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  1. You don't want tomatoes resting on the ground. when you add the height of the bottle to the height of a full grown plant, they will most likely be on the ground if the bottle is hung from a height of 4 feet.
  2. You know that even Richard Dawkins recognizes the evidence also points to intelligent design which means there must have been a designer, yes?
  3. I think you want it to be higher than 4 feet - you don't want the plants to be that close to the ground. A tomato plant grown that way will be way to close to the ground. You can get poles that are designed to hang plants off of that will work much better.
  4. Well you're entitled to your opinion of course, even if it ignores what is meant by "in general" - which, by definition, is not all inclusive of all protestants. That's why I used "in general" to qualify what I said. enough said.
  5. Fundamenatalists do not have an exclusive claim to, and hold on, sola scriptural. Sola scriptura is held by ALL evangelicals, not just fundamentalists. In fact, sola scriptura is held by protestantism in general, of which evangelicals make up only a part, and fundamentalists make up even a smaller part.
  6. No, what I mean is, it would depend on us being able to live as christians fully the way we are called to live in agape love for each other. That's not happening right now. Maybe someday it could. That does not make it an equal chance compared to now. Remember, I am speaking theoretically.
  7. I'm talking on a theoretical level. I recognize it would not work in practice right now. Could it work one day? Maybe. As I said above, that would depend on us.
  8. That's why it can't work now. But that doesn't mean it could never theoretically work. It would depend on christians if it worked or not.
  9. I suggest you ask the first christians who shared all things in common. Seems to me we have lost something along the way . . .
  10. Well, when people are seeking their own good rather than the good of others, then yes, it would be difficult to tolerate. If we could have a society like that of the early church when all had things in common, and all sought the good of the other, which is what agape love is all about, then such a system would work.
  11. I think if the motivations were to serve God, then everyone would be motivated to have all things in common just as the original christians were, and would be motivated towards the good of their neighbor rather than themselves.
  12. If the leaders are truly following God then they will execute righteous laws and judgment. The form of government is not really the issue. The leaders are.
  13. OK so let's look at this - those these words were spoken to those who were part of the Old Covenant, part of God's people. So they were "in" not "out." That only strengthens my pov, that those in Christ's mouth are genuinely His, part of the New Covenant, part of God's people, part of Christ's body, "in" not "out" - so it doesn't prove your pov. On the contrary, it does quite the opposite.
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