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  1. I don't think you could have true knowledge of GOD and not be filled with a passion for GOD.
  2. David, Mary Magdalene, Apostle John
  3. What if you Start a thread Topic with your above post & it can be a whole Thread discussion? I disagree with your above opinion, but I won't get into it further here in this thread so as not to derail it with another sub-topic.
  4. There is always THE Deceiver , human deceivers and the deceived that repeat the lie & collude with and further the Deceiver's agenda. The attack on the Bible is at the core a paranormal spiritual attack on the Word of God, to dilute it, to bit by bit change it subtly to eventually redefine the Holy Trinity and to take the Holy Spirit right out of the Bible. The enemy is within, unfortunately.
  5. The first one that was deceived by the Devil? that is a very puzzling choice to me.
  6. Congrats in rationalizing & justifying your INSULTING & PERSONAL attacks, Cobalt. Do YOU know if I HAVE LOST A CHILD???? You ARE BLOCKED - BYE
  7. Personal accusation, personal insult and personal attack.
  8. That is a sad & inaccurate comparison above & I know that it was gotten off of the Mainstream media's narratives. Illegal People who are willfully breaking, & mocking the Laws of your own Country the USA , spitting on immigration regulations & jumping the Cue in front of many LAW -ABIDING People who Apply with respect & LEGALLY. So, people who break laws are criminals. -these people that don't respect the American Law nor the American people and to say those people-are equivalent of the Genocide against the JEWISH Holocaust that took place during WW2-?? That comparison of illegals to the Jewish people is extremely disrespectful to the Jewish people who suffered such hatred, were starved to death, worked in lice & disease infested Death Camps and were gas-ed and buried naked stripped of gold teeth tossed into Mass graves -just for being GOD's chosen people, for just being LAW ABIDING Jewish people. They were upstanding Citizens and merchants-- not illegal criminals who flaunt another Country's Laws & want to steal their place and to take advantage. Someone who tries to break into my home-- I would stop them wouldn't you? Closed & locked windows, Locked doors, fences, locked gate? Perhaps a guard dog? I wouldn't let people like that into my house, why would we let them into the Country & celebrate their break ins?
  9. The UK needs strong female leadership like a Margaret Thatcher or a Golda Meir or a male like Winston Churchill. Stop the p.c. pandering, increase the Police Force, undercover Special trained Police & give all Police guns and make precision tactical shooting a mandatory skill. As Reagan said , 'Peace through Strength.' It was a bullet that stopped terrorist this attacker.
  10. I am really just not interested in being the target of the angry venting session above or any of the above misdirected angry accusations. But for the sake of clarity, I will respond. fyi, the people I referred to in my post that I stated typically hate those pictures are the ones that support Pro-Choice & abortion on demand and the feminists (male & female) that hate those pictures and will abusively & angrily lash out at the Pro-Choice people who will quietly hold a poster with the pictures of the aborted fetuses. People need to know the truth of what abortion looks like, when it is kept hidden and sterile this is how they have been allowed to get approval for Abortion by the Public. Same as the pictures of the mass graves from the Holocaust are disturbing but it is necessary to expose the Truth, or any other genocide, the public needs to be made to recognize what they are agreeing to. Personally I believe that ALL these babies are all in heaven now, and I think they WOULD LOVE FOR THE HORRIFIC SUFFERING AND KILLING OF OTHER BABIES TO BE STOPPED & so I am sure they would not be "upset" or feel "exploited" and would not mind if their pictures could be used as an educational tool to stop abortions from happening. And why would they Care? The Bible says all of our tears are wiped away when we are in heaven. I think they would not mind it their pictures are used to show how mercilessly they have been slaughtered, & to show that these all were beautifully formed fetuses & can respond like little human Babies -- that these unborn fetuses are not just a collection of unfeeling cells.
  11. I just watch tomi on youtube. The disappointment I have is that she suddenly changed her stance from Pro-Life which makes me question her ability to go to into that pack of 'whatever' you would call them at the view and cave on her previously stated values like that for what? acceptance by the lefty feminist attack squad that is called , the view.?
  12. He's a funny guy!