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  1. Ask Father to send his servant and pick out a wife and bring to you? What servant exactly, can you clear the air?
  2. Let me just ask you a question- and I want you to be very honest with me here. Suppose you or a relative happens to be on the disadvantaged side of your choice, what will you advice? Everyone should avoid you? Never consider you good enough for marriage? Remember, do to others as you would have them do to you. Just turn around the table to yourself, and just make it a food for thought. That is a very compassionate and right attitude. I think everyone ought to be loved, I find the need for love attractive. But when it comes to deciding the well being of the offspring, health should be first in question and purpose, don't you think? The well being and the health of the offspring is not for us as humans to determine. It is God that determines the well being and health of the offspring. Hence, the most important thing to do when looking for a life partner, is to ask for God's direction. Because I don't believe God can mismanage our destinies. Including those of our offsprings. If God says go, then just go regardless of what you see, and I promise you, he'll take care of things. Whether we think that the health of the offspring is up to us to manage or not, if the child is born with disabilities it falls onto the human race to deal with that problem. I have not heard of too many deformed babies suddenly being healed by a miracle from heaven. There are numerous precautions we can take these days with DNA analysis etc. to prevent abnormalities. I believe that if anyone in the world should take these precautions it is Christians. We do our best within our power, to select a partner with good health, the right attitudes towards living standards and planning a family, in order to reduce suffering in the world. Well, I've seen normal parents give birth to disabled children... How do you explain that?
  3. Let me just ask you a question- and I want you to be very honest with me here. Suppose you or a relative happens to be on the disadvantaged side of your choice, what will you advice? Everyone should avoid you? Never consider you good enough for marriage? Remember, do to others as you would have them do to you. Just turn around the table to yourself, and just make it a food for thought. That is a very compassionate and right attitude. I think everyone ought to be loved, I find the need for love attractive. But when it comes to deciding the well being of the offspring, health should be first in question and purpose, don't you think? The well being and the health of the offspring is not for us as humans to determine. It is God that determines the well being and health of the offspring. Hence, the most important thing to do when looking for a life partner, is to ask for God's direction. Because I don't believe God can mismanage our destinies. Including those of our offsprings. If God says go, then just go regardless of what you see, and I promise you, he'll take care of things.
  4. Let me just ask you a question- and I want you to be very honest with me here. Suppose you or a relative happens to be on the disadvantaged side of your choice, what will you advice? Everyone should avoid you? Never consider you good enough for marriage? Remember, do to others as you would have them do to you. Just turn around the table to yourself, and just make it a food for thought.
  5. “House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a PRUDENT WIFE is from the LORD.” Proverbs 19:14 For about four years, I had been discreetly and prayerfully searching for a lady to marry, but all my efforts were to no avail. Many a time, based on my utopian ideal on what a perfect wife should be, I’ll get into a relationship- only to be disappointed after some months… And before the brake up, I must have wasted some resources, including time and energy. Until recently, God clearly revealed my wife to me. And since I got into relationship with this lady from the Lord, I can’t imagine ever being able to get (on my own discretion) a lady as prudent and lovely as she is for a wife. And ever since my breakthrough, I have learnt great lessons from my own experience, which I have been using to counsel my friends who are still scouting for a perfect life partner. Hence, I feel led by the Holy Spirit to share my lessons with folks who may as well be searching for a heavenly life partner in the interim. So they can hit right at their covenant life partners and avoid the grievous mistake and consequences of choosing a stranger for marriage. “How Can I Find a Heavenly Life Partner?” As I discuss with most of my friends, who are searching for life partner, I have always discovered one hindrance which have prevented them and so many believers (including my very self then), from getting the direction of God for a life partner. Just like me then, they have been earnestly praying to God to reveal the perfect person to them. Which I believe is the best and wisest thing to do, when a believer is looking for a life partner. Because according to our opening scripture, “A prudent wife (including husband- if I may add), cometh from the Lord.” Because, we as humans are very incapable of knowing and choosing the right person that will help us fulfil our God-given visions. But the hindrance here is that, these my friends (like me then), after praying, are not open-minded to the perfect will or choice of God. After praying, we put God’s opinion aside, and bring out our blueprint to scrutinize the person before we choose. In short, even in the place of prayers, we start giving God our criteria. For instance, if it’s a man asking God for a wife, he petitions God with all manners of conditions… Conditions such as: she must be very beautiful; tall and slim in shape. She must have gap in-between the teeth. She must have big breast and buttocks. Must come from a particular tribe… and the list goes on and on. If we’re to get God’s perfect counsel, we must open our hearts to God, for whomever he wants to give to us. Then after God reveals the person, we can then confirm spiritually (not carnally), if truly the person is from the Lord. My friend and Christian Brother, who came to me recently for counsel, concerning choosing a life partner, is a perfect case study. He told me he had been praying for a life partner. That he wants God to reveal his life partner to him. Then almost immediately, he started recounting to me, what he is expecting from the wife. He said the girl must be working… and other conditions… Then I told him plainly that God cannot show him a wife. Because he has already made up his mind on what he wants. As he heard that, he agreed with me, and even shared with me that there is a lady he feels nudged to speak to concerning marriage, but he was not comfortable with her fat stature. He agreed that the girl was a good Christian and has the fear of God, from his relationship with her. But just that he was uncomfortable with the fatness. It was then I counseled him to be totally opened to whomever God wants him to marry, if he must get married to God’s perfect will for him. Recently he just called me that he has gotten all the convictions from God, he needed to go ahead and approach the said lady for marriage. You see, if you want God to reveal to you your perfect life partner, you must completely zero out your mind in your request, else God will not speak to you. Because God knows better, than speak to you when you will not accept his counsel… If God must speak to you concerning marriage, you must wholeheartedly say; “God reveal to me the right person you want me to marry; I will marry her regardless of anything. I just want nothing but your perfect will. I don’t care her shape, status, height, color, education, tribe or anything.” I told someone that if God revealed a cripple, or a deaf mute to me to marry, as I confirm very well its God, I’ll go ahead with the marriage no matter how hard it seems… Many Christians only end up marrying God’s permissive will, because they won’t allow God show them his perfect will. And even if he did, they won’t accept it if the person does not meet their criteria. Hence, there are so much struggles, even breakages in many marriages. Including Christian Marriages. So there you have it! To choose a perfect life partner, ask God to show you. After praying, as you go about searching, just be open-minded to whomever God reveals to your heart… And I must add here, that a woman is not to find a husband, it is the man that should find her. The bible says; “He who finds a wife”. The man is to find the wife through God’s guidance, while the woman, as the man comes speaking, she should ask him for some time to pray for confirmation. And to confirm the voice of the Lord concerning the revelation of a life partner, I advise a minimum of two different witnesses of the Holy Spirit, before making a move or acceptance. Personally, before I was totally convicted to speak to my fiancé, I had up to three witnesses from the Holy Spirit. Then as I got into the relationship, I have received more confirmations from the Lord. Before I moved, I dreamt about her thrice, but the face was not specific. Although I saw on those three occasions that she was light in complexion. I even went ahead telling my course mates that my wife to be is light in complexion. Then after some time, I heard her name clearly in my heart, with God telling me, she likes me so much. Finally, before I spoke to her concerning marriage, the Holy Spirit convicted me with a scriptural revelation as I read a Christian literature. So in choosing a life partner, you must be fully convinced by the voice of God in your spirit (heart), then you move based on your conviction or convictions as the case may be. Because it is your convictions from the Lord that will enable you hang on in the marriage, regardless of whatever challenges you may come across. You will not make the wrong choice in choosing your life partner, in marriage, in Jesus precious name! Remain Blessed! Emeke Odili.
