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  1. One other ill effect of extreme temperatures in food or drink is that the stomach has to regulate the temperature of the contents before proper digestion begins. That process robs the body of vital energy, the cause of cancer. In general, freezing temperatures are just as harmful to the stomach. I am pretty sure that most people are naturally careful not to scald their trachea, so I think this advice from the IARC is slightly over the top. Cancer is thought to be caused by trauma to the cells, when rather the cells are in such a poor state that anything can act as an impetus to allow certain bacteria to invade the cell walls, causing various types of cancer. We should be careful not to traumatize our bodies, but at the same time, we can do a lot to build resistance against disease and degeneration. It means avoiding what is harmful, but also taking what is beneficial. Everyday food can be used as medicine. Most Americans miss out on eating fresh herbs, such as parsley, coriander, oregano, mint, spinach, kale, basil, and so on. These herbs of the field as Moses calls them, were recommended to Adam and Eve after they sinned, because they needed the medicinal properties of greens, not found in large enough quantities in fruit.
  2. If what you are saying is true - about the millennium etc, why did the reformers not teach it or find it in the Bible? Why have the disciples and apostles not spoken about it, and why has Jesus never said anything about it? You really are on your own here. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  3. Your first statement about the purpose of the heavenly sanctuary shows you don't know anything about the topic. The sole purpose of the service of Christ as the high priest in the heavenly sanctuary is put forward very clearly by Paul. Unless you have a basic knowledge of the book of Hebrews, I don't think you are ready to discuss the sanctuary and its purpose. Are you are placing yourself against Paul and the Bible? Why do you do this? Why? BTW, I did not say that Ezekiel's temple replaced Christ's ministry in heaven, you are trying to correct me for something I did not say, which is kind of weird. I don't care if you do that, but if you are twisting the Bible, then you'll do it to your own destruction. That's why I did not respond to the reams of texts you quote, which are all 'adapted' your interpretation. You have just proven that you are clueless about Hebrews the most fundamental explanation of the ancient system in the NT. If you want your theory to rock the theological world, you will have to be able to meet the challenge on that level.
  4. BTW Any animal sacrifice that God had requested was never there for entertainment, or for a religious excuse as done by Cain and King Saul, or for a memorial. The idea of a sacrifice being named or considered to be a memorial is straight out of the book of rituals for Satan worship. God never wanted sacrifice, He wants obedience and not sacrifice. And if there was to be any sacrifice, it was to symbolize the cleansing or ordination of the temple and its furnishings, and or for the remission of sins by a sin offering. The sacrifice for the temple and its furnishings, represented the cost of God's only Son in making it possible for sinners to have a place where they can connect with God on His terms. That is what the whole sanctuary stands for. The only memorial ordained of God for the occasion of the crucifixion was the passover ordinance that Jesus made for the disciples prior His death, as said by Post.
  5. The whole purpose of the ancient sanctuary was to prefigure the coming sacrifice of God's own Son, Whose sole purpose is to cleanse and restore mankind to be the temple in which His Spirit lives. That is the purpose of the temple in heaven today, to protect the sinner from the wrath of God, while the sinner is being transformed into the image of Jesus, in character. The ministry of Christ in heaven will not be replaced by another inferior system or temple, because it is the one and only ministry which can save humanity. It will not be repeated on any scale or degree. The old service could not help the sinner, it was always and only the present service which would save sinners. But by having faith in the future Christ and His ministry, any person in ancient times would be saved. If there is another system of sacrifices after the earth is laid to waste by the Lord, then the Bible would have mentioned it in several places...the meaning of what "altar" is does not come across in the plain text, and I consider such a tangent of ideas to be based on nuances alone. I am fairly certain that those of you who have bought into this notion of a millennial reign on earth will continue with it for quite a while, so if I don't respond here for a while, don't be offended, because I cannot be of any use to the discussion.
