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  1. When you see that type of message, it is most likely that the page has been removed for violating the TOS.
  2. GOD does allow people to get into unsavory situations. It's called "consequences." HE allowed Job to be destroyed by Satan to prove his faith. HE allowed it because of Job's self-righteousness. Scripture is full of examples of GOD allowing humans to enter unsavory situations. But HE uses those situations to increase their faith or to accomplish HIS purposes.
  3. I believe that GOD uses the foibles of humans to accomplish HIS purposes. I don't believe that GOD causes bad things to happen to people; that is what Satan and his minions do. But, through HIS perfect foreknowledge, GOD uses that bad for good.
  4. You're quite welcome.
  5. Try here.
  6. Many things that were man made religion were done in the name of GOD. Just because humans added their own traditions to GOD's plan didn't make it GOD's will. You have to look at the Character of GOD in order to know HIM.
  7. Did you report the offending posts? Not to make excuses, but this forum is very busy at times and the mods are all volunteers. Sometimes it takes them "a minute" to see and find offensive posts. Please don't leave because of some offense or slight that you have received. I have been a member here a long time, and have been offended (and have offended) a few times. I have found that being quiet and watching, interjecting when appropriate to put forward correct doctrine, and then being quiet again has been a good tactic in order to survive. GOD/Christ put you here for a reason, and unless our Lord has told you that this is not a place for you, you should stay. Anyway, please consider my advice with much prayer, and remember that you are a representative of Christ and as such must not let the attacks of the evil one destroy your testimony. GOD Bless you.
  8. Called a "drive-by post." They are not interested in the discussion.
  9. To say that Christ would have to have been Sacrificed on the Altar by the High Priest is the same as saying that GOD would have sanctioned human sacrifice on HIS Holy Altar and should never have even been suggested - what if or not - as that is an insult to GOD, IMO.
  10. News Flash!! I probably know the Bible better than you. Please don't try and insult me. It is against the TOS.
  11. "The" is a pronoun used to specifically identify the Holy Spirit.
  12. Scripture says that He would be hung on a tree, not sacrificed on the Altar by the High Priest. GOD doesn't need a "Plan B" as HE has foreknowledge of everything. With free agency, no person has to do anything, but the plan remains the same. If it wasn't Judas who turned Jesus in, it would have been someone else, but the events would have still happened exactly as they did.
  13. GOD said that the Holy Spirit is sealed within the believer (as in a Covenant) at the moment of Salvation. Why would GOD make a Covenant that HE knew HE would break in the future? It is not in HIS Character to do so. In the OT, the Holy Spirit would come and go, inhabiting whom He would based on their faith in the coming Redeemer, their keeping of the Commandments; and the Plan of GOD; with the New Covenant (the Church Age, the Holy Spirit is sealed within each believer as a guarantee of Salvation; after the Rapture of the Church, they Holy Spirit will again come and go and inhabit whom He will based on their faith in Christ, their keeping of the Commandments, and their assistance to Israel; and the Plan of GOD. There will not be a guarantee of Salvation, no sealing of the Holy Spirit during this time. Only the Church is guaranteed their salvation with the sealing of the Holy Spirit within them.
  14. GOD doesn't play.
  15. We al continue to sin. Sure, they have been forgiven at the Cross. But, we must continue to confess our continual sins in order to receive the blessings that the Lord has promised us. If we fail to confess them, then GOD cannot, by HIS Character, bless us.