  6. All born again believers are indwelled with the very same Holy Spirit as He Who rose Christ from the dead,,,,,,He leads us ,guides us & gives us Wisdom & Understanding ............the Way He communicates with me may be very different than the next person ,it does not matter ,,,,We have a personal & intimate relationship with our Lord & Savior,His Council is for us (each),,,,,,,,, When what is given us is for someone else that is when we must consider what & how that message is delivered,,,,,,,,,I am never too keen about hearing "God told me this" or "the Holy Spirit told me that" (not for my sake but for theirs) There are many Scriptures warning against false prophets & prophesying but if we stick close to God & study His Word we shall see the Truth,,,,,,,,,,I agree with Ezra that it is not a good thing to say "Wrong"but better to just.... All the Glory belongs to God!!!!!! With love-in Christ,Kwik Yes, you have the copyright. You can share it anywhere at anytime. Just spread the gospel.
  7. Gdemoss, you seem to be strongly defending your 'ministry' regardless of how its abuse by so many folks is affecting the believers. I have given you pitiable instances that resulted from people taking so-called prophets at their words without confirmation. Yet you seem not to be bothered by their ordeals. With such a mindset, it seems to me, you'd rather protect your opinion regardless of how it affects the recipients. And I for one, I do not see much of brotherly love in that. Like I said before, you didn't read my post with an open mind- else you would have read how I counseled people to respond to a personal prophecy they were oblivious of. Even the messages I preach or teach, I don't expect anyone to take my words for it. I expect that as they read my messages, and they do not get a witness of the truth in their heart, they should also get back to the Holy Spirit and their Bibles for confirmation. But you seem to deny the fact that sometimes, a prophet could yield to a familiar spirit in the process of administering revelational gifts. Which eventually lead people to diverse errors and troubles.
  8. “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall HE SPEAK: And he will SHOW YOU things to come.” John 16:13 This article is the continuation of my last post titled, “How to Hear From the Holy Spirit”. In that post, I did promise to expatiate on the various ways the Holy Spirit speaks to and leads the children of God… Hence, this article seeks to scripturally point the Christian believer, to the various avenues, through which the Holy Spirit Speak to his Children. So they can always be sensitive to his voice and receive directions for themselves. Concerning any and every areas of their lives, which they need spiritual guidance on. Instead of running from one man after the other. So What Then Are the Various Ways The Holy Spirit Speak? 1. The Witness of the spirit – Rom 8:16. One of the principal way the Holy Spirit speaks to the believer, is through the witness of the spirit (heart, or conscience). The word witness, from the original Greek word means- to give an evidence of something. Hence, the Holy Spirit always leads every true believer to what God will have them do per time, by a convicting evidence to the heart or conscience. Many a time, he supports the conviction in the heart or conscience with a very glaring scriptural truth. That the believer cannot sincerely wave off. 2. Jumping Scriptures—Psalm 119:105; “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Another principal way the Holy Spirit speaks very often to his children, is through striking revelations from scriptures that just jump at the believer’s heart. And this can be either when reading or meditating on the scriptures or any Christian literature. Then at some other times, it occurs even when not reading at all. The scriptural revelation, just jumps out from your spirit in total harmony with the situation you’re seeking answers from God to. And on some occasions, the scripture can be given to you in your dream. In order to position his or herself to be hearing from the Holy Spirit through scriptures, the believer must of a necessity, train his or her spirit to hear. And by training I mean, consistent reading, meditating and practicing of the word of God on a daily basis. Because most of the time, the Holy Spirit speaks to the believer, from the scriptures he or she is already aware of. 3. Audible Voice—Isaiah 30:21; “And thine EARS shall hear a word behind thee, saying, this is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.” The Holy Spirit speaks to believers audibly. But though, rarely. Many men of God have confirmed to hearing from God through their ears only very few times. Some three times; and some others four times since they became Christians. I for one, I have only heard the audible voice of the Spirit once in all my Christian walk… And that was last year, as I was just about to wake up from my sleep. To be on a safer side, if you hear an audible voice, don’t just run with it. You must confirm it with a witness of the spirit and scriptural backing. 4. Authoritative Voice of the Spirit The authoritative voice of the Spirit, is what the Apostle Paul calls the Spirit speaking expressly in 1 Timothy 4:1. Through this avenue, you just receive a very strong and authoritative knowing in your spirit concerning what God wants you to do… You don’t hear anything in your ears, but after receiving the strong revelation in your spirit, it seems as if someone around or within you just spoke to you. I have had this particular experience about three or four times. And they have occurred to me when I would be asking God, concerning some critical issues that I am confused or not clear about. Whether he or the devil was the one speaking to me. Immediately, I get that authoritative voice in my spirit, I am instantly convicted of the truth of the matter. 5. Visions and Dreams: God speaks to the believer through visions and dreams. Visions include: Trance, Open visions, inner visions (with your eyes of faith) and dreams. I have never had an open vision or a trance. But I have gotten revelations through inner visions and dreams. But the dreams I accept as the directions of God are the one that as I wake up from my sleep, has a confirmation of the Holy Spirit, by the witness of the spirit… If as I wake up, I do not have any witness of the spirit concerning the dream, I just discard it. The Holy Spirit also leads through situations or providence; through the words of other people (Either born again or not- with the witness of the spirit). He also leads through wisdom or common sense, peace… and a number of other ways… But ultimately, amongst all these various avenues, he will always bear witness to the truth, through the witness of the spirit and scriptural truth. The Holy Spirit does not speak against or outside scriptural truth. So regardless of the avenue you receive a revelation, you must check with the written word of God and the witness of the spirit (through conviction or peace). Then also to be on a safer side, when seeking guidance from God on any issue, especially critical issues (such as marriage). You should seek to get confirmation from about two or three avenues as stated above, before making a move. May God guide you continually in the path of righteousness, for his names’ sake in Jesus precious name! Remain Blessed! Emeke Odili
  9. Reply to Gdemoss... The fact that you read to bash, didn't come to me as an assumption, neither will I attribute it to the revelation of the Holy Spirit. But my conclusion was apparently drawn from your post. If you can check your post again, it is obvious you had somethings against my ministrations, and as such, you didn't take the time to read very carefully to understand my premise, when I said people shouldn't be depending on prophets for guidance. What you gave me in your post, was a left hand of fellowship and not a right one. Then as for the proof that prophets are not to give directions oblivious to the recipient, we can use the new testament prophet-Agabus- in the book of Acts of the Apostle, as a case study. When he gave Paul a word of wisdom by the Holy Spirit, Paul affirmed that the Holy Spirit had also revealed it to him before hand. Then if you think contrary, supply the new testament instance (or instances) where a prophecy was given to a recipient, oblivious to what he or she was aware of.
