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  1. Saved.One.by.Grace


    I've always liked the looks of the Enfield and its history. I've looked at them but I really don't have a natural place to shoot it. But without a job and looking at bankruptcy, I think my gun buying days maybe over ... at least for awhile. I'm fortunate to have bought some CZs before I lost my job.
  2. Saved.One.by.Grace

    Musings in regard to Hell

    I prefer not to muse about Hell. I have and will have too many friends there.
  3. Saved.One.by.Grace

    fluid overload and swollen arms

    God be with your mom, in Jesus name.
  4. Saved.One.by.Grace


    Update: I found out only today that my health insurance was cancelled by the company that I gave 11 years to, the day after I was terminated. So at age 69 me and 66 my wife, we are living on the edge. Also, my life insurance and her life insurance were also cancelled the same day. I've never had a company treat me like this that I've given all I have. I can't help at 69 years old, I can't keep up with a 20 something technical worker. My wife's worried about my memory, but I'm worried about hers. I do get sidetracked a lot easier than ever before. I did a Internet IQ test and I dropped about 10 points, I'm okay with that as long as that part of my brain is filled with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We are working on contingency plans, Plan A, B, C ...
  5. Saved.One.by.Grace

    Mental Illness

    Please, for your health, do this under a doctor's guidance and much, much, prayer. God by with you.
  6. Saved.One.by.Grace

    Suspicion Against Scientists?

    Source: NOAA Manipulated Climate Records Even scientists agree that climate records were manipulated.
  7. Saved.One.by.Grace

    Second Thoughts

    Source: https://www.lifenews.com/2017/06/09/she-was-considering-aborting-her-triplets-then-this-happened/ Janey is due to give birth to the triplets – two girls and a boy – within the next two months, he said. Dalton said the pregnancy center has been open for 10 years and has helped save 2,345 babies and moms from abortion in that time. He said they give God “all of the credit and glory” for helping them help mothers and babies in Rolla. Rolla is my old home town when I was finishing up my engineering degree.
  8. Saved.One.by.Grace

    Coyotes, problem

    I've seen coyotes around in my neighborhood. Because we have small dogs, they are never left outside unsupervised. I'm also wary of birds of prey which are plentiful here in Indiana and at our former home in Missouri.
  9. Saved.One.by.Grace


    I am. I've been laid off before because of financial issues within companies I worked for. Every company I've been laid off from and one I resigned from have asked me back. That made the separation much more palatable. In fact, I did work for one company twice. Great people to work for and with; financial matters did it in. That will not occur with the company I was just separated from. This separation was personal, biased, discriminatory and unethical. I've been to the EEOC but they would not help. Time to move on.
  10. Saved.One.by.Grace

    More Strange than Funny

    Funny thing is, they were washed and refrigerated.
  11. Saved.One.by.Grace


    I've been laid off before, but this is the first time I've ever been singled out like this. The company is going through a reorganization and my experience was not and was not going to be a good fit. In the politically culture companies have become, one's Christian faith must be cautiously proclaimed.
  12. Saved.One.by.Grace


    It wasn't pleasant. I was flanked by the two men in suits with the company man behind. I was "escorted" from the second floor of one building through the cafeteria to the parking garage, 3rd floor. Your prayers are very much appreciated. I forgot to mention, they gave me a paper to sign and it took me several times for me to sign my name because my hands were shaking so bad.
  13. Saved.One.by.Grace


    The stress I was under at work was affecting everything I did. It felt like I had a constant weight on my chest, like a baby elephant sitting on me. So, I just tried to simplify as much as I could.
  14. Saved.One.by.Grace


    I've been to the EEOC because of my opinion I was the victim of age discrimination but they were no help at the time. Of course my company denied it. I was placed in a position that my 40+ years of engineering experience were negated. It was a process centric position, not results oriented. The process became more important than the customer. I was at another local plant when my boss called me on my personal phone at told me I was late for a meeting at the home office. I came back and met my boss and HR at a conference room where they told me I was being terminated immediately. I was not allowed to go back to my work area or my locker. God prepared me the day before by telling me to take my empty backpack with me and leave my laptop computer in my locker. I am 5'-7" tall and weigh 166 lbs. They "outsourced" my exit from the building with two guys in dark blue suits, white shirts and bright red ties along with one other person from corporate security. The smallest of the three men was about 6'-6" 260 lbs plus. The guys in suits looked like former Seals or Rangers and I suspect they were armed. The third guy was the same build but appeared to be a company employee. What did they think I was going to do? I did point my finger at my boss once but it wasn't loaded. As I was going through my backpack in front of them when my boss says he wanted to see what was in one particular pocket. I pulled out the entire contents which consisted of one NASB Bible. I then said, never go anywhere without it. No one acknowledged my comment. Previously he asked to see what was in my small hard case in my backpack. I opened it up and showed him my eyeglass cleaning cloths and spray. On the way as I was escorted out, I said you guys didn't need to dress up for me. The suit I said that to said this was everyday attire for him. I'm still kinda numb from the experience.
  15. Saved.One.by.Grace


    After 11 years with the same company, I was fired on Halloween. So at 69 years age, I will be looking for at least a part-time job either engineering or something completely different. When I read about ayin jade's problems, mine seem so insignificant.