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  1. So you are just imagining sitting at a computer ,flying in a plane ,reading under an electric light etc. I must admit, that I never knew that there was such nonsense and lack of education in the Irst world .
  2. Well I am ,as it makes Christians look like primitives ,and this was spoken about as far back as Saint Augustine ,who wrote about it , as it was causing those who knew about astronomy, to make fun of christians ,and of course, that their God might be as ignorant as they were . If one wishes to evangelise in a modern society, there is a need to have a few basic established facts correct .
  3. Well almost all early Christians knew almost nothing about the Old Testament , this includes the Irish and the U.K. ,as well as the Eastern ones , but because their hearts rested in fertile soil in goodness, and God's law of goodness were part of who they already were , all they needed to begin the growth, was to hear their Saviours voice ,with perhaps additional voices from Peter and Paul etc. Once the seed has started to grow in fertile soil it vibrates to the truth , and is open to more higher learning .We are living in an age of science, and depend on it for many aspects of lifes 'needs ', and the majority of the greatest scientists were believers , who were inspired by God ,to advance human society by creating and developing modern science . Much of what we learn will pass away as it is not relevant to to the developement of or souls and our relationship with God in the eternal ,so too place too much emphasis on these aspects of the bible shows a lack of some kind . The physical world is changing all the time ,but God does not . As we grow intellectually under God ,we do not see in the same way as before , just as a child hearing a story when Young, such as 'the Emperors new clothes , or' little red riding Hood ',would take it literally , as an adult the real meaning becomes clear , and the lesson is learned .
  4. Not so long ago there were a number of reasoning believers ,but they are disappearing fast .I only came onto support soemone who was being bullied ,and saw this thread .
  5. I don't think you are in the least abrasive , but for me it is neither Rome nor Islam . None of these existed before Jesus .
  6. The Holy Spirit enlightens the mind ,as well as the heart , when God dwells within . Some say this is not a saving matter , but they are wrong ,very wrong , as those who believe in such ancient pagan ideas ,are blocked , and they also keep more intelligent souls, from considering christianity . They do not seem to realise that the main purpose of saving us, was to save us from such profound ignorance . That, if we took all of the bible literally they would not be on their computer , or living with other modern scientifically developed utilities . This site really depresses me now ,and it is getting worse every day .
  7. Don't let this kind of person get you down .You are casting your pearls ..... Even if I would not agree with you on much of what you have said , you seem to be a caring sort ,which means you are wasting your energy on those who are the opposite . Don't worry ,God is listening ,and that's all that matters .
  8. It may have only recently come up within evangelical or American circles ,but there is well documented evidence of the time that is easy to access if you want to ,but then ?
  9. France has been a bit down and out for the last 5 years, because of the last government and the various attacks , which have put the country into an emergency state , so I am happy ,very ,to say that the Président Trump's visit was a huge success ,and that clearly President Macron thinks so too . Best of friends !! Melania looked amazing ,chic and pretty . Donald brought his very natural ,open ,(Celtic ) personality with him, and I will be surprised if any dare to attack him again in the same way as the unbalanced media reporting was doing, before . Cheered us up, no end .
  10. A very interesting and very terrifying article, about inducing national suicide . There are several reasons for this ,and one of them is the same one that is being pressed on all of the western christian world, that being Christian is bad ,and that atheistic multiculturalism is good . However there is one more point in reference to Sweden ,and that is, that God has not been welcome there for so long ,He has finally given up on them . There is no light of the Spirit there ,so this is the beginning of the end . Most countries are playing with their futures too ,but Sweden is the worst . This idea that Sweden is number 2 is a lie too, and gives me info on 'reporters without frontiers ' ,which I needed to know . Thankyou .
  11. Thankyou Jeff .
  12. There is NO question, that King James was a homosexual ,All his life . When people deny what is known by all serious historians , it shows that the truth is not their goal .
  13. You can read the bible a thousand times, and miss the whole point of it with , such narrow spectacles. I came on this site to find more about the bible, and now I know why the RCC were reluctant to leave it in the hands of the spiritually bereft , as these are the fruits that show up .
  14. There is no more homosexuality in the RCC than elswhere ,although I think priests should be allowed to marry . It must have something which the devil hates to be so picked on by ignorance . This a typical underhand way, to once again snipe at the RCC , while leaving out the horrors of other churches .