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  1. A monitor made that edit. I would have liked people to see the real horror of things like abortion and the Jewish holocaust. But the monitors have a tough job deciding what is, and what is not acceptable to see on this forum. I believe the monitor made a wise choice in this case on this particular edit.
  2. I agree. But having an abortion can be an even bigger life changing event.
  3. There are many alternatives available to people if they just look. At church, my wife got involved with an unmarried woman who was pregnant and contemplating abortion. With the pastor and pastor father's help, they were able to arrange a private adoption. All it takes is some good Christian people to get involved.
  4. Needless to say, I am profoundly sorry for your loss too. I believe my brother and sister-in-law lost their first child within a few days of birth. They named and buried the child as you would any other deceased person. There were a few murmurs about it within the family but no real heat. They were fortunate to have two healthy children afterwards.
  5. I believe that. One can't ask for a better teacher than Jesus.
  6. Source: Abortion in NYC This is an old report, but I doubt there's been much improvement.
  7. My wife and I lost two children during pregnancy. The first was an ectopic pregnancy where the baby is in the fallopian tube. When the tube ruptures, the baby and the mother both die more often than not. We were blessed to have our fertility doctor at the hospital when the rupture occurred. Our second and last child was lost thru a miscarriage. Our regret is that we were not given our babies for a proper burial. It would have helped with the depression that followed providing some closure.
  8. I agree, they should be prayed for.
  9. I know where you're coming from. My wife warned me not to read the book on Gosnell: The Untold Story of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer because it is so graphic in its description of late-term abortion. But we as Christians, or just people with a strong moral fiber need to be fully aware of what these "doctors" do. The language and pictures should stay with us when we hit take part in electing "pro-abortion" and "pro-Life" candidates. If I put a warning on the link and someone chooses not to follow the link because of the warning, am I being a good Christian then? In any event, I will follow the rules of this forum to the best of my ability and correct any mistakes I've made. I'm sorry your heart was broke. Turn that into something positive for the children, as Jesus would have you do.
  10. The ACLU has hit a new low. They now claim abortion dismemberment is not inhumane. What if abortions like this were done on animals? What side would the ACLU come down on? Source: Search for Dismemberment not inhumane says ACLU, but beware there are graphic pictures.
  11. So how does this resolve differences between denominations who both claim Biblical authority based on their understand of the Biblical text?
  12. I am reminded of an old Janis Joplin song. The lie has been around a long, long time. It's just repackaged for a new audience every now and then.
  13. Joe's Apartment (1996)
  14. (The) Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)
  15. I am currently intermittently writing on Worthy Christian forums.  It's not the site or the people, it's my health.  There's something wrong and I don't know what.  I am loosing my balance a lot and feel light-headed occasionally during the day.  I'm having a hard time focusing at times, but at other times, I seem to be 100%.  I've been to the doctor and everything checks out.  My blood sugar is under control as far as I can tell, but I am forgetful besides being light-headed.  With all the meds I take for high blood pressure, anxiety, epilepsy, diabetes, three kinds of arthritis, etc., I haven't varied my routine at all.  It's important to have a routine when taking meds, especially that many.  When I see my PCP in three months, I'm going to ask him if I can reduce my dependence on the blood pressure medicine.  I have, come to think of it, taken more aspirin lately for a previous stroke, but it is interfered with by my blood pressure medicine.  Since my blood pressure was 112/70 last visit, I should be able to cut it down and take 81.5 mg aspirin at a different time.  I really need the NSAID for my degenerative disc disease.  The doctor is trying to get me to reduce my anti-anxiety med which I've been taking since the '80s but that's the only thing working on the side effects of the epilepsy meds.  I am going to resist that if at all possible and legal.  Epilepsy drugs have nasty side effects which change a persons interaction with others.  The anti-anxiety meds keep me normal, for me.  [Normal for me is zero profanity, never giving a second thought for going the extra mile for others, etc.  It helps me be the Christian God wants me to be.]

    Then my wife tells me my stomach is sticking out more.  This could be the non-cancerous mass in my kidneys (non-smoker) or the fact I've regained about 10-12 lbs. since I lost 30 lbs. with my type 2 diabetes diagnosis. 

    If you read this far thanks.  I just felt the need to unburden myself and trust God for taking care of me.  Thanks for reading.

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      I, too, am sorry that you're having these problems. There is certainly a fine line and a definite balancing act when it comes to taking different medications for varying concerns, as I'm very sure you already know. Sometimes, even the slightest tilt one way or the other can throw everything off. I agree with the others, I would have my ears checked, as well.

      I do take issue with one thing you wrote...I do not believe that your anti-anxiety meds are responsible for you being the Christian that God wants you to be. I believe that credit belongs to your caring heart. :)

      God bless you always and you are in my prayers.


      You're very kind.  I became a spirit-filled Christian about 5-6 years before I started on anti-anxiety meds, to set the record straight.  I was already taking psoriatic arthritis meds, but was doing some of the best work I've done, at least up to that point, at a oil refinery.  I loved it there and they loved me but the plant was in the process of shutting down, and I was headed back to my parent company.  My boss and I at the parent company had words over my off-sight results review.  He refused to accept it because he said "no one is that good".  I refused to accept his review without my work at AMOCO being considered.  So we had words and my boss finally agreed to send a revised questionnaire to my boss at the job site.  I guess he didn't like the second one either so I went 3-4 years without a review, but I kept on getting raises. 

      Anyway, thoughts of going back to the home office were taking a toll on me, stress/anxiety wise.  I remember over a labor day weekend not being able to sleep because of the constant chest pains.  So I finally went to my family doctor who read me the riot act for not going to an ER.  Anyhow, after a battery of tests, it boiled down to stress.  I told the doctor I didn't want anything that would take me away from my engineering ability.  What he prescribed didn't.  I've done maybe my best work after, worked on Secret and Top Secret projects for the military and have really enjoyed my career.  More importantly, my love for God and my wife has never been stronger.  As for my boss at the home office, we played bridge together at lunch time, no negative after effects.