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  1. Welcome Sas
  2. Hi it's Janie Mack again I wanted to share a little more about me I am 33 years old, when I was born I had a Grandmal seizure and with further tests I was diagnosed with epilepsy I spent my entire elementary, middle school, and high school years in special education after getting a certificate for completing high school. I was also raised catholic I started to attend a Church of God church. I have allergies and about five years ago I started choking on a lot of stuff and found out I have an allergy in my throat. This is just my story and these are not excuses I am happy with who I am and I know I am not and accident God created me for a purpose and because he loves me!!
  3. I just wanted to say hello and ask for prayer for my spiritual growth and a unspoken temptation I have thank you and God Bless!!
  4. introduction

    My name is Janie Mack and I am a Christian and I love serving people.