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  1. Well a very interesting discussion on the difference between a supernatural event ,and a miracle . For me the whole of creation ,and the unfolding of God's long term plans for His Creation is a continuouswonderful supernatural, ongoing story , That is why Jesus came to make it possible for us , through our connection with Him , that what would happen naturally normally can be changed at our request when it is made in line with His will .. It really does happen ,when you Love Him and submit to Him totally
  2. It is throughout the bible ,but when I have time, I will try to find quotes . One must not forget that the bible ,at least much of it, was compiled to teach the most basic needs of salvation in the early Church ,and not to prefigure the unfolding of God's plans long term, for souls which are already saved .
  3. No they are afraid , that the 'story' will not be true , exactly as the they have interpreted it . If they had a really personal Relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit ,instead of the bible ,they would not be afraid to search for the truth even to losing their life ,but they cling carnally to the bible on the only level which they are capable of .
  4. The problem with real Pagan minds is that they are stuck in a very literal and unspiritual rut, where the ability given by the Holy Spirit to break through rigidity, and fear , is not there . Just to be clear ,I think that the idea that creation is only just over 6,000 years , to be childish .
  5. Don't forget, that the bible tells us there are some souls more advanced than others .
  6. I agree with you about, over doing it about Mary . Never having grown up with 'Mary Worship ', I had no idea of the extent of it , and what I have learned concerns me greatly . If it was not a part of our growing up , it is probable that many Catholics do not know either ,or rather did not know ,as it is becoming more difficult to hide in the day of the internet . I also find the extreme protestant view , harsh and wrong , and much of this came from Calvinistic Scotland .
  7. My glorious leader , what are you talking about ? It seems like most Americans who have never left their shores , you need to get a larger perspective in life . I have never ,nor have my family, ever listened to a pope ,anymore than we listen to your présidents, or other world leaders . We are too aware to follow anyone individual , not being inclined to have any idols , whether religious or not and we read widely . But then ,when has being open to learning large, been a part of the culture of America ,or England ? The Irish and Scots ,of the Celtic variety, have always sought learning for it's own sake , while dominating others, both politically and financially seems ,to have been the main raison d'etre, of those two countries . You are more interested in the pope than I am , which is not at all . Most people go about their daily lives ,if they are healthy , and do not take any of their leaders too seriously , while noting what is important ,and most Catholics do the same . All I try to do here, which is very difficult, is to keep a larger unbiased view of history and other cultures , that is open up a bit . But now I am sick, of this kind of post, and have better things to do .
  8. Israel, is very proud of it's support for the homosexual movement . In fact it's 'gay pride ' parades, are bigger than any others, elsewhere .
  9. Indeed , they are already poisoning the body , now they are poisoning the soul too .
  10. How do you know it's the Holy Spirit ? I thought the H.S. gave wisdom and understanding ,and wide knwoledge ?
  11. Yet another reason to ignore someone who needs to but won't , learn wisdom, and true history .
  12. Well in my opinion claiming to be ,and being truly born again ,are two different things ,and the thing about Rc's supporting abortion So there are no non catholics who support abortion, or SSM, or remarriage ,or 'the pill ',or whatever . That is just a red Herring ,because the official Church supports none of these .
  13. Very lovely prayer ,merci .
  14. Thankyou dear Lord, for this timely reminder , coming through your pastor George , and thankyou George for passing it on .
  15. I like to support small businesses, against the big monsters which are eating them up .