  10. Well, my dear brother, you seem to be holding somethings against my ministrations. Well, I'm not angry with you at all. Its like that at times in the Christian circles. Regardless, I do not owe you or anyone for that matter any apology concerning my ministrations. As they are scripturally and revelationally given to me by the Holy Spirit himself- with practical signs and testimonies to confirm their veracity. To be very honest with you, I don't think you read my post with an open mind, but rather with an intention to bash. If you read very well, I didn't say God can't give people words from others, but that God uses people such as prophets to confirm to the individual what he or she is already aware of. Or what he or she has already gotten a revelation of. The instance of Jesus you quoted, even underscores the instruction in my post. Jesus spoke to the woman only what she was already aware of. Not some oblivious words that she wasn't aware of. Not some prophecies that inspires ungodly fear in the recipients. For an instance, a so-called prophet prophesied to a married lady, who married her husband as a virgin, that she had the spirit of homosexuality. That singular abuse of gift, led the woman into confusion, thinking she must have an evil spirit in her that she wasn't aware of. If not for divine intervention through a more knowledgible man of God, the devil would have taken advantage of her and led her into lesbianism. All the same, God bless u. Emeke Odili.
  11. “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God” Romans 8:14 My friend Henry Amuoghobor, narrated to me, some months ago, the story of a woman, who went for a religious meeting. According to my friend, as this woman participated in the meeting, the so-called prophet, called out to her, and gave her a personal prophecy about her family… The prophet told this naïve and ignorant lady, that her Father and Mother In-law, are responsible for her predicaments. Then foolishly, this lady just went straight to her in-laws, and accused them confrontationally, of being the evil hands behind her predicaments. When the said lady’s husband eventually returned, and eventually got to his parents, they narrated to him how his wife had insolently accused them of witchcraft, and being responsible for their problems. After the man heard of the insult of the wife to his parents, as he got home, the issue eventually led to the breakage of their heavenly ordained marriage. This story is just one of many disasters that many spiritually ignorant individuals have caused themselves and others- by always trying to get direction and instruction from God through their fellow humans. Instead of going to God directly to hear from him. People have lost their money, their God given wives, relationships, ministries and other valuables by their undue inquisitiveness, and trying to pry into the future through human agents. And this is mainly as a result of ignorance to scriptural truth. They fail to understand that in the New Testament, Prophets are not given to give personal directions to any child of God. Yes, in the New Testament, there is the ministry of prophet. And their primary duty is to preach and teach the word of God, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, just like every other ministry gift. And also, because they always have revelational gifts, they can also give direction to the general assembly of a Church by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit concerning God’s agenda per time. But when it comes to personal messages to the individuals in the Church, they are to only confirm to the believer only what God has already revealed to them personally for the purpose of confirmation and strengthening of faith. To this end, an individual believer, with the Holy Spirit in him or her, should not depend on prophets to give him/her direction for personal life. They should only go to the prophet to hear preaching or teaching. Then in the process of preaching or teaching, God can occasionally use the prophet to confirm what he has already revealed personally to the believer. However, if the prophet gives the believer a message that God has never revealed to him or her before time, and does not bear witness with the spirit, the believer should discard it. Then on the other hand, if he suspects there could be truth in it, he should personally go and inquire from God concerning the revelation before agreeing to or acting on it. It is very risky and dangerous to take any man’s word for it, without hearing the truth from God first. And when I say any man, I mean any man- regardless of whom the person may be. No matter the position of the man, we can’t afford to put our destinies in the hand of any man. Even if the individual has the true gift of prophecy, he is only a human as much as you are, and as such, is bound to make mistakes. Prophets operate in the realm of the spirit, and as the scriptures said, there are many voices in the spirit realm. Familiar spirits (that mimic the Holy Spirit) can speak through people. Including even genuine prophet or a child of God. Peter did yield to the devil, and started speaking against Jesus’s death. Anybody can at one time or the other, yield to the wrong spirit. So committing your destiny to any mortal man to direct, is to be toiling with your life and destiny. It is better to develop your relationship with God personally, and always consult him for any direction or instruction you need in any area of your life. If you want to make any business decision, go to him in a prayer of inquiries (if you want, you can take up some days of fasting and prayers)… If you want to marry, ask him for the right person. If you have a call for the ministry, go to him for instructions. Don’t allow anybody prophesy or call you into the ministry. If things are not going well with you in any area of your life, ask him personally to reveal to you what is going on. He is always ready and available inside of you to answer you if you are truly living in and for him… So my message in essence, is that you should learn to walk in the Spirit, instead of walking in men and prophets. When a believer always runs to a fellow man for answers, God is provoked to jealousy. Because by so doing, we tend to treat the man as God, and relegate God to the background. Hence, the errors many folks find themselves in the quest of seeking directions from prophets. So what are the various ways the Holy Spirit speaks to his Children? There are several ways the Holy Spirit lead or speak to his children. Principally, he speaks through the Witness of the spirit, the written word of God, small still voice (in the heart), audible voice (rarely), Wisdom (Godly wisdom, not sensual), situations or providence, visions and a host of other means. I’ll be discussing in details how the Holy Spirit speaks to the Believers through all these medium in my next article. But in the interim, I encourage you to smoothen out your relationship with God and his Holy Spirit, and learn how to be sensitive to his voice and leadings. Learn how to hear him for yourself for any situation you find yourself in; that you need direction for… Don’t subject your destiny to the direction of any man, no matter whatever title he or she is called. Right now, I decree your spiritual ears to pop open, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I command every deafening forces in you, to lose their grips off you, in the name of Jesus Christ! From now onwards, begin to hear God, per second, per minute, in the name of Jesus Christ! Remain Blessed! Emeke Odili
