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  1. Not trying to be a pain, but this seems to negate your OP.
  2. I do. I have been on Twitter for a long time, yet have only sent like 5 tweets ever. I started using Twitter for sports related news and now I have added in politics.
  3. So that the public will know. Our enemies already know, you cannot hide a fleet. And since our enemies know, there is no reason for us not to know. When I was in the Philippines the bar girls and taxi drivers knew when a fleet was about to dock long before any of us service members did.
  4. While that is the party line, it simply is not true. The US has a much worse social mobility rate than Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, and Finland. Out of all those counties the poor in this country have by far the worst chance of getting out of being poor. So, while there are some nice anecdotal stories about people who manage to do so, they are the exception to the rule. Capitalism does not favor the poor, it hampers them. That is why the US has the lowest social mobility rating and the biggest income disparity. I am not saying we need to become socialist, just presenting the facts.
  5. How is that any different than capitalistic countries, only the top of the food chain live like that in this country. Then those on the other end live like this...
  6. This also begs the question, what of those who have perished without ever having the chance to see or hear God's written word? Should they be held responsible for what they could not know?
  7. I have been known to set off a smoke alarm or two! Ouch, I have not bumped into that, but I have on an occasion forgotten I had just taken a particular pan out of the oven and reached out to hold it while stirring! Pretty sure a couple of my fingers have no fingerprints any more!
  8. Well, we all need our role models I guess
  9. I must admit I had not heard of the term Gish Gallop before. Thanks for posting it, that is pretty funny.
  10. Amen to this. Adultery is a vile act and the harm it causes is most often unredeemable.
  11. If you spend much time debating people you will find that some employ a debating tactic known as the "steamroller". You can recognize these post by the way they are filled with half sentences and lots of bolding and underlining and different size fonts. In a face to face debate the steamroller tries to overwhelm you with their strength of personality vice actual facts. They interrupt and they demand of you things that they never actually let you finish saying. The on-line version of this is firing off threads with 10 different thoughts, none of which are fleshed out or supported, but with lots of bolded words and underlined things and bigger fonts. Then there are the demands that you prove them wrong. When you try to do that they change the target and post a 10 more random thoughts, often the same ones just reworded, and again without any actual support. The Steamroller has no interest in answers or discussion, their only goal is winning the debate by pounding their opposition into submission, which usually takes the form of people just moving on to new threads.
  12. Don't forget to throw in which version of the bible is the best!
  13. Of course every individual has the right to do what is right for their relationship and to uphold the moral standard for God's ideal for Christian marriage as they see it. This all started because someone in a different thread asked for an opinion of their standards and I gave an opinion that was not in line with the rest of the group. I was not aware that I was not supposed to disagree, I always assume when someone ask for an opinion they want an honest answer.
  14. That is obvious since you do not even feel my marriage is worthy of being blessed.