  6. So the sacrifices of old begin again after the second advent of Christ? What would be the purpose of a thousand years of sacrifices? I am thinking of the entire book of Hebrews, as it explains everything that would be applicable on this subject... In summary the old service pointed to the new, that is the heavenly where Christ officiates. The old system ended at the death of the Lamb of God. Once Christ died, there would never be any more sacrifices in faith of the future Deliverer. The ministry of Christ in the heavenly temple, ends just before He comes to earth to deliver the saints, so the idea of another earthly service is in opposition to the plan of Salvation, where mercy will no longer tarry for the guilty and unrepentant. Revelation 22:11 predicts a time when God closes to the door to salvation, just like the Lord shut the door of the ark, saving none but Noah and his family. The old temple services and animal sacrifices were finished at the cross for ever. And soon the service of Christ's ministry for sinners will also end, there will be no more opportunity to repent, God will not tolerate this sinful world for ever, He has designed that it will come to a crisis where every soul must make a decision for or against the truth, and then it is over for the wicked. But false religions teach umpteen dozen events and tribulations and end time periods and signs, to confuse, divide and lie to the people, so that they will be unprepared for the end of mercy for the world, and the destruction of the world by fire, and hence unready to meet Jesus, to be delivered by Him. I have finally worked out why there are so many end time theories which people cannot see themselves free of. It's sorcery.
  7. I wasn't opposing your view...since it is clear to me that the temple in heaven will be here until the end of the 1000 years. I don't see any problem with looking at the temple in Ezekiel as literal. As far as Israel as a chosen nation is concerned, your views are certainly not uncommon, as many, even among Jews, still believe in the physical restoration of Israel on earth. According to Paul, who knew both sides of those arguments, the promises to Israel were an example of the promises to all who enter the covenant by faith. See Hebrews 11, where the believers died in hope of the future resurrection and restoration of the earth. Verse 39, they did not receive the promise, it was not fulfilled in their time. There are a class of people today, as there always have been, who are looking for the establishment of an earthly kingdom - be it in the name of God or not. And so the various theories of Christ reigning over the kingdoms of the world are spread abroad. The Jews expected Jesus to get rid of the Roman rule, which He would have done had they honored Him. This same nation which has rejected the Messiah now expects that the promises, which even the saints did not receive, will be fulfilled to them. If God did not give what was promised to Abraham, He certainly will not set up an earthly utopia for those who rejected Him, and they still reject God by making false assumptions about those promises. In Revelation, the last book of the Bible it makes it plain that the earth will be destroyed and not made new until the end of the thousand years. I understand that you wanted to avoid this question, but it is impossible to ignore, since it is connected with the interpretation of the Ezekiel temple, which you have done well in showing how literal it is. But wanting to avoid an argument on the side lines, you have mentioned the connecting issue of how we view Israel, which then raises the question of whether or not the promises of old are in type of the anti-typical promises in the New Testament. It is a way of saying my way or the highway. Of course I respect that right, and will only respond to what you - yourself have introduced into the thread. We know the gentiles are to be the benefactors of the things God initially gave Israel, and it would be difficult to prove that the promises of old are not made to all believers in all time, especially, as Paul writes for us "upon whom the ends of the world are come." I Corinthians 10:11. Remember Prophecy foretold that God would give Israel as a nation 490 years of grace. As Jesus said forgive 70 times 7, shedding light on the fact that God has been patient for many years with the nation. If Israel was to inherit the promises, that the saints did not inherit, even their founding father Abraham did not, then God would not have allowed the destruction of Jerusalem, and her people, in 70 AD, a generation after the time that nation was rejected by God as the chosen one to give the world the message of hope. The promises of earthly prosperity were real, but conditional as Moses clearly said. The rest is history of good times and bad times. I see the vision of Ezekiel one that God had for Israel, a literal kingdom on earth. If God gave the talent to build a temple through David and Solomon, He would have built an even greater one had Israel been faithful.
