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  1. I loved this thread
  2. How do you click a like post ?
  3. Is there a area where we can read up on all the functions and what they do ?
  4. Thanks for telling me I was wondering what that was earlier what does it do ?
  5. Thanks to all for your welcome I am not as familiar with all the new buttons and what they do so far so I may have to ask some questions
  6. wishing all a goodnight and may God keep you all in his care God Bless and goodnight E.M. signing off for now
  7. Thanks Logan for the welcome
  8. well I think I will turn in for the night this cold weather is making me want to sleep thank you all for the warm welcome and I hope to fellowship more later God Bless you all
  9. Thank you angels4u I have a few friends that come from Canada
  10. was watching the weather tonight and saw there was some rather rough weather blowing across the heartland this evening many power outages and even a f-1 in knoxville Tennessee . So I kindled a small flash fire in my stove to stay the chill in the house
  11. Thank you all for your welcome yes Davida I do have a favorite dog breed it happens to be Border Collies yet I like other breeds also .
  12. I read angels4u that you are from Canada is that correct
  13. well I really do not compare myself with a dog that is a gross misunderstanding from what I said I was telling Rusty Angel I loved finding another fellow Christian that trains dogs
  14. I loved learning that you train dogs I also am a dog person and have done much training . praise and worship is my favorite I love to worship my savior Jesus in spirit and in truth
  15. Thank you for the warm welcome Rusty Angel