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  1. Very serious prayer requests

    Hey guys just wanted to say thank you. you know I am almost in constant fear everyday with this to the point I am trying to resist what is happening to me in the name of Jesus in my mind on almost an every second basis. I have tried just letting go but the attacks will just keep coming and it seems it is the only thing I can do is just fight back. I have struggled to see that this has not been from the Lord so when you think it is, it is very hard to get out of bondage. these constant fears started in 2011 and haven't left yet. I believe I received some type of spirit that has caused this but in the end alone time with the Lord and prayer and like you said rest and just stop believing lies might be the way out of this.
  2. Very serious prayer requests

    Hey guys been a long time since I last updated. I been trying to stand in my faith and stay seeking the Lord in prayer about what I am going through and at times it seems I will be doing better, but then that evil presence will come and I can't seem to stop its power against me, I try praying and resisting and thinking rightly but seemed overwhelmed by the physical attacks. please pray the Lord would protect me and fight these spirits and if possible close this door that is opened. thank you for your prayers and love of christ.
  3. Very serious prayer requests

    thank you so much
  4. Very serious prayer requests

    guys I really need your prayers again. been getting attacked by these evil spirits again on my body. my church has been praying for me but these things have only got worse
  5. Very serious prayer requests

    or sin is the cause or the enemy devieving me.
  6. Very serious prayer requests

    thanks everyone. been having attacks on my body again really bad. please pray the Lord eod reveal to me if it is sin
  7. Very serious prayer requests

    Thank you so much again. Sometimes it seems people get less annoyed of me on the web then in person so I do appreciate your patience with me.
  8. Very serious prayer requests

    Hey guys thanks for the prayers. Things are still really bad. Worse than it was the last few months. It seems it all gets really bad when I start trying to reject the lies. At first I get better but then these spirits come back in vengeance and attack me really hard. It is like they won't let go of me and trying to control me. Please keep praying I am daily so desperAte to be delivered from all this
  9. Very serious prayer requests

    It seems the devil had a scheme with me he went glfrom tormenting about the church choice to now this. I have noticed it but I made the mistake of trying to move to a department at work that has really strong temptations that I knew about it. But I didn't wait for the Lord. I complained about I was doing before and then management tried getting to move me and now I regret it. It's so bad
  10. Very serious prayer requests

    Hey guys the do it has been opened the past two weeks for the enemy to attack because I really have been struggling with lust at work. It is tormenting. Please pray the Lord protects me and cleanses me of lust in my heart. Also possibly a new job opportunity
  11. Very serious prayer requests

    Thank you again so much
  12. Very serious prayer requests

    The thing is like I'm paralyzed constantly in fear that something bad is going to happen to me if I do this or that. I'm unstable in my fear. Then when I seem to overcome the Lord and fears on occasion then a presence will come down on me. Please pray the Lord will deliver me from this torment and also if I need to repent of something if that is the cause.please pray for my wife allyce also.
  13. Very serious prayer requests

    Thank you so much. Things have gone down hill again since last Thursday. Don't know exactly why, but same attacks but worse. My wife is still wanting to go to church with me so that can't be the issue. I have been praying asking what it could be. Please your prayers are still needed. Was doing a whole lot better for almost 3 weeks. I will be praying for you too
  14. Very serious prayer requests

    Still up and down. But encouraged. Thanks for your guys love and prayers.
  15. Very serious prayer requests

    Hey guys I need your prayer. Things are not getting much better. Please your prayers desperately needed.