  12. God Bless you in Jesus name! Did you marry her yet? If so, how did it go? God Bless you. Your brother in Christ, KPaulG. God bless you too. Not yet. We're still following Church procedures. Thanks for caring. Emeke
  13. “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual FERVENT PRAYER of a righteous man availeth much.”—James 5:16 As the signs of the end-time is presently unfolding at a warp speed, I sense a clarion call from the Lord to his body (The Church) for a deeper level of fellowship with him in the place of prayers. As the scriptures says, the wicked are already doing more wickedly. The love of many are already waxing cold. People-including supposed Christians- are getting more worldly and sensual by the day… And with all these, the end-time is drawing nearer and nearer. And just as our Lord Jesus admonished, we should pray, so we can be counted worthy of escaping the tribulations of these times (Luke 21:36). The saint whose garment will remain unspotted by the current pollution in this world, is the one who persistently travail in the place of prayers. The saint who will remain uncompromising to the original standard of faith as entrenched in the scriptures-amidst these modern day gospels-is the one who will dedicate ample time in the closet of prayers. The Christian, whose faith will not be pushed to agnostism by the hordes of hell, and human agents, is the one who will pray without ceasing as the scriptures admonish. The groups of believers that will usher in the next move of the Holy Spirit- that will culminate in an unusual salvation of the heathen; and revival of holiness in the body of Christ, are the ones who will make it an occupation in asking God to do so (Psalms 1:8). The saint who wants to see God confirm his words with unusual manifestation of signs and wonders, is the one who will go right into the deeper part of the holies of holies- through importunate prayers in the spirit. Especially praying extensively in other tongues. Well, for the folks who disbelieve praying in other tongues, I just have to say, “Bless their hearts”. And I earnestly pray that God help them to believe. Because, the one who will keep arguing against this spiritually potent gift for fervent prayers in this end-time, will be greatly disadvantaged. They will only scratch the surface of the holies of holies in the place of prayers. Praying only with the intellect will only get them so far in the realms of the spirit. To these beloved brethren, I plead from a passionate heart of love that they should come out of the cocoon of religion and blinded arguments and desire to speak with other tongues. Because it is very needful and advantageous in the current demand of the Almighty in the place of prayers. And that was why the Apostle Paul thanked God he spoke in tongues more than everyone else (1 Corinthians 14:18). Not to take advantage of this awesome gift of prayer (speaking in tongues) is to be leaving allots of blessing on the table (both spiritual and physical). Not to take advantage of this gift of prayer, is to leave allots of battles unwon. So my brethren, get to intensive prayers. No more 5minutes rattling of prayers in the Morning and before going to bed (Plus God, minus devil- amen). Spend quality time (at least an hour) in prayers daily- especially praying in the Holy Ghost (in tongues) and watch your victories and testimonies compound. Let’s obey one of the easiest and most important command of scriptures-“Ask of me”; “Pray without ceasing”. And the more we do, the more we have life more abundantly. For those of you, struggling with the spirit of slumber, I decree your deliverance right now. I also decree the outpouring on you, the spirit of grace and supplication, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Remain Blessed! Emeke Odili
  14. “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual FERVENT PRAYER of a righteous man availeth much.”—James 5:16 As the signs of the end-time is presently unfolding at a warp speed, I sense a clarion call from the Lord to his body (The Church) for a deeper level of fellowship with him in the place of prayers.
  15. Thanks for your prayers, God bless you so much in Jesus Name!
  16. “And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, satan hath desired to have you, that he may SIFT you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy FAITH fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren”—Lk 22: 31-32 Recently, the Lord gave me a great revelation from a very serious trial of faith I just passed through. As a matter of fact, the trial or battle is still on… In my last sermon (The Blessedness of Trials), I shared my testimony of how God supernaturally led me to the lady I’m about to marry soon. The Lord led me to her through several scriptural revelational media… Through dreams, small still voice, word of knowledge/wisdom, scriptural insight, witness of the spirit and wisdom. But oblivious to me, as soon as I stepped out to her from my convictions, the hordes of hell were let loose against my faith… How Did I know? Right from the day I called her over and shared my revelations with her, and she accepted me, mind binding devils started sifting my faith against her. While the whole process was going on, I suspected the devil and my flesh. But God gave me the true revelation of the battle on a fateful day, recently as the mind attack became very fierce. The mind attack became so fierce, that at the moment, I forgot all the revelations and convictions of the Spirit. And I was even considering backing out of the relationship… But as I remembered all the convictions again, I had to pray (both in my understanding and in other tongues), desperately asking the Holy Spirit what was going on in my mind… Because, the demonic forces attacking my mind and faith, were mimicking the conviction of the Holy Spirit (But the difference was that, there was no scriptural backing like the Holy Spirit- if it is the Holy Spirit, he will refer you to a scripture). As I prayed, the Lord revealed to me that it was actually the devil and his cohorts that were fighting to derail me from the will of God. And that I should remove my mind from any magic cure or quick fix formula… Then as I meditated on the word, a scripture quickly came to my mind to fight the good fight of faith, which I have already professed a good profession amongst so many witnesses (1 Timothy 6:12). As I got that, I sat down and started speaking in tongues for hours until finally those strongholds of the enemy against my marital destiny, were pulled down by the power of the Holy Ghost. But then, just as the Lord revealed to me, the battle hasn’t been a one night stand affair… The enemy and his cohorts have kept on contending for my faith concerning my marriage since then, and I have always been defeating them (by the grace of God). By standing on the voice of God and spending quality time in prayers (especially praying in other tongues). And at every instance, after my prayers, I’ll feel the power of God, go through my mind and practically clean up all the binding powers of the enemy, and I’ll be freed. As a matter of fact, the last episode just took place yesterday night during my time of personal prayers before going to bed. So What’s The Essence of My Story? I’m sharing this my experiences, to underscore the fact that for every revelation of God’s perfect will to any believer, the deceiver and his cohorts will be out to contend. They will fight the believer