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  1. Source: MS-13 Extorting Sanctuary-Cities Jesus come back soon!!!
  2. Source: National Reciprocity
  3. Source: Celebrities Have Yet to Condemn the Massacre of Coptic Christians I guess words fail them!
  4. I'm totally set up for .40, and could be set up for .45 with a die set and large pistol primers. I think one of the powders I have would work great for 185 grain .45 ACP.
  5. Because you could sense the bad stuff is proof to me that the Holy Spirit is watching over you and resides in you. God bless you and keep you humble, as I sense you are. Both the good and the bad have happened to me too. I write about the good in my testimony. The bad just happens when I'm around certain people. I don't expect it, it just happens. My wife is a much better person than I could ever hope to be. She was exchanging phone numbers with a couple she just met at a bookstore and I immediately felt unease. Turns out they were members of what I would consider a cult. My wife didn't know this and had never heard of this organization. Before I became a born-again believer, before I heard the testimony of the former outlaw biker at Silver Dollar City, my wife went to a prayer service with relatives away from home. When she came back, I could feel the Holy Spirit pouring out of her pores. I felt uncomfortable around her for a few days because I wasn't a believer at that time and was in rebellion against God's word. That would all change when I least expected it.
  6. So just reading 1 Corinthians 14:1, we should follow after charity and desire spiritual. Now the word gifts in brackets is not in the original text. Some translator added that sometime later, probably before 1611, I cannot be certain. Other translators thought, hmmm, that sounds good, let's keep it in. Not a problem; all translators do this and the KJV is no better than its weakest link ... its translators. So the translators were trying to convey the thought to desire spiritual things [not the things of this world] and especially the spiritual ability to prophesize. Now if you look through the Old Testament, you'll see all kinds of prophets. One thing they had in common besides hearing from God and/or angels, they lived a hard life. This was not a life they could turn on and turn off with an utterance. This was a permanent condition that they gladly accepted [except Jonah] and it became the focus of their lives. Jonah soon learned it is better to obey your calling! What about the self-proclaimed prophets of our day? At least some of them are more interested in profits than prophets or prophesizing. [God just gave me that.] I like that. In the next verse, we have the translators adding the word unknown and him. It seems like Paul is saying that if someone is speaking in a spiritual way (whatever that is), it doesn't benefit anyone if you don't know what he's saying. It would be like me listening to someone prophesizing in Russian to me! Who are our prophets today? Who is ready to wear the mantle of an Old Testament prophet? Let's separate them from the wannabes. Sincerest blessings to you my brother in Christ Jesus.
  7. You might read what I wrote to Teditis above to get a sense where I'm coming from. I spoke in tongues for about 5 years or so before the Holy Spirit told me that the pastor's teaching was totally off-track and we needed to leave. The pastor had become heavily influenced by eastern philosophy new age and metaphysical practices. One day he was fine and the next, he was importing eastern religion into our Sunday worship. I knew immediately that was wrong in my heart, my wife agreed and we left that mega church. God knows what's in my heart when I pray. I don't always have the right words but He knows what I mean without reverting to a language I'm not familiar with. I'd rather speak plainly to my Father. I am in no ways condemning you if you believe differently. Shalom my brother in Christ Jesus.
  8. So you're basing your beliefs regarding "tongues" on one scripture. The term identifying the speaking in tongues movement is “glossolalia,” made up of two Greek words, glossa (language or tongue) and lalia (speech). It means therefore speaking in another language. Have you heard angels speak often to positively identify there language? Why is the Holy Spirit speaking in the language of angels? There are a lot of phony preachers on television and in mega churches that say they are speaking God's truth. In my opinion based on my experience, not all are. But as long as you check what you think you're hearing against God's word, I'm not going to condemn you for it. Your heart is in the right place and you genuinely want to hear and do God's will. That's what I sense from you. Shalom my brother in Christ.
  9. Tongues in the New Testament always refers to known languages. I have a hard time believing that every pastor on Sunday afternoon television is actually speaking by the authority of the Holy Spirit. I could be wrong of course, but as a former speaker of tongues myself, I have my doubts these self-anointed preachers are speaking at the Holy Spirits direction.
  10. The big reason I haven't got fully into reloading yet is I only have an RCBS Rock Chucker single stage press. I might just get a progressive press from Dillon and use the single stage for de-priming. I've got a decent tumbler, brass for all calibers, and small pistol primers. If I want to do .45s, I think I'll have to get some large pistol primers.
  11. Since I started shooting with a Glock 22 (.40 S&W), I haven't shot a gun whose kick bothers me. My typical handgun stance (it used to be called strong isosceles) spreads the recoil down both arms to my shoulders. It's actually quite pleasant. I have powder and dies for reloading .135 grain hollow points to about 1350 fps without going over the upper pressure threshold. I forget what the energy is but it's about the same as a .357 mag without the magnum primer. I also have a couple of .357 Sig guns which produce energy close to a .357 mag. My two favorite guns to shoot I don't use for self-defense. I have a CZ52 which shoots a 7.63 x 25 Mauser which is just a blast to shoot. The other gun is a Hi-Power 9 mm clone from Argentina. It's a joy to shoot and amazingly accurate. I was told Argentina bought the machinery for making these guns from FN. Who knows but I like the gun with Hogue grips. I bought a MAK-90 (AK47) back in the '90s before prices went up (now they're down of course) and I built a couple of ARs: one with a 28" fluted barrel, bipod, Magpul stock, etc.; the other a 20" model with mostly DPMS parts. I'll be replacing the stock at some point and I have a bipod for it too. I'm missing glass on all models, just collapsible iron sights. There's no reason to reload because I have ample ammo. None of the guns have been fired yet. It's the engineer in me that just wants to build/assemble things. I use to build my own computers too. You don't save any money but it is fun.
  12. Do you have much experience with the Gen 4 Glocks? My Glocks are Gen 2s and Gen 3s. Never shot a Gen 4 of any caliber. I'm a collector and a shooter, but not a hunter (not that I have anything against hunting). It's just not what I'm interested in. I've gotten into a little bit of gunsmithing and will be getting into reloading soon, energy permitting. I have all the equipment needed for reloading .40 S&W.
  13. Yes. It's a Taurus PT92AF in 9 mm. The last time I shot it was to see if I drifted the rear site enough to put it back on target. One of the things that drove me to the Taurus were looks (I like the way the Beretta looks), and capacity. Back in the '90s, I could buy 18 rd. magazines for the Taurus on the cheap that were 100% reliable. The grip (Hogue instead of factory walnut) is a little big for me, but other than that, it's a nice gun.
  14. That's the big Beretta. I thought a 92AF was going to be my first gun. But two trips to two different gun stores convinced me on a Glock. And the owner of the second gun shop convinced me on .40 instead of 9 mm. She shot in competition and was dissatisfied with the 9 mm shooting steel targets. I did end up a few years later buying a Taurus clone of the Beretta. Good gun but not as accurate as a Beretta.
  15. I know the feeling. My wife has 3 Glock .40s, 2 .380s, and one .25 ACP Beretta. The other guns are fine, but I hate shooting that little Beretta.