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  1. FOX NEWS should be sued for false representation

    I don’t watch Fox News and apparently neither should you. You know what you get with all the MSN and Fox News is part of the MSN. Try the American News Nerwork if you want straight News.
  2. church hopping

    I'd tell the pastor the same thing. Then, I may be looking for a new church myself, LOL.
  3. church hopping

    You sound very selfish and nosey to me. I'd tell you to mind your own business.
  4. A Secular Bible Question

    TRUTH! It's self explanatory.
  5. Seek Peace With God

    Jesus did not condemn the Remnant, but praised them and promised them eternal life. It is the church at Sardinia that He warned would be lost. You have chosen the wrong Church. I did not say that we do not sin, I said that we are already repentant (continually), which you feel that you must continually exhort us to do. We abide in Christ's Word, and do not need to be exhorted to repent. That's all you do. Perhaps you should repent of your pride and boastfulness. Look at all the Brothers and Sisters who are admonishing you about how you come to us. Listen and humble yourself!
  6. Seek Peace With God

    You wonder why people say that you act as though you are better then them? It is because you act like you are John the Baptist, calling out in the wilderness for the people to come and repent. As if we are the Pharisees and Sadducee instead of the Remnant. We are not the lost nor the loosing our way, but the faithful who repent on our own every day. You are not the Christ nor are you one of His Disciples Whom He sent to save us. You should be out there evangelizing the lost, not crying for the repentant to repent. You have at least one person fooled who stated that you are better than they, but you don't have very many others fooled.
  7. Seek Peace With God

    Because you act like you are better than everyone else. It's not that you are "warning" others, it is the manner in which you do it. You need to get over yourself and speak as an equal and not as though you are better.
  8. Angels

    The Bible tells us that the Angels were created with free will. Free will still exists, so we can assume that the Angels still have it, too. However, I personally believe that all the Angels made their choice why back then and won't change their minds. Besides, GOD knows the beginning from the end and knows who would rebel and those who would (will) not.
  9. Wall or moat; or is it all moot?

    What country are you living in? Of course there is a system in place for people to enter this country legally. It's called a green card or a passport or visa. Not through the desert or across the river or hidden away in the back of a semi truck.
  10. Wall or moat; or is it all moot?

    Neither do illegals from foreign countries including Mexico. They don't belong here unless they enter legally.
  11. Spiritual sleep

    Not true. Absent from the body, present with the Lord. "We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord." 2 Corinthians 5:8 (NIV) Those who are not saved go to Hades to be tormented until the Judgement.
  12. Wall or moat; or is it all moot?

    You feel the same way about the fence in Israel? After all, it is just "Palestinians" yearning to be free and live in the Promised Land even to the point that they will break it's laws to do so?
  13. Do You Know The Gospel of Salvation?

    Many come to the inner court preaching as if we know nothing about the Gospel, or what it takes to be saved, etc. That is why I believe that evangelizing belongs in the outer court and not the inner. Preaching to the choir, if you will.
  14. Do You Know The Gospel of Salvation?

    Why do people feel that they need to evangelize Christians? Why not in the outer court where the lost and looking reside? I'm just saying.
  15. Where can i adopt a lamb as a pet?

    This is the craziest statement I have read in quite a while. What ever gave you this idea?