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  1. Giving into sin

    I can also relate. Just reading these posts shows me that you all have a heart to serve God, you a have a heart for God, we just need to focus on him, to revive our heart for him. Realize that sin doesn't have ANY power over us. Yes, there is pleasure in sin, but think of it as conditioning. This world, and all it's fakeness of glory has conditioned our hearts, to keep our eyes off of God. There is WAY MORE PLEASURE for us in God in eternity. We need to focus on God's heart for us. What does the Cross of Christ mean to you? You know, not that many people would admit this, but I like to walk around in cemeteries and graveyards. Why? It's not only to get alone to pray, since not that many people go to cemeteries, but it also gives me a different perspective on my life, on how short my life really is. Our lives are like a vapor, here one day and gone the next. Actually, this reminds me of a song: It matters so little How much you may own The places you've been Or the people that you've known For it all comes to nothing When placed at His feet It is nothing to Jesus Only memories to keep Only one life, so soon it will pass Only what's done for Christ will (ever) last Only one chance to do His will So give to Jesus all you days It's the only life that pays When you recall you have but one life See, this song kinda puts it into perspective. Our hearts need a revival, a renewing! God loves us more than we can possibly imagine! More than we can ever love our own children, God loves us infinitely more. He loves us in our sin. He loves us, and continues to love us even when we turn our faces, our backs to him and walk away. The brutality of punishment for sin, Jesus took it upon himself. We don't need to live in sin anymore, we don't need to live in shame anymore. We need to simply "acknowledge" our sinful state, and accept his forgiveness!
  2. I agree. I studied how much God hates divorce. He only puts up with it because of our (humanity) sinful nature and unbelief. I deeply feel that it would be against God's will if I was to break up my marriage. So, maybe I'm under some spiritual attack. Doesn't the devil use scripture against us? He used scripture again to Jesus himself in the wilderness. This marriage-divorce-remarriage thing really has gotten me down. I honestly feel at times I'm not it the will of God. The devil can easily use scripture, take it out of context a little to condemn God's children. Am I right? Good works doesn't help earn anyone into heaven, so does evil works "sin" doesn't warn anyone into hell. It's rejecting Jesus's gift of salvation. But, where does repentance come in?
  3. I repeatedly asked her if he was in anyway unfaithful. She continues to say it wasn't. It was because of not supporting the marriage, and of drug use.
  4. I understand. I do agree how we are not justified by the works of the Law, but by faith. It is this very faith that keeps me going and learning to even forgive myself of my past. I really appreciate your comment, and please take this with no offense, you said "This can only be answered by God The Holy Spirit within you" isn't this already answered in God's Word? It's not God's fault that I married my wife. This is all part of the free-moral-agency of mankind. Isn't the answer that I'm looking for already written in God's word? Even though it is very grievous and very emotional to wrap my mind around this, but isn't it clear to repent of my action, I should follow God's Word and end this marriage that isn't biblical? This is what's going though my mind right now.
  5. Beautiful scripture, and I try my best'est to forgive much. Yet, God will not change his Word in Matthew 19 for no one. His word is eternal. I've been praying and praying regarding this issue. I even thought about asking God to give me some type of sign that I know I'm not living in a adulterous marriage, yet my mind go to this scripture: *[[Mat 16:4]] KJV* A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed. It says "adulterous generation"! There are a lot of people who are living in sin. Remember when Jesus sat by the well of water speaking to the Samaritan woman in John 4:18? *[[Joh 4:18]] KJV* For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly. OMG! I need clarity on this! Even though it will be mightily grievous, should I repent of my sinful actions and end my marriage?
  6. The scripture clearly says that "whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery". Here are a few points: My wife's previous marriage ended NOT on biblical grounds. according to Matthew 19. Even till this day, she professes to be a christian at that time. Even though this really doesn't matter. I was in a dark place of my life, running from God, living in sin when I met the woman who I'm married 16 years ago. I want to repent of all my sins. Please understand, I don't want to break up my marriage. I love LOVE my wife. A month or so ago I privately talked to my pastor of the church my wife and I go to about this issue, and he told me to ignore it. He told me that it is not of God to break up a marriage. He even told me that the devil can use this to destroy my marriage. Believe me, i don't want to destroy my marriage. Paul said: *[[Cor 13:5]] KJV* Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates? I don't want to live a life in a marriage that God recognizes as adultery! I want God's blessings on my life. I want to serve God with all my whole heart. I don't want anything to be in my way in servanthood to God. I have my struggles, and I have failed repeatedly. Yet, I want to bounce back and get right with God almighty! It's not God's fault that I married a woman who was previously married and divorced unbiblicaly. I admit, in my foolishness of following my own lusts and desires, I put myself in this situation. Please, anyone can shed a little divine light on this matter?
  7. Please forgive me, i typed this up from my phone. I don't know where to begin. Right now, my marriage is not on the rocks. Matter of fact, it's been very beautiful recently since both my wife and I have rededicated ourselves to the work of the Lord. Knowing how much I love my wife, it grieves my heart to even bring this point up, yet it seems I am facing a undeniable truth, that the woman who I am in love with, and is wonderfully faithful to me, shouldn't be married to me. See, this is my first marriage. This is her second marriage. She was very young when she was married before. In her early twenties. She married a man who was trying to be a musician. For seven years she was his wife. He never held down a real job, and was caught up in drugs. She ended up leaving him mostly because of drugs. Please keep in mind, at this time in her life she professes to be a Christian. *[[Mat 19:9]] KJV* And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery. Years later, I came into the picture and married her. At the time I married her, I was running from God. I wasn't in a good place. When I was very young, in my teens, I was a Christian serving God. Later, I went to a bible college to become a preacher. Afterwards, I went to California to help build a Church. One day I just left. I ran. I admit I stopped praying and reading the Bible. My spiritual life was non existences. It was during this dark time of my life where I "shacked" up with this woman for well over a year. I then thought I should marry her. Forteen years later, God tugged on my heart reigns. God told me to "clean house". My wife and I started to go to church. Now today, both her and I are Christians. Am I living in a adulterous marriage? Should I repent of my doings 15 years go and sever my marriage? I love my wife, but I love God more! I know ending my marriage would be devastating to her! It also would grieve my heart infinitely!
  8. question's