to ensure he misses out on God’s best and suffers the consequences. As a matter of fact, so many believers, including ministers of the gospel, have been defeated so much along this line of the fight of faith. They will pray for God to give them something or a blessing… Then as God blesses them, the devil comes along with his strategies and accusations against the believer, and before long, he loses it. He loses out of fear, self-righteousness, religious dogmas and unbelief. Many a time, the devil uses human agents to get believers to lose out on God’s best for their lives… For instance, there are people who have given up on spiritual gifts just because people criticized them. Women have also rejected ministerial calls from God as a result of religious dogmas that says women should not preach in the Church. Such, was the experience of Maria Woodworth Etter, who got a call from God to go into the ministry, but refused as a result of religious dogmas. And as a result of her disobedience, she lost her children and husband and almost lost her life too, before accepting to answer the ministerial call. And when she did, she became God’s powerhouse. So when we receive a blessing or an assignment from God, let’s be aware, that our faith must be tried alongside. Both by the devil and humans- but God does not expect us to give in to pressure, criticism, fear and unbelief, and disobey him… Instead, he expects us to resist and overcome every trials of faith and obey him and enjoy his blessings. As the trial of your faith gets fiercer, both from the devil and men (even from those in authority), to be able to stand, get back to your Bible, and spend quality time in prayers of inquiries before God, through the Holy Spirit. And as you do that, you will always come out triumphant. You will no longer be swayed by every wind of doctrine. You will no longer be confused and lose out on God’s blessings. Jesus said, in him we’ll have peace, but in the world we’ll have tribulation, but that we should be of good cheer, because he had overcome the world for us (John 16:33). Then again, the scriptures says, whatsoever is born of God, overcomes the world, and the victory that overcomes the world is our faith (1 John 5:4). Hence, God is aware of our battles of faith and he expects us to always win and never lose out to the devil and any of his cohorts. So from today on-wards, receive the grace to always win your battles of faith in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Remain Blessed! Emeke Odili
  17. “A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world”—John 16:21 Some years back, as I was faced with a very strong trial that pressed me to the wall, with no help in view from anywhere- humanly speaking- God gave me a very great revelation from the above scripture. The revelation sprang out of the above scripture, as I reluctantly opened my Bible and studied (in my moment of melancholy). And since I caught this very revelation, I have always seen God confirm it to me, in every tough situation I find myself. From the above scripture, the Lord opened my eyes of faith to understand, that each time I have exercised my faith concerning a particular situation or challenge, with nothing showing up, till the point where believing becomes almost or totally impossible… To the point where even doubt and dismay and hopelessness begins to set in- just like a laboring woman in travail- the hour of glory and miracle has come. That is, in such a time: you have prayed; you’ve fasted; you’ve sown your seeds; in short, you’ve done all you know to do scripturally, with nothing to show… To the extent you’re pressed to the wall. And you feel like, you’re better-off dead than alive, because of the straitness of your challenges. Just have it at the back of your mind that your moment of miracle, is very close to the door. Since I caught this very revelation and have always been watching out for the hand of God, when I’m pressed to the wall, I have always seen God move in my direction in the most astonishing and aghasting ways. Let me just share a recent testimony to buttress what I’m saying: Early last year, while I was in my former relationship, for which we had a great prospect for marriage, the Lord spoke to me audibly (with a small still voice), just before I awoke from my sleep. He said; “Emeke, your marriage is next year. Choose a date for next year”. Immediately after that, I awoke from my sleep, with a conviction of the Holy Spirit in my heart. Then I began to think how I was going to explain it to my ex-fiancé then. But all the same, I had to tell her, knowing very well the implication of disobeying the voice of God. As I told her, we agreed on a date for this year. But eventually, as providence will have it, as we continued along the line, we had a disagreement along doctrinal lines, and eventually deemed it fit to discontinue the relationship. We finally did, and were happier apart. Then eventually, by the end of last year, she took ill, and after much treatments, she died (quite a pity). Then as for me, because of the word of the Lord I received, I had been trying all I could with prayers to get the right person to marry. But all my efforts and relationships since then, had proved abortive. Even the ones that proved ideal, the Holy Spirit would step in, and lead me out of them for good. Because they were not the perfect will of God for me. I continued relentlessly, until I got fagged out last month, and just concluded that, may be God has changed his mind. That if he still wants me to be married this year as he said, let him work everything out himself. But then, as I relaxed into that passive state, I just decided to collect the phone number of my neighbor’s sister-which they have been asking me to marry- in order to see if anything worthwhile could work out between us. As I started out wooing her, one of the nights, during my personal prayer session before going to bed, I prayed concerning the girl, asking the Lord, for his will concerning my marrying her. After praying, I slept, and very early in the morning, I awoke from sleep, still lying on my bed. As I laid on the bed, the thought of the girl I was wooing, came to my mind. But then, almost immediately, a word concerning my female best friend (Joy) just jumped to my mind. It went something like this: “Joy likes you so much”. Immediately, I got that, I understood what it meant in my spirit, but I quickly waved it off. I waved it off because there were certain things I didn’t want to put up with her- though I had the nudge of the Spirit that she is the person God wants me to marry… I put the thought off until I got the complete and final conviction of the Holy Ghost, that she is God’s perfect will for me. As I got that final conviction, I called her and shared my revelations with her, and she has accepted to marry me. And we’ll be marrying before the end of this year, according to the word of the Lord to me last year. And deep down my spirit, I am totally persuaded that our marriage, is going to be eternally hitch-free. In short, it is going to be a heaven on earth experience all the way, by the special grace of God. So if there is anything you’ve been believing God for, with no result to show yet, and you’ve even started to doubt and dismay, I encourage you to pick up your faith again, and be very expectant. Because your miracle is so very very close. It will happen in a twinkling of an eye. It will happen in one fell swoop, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Remain Blessed! Emeke.
