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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Al Gore has just amended his prediction that the polar ice caps would be melted by 2018 in a statement released recently; "President Trump has greatly altered the course of human events and the human influence being had on our ever-so-fragile climate. By altering the course of history in withdrawing from the Paris agreement, his blatant abuse of power has inadvertently triggered a mini-continental ice age. This must be quickly rectified to prevent this condition from happening world-wide. President Trump must be declared mentally and emotionally compromised to the point of being unable to rightly fulfill his duties as President of The United States, the leader of the free world." Al Gore's explanation follows an event at a recent press conference where he was asked about his previous predictions concerning man-made climate change to which he declined comment at the time. ASP (written & released by American Socialist Press)
  2. I had a feeling it would all go that way for you at that time you were so worried, lol. I'm glad it worked out. Nice catching up to you again. I'll see you around here . Take care...
  3. And you, Sir! Hope all has been well with you since last we spoke. I'll have to make my rounds and catch up to everyone...
  4. Well That's awesome, Tanusha. Sometimes it just takes a minute. Doesn't it? I'm glad to hear you got your Masters Degree. How has life been treating you since? Still living in the same country and all?
  5. At the time I posted that, I suppose it might have been, much the way it's your focus when you're in the foxhole on the battlefield. There's a time and place for everything. I've been away for so long, I'd have to review just to see what I was talking about. Good to meet you, Sir.
  6. Whole societies are DESTROYED for lack of knowledge. That has been historically proven with a faultless track record. We have to remember that most of this division is being manufactured right before our eyes here in the United States by fake media that does nothing more than spread propaganda written and designed by anti-Americans all over the globe. In other words, false information. So America's "lack" of knowledge right now is at an all time high. If America's citizens don't wise up to fake media, anything is impossible. The division in America has no merit at all. Certainly nothing intelligent people cannot see and work through. We just need to do all we can to re-educate America on what is, and what is not, journalism and free press. And pray. We need to pray. When we go down, the entire free world will go with us.
  7. Thus says the Lord: Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work will be rewarded," says the Lord. "And they will return from the land of the enEmy." "There is HOPE for your future," declares the Lord. "AND YOUR CHILDREN WILL RETURN TO THEIR OWN TERRITORY!" Jer. 31:16-17
  8. Yes Sir. That is it in a nutshell. Depending on Him... Yes Sir.
  9. Matt, what a wonderful brother Awwww! Not should there be, but there shouldn't be... right? YES! That exactly! I definitely didn't mean "should" there be. Sheeze. Even upon a difficult self-discovery, the truth would still be the truth. Yes. I think so. I've been told that some people closest to me tire of hearing "biblical" relevance to every issue from me, but I just don't know how else to approach anything other than biblical. To me, it's the only life compass we have. It can always be our compass if we let scripture interpret life instead of letting life interpret scripture. ??? Even when stumbling across a family secret. Yes... very much so. Even when it's on a national or global scale. Especially so... The only peace I've found in this is in the Truth of the word... The truth is always true. It is absolute. Yes... That's what I think. I'm asking if others agree Then I whole-heartedly do... on every point.
  10. Wow. Ok. I need some band-aids for all 10 toes. Kwik? Could you take those stilettos off please? HAHAHAHAH... Seriously... Wow. That ..... right to the bone this morning with my 1st cup of coffee, lol... And I'm the better for it. Thank you, Sister Kwik...
  11. I'm sorry Mam. I'll be the first to admit my bulb isn't anywhere near the brightest among us. If I may ask just to better understand, are you asking: "Should there be anything we come across in life that surpasses what we know to be true in God's word? Is there anything in real life that is outside/beyond the scope of the gospels when the rubber meets the road in our lives?"
