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  1. Handguns in UK

    We need to enforce the laws on the books, not make new ones that will also be ignored. Nor take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens so that only criminals and crazies have guns. Granted, there are some things, like bump-stocks, which need to be highly regulated, but there again if someone wants to get their hands on one, they will.
  2. God or Conscience?

    If the thoughts are persistent and advance GOD's Purpose, whether just for me or for HIS People, than I would take it to be the Holy Spirit leading me.
  3. Is Same Sex Attraction a Sin? Or Only Homosexual Behavior?

    OK. Your title then. You know what I meant. You know I was referring to your title. I couldn't care less if you think that you can contradict "my opinion." You see, you can't contradict an opinion. It's like a thought. You can't contradict it. You can have a different one, but that is yours. My opinion is my opinion and it doesn't matter whether your opinion is different or not. It is still yours and you own it. I think that your issue is that my opinion doesn't exactly agree with your article so you want to attack my opinion. My opinion doesn't have any effect on the validity of your article so I don't understand your objection to my opinion other than the fact that you feel challenged. And that is your problem, not mine. I'm done trying to reason with you as it seems that you want to be beyond reason. Be Blessed.
  4. Is Same Sex Attraction a Sin? Or Only Homosexual Behavior?

    Then make your opening a statement, not a question. Questions invite responses, statements do not. I'm not questioning your point in the article. I just gave my biblical based opinion to your opening questions. Rhetorical or not, which you did not specify by the way.
  5. Is Same Sex Attraction a Sin? Or Only Homosexual Behavior?

    I believe that is what I opined. It is the same for hetero temptation. Same sin. Same sin nature. Lust. It would seem that one of the reasons that makes homosexual sin so repugnant to GOD is that HE knew that humans would decide that homosexuality would become normal and not sinful in this age.
  6. Is Same Sex Attraction a Sin? Or Only Homosexual Behavior?

    'Um, your title suggests otherwise. Both title questions ended with question marks. If that is not inviting an opinionated response, then perhaps you weren't speaking English.
  7. Is Same Sex Attraction a Sin? Or Only Homosexual Behavior?

    If you don't want people's opinions, then don't ask the question. IMO.
  8. My dream society

    This would be a much easier read if you used paragraphs. Most people won't bother to read it when it appears to be one long, boring paragraph. JMHO.
  9. Is Same Sex Attraction a Sin? Or Only Homosexual Behavior?

    Attraction itself is not the sin, IMO. It lies in lust, fornication, and adultery, along with the homosexual act. But, all sin has the same penalty - death - without repentance. The real problem is that the homosexual has said in their heart that their particular sin is no longer a sin in the eyes of GOD. Therefore they do not repent of it and remain outside the Promises and Covenant of GOD and continue to be condemned by the Law!
  10. Question about john the baptist

    Baptism doesn't promise the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is GOD and comes and goes as He pleases. Especially before the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  11. Am I your enemy because i tell you the truth?

    Your "Truth" is not always (nor usually) the Gospel Truth. That's why you irritate and are resisted.
  12. Catholicism

    Why do you feel that you have to join a religion? Your relationship should be with Christ, not a body. Catholic or Protestant it makes no difference. They are all just human constructs meant to enslave and prevent you from having a direct relationship with Jesus Christ. Choose Christ only, use His Word to learn how to have that relationship, and fellowship with like minded people without labels.
  13. In a spiritual rut

    The 4 Gospels are "milk" for a new or "young" Christian. Consider that.
  14. My Concern about Christianity Mixing with White Supremacy

    Stop trying to blame the Alt-Right on President Trump. He is not a white supremacist. He is pro-American, anti illegal immigration, pro business. The Alt-left and Antifa are the ones who are bringing out all the roaches on both sides of the isle.