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  1. Dear struggling, you are not alone, to try to figure out how and what do , to get your self to understand and to walk with God, first of all, you need to see that , when you read the bible that you are understanding the way that the lord showed us how we are to conduct our attitude, and behavior, it is like a new moral compass, and so you take, one, book at a time, in the bible and then meditate on it and see what God is showing you in them and then if it tells you to be kind < for example,. then be kind, if it tells you to give to the poor, and the needy ? , then give to the poor and the needy, if there is something you can do for someone, then try to take a little time, or a moment to help someone, and not expecting any thing in return, and then you will see what love is and what God is, and then you read a little more, and try to follow what is good, and if there is some, thing bad or no good, try to make it right, and change it for the good, even if it means to humble your self in a argument with someone, request , to be forgiven , and hold no hate or anger in your heart, and if they do you wrong, do not take, revenge, let it go , for it is a change from the inside out and it starts with practicing, to be a kind compassionate and understanding person, slow to speak , and slow to anger, having patients and smile , for smiling and a calm way will calm others down, for it is all about the changing of the heart and the mind, and always pray , pray for strength , pray for wisdom, and continue, to follow what is right and what is good, get away from bad habits, , and any thing that you know is not good, or that causes problems, to your self ,family and your people around, you , it is acknowledging that God is always there, and even in secret, and when you figure that out, you will change and things around you will change, this is the start of walking with God put on the armor of God and be careful of what you watch or see, and hear or listen too, if garbage goes in, then garbage comes out, in all things, the eyes ,are the windows of the souls, and you need to be guarding them , from things you know are not good, and when you speak, guard your tongue, to not curse, and say things that hurt, and that are mean or hateful, and things that destroy relationships, its best to be silent and think, before saying, or even thinking and praying for strength to be more patient and calm, then to jump and take action spontaneously I hope some of this helps, blessings to you and shalom
  2. hold up? I just answered your post, honestly , you brought it up and I answered, it, with truth and proper scripture ? and it fulfills exactly what you said, please read it ? shalom
  3. I believe we need to figure out the good Christians from the Bad Christians for there is many wolves in sheeps clothing and so when we figure that out, then we can see where the Calvinism,. sits on what fence, I don't think most people understand what they truly believe, for there is too much division, in the denominations of the churches and the sides we all take, in general its become, to confusing ? I think its lack of understanding the scriptures and placing it in our lives correctly ? thank you shalom
  4. that is false teaching the bible states that His return is after the tribulation matthew 24, and so you are rewriting the end ? how can you dismiss this words, out of the mouth of the Son of God, and justify what you have just said ? scripture proves you are incorrect, read matthew,24, its in there ,you cannot state what is not biblical and in order ? it says after the tribulation of those days, then shall they gather ? shalom
  5. this link is false for the bible does not say that the holy spirit is the force, that holds back the antichrist, in fact it condradicts it self ,for the holy spirit never goes away , and is with the saints until the end , the saints in the tribulation during the time, that the antichrist is allowed to over come, the saints for 42 months is clear that the spirit is still there, the correct answer if you read your scripture and understand is Michael the arc angel , when he stands up, this is the power that sits on evil as it , was that Michael the arch angel and his angels fought with satan and his angels, so , the link is wrong and scripture is being falsely put out and so I have to rebuke, that in the name of jesus ,and tell the truth that's what we are called to do , to remove doubt and false teachings and doctrines, that are in conflict with the bible ,the holy spirit cannot leave the saints for it is in them and if it is no longer then ,how do they stand up and show there victory , by death of the blood and there testimony ?even unto death , jesus says I am with you until the end . thank you shalom
  6. I think you all need to read your bibles and understand what the scriptures say , do you fall for that left behind, movie, and not read what the bible says < if you want to be prepared or save any one, then now is the time, to be bold and tell them and if they don't listen to you , then they don't, and if you think , that they will be come, believers and have a second chance. after this is all completely against what the bible says, matthew 24 , if you are not believing this then you have rejected what God is saying, and so Jesus tells us the truth and the facts, and so , the rest is written, and so those in the tribulation those saints that is us, according to the bible if you are still here then you will see that day and will have to make a decision, and its going to be your life and or death , there is no golden yellow ticket out or to holly wood God said endure through this and you will get your rewards, and so I say that the bible is telling us this, and many are refusing Gods word, and so who is teaching another gospel now ? thank you that's my view and its biblical and fact , as it is written so it will be as the BIBLE tells us, do not be deceived> shalom
