The Sign by Robert Van Kampen,Crossway books.He s been dead at least 15 years,and you would think he wrote it yesterday.Excellent!
  3. Agree fully All believers cannot possibly fathom this idea of Islamic domination in the world starting with a three nation confederacy at the closing of a so called peace pact.I feel shame and horror for millions of pretrib believers as I was before 92 who will be totally blindsided/dumbstruck when Jesus hadn't transported them outnof danger s way. It is so terrible that multimillion dollar speakers talking of the inescapable/flawless reasons why pretribism is true,and yet refuse to even lay the other positions on the table to objectively compare them. If you were told to believe something,primarily arguing from silence,would you buy it?
  4. I agree totally here with you,caching food and things will be useless beyond weeks... Why does the Lord say right off when tribulation saints arrive in heaven Rev.6-8 You will neither hunger nor thirst anymore?? Well guess who couldn't buy nor sell/is.eat or drink without a certain mark on them?
  5. BobF

    Peace Plan

    I agree that this covenant with hell is on the way/personally I think Israel will be forced into this not knowing its full Islamic connections/countries! I am of the opinion as another author suggested,that Syria will get fed up with Israeli airstrikes,and at a time of disarray,election day the 17th,Roshahana,or if no party is chosen to lead the country,,especially a leftist/liberal party comes and leads in Israel,all hell indeed will start to break loose.Pray believers will see this for what it really is,and start getting serious about preparations ahead and winning as many as possible.Zechariah13-14/the Day of the Lord with signs in the heavens happens back to back with our rapture at Rev 6:17!
  6. Simply Daniel 9:27 where Israel confirms a pact or an existing none?Trumps?Personally I think a pact will be made/really soon now/after Israel obliterates Iran/Lebanon,Syria,and Gaza maybe nuclear wise after Syria sends poison gas into Israel ,,which they could never tolerate from WW2 days again.The timing is very crucial,maybe on the17 this month, Israel s election or last day Roshahana?? God help all those pretribers wake up and not run then!! Then pretribs will have run out of time!Sadly they wont be happy at all,most terribly fearful! Rev.6:17 parallels closely with birth pangs/delivery stage of Jesus in Matt24. George s great verse today Gal3:29 in devotions clearly shows we are/will be part of spiritual Israel to endure a lot of badstuff,after the the third seal of Satan s wrath/and worse then ongoing as Rev 13 shows start of fourth seal.IIThess 2 order is very clear. So sad that a non salvific eschatology position has become a pillar of stone.
  7. I was bred and raised in calvinism--however now at 65 feel that someone could/can blaspheme the Holy Spirit via:totally apostacing from the tenets of the faith which would normally obtain over time and be clearly evidenced by other believers-- by adding to or deleting from what Jesus says in Revelation ---no not in all the bible-the whole gospel is clearly THERE IN ALL OF Revelation---Jesus WILL delete -remove names from His book of life--Paul could say that--presume that certain ladies in Phillipians were registered -written in the book of life while it also can become evident to many that they have missed their listing and against all evidence deny the Lord as being either the only way to heaven or that everyone will be saved via their own faith.
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