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  1. Abby-Joy

    Who Do You Look Forward to Meeting?

    There are many in the Bible that I look forward to seeing... we know Paul will be there.... but there are others that not many think about, like Ruth, and Mary Magdalene that I look forward to seeing and hearing their testimonies from their own mouths .... John "the beloved" ... now, I do look forward to fellowshiping with someone who had a revelation of God's love!!! I look forward to seeing the missionary couple who the Lord woke me up to pray for one night... I don't know who they are, but I know I will recognize them when we get there! :) ...people in their vehicles that I drive by or little children who I pass by on my way through town, who Holy Spirit moves me to pray for ... perhaps, I will see them and their families in eternity. ...my 6 yr old granddaughter who was stolen ... I pray for every day, and her adoptive brother .... and the family who took her... But the first person I thought of was my earthy father .... I look forward to seeing him, a man who came to Christ in the end of his life, after a life of much pain, sorrow, and sin, who I was honored to pray for and with... I'm so grateful that our Lord saved him and that I will see him there!!!
  2. Abby-Joy


    Praying for @FresnoJoe!
  3. Abby-Joy

    Childhood Abuse & Sexuality

    You're in my prayers often, sister. As a survivor myself, I completely understand this sort of deep wounding and the impact it has on every area, including sexuality. I'm so glad you've found a good Christian therapist... it is very rare, that survivors find someone safe!!
  4. Abby-Joy

    Missing link - DNA - question

    My oldest son and also my husband did it. He got his results back and my husband hasn't gotten his yet. It takes a long time... many weeks, to a couple months. I didn't see anything in it that was more than what we already knew. It did give some DNA matches as far as "cousins" and such ... people we don't know. It also verified some particular bloodlines that I already knew were in my family history... so it was kind of interesting, but nothing life changing.
  5. It would bother me as well, to walk into a church where worldly music is being played rather than something that has Biblical truth, uplifting the name of Jesus. My family and I have recently tuned in to KLOVE and every time, we will hear them talking about a worldly movie or secular music... and for what reason?? It really does concern me that they (must) think that they have to appear "cool" in order to win the world... or become like the world (literally) in order to win them ... or else, they have no godly discernment ... or worse, they have brushed over Holy Spirit conviction so often that it no longer registers on their spiritual radar as something to avoid?? :( We are instructed in the Word of God pertaining to music/songs: Ephesians 5:19 King James Version (KJV) 19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Most churches these days (in my experience, anyway) do not separate themselves from the things and ways of the world... from the pulpit, you will hear references to Hollywood (movies, stars, etc) and secular music in nearly any church you walk into. I've visited dozens of churches over the last 10 years and have only found one that made a distinction from the worldly and the things of God (for the most part). This church was not huge (under 75 members) ... and had other issues, such as paganism that crept into its membership unawares. It is getting harder to find a group of people committed to serving God in a set apart manner. That doesn't mean that we have to isolate ourselves, or have a snooty, self-righteous mentality. It just means, serving God with a pure heart... one of love, knowing Christ is our source of salvation, and doing all that we do as unto Christ. If something doesn't honor Him, why would we want to do it, or lift it up?
  6. Abby-Joy

    Prayer welcomed

    Praying for you!!
  7. Abby-Joy

    Prayer Request

    Praying for you...!
  8. Abby-Joy

    Prayer for Muslims....

  9. Abby-Joy

    Family members

  10. Abby-Joy

    Prayer for sobriety

    Praying for you!!
  11. Abby-Joy

    My Youngest Brother

    Praying for your brother's salvation, in Jesus' name!