  12. I really don't know which section to put this thread in, nor how to form the question I really want to ask: I am asking this mostly because I want to see where others are coming from on this as a specific subject on its own. Good morning, Mam. I hope things are well for you over there in the City of Fog & Holmes this morning! If you don't mind, I'll just shoot from the hip in this with what little I have observed in my own life. A good, scriptural study would no doubt be beneficial. But if you don't mind, I'll just give you my thoughts over coffee this morning. I pray there might be something useful in my comments? But you will know that right off. So here goes: Living the life we do, in Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, accepting Him wholly as Lord and Saviour, we should always accept the truth, right? Yes. An overwhelming, BURNING, unquenchable desire for Truth should be within us. That said? Sometimes it can take a very long time for a follower of Christ to learn certain Truths. There will always be present within us a desire for Truth, an ongoing quest for that which Father wants us to know. But His Truths are eternal (without end). It would take a very long time to learn it all. I don't think we'll ever get there before we get Home. But? We'll always desire to learn. Therefore there should be no aspect or area of reality that we should not be able to accept as solid and real, right? True. But as I said above, sometimes that can be quite a long process, even for the most diligent of students of Jesus. There is so much confusion in this world. Last I checked, over 33,000 different "religions" and "denominations". In the United States, when someone even honestly comes to Christ, they no doubt are saved, but can very possibly start their "education" in error. Father sees the heart, thank God... but sometimes, our head is in the wrong places and it can take a very long time to overcome false teaching. False teaching by people that believe what they teach with all their hearts, loving Father with all their heart, but teaching in error never-the-less because that is what they've been taught since childhood. If one DILIGENTLY seeks the Truth, you can make progress. But false teaching can be a very hard thing to overcome. It can take a while. Is there any truth too hard to accept? The answer for us should be a resounding NO! right? No. This is the only thing that gets us over the hump of false teaching and error, no matter the source. Just as an example, when I came to Father to be saved? I was saved... immediately. Thank God it was on the correct terms in that I knew it was through Jesus only that I could be saved. But then for 12 years I was mis-educated. I was taught that more and more was up to "me" to "maintain" my salvation. I was taught that if I didn't maintain a certain standard, then it was possible I could "lose" my salvation. I was taught that it was a combination of what Jesus did for me PLUS my own actions on my own spiritual performance treadmill. For TWELVE YEARS I studied under many people... studied much independently, sought Father's heart every step of the way, but for 12 years learned of more and more in the Bible that seemed "contradictory" to me. It seemed contradictory because what men were teaching and what I was reading WAS/IS contradictory. But after 12 years of learning of a great many "contradictions", I saw the Light of Truth in what Jesus did do for me. Even after I had my nose to the trail of Truth, it took me MONTHS of "trying the spirit" before I would even speak with the wife about what I had come to realize. MONTHS to convince myself that truly my salvation hinged solely on Christ when I went to Him in faith of all that He is and all that He had done. The payoff was that it unlocked everything in the bible for me that was previously contradictory. That will be the most incredible Truth I will ever learn. I think maybe Father wants MOST of His children to know that basic Truth from the beginning of their walk with Him. But? It's awful hard to come by in my neck of the woods. My relationship with every single, church going, God loving family member here where I live has suffered because of the Truth I finally learned. That is because they never truly tried the spirit for fear of being drawn into false religion. Accepting Truth can be a... costly and difficult thing. But every bit doable in and by Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I think there is a grave danger in denying and turning our backs on any portion of truth. This is probably the ultimate example of doing so, and the best one I can think of: John 6:50-63. This example you've given is an instance when Jesus revealed something to the disciples that they had NEVER heard before. It also went against the grain of every single thing they had ever been taught. As you can see, this was difficult for them, as it is for us today. And this same circumstance does envelop many of us today. The disciples finally understood after much diligence and patience by Father and our Lord Jesus... but also the Holy Spirit which came later, further educated... Despite everything, it was... difficult for everyone. So, is there any discovery that one could make that would be too much to accept as truth, as painful obvious and clear that it truly is true? You know? I've observed that even the simplest, most obvious things CAN be most difficult to learn and accept... especially if you have first been taught in error. It takes an all out, relentless pursuit of the Truth while praying for Father to make things clear to you for anyone to have even a chance at overcoming the things of this world in understanding. Our enEmy is clever. If we seek to learn on our own without including Father, the enEmy will surely win out in how we come to "know" Father. We'll get so caught up in knowing "about" Him, that we'll never "know" Him. Huge difference there. Another question I wish to pose is this: how good are we at accepting hard truths from our current position in our walk with Christ? I would say that depends on the individual, as to whether or not they are accustomed to "knocking" on Father's door. Have a great day everyone. I've got to engage the world, lol... I'll see you later...
  13. Welcome to Worthy Forums! To answer your question, we are made "worthy" the same way anyone is made worthy: In and by Jesus Christ. Because of Him, we are now Saints "worthy" of our calling! Your only requirement to be "worthy" is to call upon the Lord Jesus and believe all there is to believe about Him in order to be saved. There's no other way. I hope you enjoy!
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