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    The Lord Jesus Christ ,equips you to face whatever the day brings.......Amen..
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    Enroll today,there is Room......
    For all and TUTION IS FREE...!!!.......Amen.

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  1. My 1st son,and my 2nd son,both got a full time job today,God is (SO FAITHFUL),,,when we are in need,,,,, 40 hrs ,plus,,,,,,ty Jesus,,,,, 7Dove77
  2. My 1st son,and my 2nd son,both got a full time job today,God is (SO FAITHFUL),,,when we are in need,,,,, 40 hrs ,plus,,,,,,ty Jesus,,,,, 7Dove77
  3. Up-Date, They moved him out of ( I,C,U, ), Hes in and out,really sleepy. He seems to be recovering fast,his Neero test,went good. And soon they will be testing his speech/physical movements. ty all,Faithful ,Prayer Warriors..God is so good,,,,,,,,we are so blessed.. Again,ty With Gods Grace, Blessings,to you all, 7Dove77.......(Sister,in Christ
  4. Sister/Brothers,Warriors,in Christ.... Needing Prayer for a very nice young man,@22 yrs, In state of Oregon,he was attacked last nite, struck several times with a blunt object,in the head, he was life flighted out, He has bleeding on the brain,,brocken eye socket, He stable in ,ICU,,,,,, Everyone loves him,hes so kind... his name is......(Nathan),,,, With Gods Grace,I ty,for all your prayers, Blessings to you all, 7Dove77
  5. Hello Scott,may you enjoy your journey here,at Worthy. Many awesome people ,to fellowship with here,,, Blessings to you, With Gods Grace,7Dove77
  6. Caterri- blessings to you, may you enjoy your journey here, many wonderful people here to fellowship with....WELCOME..!!!! Blessings,With Gods Grace, 7Dove77
  7. I felt the need to post this, So that those who have,recieved Jesus as SAVIOR,we can keep them in PRAYER,in their walk. They need Warriors,to intercede with Prayer...and support. Thank you Sisters/Brothers,in Christ.. We can bring them to the throne,knowing,we support,and love them....Amen With Gods Blessing. 7Dove77
  8. Ive been in the Word for about 30 yrs.....Before my Mom passed away with a brain tumor,One after noon,a huge box came to the house.She opened it,and it was FULL of BIBLICAL MATERIAL. I asked her,why did you buy all these?.Beyond my surprise,she said,I bought all these for you,so that I wouldn't be left without study material,when God took her home...I just cried,,,I treasure them all,God is so Good.......Praise God,for Godly Mothers... Rusty-She got me a Thomas Chain also,I enjoy it much also, Blessings,With Gods Grace, 7Dove77
  9. As for my Bible. Some pages have no space,on the margrin,I have arrows going every where. highlited,,colored pencil.,concordance #. You can tell its been used well studied. I agree,God is more concerned that we are just reading His Word,,,, Blessings, 7Dove77
  10. YAYYYYYY,On Mothers day... ,,,,,My (2nd) son,after 7 yrs of Prayer,finialy,GOT BAPTIZED.....woop..!! God is so FAITHFUL,,,,,,,,1 child left to go..!!
  11. (Shantex) works well, Ive used it.... Blessings, 7Dove77
  12. My son had 90 days,to get a car,or he would loose his job, God did just that,someone came forward,with a truck,for him,before his 90 days were up. And he makes payments,according to his hrs,........Now hes able to provide for his son,being hes a single dad,and a full time job. Thank ,Father in Heaven.Amen Blessings,With Gods Grace, 7Dove77
  13. Up-Date, Thank you all for your prayers,God has placed a truck,in his hands,all before his 90 days was up.....WOW,God is AWESOME..!!!..And the owner allows him to make payments ,what he can,according to his hrs. God is so careing,loving. This now means,he wont loose his job. Please pray for more hrs,so he can afford to find a home ,for him and his son..Thank you ,Warriors.. Blessings,to you all...!!! With Gods Grace, 7Dove77
  14. Prayers,for comfort...Strong Faith.. Blessings, 7Dove77
  15. Ezra, Blessings,to you....
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