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  1. That's disingenuous... what prompted this thread is another thread on the subject of OSAS. Why do you misrepresent that? I appreciate George's answers too... he's shown himself to wise above others and his desire to remain peaceful on this site is perfect. Still, if "truth" lay somewhere between OSAS and YOUR view... that means that you've been wrong, no?
  2. It may not be a "Salvation Issue" but you're being evasive about the idea that a Believer can have Eternal Security... that's the crux of OSAS, (not all of Butero's nonsense.). It seems like you're trying to please man (your site followers) for the sake of keeping the peace. Either Jesus has promised us (Believers) that we can rest assured of His promises or He didn't... Scripture makes it clear that He did. Not just in John but in other places as well. The Believer has full confidence that God will see to the end that which He began... our Salvation. Confusing the issue with the dissection of Man's condition... body, soul and spirit... is actually beside the point and off topic, George.
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    LAWS of Jesus

    This all sounds like "preaching" instead of an open discussion... isn't that against ToS? Plus it sounds like false teaching to me... we are no longer under the Law of old... that's clear in the Scriptures. We obey Christ's commands and thereby fulfill the Law through Him... not by our own deeds and trying to stick with an older covenant.
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    Conditional Salvation

    It doesn't seem to me that the verse is referring to Christians (saved people), ergo it's about human-kind in general. People in general, seek other ways to "save" their lives and "make-good", than seeking out God for the Gift of Jesus' Atonement. This verse has nothing to do with Christians losing Salvation.
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    Prayers needed for Logan

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