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  1. I need prayers for a guy named Matt with gambling and narcissism issues, also for me and healing from emotional issues thank you
  2. ok thanks angels that's a great response appreciated
  3. OK - I am confused - we die and go to heaven hopefully to be with Jesus, and then He returns to earth at some point and establishes a new heaven and a new earth. So what does that mean? If you died? You go back to earth? You stay in heaven? I'm confused.
  4. thank you for the mostly helpful replies. my relationship status with god is between me and god regarding the "born again" question, which i found inappropriate. god loves me.
  5. What do you do if friends don't forgive you? How do you know if God forgives you? Why are people so shallow in this day and age? Why do I feel like friendships are no longer binding and people are so selfish? What if you come to someone and try and reach out (they also hurt you) and they ignore you completely? Are people only able to see their side of things? Does friendship matter to anyone anymore? I'm struggling.
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