  18. “Whoredom and wine and new wine take away the heart. My people ask counsel at their stocks, and their staff declareth unto them: for the SPIRIT OF WHOREDOMS hath caused them to err, and they have gone a-whoring from under their God…”-Hosea 4: 11-12 The spirit of whoredoms is the spirit of sexual perversion. It is also the spirit of spiritual perversion-Idolatry. And it is one the most effective spirit that the devil has been using for ages to draw men to their utter destruction. Both in this life and hell (Hades). Some months back, as I logged out of my yahoo mail, right on the yahoo homepage, I saw a news published with the picture of two ladies, with one of them pregnant and the second one- with her hair cut as a man-acting as the husband… In short, according to the publication, they said she is actually the husband. And after reading through the publication, I was like; “Oh my God… this people should be dead and buried- instead of living below the level animals”. I thought to myself, “Even animals knows better than to mount on the same sex instead of the opposite sex”. And to learn that this unimaginable taboo has been legalized in some prominent countries of the world, I just say to myself; “Oh dear Lord, do something”. Now the above scenario, is the extreme level of the manifestation of this evil spirit- the spirit of whoredoms. Then the other manifestations of this evil spirit that I believe are almost as wicked as the above taboo are: incest, adultery, fornication, masturbation, etc... Now, as much as this spirit is very wicked and destructive in its maneuvers and strategies, the individual that it manifests through, is ultimately responsible for his/her actions. Because if they don’t permit it, it will not come. And that is whether the person is a Christian or not. And that is why God Judges the individual for his/her action. Before this evil spirit can take ahold of an individual to commit whoredoms or immoralities, the individual opens up to it through vain imaginations, corrupt thoughts, consumption of corrupt materials, such as: Pornography, corrupt TV shows/movies, keeping of immoral relationships, reading of corrupt and wrong publications. And that is why, if someone is to be completely delivered from this evil spirit, it is not just a question of casting out the spirit of whoredoms that oppresses, obsess and possess the perpetrator- but much more of shutting the doors through which the evil spirit gains entrance into the person in question. For instance, if someone is enslaved in chronic fornication by the spirit of whoredoms, and the individual is a Christian, he can personally get himself delivered by confessing to God and casting out the evil spirit by a command of faith. Then after casting out the evil spirit by faith, if his repentance is genuine, then he should make out plans to close every door against the evil spirit- the spirit of whoredoms… If he has a girlfriend (or girlfriends) that help him carry out his acts, he should immediately call them over the phone and terminate the relationships at once. Then he should discipline himself on the kinds of movies or TV shows to see. And if possible, cut off from seeing movies completely- except only Christian movies and teachings. He should cut off all secular music in his possession and play only Christian music. He should get Christian books and other materials that teaches on sanctification. If he is online, he should use restrictive software to protect himself from corrupt websites (I use Blue Coat k9 Web Protector-it is free). Then finally, he should always make out quality time to consistently study the Bible and pray fervently (especially in unknown Tongues), in order to enjoy the continuous infilling and help of the Holy Ghost. Then for the unbeliever, he/she should start by accepting Jesus as Lord and personal Savior- because it is only Jesus that can deliver anyone from the bondage of the spirit of whoredoms. So if you are not yet saved, and you know you’re under the control of the spirit of whoredoms, and you want to be set free as soon as possible, say out this prayer: Lord Jesus, I agree I’m a sinner. But today, I repent of my sins. Wash me with your precious blood and write my name in the lamb’s book of life. Lord, as I have become your son, today, I ask you to set me completely free from the control of the spirit of whoredoms… Thank you for my complete salvation. From now on, I receive the eternal grace to live above immoralities all my life, In Jesus Name! Remain Blessed! Emeke.
  19. “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh-for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ”- 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 From a myopic view or understanding of the above scripture, many Christians have been spending the better part of their time and energy fighting the lesser battles. That is, warring against the devil and his cohorts… Although, they are supposed to wrestle against those forces according to scriptures, but they are supposed to be wrestling from a triumphant position by faith. From scriptures, we understand that Christ has given us victorious authority over the devil and all his cohorts (Lk 10:19); and also, that we are seated together with Christ in heavenly places, far above principalities and powers… And as such, as a true Christian, dealing with the devil or any of his cohorts, shouldn’t take so much time and energy that so many well-meaning Christians spend fighting battles that Christ has already won for us. You know, many a time, we see folks organize an all-night meeting, just to scream on top of their voices for the devil and demons to be cast out. More so, individual Christians spend hours in prayers, fighting against the activities of the devil and his agents- instead of fellowshipping with the Father and the Son through the Holy Ghost... Church leaders spend quality time that is supposed to be used to share the truth of God’s word (that brings true deliverance), to be laying hands on people, and even pushing them around in order to cast out the devils or demons-that most of the time are not there. They lay hands, and get the devil manifesting and getting people to fall, yet the peoples’ lives after all the whole manifestations are not in any way bettered after such a long period of time… All these are the wiles and strategies of the devil to distract and completely get the eyes of the Church from fighting the major battles we are admonished to fight in the opening scripture (2Cor 10:3-5). He gets Christians to focus on fighting with him and his demons so he can be always successfully carrying on with his maneuvers. He gets Christians screaming and sweating at him and his agents instead of using their weapons (the whole armor of God) to cast down vain imaginations; every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God; and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ… Because he knows he can only defeat or oppress a believer in any area of life through their imaginations, thoughts and untamed/unrighteous fleshly desires. Once these doors are properly secured, he must always loose against the believer in any battle of life. The Major Christian Battles From the opening scripture (2 Cor 10:3-5), it is very clear, that the major battles of a Christian, is casting down vain imaginations that always bombard his /her mind every now and then. And bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ… And all these battles we’re supposed to be fighting on daily basis with our mighty spiritual weapons, which are the whole armor of God (Eph 6:13-18)… And also, we’re to always render our bodies as living sacrifices to God and consistently renew our thoughts with the word of God every day and minute (Rom 12:1-2). As we pay the major part of our spiritual attention to the obedience of these scriptural injunctions, dealing with the devil or his demons becomes very very easy. When your body and thoughts are sanctified at all times, each time you sense the devil or demons in any area of your life, a single command of faith, will just be enough to stop them from their maneuvers and strategies… Just like our Lord Jesus, each time you see someone oppressed or obsessed with demons as revealed to you by God, a single authoritative command of faith will dispel them out. And sometime, even with a quiet command… You may not need to shout-He is a small and finished devil. And Christ has given us great authority over him and all his cohorts. And our position in Christ, is far above all principalities and powers (Eph 2:6). But however, rendering our bodies as a living sacrifice, renewing our thoughts and casting down vain imaginations consistently, is discomforting to the flesh, hence, folks prefer the other alternative… That is, allowing their flesh to still have its way (instead of crucifying it); and allowing their thoughts and imaginations to wander as they want- then as an easier fix, they go on screaming and sweating at the devil and evil spirits… Then sometimes, they can go to someone to be helping them cast out evil spirits, even when the devil is not connected to their problems at all in any way. Many a time, what these folks who doesn’t want to take the responsibility of obedience to God’s word, call demonic activities are merely works of the flesh, which they fail to discipline themselves to let go. For instance, someone is into seeing pornographic movies and consequently into masturbation, then instead of disciplining his flesh and eyes to stop seeing such obscene movies, he consistently runs to a pastor to get evil spirits of masturbation cast out of him, and after the exorcism session, he continues with it, blaming it on the devil. All these are all self-deception. If you take a strong stand against any unrighteous habit with the whole armor of God, including prayers, you can live above sin, and consequently enjoy your authority against the devil and his cohorts sweatlessly. I see you getting into that realm of supernatural authority against every evil forces, all your life, as you take responsibility to fight the right Christian battles, from now onwards, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Remain Blessed! Emeke
  20. Well, it's a personal choice. I saw it in the word and will of God. So I'm going to continue to enjoy them cos its my inheritance in Christ Jesus and I can't leave them on the table like so many folks do. And on the other better side, why don't you ask God to transfer your own portion of honor and glory to me since you don't want them. God honors and glorifies his children so he can ultimately be glorified in them. Even in paradise, that's how it is also going to be. As Christ's Glory is lighting the city, our glory as well will be shining as well (Rev says the kings of the earth (like us) will bring their glory or light to that city). The Glory of the Almighty God will be as the sun while ours will be as the star (in analogy). So he is the King of Glory, but then, he also glorifies his Children who walk and live in Holiness. At the end of it all, he is glorified in all.
