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  1. Hi and Welcome.
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    Hi and Welcome.
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    Hi and Welcome. (prayed...)
  4. Loved it!!
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  7. They were born on a Leap year?
  8. It could be one of those VW kit-cars... they were popular back then.
  9. Hi and Welcome.
  10. I'm sorry for your loss Sue but understand how you can find reason for praising God at this time. I'm very happy that you and David got the chance to get closer together and that he was praising God himself at this transition in his life. He is indeed in a better place now and that must be very comforting for you! Will continue to pray for Pauline and the boys... All my best to you and yours. ~t Praise God in All things...
  11. Since when are we Jewish? Do you have any Scripture that specifically calls Gentiles, Jews?
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  14. That's crazy scary...