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  1. Rick_Parker

    D J

    I agree with you. Calling her by her new name is no big deal, but referring to her as a male is. My wife and I have experience in this area, and acceptance is one thing but encouragement by endorsement is another. It would be great to get back in communication with your daughter, but not at the expense of your convictions.
  2. Without Jesus Christ, they condemn themselves.
  3. Christ died for everyone. Only a few will accept His death as payment for their sins.
  4. Wasn’t playing any card. Just because the super rich globalists happen to be Jewish, that doesn’t make their money Jewish or have anything to do with Judaism.
  5. This post has hints of Antisemitism. "nefarious influence of Jewish money..."
  6. Some people just like body art. For me, not so much.
  7. Our GOD given right is to life.
  8. If it’s just to dedicate the infant to Christ than it means something, if it is intended to “save” the infant than it is meaningless.
  9. He can tweet all he wants. His actions speak louder than words! He is a good President in spite of himself.
  10. He was a preacher, not a prophet.
  11. You try, over and over again, and pray for that person.
  12. I said abortion was murder and always wrong. I was just trying to say was that I am not a woman and I have no right to tell women what to do with their bodies. Since the murder of the unborn is legal, and even though it’s repugnant to me, the decision is therefore between the woman and GOD.
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