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  4. False doctrine

    Yeah, I'm aware that there was some hatred of Jews in the early church... John Chrysostom was the late 300's (if I remember rightly)... that's not the period that I was referring to as "early church" fathers. I was referring to the groups that directly followed the Apostles and were looking to God for direction with the growth of the Church at-large without any Apostles to guide them. They had questions early on about which day to worship on and what to do about the Jewish Holy Days with regard to the great influx of Gentiles entering the Faith. Eusebius reports that they tended to move away from the Jewish days of worship because they were shadow-types of Christ and that the Church was to keep people's view on Christ alone. He (Eusebius) wrote extensively about it all, and documented the mindset of the early Bishops through their writings on such subjects. My point was that the changes were well thought out (and prayed over)... not spurious changes and "Pagan" in origin as some are purporting. Chrysostom was later in my thinking and closer to the time-period of Constantine where the Church took on a larger role of Politics within it's purview... a bad time altogether. The rise of the RCC. At that time, the roles had been reversed and Christian's started persecuting Jews for political reasons... and outright bigotry, and repaying old debts.
  5. Resurrection

    I don't think that the "early church fathers" hated Jews... but they did see the way that the Jews persecuted the early church and they also put the bulk of the blame on the "Jews" for the death of Jesus. The Apostles saw that many of the older Jewish Holy Days were a shadow of Jesus and therefore were okay with moving beyond those things as God dictated. So, as Jesus rose on Sunday... it was acceptable to honor that day and Passover took a "back-seat" to the Pascal holy day(s). This stuff was much discussed in early Christian history and is documented... we can read about the change in zeitgeist. Also, they witnessed the end of the Jewish age, as predicted in Scripture, and decided to move forward from that into a new Covenant period. Christians adopted new Holy Days and explained their meanings as time went on... there is nothing "false" about those newer ways.
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  7. I made an old lady cry today

    You see! Prayer does work... even if it has to be done for 25 years! God Bless your mother... and you. Praise God!!
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  9. Wouldn't it be crazy if science PROVED God!

    You're still relying on "authorities" regardless how you word it... your entire belief system is based on the Logic Fallacy of "Appealing to Authority". Period, that's it... that's all you have. If that's how you wish to live, rather than experiencing life... that's up to you. Your choice. On the other hand you could submit to God... there's tons of Rational Thought that points to His ontological necessity of Being... and experience Truth first hand. But you actually prefer being a Lemming and pay credence to pop-science. Have fun with it.
  10. Wouldn't it be crazy if science PROVED God!

    But you demonstrate "Faith" in those sources that you quote from and have Faith that they actually conducted those experiments. That is to say "Who predicted anything about the Big Bang? Did you witness it personally? Can you, personally, repeat the experiments?" Of course not... you "commit to authorities", see? Your whole belief system is built on the testimony of others... people that you've never met and could not have proven themselves "trustworthy" to you, personally. You live a life of Logic Fallacies... your whole being hinges on them. Whereas, I have a personal relationship with God... Creator of all things. I know that I can trust Him.
  11. Wouldn't it be crazy if science PROVED God!

    What if scientific dweebs used the same demand for empirical evidences from "Scientists" as they do from theists? If we couldn't take a "Scientist's" word as truth and required them to repeat their experiments directly in front of us each time we had a question regarding whatever topic we were discussing. Nothing could be proven and the world would be in chaos, haha. Luckily, rational thinking goes before "science" and we can refer to authority with committing any logic fallacy. God has proven Himself Trustworthy and reliable, many times over.
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  13. Rev 2:17 ... white stone ... new name

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  15. Are atheists also welcomed?

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