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  1. Hi Juna, I've just read your testimony. I was into a bit of new age stuff before becoming a Christian. My sister was involved in a lot more new age stuff. I highly recommend that you watch the YouTube channel "Steven Bancarz". I had been a Christian for a couple of years before I stumbled across it. I told my sister to watch it and she now knows the truth about the deception of new age stuff and occult things etc. She is no longer involved in these things. There are also things that may be in your house that can be affecting you which you may not know about. I also recommend the movie on YouTube "The Gospel of John". This is from the Gospel of John in the Bible. I'm praying that you continue to seek our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I feel for you being the only believer (and maybe your dad) in your family. I know that I feel lonely at times but I can talk to my children about somethings. That's great that your friend and his wife are now believers. My Jehovah Witness mother-in-law spoke to my husband privately last week about end times etc. My husband told me that he said to his mum that he doesn't believe the Bible is true. I know that's not the only reason that he's not a Christian. I will continue to pray and hope that he will become a believer one day. May God bless you too.
  3. Update I finished reading the Bible for the first time towards the end of 2018. I talked to my husband again about me going to church. He said I could go but I couldn't take my two children with me, instead he would look after them. I started going to church in December 2018. I got baptized in March 2019. I was so happy to finally be baptized. My husband is still an unbeliever and won't let me take my children to church. I teach them what I can when he's not home. My mother-in-law is still a Jehovah's Witness. I managed to share the truth with my sister about the deception of new age stuff with the help of a YouTube channel so she doesn't believe in any of that anymore. I've gently talked to her about Jesus Christ and Christian things but she's not willing to look into these at this time. My parents are still unbelievers. I read my Bible and pray everyday. I look forward to the rapture and being able to openly and freely worship my Heavenly Father and my Lord Jesus Christ and to be with other believers.
  4. I have a problem with that type of gun because it can fire a lot of rounds and so in the wrong hands it can be used to easily kill a lot of people. This is my opinion and I'm entitled to my opinion on what I would like to happen here in NZ. I'm not giving an opinion on the country that you live in. My comment about car accidents was in reply to a previous poster who I quoted, because they brought up car accidents. All of what I've posted is said in a neutral tone but that's hard to get across when you're only typing. I've said my thoughts on this topic so I'm not going to be posting on this one anymore.
  5. I'm not making a judgement on you. My Dad is a retired farmer and a former duck shooter so I've grown up with him having guns. It is the type of gun that I have a problem with. Yes there are too many road deaths here. The difference is that all those people who died on the road where not deliberately killed by one person. There are also too many people who die in NZ each year by drowning and suicide. We aren't having a day of mourning here. There was 2 minutes of silence at 1.32pm (NZ time).
  6. I live in NZ. I'm happy that the type of weapon used by the murderer is going to be banned and that people who already own them can hand them in to the Police in a buy back scheme. Groups in NZ that typically have guns are farmers, hunters and sports people. People walking around on the street in NZ don't carry guns on them. The Police in NZ don't usually have a gun on them when they are in their uniform either. There maybe a large international media focus on NZ because previously the largest mass shooting in NZ was in 1990 when 13 people were killed. The murderer was an Australian.
  7. Hi MaryKate, Welcome to Worthy. I'm sorry you're going through a really tough time. I pray that you will get through this. Hugs to you. Lavender.
  8. I hadn't thought about seeing if they were on YouTube. Thanks for that information.
  9. I love Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd. I went to a traditional girls' high school and we used to sing this song often. I still sing it sometimes at home and some other Christian songs that I remember singing at high school 25 plus years ago. I'm currently reading the book of Psalms (in my first read through of the Bible). I'm up to Psalm 60. I wish I knew what other ones are sung.
  10. I would also only have the child over when your husband is home on the weekend to help. Every second weekend would be good as that way you are helping out but you are also having a weekend where you get your family time too.
  11. Thanks for that information. Yes it's awesome that we have those things recorded in the Bible for us.
  12. About a year ago, I was sleeping in bed on my back. I then felt a sudden lot of pressure on my chest like one of my children had jumped on me and was lying on me, which woke me up. I got scared, I kept my eyes closed and just kept repeating to myself "Jesus is Lord" over and over again. The pressure went away. I haven't had this experience since. You might find it helpful to read some posts in the spiritual warfare section.
  13. Your testimony was so lovely to read. Thanks for sharing it.
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