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  1. Saving Christianity in Europe

    Source: Orban Patriotic Alliance Is it too late?
  2. This is something I want to get into this spring/summer/fall as the weather permits. I have a several telephotos with my Canon DSLR and a Celestial telescope I haven't used much. I stumbled upon this website which may encourage others to follow suite. Source: Catching the Light
  3. Some museums do not allow you to use a flash. But by changing the ISO setting from 100 (daylight) to 400 (indoor available light), you can get some nice shots without violating any museum rules. With film photography, I'd then balance the ISO 400 film with an 80A/80B for tungsten lighting, or FLD for fluorescent lighting. I haven't learned yet whether or not I have to do this with digital photography. You can do a lot with software enhancement of RAW images afterward. So when I was shooting film at the Huntington Library/Botanical Gardens/Museum in Huntington Beach California, I had my ISO 400 film pushed to 800. I got great pictures inside of Gainsborough's Blue Boy and others inside, and good pictures outside except where the sky was concerned. I took a picture of a bird on a tall cactus and the cactus and bird turned out fine, but the sky was washed out. I don't remember if I was using a polarizer or not, and I definitely wasn't using a neutral density filter. It would probably corrected the sky color. I was using a Minolta SRT 102 at the time with manual settings for aperture and shutter control. I had about 1 year of experience shooting 35mm at the time. Experience is the best teacher sometimes.
  4. No baseball fans here?

    I am pleased with the changes the Cardinals made and the one's they didn't make. The outfield is set, the starting pitching is tentatively set barring injury, and the infield provides the flexibility to play Martinez everyday, if he shines in Spring Training as I expect. Our SS and 2nd baseman should be everyday players. Relief pitching will sort itself out.
  5. firearms

    The original CZ P-07 magazines had 16 rd 9mm mags with the same internals as the 40. Getting 16 rds. in a P-07 proved to be a Herculean effort. So CZ beefed up the internals common for both the 9mm and the .40. Now the CZ P-07 handles 15 rounds of 9mm or 12 rounds of .40 flawlessly. Looking forward to my next range visit.
  6. firearms

    I recently bought a CZ 9 mm, a P-07 in 9 mm. I'd love to have the same gun, P-07, 09, 10 or a 2075 RAMI in .40 S&W. I'd also like the CZ 97B in .45 ACP. But I can't buy everything. Any improvements in bullet design will eventually find there way into other calibers. I use multiple calibers, 10 or more for pistol calibers, and 3 rifle calibers. For .40 S&W or even the .357 Sig, there's so many pluses to them with respect to self defense that I'm n0t at all concerned. Shot placement means more to me.
  7. Learning Other Languages

    I speak a particular dialect of dog called Pomeranian. Does that count?
  8. Well, I'm going to answer my own question but first a little background. ISO stands for International Standards Organization and it refers to the industry norm for sensitivity of emulsion based film, with 100 ISO being not so sensitive (and the standard ISO used by most people) to 1600 ISO which is extremely sensitive to light. Based on my own practical experience shooting film, I used an ISO film setting of 100 (typically daylight) and an ISO setting of 400 for indoors where light is not as bright. You can compensate if you have the "wrong" film rating in your SLR by using ND (neutral density) filters to adjust your available light to your film. You can also "push" film to a higher ISO setting with special processing. I had to do this a few times pushing ISO 400 film to 800 and beyond and obtained excellent results. If you have two camera bodies with two different films, that's another way to compensate. A third way is via a bounce flash. I always bounced my flash to eliminate redeye on portraits. There are other ways to eliminate redeye, but this is what I did for the 20+ years of shooting film. For those really adventurous there is always IR film. I haven't shot a lot of B&W film but I believe in will allow the film to be "pushed" beyond color film. Pushing film can cause increasing graininess especially when pushed beyond 2x. Anybody seeing anything wrong please correct me. Also, feel free to ask questions anytime which I will answer to the best of my ability, as an amateur photographer. So we arrive at ISO settings on DSLR cameras. The beauty of digital photography, and is the ability to change your ISO setting for each shot. In film photography, you set the ISO setting for your whole roll of film and cannot change it or push individual shots. What this means is, should you come across a situation where you are in low light and cannot use flash, you can just up the ISO settings to 800, 1600 or even 3200 making the sensor a lot more sensitive to light, and fire away knowing the images will come out OK. There's no way to do this on film photography, the whole roll is at the same ISO, pushed or not. I'll leave it there for now. Just remember, the higher ISO number, the more sensitive it is to light. With all this in mind, I wonder the usefulness of ND filters for digital cameras. I'll have to read up on that.
  9. firearms

    I have roughly ten handguns in .40 S&W. I prefer it over 9 mm, but I do like .45 ACP too. .40 ammo will continue to be available as long as people like me buy it. The 9 mm round has only become the bullet du jour because of bullet design. What's to say that the .40 cannot re-emerge as the round of choice. Police departments may be switching back to 9 mm because of its marginal improvement in recoil to satisfy the weak wristed. .357 Sigs are still sold and they have an even smaller share of the bullet market. For self-defense, my cartridge choice begins with .4x. CZ's catalog still shows some .40 S&W offerings. So far, I've stuck with 7.62x25 and 9 mm. The police and military don't always make the wisest choices when it comes to caliber.
  10. firearms

    Which is the easier to reload?
  11. Google knows all

    You might try DuckDuckGo.com as an alternative. That's what I use most of the time. The order of search results may be different than Google's.
  12. The Spanish Lake Ongoing Tragedy

    More info on the HBO Documentary.
  13. The Spanish Lake Ongoing Tragedy

    Source: Toxic Nuclear Waste in Missouri [Warning, the pictures included are somewhat graphic] Because my wife and I lived nearby in St. Charles, MO, and had friends who lived and worked in the area, we feel it's past time this area gets some national attention. I am glad to see President Trump has made this cleanup a priority, which is more than the empty promises of former President Obama. There's an HBO special airing this month detailing the deaths and pleas for help. Bill Gates owns 37% if Republic Waste Management which was responsible for the disposal and reclamation of the waste. He couldn't be reached for comment neither could the government officials like Senator Claire McCaskill and others. If you have HBO, please view the documentary. If not, there is information online. The article I quoted from shows what happened to a woman's son over a short period of time. Meagan Beckermann of Spanish Lake talks about the recent miscarriage of her daughter and about her eight-year-old son, Trevor, who has alopecia, as she speaks at an EPA public listening session in October. [Warning, the pictures are somewhat graphic] These people need our prayers and people need to be held accountable.
  14. It's not like we can control the weather. Source: The sun to grow dimmer! It's not like we can do anything about this either. Shall we start building our version of Ringworld?
  15. Source: Ohio Police Officers Killed What is happening to this country?