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  1. And so according to you.....the Arabs are Jews and the Jews are not . So will we see Arabs wiping themselves off the map?
  2. Replacement Theology is a False doctrine and it trying to rewrite the Bible and substituting Israel's promises and giving them to the Church. Your term synagogue of Satan sounds Anti-Semitic.
  3. I guess either or both. Initially was asking about the tea.
  4. Live Web Cam of Wailing Wall. http://www.aish.com/w/46127727.html
  5. Could be same as using prayer journal? many times , people that I've noticed are kind of flighty with their prayers , they pray & pretend it's all urgent and totally forget about it and move on to their next mini crisis & forget to continue focusing upon a certain prayer to God. At least writing out their prayers gives them something to focus upon and to remember what they prayed about. In the movie it was a closet and she posted her prayers upon the wall & continue praying for it - like a prayer journal again. I know nothing about the couple or their church - Erick Stakelbeck posted about it and I found it interesting & thought I'd put it up and see what people thought.
  6. I'm not sure whether the Episcopalians/Anglicans ever was Biblical. It is an example of the False claiming to be Christian & it plunging further into heresy. It is very very sad for their eternal souls and those they lead astray.
  7. I am so glad you are feeling better , Logan & I hope your X Ray turns out Good!
  8. You are such a card! you crack me up Logan!
  9. What's your method worthy?
  10. Exactly other one. God wants us to so I shall. He never forgets them so neither will I.
  11. That is nutz buddy. How can the Christian Church be Israelites??? This is Replacement Theology that you are attempting to propagate here and it is a false doctrine. Israel is Israel and the Church is the Church. Don't rewrite the Bible or you will be completely confused & troubled in the long run, because changing the Word of God does not lead to understanding and peace but the opposite. The Spirit of God is not confused nor is it the author of confusion.
  12. it is true, disrespectful, unkind and heartless. Christians must be in solidarity with the Jews. NEVER AGAIN!
  13. Would you give me the recipe you used please? I'd love to make the fruity fizzy kind!
  14. Angels, I thought Kimchi when I read "Kombucha" - no I have not made that accept long time ago people were passing around the mother & I made the tea. I would like to make the fermented juice kombucha though. WHat kind did you make?
  15. Daaah! thanks worthy ...seeing it again it Just dawned on me I thought Kimchi when I read Kombucha!! Lol!