  8. It is interesting that the entrance to each gate of this precinct or building is 144 cubits deep, which happens to be the height of the wall of the New Jerusalem as described in Revelation. The archways are also very high. The building of the wall of the New Jerusalem is square, the depth and height are the same, much the same as the walls to the enclosure of Ezekiel's vision temple. What puzzled me is that this description of the temple is, like you said, is much larger than anything we have had or planned on earth for such a building. So it seems that this experience in vision for Ezekiel was about the future, or perhaps even a plan for Israel at the time, which did not eventuate. I believe in the latter, because it gives the details of the sacrificial arrangements and offerings by a priesthood which clearly belongs to an earthly service, and since this service ended with the death of Christ, it seems possible that the vision will never be fulfilled on that account at least. Paul goes into great lengths to bring the heavenly temple to our view, where Jesus is the one and only officiating priest. Maybe God intended Israel to build such a temple long before the Messiah's arrival, and that it was to be a replica of the one in heaven. I have read of some traditional Jewish ideas of heaven, and they mention buildings as large as this one, and even larger. Some have estimated that this temple is 400 meters long, and lies in an enclosure with a 6 kilometer circumference. What I find fascinating, is that a river comes out from this temple, and flows into a garden where we find the tree of life with its twelve fruits. From what I have collected over the years on this topic, the vision of Ezekiel is almost identical to heaven. Another thing is that the wall which surrounds the temple measures one reed high, which only comes up to shoulder height of an angel. You and I would not have been able to look over that wall, about 4 meters high, and like Ezekiel would have to go through the gates to see anything.
  9. It is God's goal to have a people to meet Him when He returns, who are "without guile" and "Who keep the commandments of God, and have the faith of Jesus." The aim of the gospel is to glorify God, by restoring the minds of the lost, to remove sin from their heart, mind and conscience. Can God do for us what we can't? That is the question, and only those who have faith in Him will stand in the last days of earth, as examples of God's workmanship.
  10. Is that the same as, "I quit smoking several times a week"?
  11. All you have to do now is trace the cause of all wars, which will come back to a city which rules over all the kingdoms of the earth, and it is religious, it worships Satan in secret. So eventually religion is the cause of all wars. Speaking about the city the Bible says "In her was found the blood of ...all that were slain upon the earth." If you are interested in the evidence see link, "Revolutions, tyrants and wars."
  12. I preferred a vegetarian diet from a young age because I figured that meat was a dead animal or part thereof, and I could not bring myself to eat it. I also figured that meat dishes were only palatable due to spices and additions from plants - fruits/nuts/grains/veges. Apart from heavy seasoning and frying etc, flesh has no flavor except for the odour and taste of the creature's sweat and body fluids. I saw that the animals with a vegetarian diet were fitter, faster, and had more endurance and longevity than the flesh eaters. The grass eaters were far less agressive than the predators. I felt disadvantaged at times, but a life without illness, and remaining in prime condition without any special exercises and diet, has proven that meat does not need to be included in the diet, on the contrary it is one of the main causes of degenerative diseases, especially cancer. Apparently, this was known by Seventh Day Adventists in the mid to late 1800's, and the world still hasn't worked it out, or have they? http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0511/feature1/ Other numerous studies have revealed that SDA's have the highest percentage of longevity in the world, since that time. I researched the average diet of church members over the last 100 years, and they basically obstained from alcohol, cigarettes, eating meat and junk food. However their diet in general was not that strict, and with time it evolved into the diet more typical of the average American. As expected the average age dropped since the 1980's. At the turn if the century, early 1900's, they made obstaining from tea and coffee a condition of church membership (by baptism). Because tea and coffee are stimulants which rob the nerves and energy of the body. Today we know that oestoporosis is related to stimulants. The majority did obstain from the above items, and they also had little trust in poisonous medicines, which we know were pretty shocking in the 1800's. People were prescribed dangerous chemicals. But it's all very interesting.
  13. Thankyou for that correction, my apology for slackness.
  14. The above three posts make it plain to me, that baptism by water comes after repentence and the forsaking of the old sinful life, similar to marriage which is a public declaration of a love relationship that should be established before the ceremony. ("Should be" because arranged marriages don't necessarily cater for that). Baptism is not an initiation but a confession. So if a sinner is baptized without leaving the old life... the ceremony, which represents the sinner entering the purpose of the death and resurrection of Christ, is corrupted. Baptism doesn't change a person, but it is part of the path to heaven, ordained by God.
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