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  1. My mum is the traditonal catholic. I am raised catholic too. My dad isn't. He's baptist and as my mum calls it, protestant. My dad cheated on my mum and wasn't really treating her nice. They are still together though as my mum believes that separation and divorse is a sin. Now my boyfriend and I wanted to get married. He's a protestant too and unfortunately to my mum's dismay. She wanted me too get married in catholic church or else I'll go to hell. I personally just wanted a christian, non catholic wedding as i don't want to put an issue on our different religion. Afterall, we believe in the same God. And for me, religion only causes division and useless fights as i have seen between my parents. My mum is still so bitter and miserable with her marriage that she stereotypes non catholic as not good people. Therefore she expresses her disapproval on me marrying the one i love outside the catholic church as it is a sin. But is God that shallow? I dont really know how to reply to posts. But im 29,boyfie is 30. We both have jobs and i dont live with my parents anymore. I have migrated to another country. I dont have a house yet (we are still saving) but i pay my own rent and bills.
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