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  1. Do you think a nuclear war with NK would only effect Americans?
  2. Buying precious metals

    So, do you convert your "unbacked Federal Reserve dollars" to tangible assets such as gold, silver, platinum? And if so, for what purpose?
  3. Buying precious metals

    I do have some natural resources included in my investment portfolio, but not for any reason other than they tend to raise in value as the unbacked Federal Reserve dollars do. It is my opinion that if you are buying them as some hedge against the economy crashing and countries not being able to support their money, I think it is a mistake. These things have always held value in the past because there was always an active, legit economy behind them. The way I see it, in the event of a world wide economic collapse (which is the only way the Federal Reserve dollars would be worthless) useless metals such as many of those will be worthless also. People will be on the lookout for things they can use, not things that look pretty. Weapons, ammo, food stuffs, seeds, water, medical supplies and the like are the tangible assets that will contain value. Just my two cents
  4. Trump administration: 'Life begins at conception'

    This is a good step. I do belive that science is on the side of the pro-life cause and this will help further that.
  5. Christians booted from Seattle shop "I'm gay, you have to leave"

    I am still waiting for at least one person to show me what in the Constitution gives the government the power to tell you but you have to serve in and you can't say no to
  6. Let us not forget that Rahab is in the "Faith Hall of Fame" and her claim to fame was deceiving to save the lives of the Jewish spies.
  7. I am not sure it matters that their work place is very public, it is still in the end something they and their employers have to hash out. I personally do not agree that anyone is being disrespected. As a retired Marine of 20 years I do not feel disrespected, in fact I feel I spent those 20 years for people to have the freedom to protest.
  8. It is my opinion that Trump is trying to goad Un into acting first so he has an excuse to have "the best war ever".
  9. The burden of proof never shifts to the accused. In a libel suit it is up to the accuser to prove that what was printed was false and that the one printing it should have known it was false. This is actually one of the things our president has talked about wanting to change.
  10. Vast differences between the court of public opinion and a court of law.
  11. In a libel case the burden of proof is on the plaintiff, they have to prove what was printed was a false and they have to prove that what was printed was reasonably known to be a lie to the one who printed it.
  12. The fact the POTUS is not suing is very telling actually. He is well known for going after those who actually lie about him. When he just makes empty threats and never follows up it is a sure sign he does not want the truth to come out
  13. Every day the true Trump shows through just a little bit more. Our current president is a statist even more than our previous one was.
  14. I am the last one to give Trump credit for much, but this was due to him. The kneeling has been going on for more than a year and it was basically ignored by most. Then Trump got involved and told people they needed to care about it. Both Trump and the NFL rely on the same group for support, 40 and older white guys. It seems that both the NFL and I underestimated that groups loyality to Trump
  15. Christians booted from Seattle shop "I'm gay, you have to leave"

    Like eating seafood...an abomination