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  1. Eden's Bridge - Lamb of God

    Very Nice song and photos.
  2. America

    Me neither, nor a few others that shall remain nameless.
  3. http://www.olivetreeviews.org/news/headlines/item/13640-lutheran-church-decides-that-the-best-way-to-retain-members-is-to-stop-preaching-the-gospel Thursday, 19 October 2017 12:29 Lutheran Church Decides That the Best Way to Retain Members Is to Stop Preaching the Gospel With that kind of "growth," the ELCA has less than forty years before the final member throws her hands up and quits. Christ the King Lutheran Church in Cary, N.C., believes that they've found the answer to stopping the mass exodus of tithing members. They've stopped preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and have embraced progressive theology and social justice. View Article
  4. sensitivity

    Single ones need to realize that there are also brothers and sisters in marriages that feel all alone and lonely also. Just because someone is married does not guarantee not feeling all alone. The thing is that as a believer we are never alone though we be alone because Jesus is always accessible. I pray you all will always feel connected, blessed and overshadowed by God's glorious healing protective wings.
  5. America

    Some people have a preference for extra-biblical over Biblical.
  6. America

    Oh thanks. I never saw it.
  7. America

    what thread?
  8. Hello, My Name is Steven

    Welcome to WCF Steven!
  9. Hello, My Name is Steven

    LOL!! Hey....aren't those arms a little short to be wielding a saw? ....not to mention it looks like you almost have both feet in your mouth ......did you saw off your chinny-chin chin- Enoobs?
  10. America

    How is it that over 52% here who voted think America IS in Bible prophecy? -nowhere do I see this.
  11. sensitivity

    I guess that is where the art of conversation comes in if you need to spend time with these people you can get creative & skilled in shifting the focus of the conversation.
  12. sensitivity

    I'm sure overall everyone could be watchful as to if someone else is being left out when they are talking in a group period. But that aside, I wonder how satisfied you are with being single? I'm wondering if you were happy & content being single I doubt you would anyone else's conversation about their relationship even register a blip? -- possibly some boredom but not resentment, anger or bitterness. So perhaps you might want to reconsider your choices and look at your options? Maybe you are feeling a little lonely? there are ways to open to relationships with people that could include a spouse or even just cultivating more supportive , nourishing emotional relationships. Also, I think that sermon about weighing our words & other sermons are for applying to ourselves -- not how we can show others the many ways that they are annoying or wrong and how it is just so personally offensive to us? I don't allow myself any time to axe grind about others. When I'm feeling emotional pain or upset I express it and let go of it, if something is really bothering me - I take it to the Lord.
  13. I made an old lady cry today

    Amen Sinbad, that is AMAZING!! our GOD is an AWESOME GOD! We give thanks & glory to HIM for ever & ever in the magnificent name of Yeshua our Lord. May God continue to bless you and your Mom.
  14. False doctrine

    What miracles?
  15. False doctrine

    That is really contrary to my own observation. I only heard one brief teaching on the Rapture in only ONE Church in all my yrs attending church. Most Protestant churches do not teach about the Rapture or Bible Prophecy.