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    be thou my vision

    thx guys
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    Knock Knock Jokes

    who's there and lol
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    Knock Knock Jokes

    teddy who
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    my jesus i love thee

    MY JESUS I LOVE THEE I KNOW THOUGH ARE'T MINE FOR THEE ALL THE FOLLIES OF SIN I RESIGHN I LOVE THEE FOR WEARING THE THORNS ON THY BROW IF EVER I LOVE THEE MY JESUS TIS NOW. I'LL LOVE THEE IN LIFE I'LL LOVE THEE IN DEATH AND SAY WHEN THE DEATH DEW LIES COLD ON MY BROW IF EVER I LOVE THEE MY JESUS TIS NOW. I don't know if this is an old hymn but i realized of how much i love my new father in heaven my saviore and my god. the son of men who died for us to save us from hell and our sins. AMEN.