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  1. Naw, I'm last. Hope everyone is well!
  2. Pat, love you bro. I need to focus, but as you know that can be hard at times. I give God the glory and control. Great advice !
  3. Isn't that a conundrum ? It's not a matter of faith, but a matter of growth sir. I want to move forward at some pace, but I realize there are time that my failings hinder His Spirit. I must be there at this point.
  4. Thanks everyone. The walls vary with each of us I guess, depending on our individuality in Christ. Mine has come late in life, surprisingly. It may be a dry season, or simply my own failure to listen as ya'll have suggested ( which I am truly grateful for the input ). For those who asked for something more specific, it seems that my " growth " is stunted. I rejoice in where I am, and will wait on the LORD, but feel that I have been exactly where I am for quite some time. I figure it's my own fault and will pray about it. Again, thank you all for the concern and responses. That alone has given me inspiration to seek what I am lacking.
  5. ...in your life, walk, etc. ? We all know God and His Word is there ( and the Holy Spirit ) , just asking ? I have...
  6. Hi sis. Praying that His Will for you be made known to you.
  7. What are your thoughts and / or feelings on this article brother ?
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