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  1. It is a breath of fresh air!!--Isn't it?? To just Listen to the FACTS without all the high drama , Misinformation & False accusations coming every which way? People should Try it!
  2. America and the great prostitute

    This just Cannot Be!!! I must have said it wrong!??
  3. America and the great prostitute

    No toes. I simply think people are showing they are not aware of other countries and the evils within them. America is no prince but it is simply not the worst ,nor is it the leader of evil, neither is it Babylon mentioned in the Bible or the Whore.
  4. America and the great prostitute

    European hatred towards America really influences people. There are a lot worse things going on in other Countries in the world.
  5. Trump Ripping Amazon

    I've never been a big supporter of monopolies & don't have interest in the newest marketing fads. I try to support the smaller guy when possible. Shopping isn't a big part of my life as it is with a lot of people.
  6. Prayers for Brother Nabeel Qureshi

    Hey guys , here is an update on Nabeel. Please join Nabeel & his Christian family in continuous prayer asking the LORD God to help Nabeel's body to get well again. Please Pray that our LORD God would destroy all cancer cells, shrink any tumors & heal Nabeel's liver and bring Nabeel's whole body to heal and restore his health & vitality in our Lord Yeshua Jesus most Mighty blessed name. May God who created the heavens & the earth show Himself as a Strong and Mighty Fortress for Nabeel against any attacks from the enemy against his health.
  7. Arnold Sxhwarzenegger a message to Donald Trump

    Really? Schwartz has nothing of value to offer, he is just misses publicity. I'd rather listen to what Dinesh DeSouza has to say. Too many people these days are devoid of the facts and then just so easily programmed by the lefty biased President Trump hating Media. Antifa is the group that is truly dangerous, violent, & powerful that should be seriously protested by the public and opposed & denounced but the lefty media loves them. The Leftist media are the ones that created this false narrative & false association between the Republicans/ Conservatives =bigotry , racism, Nazis & White Supremacists - That is a big fat lie and now they keep insisting the President Trump hasn't denounced this white supremacist group enough to their liking- as if they have the moral high ground. The Democrats are trying to bury their long history with bigotry, Nazism, racism and history of being the party of white Supremacists & KKK by transferring the blame onto current Conservatives. According to Dinesh DeSouza when the Civil war began Republicans didn't own one slave but their were 4 million of them and they were all owned by Democrats. http://jamieglazov.com/2017/08/17/dinesh-dsouza-on-the-big-lie-about-charlottesville/
  8. An Urgency for the Lost?

    Yes they are the opposite of what they claim. These apostates & heretics captivate/enthrall by the spirit of the anti-Christ that is at work in them & in so many of the denominations now, the leaders are feeding their congregations spiritual lies. These congregations are being programmed & brainwashing so easily because they do not know or respect the Bible as the Word of GOD. I have family in that denomination and they smirk when I tell them that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God & what is being told to them is not what Jesus said. attending another funeral today for another Catholic relative who was born into the rcc culture and didn't know or believe John 3:16-sad.
  9. Barcelona terrorist attack

    I know, right?
  10. Fire and fury.

    yep ...that island's owned by some other Nation or probably worse...some rich guy like Soros so.......there ain't no where to flee. We just wait for the Lord & "occupy until HE comes"
  11. Barcelona terrorist attack

    There is a war going on.
  12. Trump Ripping Amazon

    Lol! So... everyone in your town was barefoot until Amazon & the internet showed up? Just kidding.
  13. This is horrifying that someone would do that. Praying for this man & praying they catch the one responsible.
  14. sorry for the confusing post...I'm trying to explain the challenge I find when I dare to enter these anti-trump threads! Lol!!
  15. It is not up to me to remind you of your posts that I have clearly responded to. I have answered you , but You can't follow along because you have no consistent argument or train of thought from which you are coming from just grind the axe against Trump. All of your come backs are all over the place, the only constancy with it is just the knee-jerk negativity towards President Trump that has gone on for months and months now. ( Let me refresh you, the comment I responded to was that You said that " Trump had been a democrat for 6 yrs "-- I said , So what , that is Irrelevant - I was NOT conservative for over 20ys - so does that make me a closet LIBERAL or Two-faced? or a Hypocrite? ( I wasn't saved before either but now I am) Always what happens over and over with debates with Lefties is instead of conceding that their objection was countered - they instead will turn the discussion a few degrees sideways and toss out another unrelated objection which is what you consistently do and then you can't follow the responses because it is your own random objections that I am responding to.