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  1. welcome to worthy!! there are many to help and encourage. be blessed and know that we are praying for you and care about you.
  2. sandi81


    welcome to the group! nice to meet you I hope you enjoy this group as much as I do. Blessings to you and all you do.
  3. how funny I told God how when and why I had detailed instructions for the Lord of this universe. oh how He must have laughed at me.
  4. it was harder for me to relieve demanding God do things my way. I wanted God to accept me on my terms and let me remain in control. His love showed me that he created me and was able to give me a greater life then I can do for myself. I had much hatred, bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness. God has showed me I can trust him in all things. Now allows me to pastor and share his love, grace, mercy, and kindness to a wounded and bound generation.
  5. I love the various personalities!☺
  6. looking forward to fellowshipping w u!
  7. thanks all! it is a blessing to meet u all. we sure serve a great God.
  8. thanks so much everyone I am sure with time I can figure things out welcome to all.
  9. These are excellent scriptures so I want to share a personal testimony of God'so teaching me to trust Him. I was raised in a stern Pentecostal family where you had to in some ways please God to get His blessings. It was as if God was just waiting for me to mess up. I did not trust men nor God. So finally after battling God to demand that He do things my way in my time and failing miserably at it, I told God I would try it His way but I suffered trust issues with men, and God carries a male personification. God began to show me in small ways I could trust Him. Now I pastor and have learned in all things to trust Him. He will never leave me or forsake me. total submission is the only way. He will not accept a part time Christian.
  10. welcome!!! good to meet you.
  11. I am struggling with figuring out everything and thought maybe I was too old for this site until Fresno Joe appeared and I saw his age. blessings my friend I feel better.
  12. didn't mean to go against rules. trying to figure this out is challenging I feel old right now.
  13. I have to admit this is very confusing to me and I feel anxious in trying to figure out what I am supposed to do and not. please bear with me. this is not supposed to gander a discussion so just be patient with me.
  14. hello all I think I am suppose to into duce myself or something. I am 52 yo female married from USA I am pastor I have four kids and two foster kids. we are planning on adopting eldest boy in spring. He is 14. We took on a 12 year old girl four weeks ago. we have two adults who live with us and do primary care with kids as we both work full time jobs. We have seven grandchildren and eighth will be here in March. I love God so much and He has delivered me from hatred, rage, anger, and bitterness. I have been married for 30 years but this is my second marriage.
  15. sandi81


    hello. it is a blessing to meet you.
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