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  1. You try, over and over again, and pray for that person.
  2. I said abortion was murder and always wrong. I was just trying to say was that I am not a woman and I have no right to tell women what to do with their bodies. Since the murder of the unborn is legal, and even though it’s repugnant to me, the decision is therefore between the woman and GOD.
  3. Murder is murder, and abortion is murder; although I do believe that it’s a woman’s right to choose. Then it is between her and GOD.
  4. Not one of the verses you listed threatens loose of Salvation. They are warnings of sin.
  5. Just uncheck "notify me of replies" at the bottom of the box and you will never hear about the topic again. I do it all the time. Saves a lot of aggravation.
  6. The Democratic Party has gone the way of Bernie Sanders, Socialist. Anyone deny that? He would have won the Democratic nomination if not for the criminal Hillary and the dishonest DNC.
  7. It is a major part of our world today. People don't care about others, they are so wrapped up in themselves. Just look at the selfie craze. Or, they only care about the PC things, like the LGBTQ cause.
  8. No it's not. The picture of kids in cages that twas all over the news was from the Obama era, not Trumps. Stop believing the MSM.
  9. When a citizen breaks the law and go to jail, they are separated from their children, who are sent to CPS or to a near relative. There is no difference with illegals. Congress wrote the law, now they are crying because ICE is enforcing it. Where was the outcry when the Obama Administration did the same thing? Hypocrites!
  10. Build the wall and prosecute lawyers who are counseling the illegals on how to game the system to get into the US. If they stop trying to enter the country illegally, then the problem takes care of itself. As for today, we let the Law speak for itself.
  11. The Post Office can't be relied upon to deliver mail any more. My daughter sent an insured package to my wife via the USPS and it "disappeared" and it took forever for my daughter to get a refund. They never did "find" it. I told my daughter to use UPS for important mail from now on. At least you know it will get there when they say it will.
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