    About women as spiritual leaders in church, I agree with some of the posts. God is God, he can do whatever he wants. I know God will keep his word. My understanding in the New Testament, those specific verses about women who are to remain silent, are for specific events that needed to be dealt with at that time. Now, some leaders take it to be applied throughout all Churches. I guess this argument can be explained as to what is bound here on earth, will be bound in heaven. What is loosed here on earth, will be loosed in heaven. Some preachers preach that wearing opened toe shoes is wrong. Guess what, too that individual who listens to that preacher, if they were to where opened toe shoes, according to their faith, it's wrong. God will use any vessel of his choosing to preach his word. There's even accounts in the Bible where He uses a mule to get his message across. God is no respecter of persons.
  9. who is God?

    What a cool question "who is God"! Firstly, God is everywhere, and in everything. His eyes are not like ours, seeing the outwardly, he sees both the outward and inwardly of our intentions. We walk and talk in his presence. He is forever and ever. Infinite in love, infinite in mercy. We are created and made in his image, so we look like him, with two arms two legs, head, torso. We breath him, we move in him. Like swimming in an infinite ocean, like water everywhere around us, is His being. If you put two dots on a price of paper, the dots (if they could see) could only see the other dot. If you were to draw a line to separate the dots, each dot could only see the line and not the other dot. Yet, you (who drew both the dots and line) would see everything on that price of paper. God is like the drawer of the dots and line. He at anytime can simply look down on our realm and see everything at anytime. It's hard to wrap our limited minds around unlimited and infinite concepts. The devil thought he could rise up to the infinite and kick God off his throne. How stupid can he be. You can find a better understanding of the infinite simply by reading God's word. Unlike any author in history, alive or dead, God can open up our understanding of him by reading his word.
  10. scared about the world

