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  1. Hi, I am Angie!

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  9. An eternity in hell for being human?

    Only one God created everything... there wasn't a quorum that got together and reasoned together, haha. It's rational thinking to understand this and it even states in the Bible that God put the knowledge of Himself into all people. The study of Ontology is a good place to start. But as to your question, I said that God reveals Himself Spirit-to-spirit... physical manifestations may apply in order to provide someone with "proofs". But He mainly speaks through His Word (the Bible) and to the spirit of "man".
  10. An eternity in hell for being human?

    No, they aren't really able to say that... see, there's the ontological need for God to "be". But the belief in many gods shows that people like to make stuff up about Him... hence the problem of self-will to insert itself. Seek God with an honest heart and desire to understand Truth and He's obligated to reveal Himself by His own promise (made in Scripture). Believer's of false gods just show to us that we (collectively) are prone to sinful approaches to God... we need to be sincere in our approach to God and realize our place in relation to a Holy God. He's spirit and He reveals Himself in Spirit... through the spirit of people. That's not to say that there aren't physical manifestations of His presence... He reveals things as He wills.
  11. An eternity in hell for being human?

    There's an easy way for someone to find out if there's a God or not, and it's been used before, successfully, by millions(billions?) of people throughout time. Pray to Him... call out and ask Him to reveal Himself to you.
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  14. New member and Unsure about my Faith

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