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  1. It's not one I would watch again either.
  2. I meant to say "Being a member of the RCC does NOT give you a golden ticket to Heaven." I left a word out which was in my head but never made it to my computer. It seems like you were able to figure out what I was trying to say. Thanks for the information on her brother. Do you think this has influenced her stance on any issues?
  3. God bless you and thank you for your service. I'm glad you're getting some help from New Mexico.
  4. If I remember right, Laura Ingraham is a Roman Catholic. I believe the Roman Catholic position in marriage is the same as most conservative Christians. I don't know her brother's religious beliefs. Some RC are Christian, some are not. Being a member of the RCC does NOT give you a golden ticket to Heaven. Having listened to her radio program and watching her on Fox, I'm not sure she would qualify as a Christian as we non-Papists define the position. Neither would her brother. But it's not my decision. I am only given my opinion. [I am a former RC.]
  5. It seems like every knife designer has their own philosophy on knife serrations. These range from: Benchmade; Chris Reeve; CRKT (including Veff serrations); ESEE; Spyderco; etc. BladeHQ has a good write up on serrations on their website. One thing I glossed over in my rewrite of my original post. The handle is real important to me because of my psoriatic arthritis. It is important how the knife feels in my hand, and whether I can easily reach the controls etc. I don't want sharp edges that cut into my hand while I'm using it, and I don't want my knife to be too smooth. My stilettos are a bit too smooth for EDC, so I just keep them as collector pieces. For me, a maximum folding knife length is just under 4.00" and over 3.00". EDC knives between 3.25" and 3.75" seem to be the sweet spot for me.
  6. Number 4-5 is not like a switchblade. I have switchblades and they are entirely different. Switchblades are operated by a button typically. They also sometimes have a secondary lock to keep the blade from opening while in your pocket. Some assisted opening knives have locks to keep them from opening accidentally, some do not. If the blade tip is down in the pocket, I see these locks as a nuisance. I do have some knives with the blade tip up in the pocket. I worked with another engineer who preferred this configuration because he used the seam of his pants to open the knife via the flipper as he was pulling it out. This is hard on the clothing if you practice retrieval. But he typically carried an OTF Knife (Out the Front). His was spring assisted but they can be had in slide button configurations also. These knives are as legal as box cutters as far as I know, but they are bulky. I don't have any of these. Since the state I live in trusts me to carry concealed or open carry firearms and I do. I am not restricted in the number of rounds I carry or how I carry. My state has removed restrictions on automatic knives. There's no restriction on blade length or means of carry. So my rights to self defense are not restricted. Times have changed because of the slanted reporting by the lame stream media. One of my first knives was given to me by my parochial school for 8th grade graduation. It was an assisted partially open pocket knife. It took two hands to open the 2" blade to fully open position. That was in 1964. How times changed. Don't know what a gravity knife is. Because of psoriatic arthritis, I prefer assisted opening knives using a flipper like #4 above, with the blade tip down in my pocket. CRKT has some unusual locking, patented mechanisms that allow for safe tip up carry. I have several of these. I do have a few thumb stud open only knives and these are ones I've tried out to see if they fit my hand and allow for opening with my swollen arthritic finger joints. I've only cut myself once and that was recently. I have an old Case two-bladed knife that slipped as I was trying to open it and stabbed the palm of my left hand and cut my right hand finger in two places. I still don't know how I did all that with one partially open blade of my old Case knife. I'll stick with assisted openers from now on. Menacing? What makes a pocket knife more menacing than your ordinary kitchen steak knife? Are you more concerned about folding knives than fixed blade knives? Does size matter? What about Japanese Samurai swords?
  7. This doesn't make any sense. I don't understand the rationale the US Supreme Court used to arrive at this decision.
  8. Glass Breaker - Great to have on an Everyday Carry Knife (EDC) Seat Belt Cutter - Comes in handy for more than seat belts. Belt Clip - This type of clip fits on the belt and keeps the knife nearly invisible in the pocket. Flipper - The knife is spring-assisted, so the flipper needs only a small incentive to open the blade. Flipper - This is the flipper with the blade open. Knife Blade Point/Shape - There are a variety of knife points like: Tanto, Clip Point, Spear Point, Drop Point, etc. You want a blade thick enough to not break at the tip. Also, the blade itself comes in a variety of shapes: from thin like a Stiletto to thick like a Gut Hook. Stud Opener - Some knives, assisted and non-assisted, can be opened with a thumb stud one handed. Always nice to have that option. Handle - Knife handles come in a variety of materials from G-10, Aluminum, wood, Pearl, etc. This particular blade does not have serrations. Serrations, saw backs, etc. on the blade serve a variety of purposes.
  9. I don't know for sure. It had its own thread title probably under sports or collecting.
  10. Yes, that's the post. I just tried to explain the features of my favorite type of everyday carry knife. Now, the whole thread is gone! The particular knife I used for illustration purposes is an inexpensive ($10) but well designed EDC knife.
  11. There was a topic on knives and I posted to it last night. Today it is gone. Where did it go?
  12. National Treasure National Treasure: Book of Secrets
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