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  1. No I'm not boasting, nor arrogant I'm just tired of people attacking me when I am trying to share something, and it can get quite frustrated. I think all of y'all misunderstood me instead of trying to understand y'all rather attack so I will try again to help y'all understand. I was talking about what Jesus told us what the kingdom of heaven is like, and have anybody understand any of his parables, and experience what Jesus experience? Alright I will be honest with y'all yes it is not easy to enter the heaven, and if y'all have never enter then I will not blame on you because in order to enter you must first become a wandering. I'm a wandering that why I was able to understand Jesus so you are right I have no right to be upset if other does not understand.
  2. I think there is more to it than the look of it. I think God is omnipresent, and he can do anything. This is how I tell if the things are from God. If it is perfect it's of God, and we are nothing without above, and if it's from above it's from above. People worry when good things happen they want to say it is not of God, and aren't happy. That why Jesus got mad at the pharisees he did good thing, and yet the pharisees wasn't happy. Just like my post I post good thing, but people got angry at me because it didn't fit in the Bible. This is why we should not cause a stumbling block on the believers, and make the believers reject what was giving to them from God. I was giving a gift, and somebody told me it's not of God, and I believe that person, and I send it away, and now I learn later in life that it is from God, and I'm regretting that I listen to that person. Jesus almost got stoned for healing a man, and Jesus had to keep secret many times for healing. Even if you do great things people will still hate you.
  3. You can because Jesus already told us how to recognize the heaven, and if you have not figure out the parables then you've not enter them yet. Here is one this is the easiest parable for me to translate. Luke 13:20:21 20: Again he asked, "What shall I compare the kingdom of God to? 21: It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough." If you meet other person you'll have spiritual encounter with other, and both spiritual will mix in with you if you achieve that then you know you've been to heaven.
  4. Matthew 7:22:23 Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!' I've casted out many demons, I've prophesy, I've perform many miracles. Does it mean I am saved? No everything I've done is nothing! When I get to heaven I know everything I've done is meaningless, and this is all I know. I've met Jesus in a vision once he told me I deny him, and I will tell you the truth yes I deny Jesus! It's not easy!
  5. I've ask a simple question what is the heaven like to y'all, and so far not a single person have a clue. I guess y'all have to ascend first, or born again. Now I question are anybody here born again?
  6. I will tell you the truth. Religion follows one man, and spiritual follow self. Jesus is a spiritual person, and he is self, and all follow one man. Buddah is spiritual, and he is self all follow Buddah. It's the same idea, and I am not perverting anything I am just telling you how it is. That why I said all are prophets, and there is no prophets alike. Elijah, King David, Job, they have there own prophecy, and I experience Elijah, and I know how Elijah works, and his is different than Jesus. So in the same idea each one can share there special gifts with us.
  7. What have I done wrong all I said was I experience them, and understand. If you ask me which beat all I will say Christianity wins, and it's a no wonder why there the most popular one. Christianity has the strongest testify, and it is the most truest, but the truth be told all have truth, but Christianity has the strongest testify. Christianity has a testify that is unique out of all, and it is one of a kind, and there is nothing the same as Christianity. Christianity the way it testify it testify through us the people so it does make sense why they are the most chosen one, and the most sought out. Most does not do that most just for self, but Christianity is for the people, and us. Like for an example Christianity is useless without others, and it need others to make it effective. This is why Jesus, and his disciple was a nomad they knew if they stay they would not gain.
  8. You did however say almost all fake. I will tell you the truth there is no prophets in this world that have the same testimony. Every prophets have different testimony that is because each one of us is a prophet, and none of us are the same. I have ascending, and there is 1,000 ascension, but few teacher. A true ascension will know that there is nobody alike, and all are unique. A true ascension experience others there own experience. I've experience Jesus, Buddah, Kundalini, and many other things, and even other people that has not yet become a prophets, and I see there gifts, and I see what potential that person can share with us. A true ascension will believe your testimony, and your hallucination simply because we've experience, and we understand. One time a girl told me a demon pick her up, and threw her on the celine , and that was before I've ascending, and I thought she was crazy then later on after I ascending I myself was also thrown around, but what this girl fail to say was she experience that in the other realmed not in physical plane so now I understand what she is talking about, and I believe her.
  9. This is my thread, and I ask a simple question what is the heaven like, and so far nobody can answer me not a single one of them. So it kinda made me realize that it is rare for somebody to experience heaven, and I just thought I share with courage. If I limit myself to your liking I will have a hard time explaining so I have to tell it like it is so I can start speaking just as the Holy Spirit lead me, and if I speak with limitation then I am just blocking the Spirit from how it tell me to speak. It's not easy, but I will go along with it so it can make my job easier.
  10. True Jesus purposely did that to fulfilled the scriptures. About other agreeing with me they don't have to agree, and I'm not forcing nobody to agree just like they say I need to go to a mental hospital, and I don't have to agree with that lol. I'm just sharing what I experience, and many will probably not like it. I'm like a sponge, and I experience everything all religion, and all it's like I'm able to understand other prophets, and other people that are trying to share there truth, and I witness there experience included Jesus. I'm not saying I am better than anybody nor am I boasting, and I will tell you what I learn there is always somebody better than you, and even if you think you are great there is always somebody else better. I may be pretty good, but I know there is some even better than I. I met somebody that went so low she went to the point of suicide, and she face Lucifer cause she didn't care no more, and I have not went that far, and she went way farther than me. She said Lucifer is actually not as bad as we think, and she ended up thanking Lucifer. Think about it if it wasn't for Lucifer we would not be trying to become better, and if there was no Lucifer we'd not believe the Bible. She said she is unsure if Lucifer doesn't realize that he's helping even if he is trying not to help, but he is actually helping. She said when she let Lucifer it beat her in every form it tried to wreak her in every angle, and she overcame Lucifer by facing the fire, and she went through the fire, and overcame it. When I heard her story it really touch my heart because I also went low as well, but not as low as she has, and she beat me by a lot, and she has met many spirits more than I she met them all, and I really admire her for her courage, but I understand why she went that far that is because she was giving up, and that really touched my heart. This is why I said which seer do you trust more a lowly seers, or a pharisees seers that never sins. I would trust the lowly one they are the one that sees all.
