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  1. Hi jashley, Welcome to Worthy. Sounds like you have a crush on someone, he might have those feelings for you too , or he might want to just be friends. However it turns out, relax, be yourself , pray that the Lord , have a grateful heart, Pray that the Lord will always watch over you & guide you, and one day that HE eventually will bring the best man to you to be your husband--until then study the Bible, do what it says, focus on academics and develop your interests, enjoy your friends , love your family & honor your mother & father. It is normal for your age and I doubt if it will be the last crush you get little Sis. God bless you!
  2. I prefer the historical facts to emoting fiction. You obviously didn't even go to the link I supplied or watched the video by Dr. Bill Warner on Jihad vs the Crusades.
  3. Where did I say the Catholic religion of Rome is so pure and good? Do you know that the Crusades were a Response to JIHAD? Try looking for the facts and you will find them, not just a half backed revisionist history that fails to say that Islamic Jihad had been attacking & conquering Classical Civilization. To try to make out that Islamic Jihad has not been going on for 1400yrs is a falsehood and to pretend that western involvement has caused Islamic Jihad is a falsehood, and to pretend that the Crusades happened out of no where for no reason is aother falsehood.
  4. Your information is totally false. Islam has been doing Jihad - Holy Wars for 1400yrs. The Crusaders learned the term "holy war" from them as a matter of fact. THe US Navy was formed to fight the marauding Barbary pirates to protect the American merchants against them, the Barbary Pirates were Muslim soldiers. That is a false comparison & a false argument that is always used , and the Catholic church is responsible for much less then Islamic Jihad has done. It is not an equivalent in number or moral equivalent to bring up the Catholic church and pretend islam is a religion of peace the fact is Islamic Jihad has been going on for the last 14ooyrs to the present and it is still going on now, it has not stopped. The Spanish Inquisition lasted 356 yrs. Look up the scholar Bill Warner and his video on Jihad vs. the Crusades https://www.politicalislam.com/trilogy-project/statistical-islam/ Mr. Warner's video displays a Dynamic Battle Map of Mediterrean & Europe where the Islamic Jihad was set out to conquer Classical Civilization which led to the Crusades. Transcribed from his video -> Bill Warner Phd, states , "There were 548 Jihadi Battles against Classical Civilization which doesn't include Africa, India, Afghanistan. Islam burst out of the Arabian Pennisula and immediately started attacking the Middle East , Southern France & Spain, The Navy of Islam would attack coastal towns, kill, rob, rape, and take slaves. Over a million slaves were taken out of Europe into the Islamic world. Over 200 battles fought in Spain alone. This ongoing fight that lasted over 400 yrs, the Christians are going to push back the Muslims, Constantinople has fallen and the Jihad now comes to Eastern Europe It's pushed out now out of Spain, Northern Africa is now completely Islamic, the Middle East is now completely Islamic. This is all Jihad, relentless Jihad , And why is it so relentless? because Mohamed was relentless & they are good students of Mohamed. It was tradition when a brand - new Sultan would come to power , he would immediately try to launch new wars.Because he was going to be noted in his Islamic history as to how well he fought against the Kafir. So that is what the Jihad looked like over those 548 battles. Jihad has been with us for 1400yrs. The Crusades were defensive wars. The Crusaders were trying to free their Christian brothers and sisters from Islamic Jihad. THere is no comparison between Jihad and the Crusades. The motivation behind the Crusades was freeing Christians the motivation for Islamic Jihad was enslaving Kafirs."
  5. God is GOD he doesn't have a family tree.
  6. The ottoman empire you are speaking of? All tribal , few in power over the peasants and massacre anyone who rebels.
  7. Why not go back to the other one you were happy with (before the "political " thing) and have a meeting with that Pastor about getting baptized , talk to him about why you left before --if you need to resolve that. I got re baptized and I am glad I did . I chose an independent Baptist Church because I wanted a church that preached the true salvation through the full Gospel of Jesus & to be baptized biblically ( public water submersion ), I wanted only Bible study, & Expository preaching not a Church that was only cultural Christianity that I think have become very unbiblical & half don't seem to even know what is in the Bible unfortunately. I would leave that Church with the woman minister.
  8. No, I never mentioned the Vaccine in my post.
  9. I really don't think anyone can blame it all on the west, it was never peaceful , these countries are violent ,and unstable to begin with because of the competing factions of Islam, the dictators , rebels, military coups and tribal culture. Islam means submission. The middle east used to be large populations of Christians , Jews and other minoritiesat one time before the conquest & genocide.
  10. I'm not advocating to not take a flu shot, just so you didn't misunderstand my post.
  11. I read that it is because of the particular Type of flu virus that a particular generation was not exposed to as children & therefore not inoculated against. If it is not the one that comes around when they are in their 60's , they don't have the inoculation for it so , that is why some get sick . Seems to me the key is to always work on having a healthy immune system, so that no matter what comes around your body has better chance to fight it off. You can also buy an air sanitizer that uses ultraviolet light which kills germs , bacteria and viruses. They use ultra violet light air sanitizers are used in some hospitals. Also, they say Hibiscus Tea has been shown to be effective at killing the avian virus. Hibisicus Tea has been shown to kill avian flu virus. http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/hibiscus-tea-kills-deadly-avian-flu-virus-study-finds-2
  12. It would seem so.
  13. I agree. Before I was saved, a friend was sitting on the deck with me & I told them that I believed above us there is a war going on between good vs evil -they scoffed at me because they did not believe evil existed. After I was saved & read the Bible, I understood much better the meaning of what I sensed.
  14. Interesting Yowm,I have come to believe that I have had angelic protection because of a more than a few unexplainable situations in my life where I felt God's hand must have been on me, because some one must have been watching out for me. I wondered about it because it was before I was saved. On a different occasion I encountered a penniless man sitting on the sidewalk, he was not asking $ but I gave him a little $, food, hot drink and was going to get him a warmer coat nothing out of the ordinary, which I have done before. This time when I got back to my car, my heart was so inexplicably moved, I wept for no reason , I wondered if it was an angelic encounter, I never saw this same man again.
  15. Then they are not Christians. I can call myself a war veteran all I want, wear camo and hang out with them all I want, that does not make me one.