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  1. I meant noone7
  2. Thanks no one it is deeply appreciated
  3. Thank you everyone. If anything pray for my dad and his brothers and sisters. They are taking hard. God bless you guys too.
  4. Thanks
  5. Thanks brother. She passed away may 20th. I do hope she came to know him through are prayers.
  6. GHey guys can you please lift me up in prayer for protection and deliverance and direction. I am being over burdened by everything I am going through
  7. Hey guys today I missed church service and went with my wife to the beach. I didn't want to miss church service today but wanted to make my wife happy. But,I made sure I did my devotions with the Lord to spend time with him before I went. But as we are driving down their right now I have been oppressed with that presence I told you about that will try to get me believe I am going to be punished for missing church. I am trying to believe this is not from the Lord but it's so hard when this presence comes down. Please keep me in prayer. I am trying to stand my ground. Please pray for me and thank you. My week has been better
  8. Yah thank you everyone I appreciate everything. Kwik I also appreciate what you wrote. I do need to need trust his word over my feelings. Maybe then it will break these lies and strongholds. I must stand.
  9. Better than earlier. I still don't sense freedom yet
  10. Thanks. I wish these spirits of torment would leave. I believe they will
  11. Sorry I have been going through this terrible cycle since 2007 and 2008. Some of this I have to learn to deal with it alone with the Lord. My apologies if I am repetitious. I was like this on another forum. I do think it seems people are better understanding on forums like this and more patient, but it seems those around me get annoyed quite faster unless they are going through darkness to. My friend Keith and me relate in regards to that. But, again thank you for your prayers and concern
  12. I had a few good days the past week, but things started acting up again the past few days. Been trying to cast down evil thoughts and lies of the enemy. Sometimes I think and feel that their might be evil spirits In my flesh. Please pray for full deliverance or repentance of my situation. Thanks everyone
  13. Thank you for the encouragement
  14. After a better week things are coming on me really bad again your continued prayers please if you could. Thank you so much in christ
  15. I will be praying