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  1. Do you have a Godly calling?

    To believe in the One Whom HE sent; to live a live that gives glory to Christ.
  2. Do you have a Godly calling?

    I don't believe that anyone who has received a calling from GOD keeps it to themselves.
  3. Looks like peeday just did a "drive-by" post as he has not returned to respond.

    No. To me, by saying that it is illegal to feed the homeless is Florida, the OP was being disingenuous and spreading a lie. Perhaps a better choice of words next time would avoid any appearance of spreading falsehoods and bad faith lead-ins?

    The was no question mark after the statement. It was stated as a fact the it is illegal to feed the homeless in Florida. Not California (where in some cities it is illegal too) or Texas or Illinois, etc. So.....fact or fiction (a lie)? Some people who don’t know better may think that it is the entire State and not just one city. I’m done with this foolishness and the OP should be more precise. Hasta leugo amigos.

    “... it is against the law to feed the homeless in Florida” is the lie. It may be against the law in Fort Lauderdale, but not in the State of Florida. By the way, not everyone lies on a Christian site, which is where I said the lie occurred (this is a Christian site, is it not?) so yes, I listen to more people than I ignore. Some people need to learn how to comprehend what they read, whosever they may be.

    "'(The) city has been searching for a solution to its homeless problem for several years. Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler told WFOR in 2012 that the city has been trying to clean up Stranahan Park, which has become a haven for dozens of homeless men and women during the day. The park is adjacent to the county's main library. "Families don't feel safe, people going to the library don't feel safe, people wanting to use public resources don't feel safe," Seiler told the station. "It's gone too far."' It is not against the law to feed the homeless in the State of Florida. That is a lie and you should be ashamed of yourself for lying on a Christian site, IMO. Don't bother to reply to me, cuz' once you tell a lie, I have no ear for what you have to say!!!
  8. Let me shock you with what GOD, through the Apostle John, says about that: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:1-5 (NIV)
  9. Two questions

    It is all false; there is nothing special about Mary, except for the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. She is dead and probably in Heaven, no any differently than any other saved person. She has no special position with GOD. Remember, it is the Catholic Church the perpetuates this idolatry.
  10. HOW do you think you will be taken by Christ?

    In the "twinkling of an eye" exactly as Scripture says.
  11. How do you know personally, you are saved

    That is so not true. Knowing you are saved comes through faith, knowing that what Christ said about Himself is true, and what GOD Himself said about His Son is True. I know I am saved because of how my life has changed after I confessed and repented, accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior. I never question it; I never worry about it. And I feel sorry for those who, if they live for Christ, and Christ lives through them, worry and fret about their salvation. Not a very good way to walk with Christ, if you ask me. Now those who live worldly lives, picking and choosing which parts of Scripture to follow or are "relevant," those are the ones who should worry about being saved.
  12. Babylon

    It will. SH was rebuilding it before we invaded, and it will be rebuilt. Take the Bible literally unless it is clearly allegorical. And the description does not read as allegorical.
  13. Babylon

    Nope. Babylon is in Iraq. We are not that important. Plus, we will be destroyed from within.
  14. A strong hand.

    It would be nice, but it is not what scripture says will happen.
  15. Is it un-Christian to protest?

    Protesting itself is not in-Christian. But, if you are protesting in favor of the liberal left agenda, then I think that you should consider what you are actually protesting for. JMO.