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  1. Multi-instrumentalist Joe Walsh amazes me with talent God has blessed him with. His three solo albums after he left the James Gang are classics. Even Eric Clapton was impressed with the Allman Brothers Band when he saw them play live in Florida. Both Johnny and Edgar Winter are quite talented too. Great list.
  2. I never saw Father Ted but the name sounds familiar. I do remember a British show (Strange) about a defrocked priest who fought demons but it wasn't a comedy and only had seven episodes. It was very good though.
  3. They did and Season 4 continues without missing a beat. It's only available from Amazon Prime which has some terrific shows and movies. I am a big fan of The Expanse, Bosch, Jack Ryan, American Assasin, Sneaky Pete, The Man in The High Castle, and others. The Expanse and The Man in The High Castle are SF, although quite different.
  4. I streamed all eight episodes of Tom Clancy's second season of Jack Ryan and it was spectacular. I couldn't tear myself away from my tablet. It's available on Amazon Prime and I highly recommend it. Next up for me will be the new season of The Expanse.
  5. TCM showed Out of the Past, a film noir classic starring Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas and Rhonda Fleming. This is a superb movie.
  6. On the network called Folks, Route 66 is being show daily.
  7. I really liked The Black Shield of Falworth starring Tony Curtis. Haven't seen Ivanhoe.
  8. I just finished "binging" the 14 Sherlock Holmes movies starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Friends on and off the screen, I saw several films that I had never seen before on TV. It became obvious to me from the second film on that Rathbone and Bruce [Holmes and Watson] were truly friends. You can pick up little nuisances in their performances over the years. What a pleasure these films are in their restored condition.
  9. Jonathan Winters was always one of my favorites. I like some of the comedy teams of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Three Stooges of course; Abbott and Costello; Marx Brothers; Laurel and Hardy; and a little known team of Wheeler and Wolsey (who were not really a team, they just worked together a lot. If you get a chance, watch the movie The Nitwits with Betty Grable on TCM. It's one of my favorites.) Solo comedians like Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Cary Grant, W. C. Fields, et al. I watched a Laurel and Hardy movie and a short a few months ago and couldn't stop laughing. They were absolutely hilarious. The movie involved them hiding a lodge get-together away from their wives. It was non stop laughs. The short had them moving a piano up a lot of steps from the street. I wish I had permanent recordings of each.
  10. I'd substitute another word for silly. I'm surprised. My CZ 75 Compact is quite accurate, but that's 9 mm. I still like the.40 S&W for defense. My carry gun is either a Glock 23 or Glock 27.
  11. And vice versa. Mec-Gar magazines usually provide one more round per factory even though I think they are the manufacturers of CZ OEM magazines. Both operate flawlessly. I haven't tried my 9 mm Witness magazines in my CZs yet at the range, but they appear to fit and cycle properly. Impressive. I prefer .40 S&W to 9 mm, but the 40 has fallen out of favor. No one seems to consider the improved bullet design of the 9 mm also applies to the .40 S&W. The next handgun I'm looking for at the next gun show is a CZ PCR in 9 mm, or a Desert Eagle 1911 - .45 ACP made in Israel. My 40s are Glocks, Sig Sauers and one EAA Witness. If I could find a .40 CZ, I'd be interested. Blue Dot smokeless powder with a 135 grain hollowpoint bullet can achieve near .357 Magnum velocities at maximum safe loading pressure. Of course, your brass won't last as long. Tanfoglio are Jericho are clones I'm familiar with. I won't buy a gun made in Turkey. Kriss/Sphinx is made in Switzerland I think. Sphinx made a licensed copy of the CZ 75 which means all magazines should be interchangeable. I have a Norinco MAK 90 (AK 47) made in China, but no Tokarevs or 1911s. Nothing from Russia although I tried buying a Makarov. You're not being graded ... I hope I'm not!
  12. CZs multiply like rabbits? My handguns certainly have. I think all of mine have been made in the Czech Republic. My Witness is Italian, of course. The CZ P-19 and a Glock 43 are slated for my next trip to the range. I've got a CZ 75 Compact that just fits my hand perfectly and a full size CZ 75B. Both have been to the range with me and I was surprised how good I shot. I don't ever remember shooting any of my handguns this well, except maybe my CZ 52 (7.62 x 25 mm). All my other CZs are 9 mm, not by choice, but by availability. I prefer the .40 S&W, but I'm okay with 9 mm. I have a CZ 2075 RAMI BD as well as a Phantom. Wish I had a Shadow 2. A curious thing, I didn't expect my Witness magazines to fit my 75s, but they do. Another weird thing, I found there was a lot more compatibility between manufacturers than I expected. I am speaking specifically about Sigs. Someday I'll compile a list.
  13. I have a lot of handguns and am quite opinionated so you'll have to bear that in mind with my responses. I do not have any of the plastic Sigs and currently don't plan to add any to my collection. Glocks were my first handguns so I do have a preference for them. I always add another safety to them which prevents the trigger from moving unless I press a button on the trigger similar to a rifle cross-bolt safety. But I've also have a lot of metal framed Sigs of all calibers and CZs of all types. I fell in love with CZs when they weren't really available and wound up with a EAA Witness 9 mm / .40 S&W (two complete slides / separate magazines), clone of the CZ 75 Series. I am not happy with the reliability and will be doing some gunsmithing on the hammer before they make it to the range again. I was falsely accused of an armed robbery (long story) were I had a compact Tanfoglio in stainless steel on layaway. This was a perfect gun the way the slide and frame fit together cycling nearly friction-less. But it was stolen in a Gun Store robbery so I never got to try it at the range. When CZs became more common after the cold war I started trying CZs starting with the CZ 52 and quickly became hooked. I have numerous CZs with the P-07, P-09, and P-10c being just the latest, with numerous CZ 75s of various calibers. My wish list consists of mostly CZs. I have three 1911s, two Sigs and one Colt. All three are perfect. I wouldn't mind a Desert Eagle 1911, made in Israel. Since I don't hunt, I really have no use for a 10 mm. I do have one .357 Magnum but it has a short barrel.
  14. Would you perhaps have found one of Beretta's hard to find tip-up barrel .380s? I just read a letter by an older shooter with arthritis who was bemoaning the fact that they were no longer being made by Beretta. My wife has a Beretta 950, .25 ACP. It is uncomfortable to shoot but reasonably accurate and reliable (after an initial trip back to Beretta). As for Tanfoglio, I am not a fan of the company but I am quite fond of the CZ designs. I probably prefer Glock to any other handgun design with CZ being a very close second. After that, Colt, Sig Sauer and Walther are personal favorites of mine for pistols, Smith and Wesson for revolvers. Sig Sauer Model P-220 may be available in 10 mm. I have a Sig P-220 in .45 ACP and it's a joy to shoot. I traded in an old Springfield Armory 1911A1 for it, but missed not having a 1911, so now I've added three 1911s to my collection, one Colt and two Sigs.
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