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  1. Hi Darian. I'm from New Zealand so I have no personal experience of witnessing what you are talking about other than seeing things on the news. It must be exhausting for you to deal with these things. Some people are more sensitive to things than others and maybe you are one of them and that's completely fine. (I'm a sensitive person). I would suggest that in addition to praying and talking to God that you share your feelings with others like a family member, close friend, member of your church etc. Don't go through it alone. It might also be good for you to have a break from social media that's negative. If you like reading then books can be a great way to escape into a different world to give yourself a break. I also find Christian music to be uplifting. If you are feeling extreme depression or suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone or an organization that can help (I don't know what groups are available in the country that you live in). Hugs to you.
  2. survived a suicide attempt

    I've had a break from the forum and I've only been back on here recently so I only just read your post. Praying for you.
  3. Lusty novels

    There are lots of Christian fiction novels in different genres including historical, historical romance, contemporary and mystery etc.. You could search the "Christy awards" to find prize winning Christian books.
  4. Christian Tarot Cards

    I had angel cards which I got rid of over a year ago. I haven't had anything like that since. I pray that your daughter gets better.
  5. My sister is involved in having card readings done and seeing so called psychics. (Read my testimonial if you want more details). A couple of months ago she went to some gypsy fair or something and had a colour reading done. Her daughter became a Christian a few years ago as fortunately her boyfriend's family is Christian (she is now engaged to him - thank you God). Her daughter has talked to my sister and told her that it's the devil's work. My sister has said that she doesn't tell her daughter what she thinks of her being a Christian and so she shouldn't comment about her and her spiritual beliefs. My sister now knows that I'm a Christian as I didn't tell her until about one and a half months ago. As my sister keeps being involved in spiritual things is there a prayer I can say or something I can do to protect my family and myself from when she talks to me on the phone or we see her in person? Is there something I could do to help her get out of being involved in it? She has a bit of a fiery personality at times and could easily get angry at me and get into a full on argument. I'm quieter and don't like confrontation. Are there websites or testimonials from people previously involved in that stuff that might help. There's no point giving her a book as she would never read it. She has friends that are into spiritual things too including one that does reiki, readings and crosses spirits over so I will probably only have one chance to try to help her.
  6. Christian Tarot Cards

    I put the angel cards I had in a paper bag and put them in the rubbish to go to the dump. I hope that was okay but I didn't really know what to do with them when I got rid of them over a year ago, I just wanted them out of the house.
  7. How I found Jesus or he found me

    I double posted by accident.
  8. How I found Jesus or he found me

    It's been a while since I posted my testimonial so I thought I would do a little update. I'm past all the influences of angel cards, readings and angel numbers etc. Unfortunately my sister is still involved in all that kind of stuff. I stick to reading my Bible and talking and praying to God and Jesus Christ. I'm still a new Christian with a lot to learn but I have read nearly two thirds of the Bible now and I'm starting to remember some versus. I read the New Testament first and I'm now reading the Old Testament. I'm currently reading 1 Chronicles. After I've read through the Bible once I'm going to continue on reading it through again.
  9. Christian Tarot Cards

    My sister has been into tarot cards, angel cards and having readings done for years. Unfortunately before I became a believer nearly two years ago, my sister had used her angel cards on me a number of times, I then bought some of my own cards and I have had readings done. (You can read my testimonial for more information if you want). Fortunately I found Jesus Christ or he found me and since then I got rid of that stuff. Whatever label they call them it's all bad. They mess with your head and your life. Stick to reading the bible and have faith in God and his plans for your future.
  10. I'm New

    Hi DoveSpirited, Welcome to Worthy. I'm in my early 40s and a Mum of two. I hope you enjoy it here.
  11. Best Book on Spiritual Warfare?

    I'm interested in people's answers to this. Not because I want to go around doing it but I want to be able to protect myself and my family because my sister is into spiritual stuff like getting readings done etc.
  12. How I found Jesus or he found me

    Thank you Marilyn. I will try to do some PM.
  13. How I found Jesus or he found me

    I'm good thanks. How's everything going for you?
  14. How I found Jesus or he found me

    Thanks, I'll look to see if that is available in the country I live in or I'll have to go searching on the internet.
  15. How I found Jesus or he found me

    Thank you for your guidance Steven. Can you recommend a really good study bible?