  7. read what I posted prior it tells it all that I have as my view, and so do you say that all off the old testament is done away with , is this what you would believe, ? that nothing is carried over at all , and so we start over with new rules and avoid what God instructed to the people of old, ? does it state that, ? thank you for responding, shalom
  8. I believe it is not them we have to worry about, it is the focus of the majority and the morals that we tend to pick and choose what is a little sin from what is a huge sin, we need to understand and in general and in truth of scripture, a violation of the littlest Sin is a violation of all of it, and so , where does it start and where does it end is what we ask our selves, for to say this is a greater Sin then me taking a pencil from work, stealing , from another, can we really say honestly that stealing is not as bad as a life style that does not fit into the reproductive way of life, ? I see that many also place items in different baskets, and then label them as such , some over here and some over there, and when we need to see that there is no gray area and there is no in between we have the saved and the non saved , the righteous and the unrighteous the dark and the light , and what does the righteous have with unrighteousness, ? we cannot pick and choose what we believe is of others when we are to deal with and to examine our selves on our fallen short of the glory of God, for we all have our faults, and I have my share, but the moral codes and life in form is about Love and being morally understanding and knowing to do right then to do wrong, if you believe you are being watched or not, it is the honesty that we do all things in the humbleness of the spirit , and that we cannot change everything, but we can be responsible= for our own actions and to reflect Gods love from the inside out, until others see the love of God and glorify him in the highest, and give praise to God that is worthy , it seems that as the days get closer, we are starting to live in the tribulations and the out come, of the curses of Sin we have been talking about all these years, if you say we are not already entered in to the trials and tribulations of our faith , then we have deceived our selves to say its going to get better and we will not be subjected to this, and that's satans preaching , and deception, that we are taking, God said you will have tribulation, and those that endure until the end shall be saved, so its time to start enduring, for as child birth the pains get closer and stronger together and then its here the end of all ends sop do not think I come to bring peace, but a sword, Jesus said these things I tell you so when you do see it, that He warned us, and we are to be strong and endure , endure , and endure until the end of our time, blessings and shalom
  9. that is not going to happen, the bible says after the tribulation in matthew, 24 and so let us follow what Jesus has said and not add words that it does not , 'we are going to face a lot more then the differences of life style, and people are not prepared for it ,wishing, they believe they get out of dodge pass, is not happening, , this is truth and the bible states this, not me,? thank you for listening shalom
  10. so you are saying it is not in effect any more ?, and I should not ask , what it is like ? really , I think you have contracdicted your self all in one chapter, you just confused me, so Ezra do you believe that tongues is used today , and it edifys the church ? and in what way , and why do some, have it personally to them selves, and others don't, I do not see how this is to be realistic, and a reasonable answer, it is not correct ? the church or members have it or they don't, I would like to know if this is in effect true today , and if so , how does it work, and helps people and church? I see you want to follow and go against what I am saying , and I don't know what your agenda is ? could you explain how you believe to be right all the time,? and I am wrong just for asking questions,? that are valid and full of substance ? you are trying to push your own views, and its about what the bible is saying ,? peace
  11. that was a really good statement and true , I agree with you 100% and my thoughts also , thank you for that , shalom
  12. making of disciples, from the apostles it is given and then to those, that are able to be disciples, example, you go to any church , and see that many people continue to sit every week and continue to listen and get milk, but will not go out and share the word of God, you get a hand ful of the majority , and this is proven that many go and only a few will follow through , so do those that just come to listen and warm the bench, , are they disciples, are they saved, are they following the instruction, what happens to those people ? I would love to hear your answer, I will give you another, someone that knows the bible and can tell you all about it , and does not use it or share with others, what is there standing , in the eyes of God, are they rejecting to be disciples, ? I think you are not seeing the whole picture, , you believe that every one, every single person is going to go out and preach the gospel ? you have some, leaders and then you have followers, some can only take, milk , and only a few will take, on the meat , and potatoes so tell me, what you think , ? we are not all made out to be preaching the word, , just like not every one, is a rocket scientist ? thank you
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