  11. Some that did there bible study before answering good job, and some that did not shamed on you. Yes that why they wanted to stoned Jesus, and kept saying Jesus blasphemy, and hung him on the cross for trying to tell us the truth. If Jesus was alive y'all would still treat him just like how they treat him back in the days getting stoned, and people would be yelling crucify him. I guess if Jesus was alive it's the mental hospital cause that what many have told me instead of being crucify. I'm being brave to tell y'all this, and that what being a prophet is about it is a sin for a prophet not to tell you what they have been revealed. I'm taking a risk of getting banned, and risk to lose my rights to speak, but that is ok because of this verse. Matthew 10:14 If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. After all I posted on this thread what is the Kingdom of Heaven like to y'all And this is what my heaven is like, and I already said not to judge me, nor hate me, and I'm being brave to tell y'all this so y'all either appreciate my bravery, or hate me, and it'll be your lost not mine.
  12. Jesus preach, and told us what heaven is like! Yea I hear what you are saying about little children, and yes I need to remember that. I need to help y'all understand something just because Jesus, and all of his disciple wittness the heaven doesn't mean they are the only one! All of us can enter it all of us! There is more to the heaven than what we've been taught, and yes there is a golden gate, and there is a place, but there is more to it, and God is greater than that. The angels in the heaven they are so beautiful it would be pure hypocritical if we don't touch the angel in an affection way, and why would God deprive all of his angels when there so beautiful? After all God is love, and this is what it's all about!
  13. I know a lot about woman in the heaven! If you ask me was muhammad correct about woman I would say he is half right about his prophecy, but about the 70 virgins this is what I am unsure of, and he is right about marry the young as 9 year old, and having more than 1 wives. I'm a seer, and I approve of that because even God himselves reveal that to me. I'm a seer if you are not a seer do not judge me if you cannot see the other side if you are blind do not judge us. I'm a Christian, and I am not a Muslim, but if I am able to see what a Muslim is able to see then I can tell y'all that what a Muslim saw they was correct, but I saw part of what they was right about, and not everything. Just because we have age law doesn't mean God law has changed! God is not a pedophile! If you judge us you're also judging God so be careful y'all! About woman, and the mammal thing I will tell you the truth I've met a Dijinn, and a Dijinn likes it when we think a woman is a mammal, and till this day he still hang with me, but I'm a christian, and I keep telling it everyday that I do not agree to it. I do not know if it is true about woman being a mammal God has not told me this yet. I've met many woman in the Heaven, and they are all loving, and intelligence they are not dumb they are smart, and knows what they are doing. I've asked them are we men above women, and the women answer me, and said we men are above woman, and woman is lower than us, and this is all I've gotten. I'm the truth bearer I will speak truth as much as possible, and if y'all want to cast me out for telling the truth then so be it. I apologies for speaking up, but somebody ask me a question, and I will tell them what I learn.
  14. I will tell you an another story what the kingdom of heaven is like! The kingdom of heaven is like being so rich that even the richest here on Earth is nothing!
  15. I apologies if I become upset. I just saw people out there that refuse to share there experience, and only talk what the Bible says it is like they don't have a clue, or never went to heaven. I shouldn't have gotten upset, and I know it is hard to believe that we do visit heaven all the time on a daily basic, but we just lack knowledge to realize that, and I got upset for no reason. I guess it take knowledge to realize, or to understand, and I want to share the knowledge, but y'all will say it's false teaching so I will go ahead and share. Dream is one of the best way to experience heaven, and the easiest. Asking God for spiritual vision can let you see heaven while awake without dreams. Going low will make you enter heaven like acknowledge, and believe that you are nothing, and are a dust. When you acknowledge that you are the dust you will change, and become spiritual, and you will feel the flesh less, and become spiritual. I can share more, but Christian will not understand so I will try my best by using the Bible verse. John 21:15 When they had finished eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, "Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?" "Yes, Lord," he said, "you know that I love you." Jesus said, "Feed my lambs." The lambs is actually us we do meet people in the other demision, and this is something that nobody will believe. Jesus said feed my lamb, and he meant well by it, and he's talking about feeding them, and he's not joking. Jesus said the lamb will leave for awhile, and go to green pastures, and eat then after it eat it will come to you, and hang out with you. When I mention hanging out with you I meant to say it in spiritual term, and you're actually having an another ghost hanging out with you. I've had a lot of lamb, and they all are free they do whatever they want they come, and go. John 10:27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. When you really achieve to the heaven you will notice the sheep are started to follow you, and when you see the sheep following you then you will know what Jesus is talking about. I've tried to tell others about this, but many got angry, and don't believe me! Other have said you are not Jesus, and they are right I am not Jesus, but Jesus is teaching us, and he is saying if he experience that we will experience the same. Just because what Jesus experience doesn't mean it is just for him only it is for all of us. Jesus told paul to feed his sheep, and he is telling all of us to do what Jesus want us to do! Jesus said if you love me feed my sheep not once three times! John 10:29 The third time he said to him, "Simon son of John, do you love me?" Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, "Do you love me?" He said, "Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you." Jesus said, "Feed my sheep.
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