  21. Well, every point I made are from scriptural revelations, so if you're having issues with it, I'll just say, "bless your heart"...
  22. “Even as David also describeth the BLESSEDNESS of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works, saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin”—Romans 4:6-8 Blessedness is from the Greek word “Makarismos”, meaning- beatification- that is, attribution of good fortune. In ordinary language, it means: Fortune, Enjoyments and benefits… Then holiness, is the empowerment to do right. Hence, by “The Blessedness of Holy Living”, I mean- the benefits or the fortunes that accrues the man who is wholly committed to holy living. Some time ago, in the barbing salon where I used to go and cut my hair, there was a young man I knew, who was also one of the barbers there… Each time I went there, most of his conversations were centered on girls. Then on one of such days, as he was passionately discussing about girls, I interjected; “Is it only women you ever talk about?” and his reply was; “Is there any other thing sweeter than women?”… When I heard that, (in my heart) I was like- oh my God! Then I explained to him, that there are so much more fun-far sweeter than women in serving God (in spirit and truth through a commitment to absolute holiness- by the implication of what I told him). Then with time, I shared some of my personal testimonies with him and even invited him to Church. Although after all my frantic efforts to get him to Church and converted, he never repented- but I pray that God will arrest him one day… Now the young man I just related his story, is an unbeliever. But more disheartening is the fact that right inside the church these days, many folks are still so much dipped in sin and carnality in much the same way as the unbelieving young man I just related his story above. And as a result, they have been missing out on so much blessings that accrues holy living. Even more gnawing is the fuel of unrighteousness that is being added by these ‘appropriated righteousness’ preachers… The folks who preach people into assuming forgiveness, instead of consciously repenting and asking for forgiveness; each time they sin so their iniquities can be forgiven and their sins can be covered; just as the scripture stipulates in 1 John 1:8-9. And as a result, these deluded folks (with their hearts caked with unconfessed sins) go to God with ‘bold-face’, instead of boldness that comes from true commitment to holy living… Hence, this article seeks to point out scripturally the blessedness of Holy Living so anyone interested can clean up his or her hands and heart accordingly… What Then Are The Blessedness of Holy Living? 1. Supernatural Peace: When holiness is your lifestyle, you enjoy divine peace- Psalms 119:165- The kind of peace that only Jesus can give. He said, my peace I give unto you, not as the world (things of this world) giveth… John 14:27- but it is accessible only through absolute holiness. 2. Divine Protection—Romans 1:3-4: When holiness is your lifestyle, you enjoy divine power which supernaturally protects you from every evil incursion of the enemies. You know, Jesus said, he has given us power over all the powers of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt us (Lk 10:19). But yet, so many believers lack this power because of outright unrighteousness. And as a result, the devil has been having a filled day in their lives. 3. Glory- Exodus 15:11- Glory means- Divine decoration or beautification. When holiness is your lifestyle, you move with an aura that commands honor, favor and dignity- regardless of what you have or not. For instance, even if I put on rag to anywhere in my milieu (neighborhood and the rest) I will still be honored. Holiness amongst several other things, attracts wisdom, boldness, divine health and commands love from all and sundry. The Bible says, when a man’s ways pleases God, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him- Prov 16:7. So pray to God, to empower you for holiness; and also be practically committed to holy living. Because after your empowerment by God, the onus is on you to practice righteousness. Remain Blessed, in Jesus Holy Name! Emeke.
