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  1. Very serious prayer requests

    Thank you again so much
  2. Very serious prayer requests

    The thing is like I'm paralyzed constantly in fear that something bad is going to happen to me if I do this or that. I'm unstable in my fear. Then when I seem to overcome the Lord and fears on occasion then a presence will come down on me. Please pray the Lord will deliver me from this torment and also if I need to repent of something if that is the cause.please pray for my wife allyce also.
  3. Very serious prayer requests

    Thank you so much. Things have gone down hill again since last Thursday. Don't know exactly why, but same attacks but worse. My wife is still wanting to go to church with me so that can't be the issue. I have been praying asking what it could be. Please your prayers are still needed. Was doing a whole lot better for almost 3 weeks. I will be praying for you too
  4. Very serious prayer requests

    Still up and down. But encouraged. Thanks for your guys love and prayers.
  5. Very serious prayer requests

    Hey guys I need your prayer. Things are not getting much better. Please your prayers desperately needed.
  6. Very serious prayer requests

    Hey guys I had a hard morning with the attacks they were not as bad at work today. But, at church with my wife and after it was real bad. Very frustrating. But, the Lord has got me through still. Just want to know his will for me and have his protection. Thank you All.
  7. Very serious prayer requests

    Hey guys thanks for the prayers. I was doing very good again this past week until the last few days. I am confused with my decision in regards to church still. Yes, my wife has come three weeks straight, but I have been getting attacked still by these spirits and even though I prayed for protection. The scary thing is for me I am getting similar weaknesses in my body like my neck and back again like in 2012 before the Lord brought healing to me. I originally thought God wanted me to stay at this one church that I had been at for 5 years and then as I was going to do that he answered my prayer in regards to my wife going to church and now wanting to attend the other church. But the attacks are getting really bad. Was I bro g to judgemental prideful towards my other church. Should I listened to the original sign I believe the Lord was giving me about staying put.
  8. Very serious prayer requests

    Thanks I have been praying about sin in my heart to the Lord and confessing it. A few things I have noticed are lust, pride, bitterness, and selfishness are some of my biggest sins. On a good note my wife wanted to go to church the past two weeks to the one I really liked. It has been an answered prayer. Maybe those spirits are attacking me because of that and me praying for so many people's salvation. That church is praying church.
  9. Very serious prayer requests

    I have been being attacked constantly, I just woke up too attacks in my sleep.
  10. In Need of Prayer

    Will be praying for you. The Lord will intervene
  11. Prayer for member:update

    Praying for him
  12. Very serious prayer requests

    Hey guys thank you for you commitment to prayer
  13. Very serious prayer requests

    Thanks been a tough week. I appreciate it. You will be in my prayers too.
  14. Brother

    Definitely will pray
  15. Very serious prayer requests

    The last two days have been real bad the oppression has got real bad. It seems like everything scriptural application I try to apply and and prayer and thinking the right thoughts are not helping. What I have been experiencing is pretty much the same thing as before but the fears that are coming upon me and the physical attacks from the enemy are coming on me very hard. I can't stop thinking this has something to do with my intention to go to this other church. It seems like I have no hedge of protection. Maybe the Lord is disciplining me and wants me to stay at the church. On the Sunday I would have said no but now this is so overwhelming. All day long the attacks are coming. My thing is if they are not leaving it must be the Lord telling me no and he has to discipline me to listen. I just want to agree and submit to this if it is not true, that will only lead me into deeper bondage. Please pray for me I need to make a decision either today or by the end of week on this. If it doesn't go away I am going to assume it is from the Lord. I w3nt to my counselor yesterday and he made it clear this is not from God because I am not breaking a scriptural commandment, but it not changing what I am experiencing. Please your prayers needed..