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  1. Saved.One.by.Grace


    I have been a part of miracles, I've seen miracles, I have seen and felt the power of prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit. God be with you, hear your prayers and the many Christians here who call you more than just a friend, and heal you in Jesus name. I will add my prayers to the many others. You are an integral part of God's plan ... don't let worry wear you down. You have an army of Christians behind you. In Jesus name.
  2. Saved.One.by.Grace


    The CZ P-10C was voted gun of the year by gun writers. But I didn't like the trigger compared to a Glock. I still like my other CZs and Glocks, of course. I heard CZ entered the competition late, hence, the withdrawal.
  3. Saved.One.by.Grace


    Sig Sauer P320 issues. Hyperlink: Trigger Issues I read today about a pending lawsuit against Sig on this model. The article stated that the gun went off as the officer was removing it from the Sig holster and shot her in the leg without her touching the trigger. Gun Tests: More Problems for Sig I don't have enough information to form an opinion on this yet. Police/Military testing is quite severe before acceptance of a new firearm in their arsenal.
  4. Saved.One.by.Grace

    No baseball fans here?

    Manager Matheny gets the ax in St. Louis. While it may not be directly his fault, his inability to relate to a number of Cardinal players over his tenure justified this move. In fairness to Matheny, his concussions may have had a lasting affect on his ability to relate to some players. He is fluent in Spanish so that's not the reason. So it must have been something else. I don't know much about the interim replacements, and I don't know if the Cardinals are going to promote from within, or choose a big name manager with a tract record. Interesting times in St. Louis.
  5. Saved.One.by.Grace


    And I also saw the video of people using fully formed aborted fetuses as dolls and puppets. The left is smearing abortion rights in our face. I pray God's will be done with these people.
  6. Saved.One.by.Grace

    The Clinton Legacy of Deaths Continues

    I said detract, not distract. Criticize what I write, not what you think I wrote please. I just find the death somewhat suspicious. The police evidently don't and they are never wrong are they?
  7. Saved.One.by.Grace

    The Clinton Legacy of Deaths Continues

    There's no reason you cannot start a thread on the Mena drug smuggling operation, or Holder's fast and furious. This does not detract unless you have tunnel vision.
  8. Saved.One.by.Grace


    The official story is executed criminals. Maybe some Journalist somewhere should look into this? How About Source: Big Business in Replacement Organs
  9. Saved.One.by.Grace


    Excellent post. When you don't have a rock solid bases, right and wrong can go askew. We as Judeo/Christians have a basis in the Bible. Others have situational ethics and morality. Read up on the fact the China is now selling body organs to the highest bidder even though only 37 people in all of China have signed up to be donors. Where are these organs coming from and are they donated without coercion?
  10. Saved.One.by.Grace

    The Clinton Legacy of Deaths Continues

    Trash compactors/shredders usually have safety devices to prevent such accidents.
  11. Saved.One.by.Grace

    The Clinton Legacy of Deaths Continues

    Yes. People fall into trash compactors all the time.
  12. Saved.One.by.Grace

    The Clinton Legacy of Deaths Continues

    Woman who died in trash compactor in ex-Abedin building was drunk: cops Source: Legacy of Death Follows Clintons Wherever They Go Use DuckDuckGo to do your research on the history of deaths surrounding the Clintons. Bad luck (or something else) seems to follow them wherever they go.
  13. Saved.One.by.Grace


    Yes, they are playing the long game and it's working. Consider how life has changed in the last 50 to 75 years, how morality has changed, how right and wrong have changed, how the Roman Catholic Church has changed.
  14. I would expand this topic to include all areas of science and engineering. I'll list the twelve identified behaviors (there are actually about 300) and then link to the website. As an engineer, I found this most enlightening looking over my mistakes in the past. When looking at errors, we can categorize these in many ways. In aviation, errors could mean injury or loss of life. Some of these are directly relatable to how we communicate with others, and how we communicate with God. Source: Human Factors
  15. Saved.One.by.Grace


    The CZ's I own have a very low bore axis because the slide rides inside the frame. But as of now, I don't have a CZ in .40. I do however have a very unreliable EAA Witness in 9 mm/.40 that I hope to make reliable someday. I have two complete slide assemblies and neither one is reliable. The hammer is slowing the slide down on re-chambering a round causing incomplete insertion and sometimes stovepipes. Same problem both slide assemblies. When it fires (first 5 rounds or so), it is really accurate. So it goes.