  23. Some years back, after reading Benny Hinn’s “Good Morning Holy Spirit”, I received a very tangible and powerful anointing. The feeling of the anointing, all over my body made me think that as I preach or pray for people, they would be slain in the Spirit… But surprisingly, as I preached and prayed for people in my public ministrations, no one was falling under the anointing. Then one day, as I was going to my business place, walking along the road, I asked God; “what is the essence of this anointing? I don’t understand, because no one is falling”. Then, as if someone was talking to me, I heard the authoritative voice of the spirit, speak to my spirit; “This is the Anointing for Exploit”. And since then, I have been dominating in every areas of life. On that note, we continue with the features of the spirit of faith, from where I stopped in my last thread (The Spirit of Faith). The Spirit of Faith is a Domineering Force-Heb 11:32-33; Isaiah 45:1-The spirit of faith, enables a believer to dominate in every ventures and milieu of life. Both spiritually and physically. In other words, it turns the believer, into a man/woman of exploits. For instance, I believe that every neighborhood I find myself, I’m above all the evil forces operating in that territory. It is this particular faith that enables me to often make my boast in the Lord, that I’m above all the devilish deities and witches in my village. The Spirit of Faith is a Restful Force- Heb 4:9-11: The spirit of faith puts the believer in a restful state of heart and mind- concerning any issue of life. It totally eradicate worries from the life of the believer. It enables the believer, to truly humble himself before the Lord, by casting all his cares on the Lord- as the word of God admonishes us in the book of 1Peter 5:6-7. The Spirit of Faith is a Violent Force- Matthew 11:12: When the spirit of faith is in operation in the life of a believer, it enables him not to take no for an answer- concerning any issue of life. The spirit of faith enables the believer, contend earnestly for the faith that was once delivered to the saint- Jude 1:3… With the operation of the spirit of faith, a believer can take violent action in order to overcome temptation. He will take violent actions (both spiritual and physical) to come out of a controlling power. He will never accept any anti-covenant condition as his destiny. Just like many folks have accepted masturbation and similar ungodly vices as their destinies. For instance, with the operation of the spirit of faith in the life of a lady, who has absolute commitment to righteousness, if she is involved in an intimate relationship with a man- with the prospect of marriage, and the fiancé requests for pre-marital sex, she will tell him off and even end the relationship as fast as possible, without batting an eyelid. The Spirit of Faith is a Patient Force: - The word of God says; “He that believeth shall not make haste” (Isaiah 28:16). So the individual believer, with the spirit of faith operational in his life, never get desperate over anything he is trusting God for. Desperation is a sign of unbelief… The person who is fully persuaded and confident that he will definitely receive what he has prayed for, patiently waits for God to perform his word. He does not easily give up on God. He is relaxed, yet tenacious. He keeps praying and pushing until the answer comes (Lk 18:1-8). So all these among so many other supernatural features, are the attributes of the manifestation of the spirit of faith. So covet it earnestly from the Lord in the mighty name of Jesus. Remain Blessed! Emeke
  24. Well, I've found out that many folks are missing out on God's blessings for the fear of being misled by an evil or familiar spirit. But that need not be. As for me, I don't believe I and any true Christian can ever be misled if they're well informed in matters of the spirit. Jesus said, my sheep hear me and they know my voice. He also said, the voice of a stranger they shall not follow (which means for sure, strangers will speak but we will not follow their voices). All the experiences I have been having are all scripturally based. And by the special grace of God, I can differentiate with utmost precision the voice and Spirit of My Lord and Master from that of the stranger. And I also expect any true christian to be able to differentiate them as well. Because we all have the Holy Spirit in us. And that's why we need the infilling of the Holy Ghost on daily basis. I ask and get filled every day... So let's not be afraid of spiritual experiences, instead we should desire them often. Because Jesus said, the true worshippers will worship God in spirit and truth. Not with powerless gospel, but spiritually empowered truth so there could be result. The Lord Jesus said, the Father seeks such to worship Him--John 4. All you need to do to differentiate between the voice of strangers from God, is to compare the voice or experience with the will of God-the Bible. Then again, find out if the instruction you receive or the experience will glorify God or self. If it is for the glory of God, then that's from God, else if it is for self, that's the voice of a stranger. Emeke
  25. “We having the same SPIRIT OF FAITH, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak”—2 Corinthians 4:13 A few weeks back, as I was rebuking my course mates and friends concerning their sinful lifestyles, one of them asked; “are you righteous?” then I replied; “Yes I am”. Immediately I said that, he and others started fussing at me, for ever saying I’m righteous and holy… But then, I called the one that was very infuriated, and in front of them all, I explained to him- with the above opening scripture, why I said I’m righteous. I told them, I believe God has made me righteous and Holy through Christ. Because the scriptures says, I’m the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus; and after my explanation, they were pacified. Over the years, in my walk with God, I have discovered that no virtue of righteousness pleases God as much as Faith (Heb 11:6). And yet, so many Christian folks emphasize every other virtue, but undermine the indispensable place of Faith (which is the cornerstone of true righteousness)… And as a result, the devil takes undue advantage of them, and they suffer unnecessary defeat in almost every areas of life. Even in the walk of righteousness, which they try and struggle to establish by the energy of the flesh and ‘powerless religion’ (gospel without power). Hence, this article seeks to reveal scripturally the features or the fruits of the operation of the spirit of faith in the life of a believer, so people could seek and ask of it from God… The Attributes of The Spirit Of Faith The Spirit of Faith is a Believing Force: -- Heb 11:1: The number one fruit of the spirit of faith, is that it empowers you for absolute confidence in every revealed truth in the Word of God-The Bible. It enables you walk practically, in the reality of all the truth entrenched in the Bible. The Spirit of Faith is a Speaking Force: -- 2 Corinthians 4:13; Matthew 17:20, Jesus says, “If you have faith, you will SAY…” and the opening scripture (2 Corinthians 4:13) also says; if you believe, you will also speak. So a remarkable attribute of the spirit of faith, is that it pushes you, to boldly speak out what you believe. To this end, anyone who cannot publically proclaim or profess what he/she claims to believe, does not believe enough. For instance, I believe that I have dominion over sin; so therefore, I always proclaim publically that “I live above sin”. I believe Christ have given me power over all the powers of the wicked, hence, I have been publically declaring for years that “all the devils, witches, wizards and occult powers in the whole world, put together, cannot do me anything”… I believe that by the stripes of Jesus, I was healed- so therefore, I always declare boldly that “Till I sleep in the Lord, or till Jesus returns, I can never be sick”. To mention but a few. And since I’ve been declaring them for years, it has been exactly as I have been professing them by the special grace of God. The Spirit of Faith is a Driving Force: Another very important attribute of the spirit of faith, is that it drives you tirelessly to take practical actions in line with what you believe. You know, James says; we cannot say we have faith, without corresponding works (James 2:26). For instance, when I gained admission into the university, I believed I must be among the best students in my department; because the Bible says I shall be the head and not the tail. And as such, I always ensure I dedicate myself to reading by the grace of God. And to the glory of God, presently, I’m one of the best students in my department. So faith is not just an empty confession, it is action based… The Spirit of Faith is a Daring Force:-- Daniel 3:16-18: Finally, as I try to round up this article to continue it in another post, I would want us to understand-amongst so many other features- that the spirit of faith is a daring force. It empowers you to dare the ‘undarable’. And you do that for a righteous course or motive. Just as Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego, dared Nebuchadnezzar to do his worse, when he commanded that everyone must bow to his idol image. It was the manifestation of the spirit of faith, that enabled my pastor- Dr. David Oyedepo (in Nigeria)- to proclaim publically that one million members of the Boko Haram sect can’t do him anything- and indeed they’ve not been able to do him anything since he proclaimed it. It is the operation of this same spirit, that enables me dare any occultic agent that believes what I preach is empty, to come and meet me in my house in the night for a spiritual fight… I have been making that proclamation in many of my public ministrations for years and have been going on victoriously (by the grace of God) because of the operation of the spirit of faith in me. You too still need this righteous spirit in you. So you can dominate every situation of life. So you can begin to treat the devil and all his cohorts with great disdain. So you can begin to live above sin instead of struggling with it. If you desire the spirit of faith, just ask God and he will fill you, instantly in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Remain Blessed!
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