    If I were with you, I'll hug you're neck and tell you you're not alone. If only we could get a glimpse of the spiritual. The great warfare of humanity's souls is all around us. We sometimes might feel totally alone, like heaven has a iron shield, and God's a million miles away. Like the other posts, find a good church. We all need fellowship. Even for spiritual growth. Keep a schedual to pray. Daily schedule. If Jesus did it, how much more do we? Very importantly, don't ever stop reading you're bible. This is the the means where God can talk to us. The world, and all its entertainments, lusts, splendor, alluringss are like grass. Why would a Christian see a ungodly story (movie), written and created by ungodly people, driven by ungodly careers that are solely dependant on you spending you're money to see it? Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. Friend, Jesus is the only author that has used men to write his book, where if you diligently seek him, you can find him, and he can live in you through the Holy Ghost. He will direct you, lead you to a good Church. Don't give up on him. He's never given up on you.
  11. A humble ask for guidence

    Welcome to Worthy, A true Christian's life is so much more than a simple or complex religious belief. It's a relationship with Jesus. Jesus is REAL, and he knows all about us, all about you. You can find him. We grow, learn, move, breath, and eat God's Word. Eat God's word? Yes, spirituality. By reading our spirit eats. Jesus is the Logos, the incarnate Word of God. Faith comes by hearing, by hearing the Word of God. Spiritual warfare is real, and the sword is the Word of God to arm ourselves. Without God's Word, we die spiritually. Within God's Word, we find life by learning to rightly divide (put into context, and understand) the Word of God.
  12. Faith is key for blessings

    Faith without works is dead, being alone. Yes, God's salvaltuon grace is given freely, but many are called but few are chosen. Jesus stepped down from his throne into a mortal life, lived sinless, and gave up his sinless life to ultimately pay our penalty. God Left him, forsaken him, then he went to hell. Imagine how horrible this must have been. In all eternity, he never experienced separation from his father. Yet, out of love, this "work" he did out of love. That through faith, his faith, we would now be justified by his work. Our faith in him, as our legal representative before God, is empty without our life living as a testimony of love for him. For without faith it is impossible to please him. Faith without works is dead, being alone.
  13. To Follow Jesus

    If he took it wrong, God will kindly show him the intention behind such a loving act eventually. We will all stand in God's presence soon. This life is simply a vapor compared to what's coming. You did a good deed *Deidre*, you inspired me.
  14. Hard Truth

    I would like to chime my 2 cents on this topic. Not to be over simplistic, met many Christians in my life, to various degrees of spiritual maturity, some are thinkers, others are doers, and some fit in the middle. I've seen, and heard many things involving God and his awesomeness, and I realize (and still learning) certain attributes of God do not change. Matter of fact, he's put a plan together l that hasn't changed and will not change. We who are in Christ will be judged by this plan, and then (later) all the ungodly will be taken out of hell ans will also be judged also. I've learned the devil is very intellectual. To the point that humanity with its very elect will be duped by his desceptions of philosophy and ponderings. Remember it was satan who tried to tempt our Lord in the wilderness using scriptures and philosophy. I believe we are given a measure of the Holy Spirit at time of "true" salvaltuon, knowing that not everyone who professes to be save is saved. To understand real Godly truth, it takes God within to reveal to our understanding, or else we wouldn't understand the depths of it. This is why Jesus spoke in parables at times.
  15. To Follow Jesus

    That's why it says many are called, but few are chosen. It's what we DO people! *[[Joh 3:16]] KJV* For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. That word "believeth" is an action word called and used as a active participle [used here as a substantive can carry the connotation of continuous belief as a condition in order to have eternal life (and thus also not perish)] - http://hermeneutics.stackexchange.com/ An ongoing action! What is your endgame?