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    I am interested in Establishing my Heart, For the sake of my Soul, That I might be saved Through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. BrianTheLion

    Thoughts of Marriage, While im single

    That is very true from all that I have learned so far, Its exciting to think about it.. What an enormous and amazing power He has..
  2. BrianTheLion

    Thoughts of Marriage, While im single

    Thats so good to hear.. Im glad for you.. Thats really good advice, I suppose I am spending a little to much time wondering if its meant to happen. Today especially. I dont know why and normally I wouldve never tried to find a website to get that off my chest but I am so glad I did because I have met some real great Christian people. Thank you so much for telling me that
  3. BrianTheLion

    Thoughts of Marriage, While im single

    Wow that is amazing, To still have that love for one another, That right there is what I would call a miracle all on its own. And yes please do pray for me. I live in Reno NV and it seems like everyone is cheating on everyone. And I noticed in my church a lot of people marry really young. And the struggle is real. So yes please please please Pray for me as I am your brother all the same. Thank you for taking the time to lift my optimism off of the ground. I appreciate you more than I can say..
  4. Hello ALL!! So.. I recently had my eyes opened up.. Thank God. I am a repented man now and I can surely say the life of guilt ridden sin is definitely not for me.. But as a part of my repentance I completely seperated myself from others.. it was absolutely necessary. But today I have this thought stuck on my mind that I wish I could be married. To be with someone who is just like me. A true Christian who flees from sin at every opportunity. But I'm only 26 years old. And unfortunately the only people I have met who know to do that at all costs are much older than I am. I think because it takes a lot of God given wisdom to be willing to do that. Especially in this day and age. So I need advice on how to even approach finding someone similar. Besides the typical go to church answer because everyone in my church is either married or not yet truly convinced that He is in fact the real deal. I tried being with someone who wanted to believe in Him but couldn't turn from the sin that she was so accustomed to. Which in turn made me want to sin. I'm talking of course about sex. I have never met someone in my age group who haven't had sex with at least 4 people. It seems to be the fad of this day and time. I am affraid I am alone in this Faith of mine. I have met so many people who claim Christianity, yet have sex, talk sex and think sex on a regular basis. It's not ok. It's not good. And it's not sanctified. Some of you will want to tell me to Pray about it.. just know that's what led me to this website I usually try to stay away from the internet and have for quite awhile now, I don't even use Facebook. THIS idea was not my own. Let Him lead, Just be sure to follow as best as you can. AMEN? God Bless you fellow Christians and I look forward to reading your wisdom about it.