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  1. Prayers for my mother

    He is home from the hospital after receiving 7 units of blood in a 4 days. They have found cancerous lesion on his spine which were causing most of the pain. Other than that his situation is about the same, he could last another 6 months or he could be gone tomorrow. For the post above, sadly I am not close but my sister and her two sons and their families all live on the same mountain as my mother so they will be there for her every day when needed so that is a blessing
  2. Moore Accuser Admits to Adding to the Yearbook Entry

    So, 40 years ago she added a note to make Moore look guilty? Is that your position? Lots of people add dates and locations to yearbooks not signed at the school by people from that school. Makes a ton of sense actually, it helps people remember 40 years later where and when it was written
  3. Moore Accuser Admits to Adding to the Yearbook Entry

    Actually a lot of people do if their yearbook is being signed by someone outside their normal circle. I have two such annotations in the yearbook from my senior year. We had two famous, world class runners that worked a camp in between cross country and track season that I was a part of and I had them both sign my yearbook and after they were done I added the date, the camp name and the location so that I would always remember when it happened. The accuser never made the claim they were his words, by the way
  4. Prayers for my mother

    My father-in-law is in his last days, if not hours. He has cancer all throughout his body and will not be with us much longer. He is a born again believer so will soon be in a better place but I worry greatly about my mother as she will have to deal with him being gone. Prayers for her and our whole family please. Thanks
  5. Huffington Post goes hard hitting journalism on Trump

    Were you all complaining when they did this in regards to Bill Clinton? http://www.nytimes.com/1992/12/23/garden/bill-clinton-and-food-jack-sprat-he-s-not.html?pagewanted=all They write stories like this about every president and have for as long as I have been alive. It is not something new to Trump
  6. Senate Passes Major Tax Reform Package

    Well the Senate passed an bill they had not read, what could go wrong. That worked so well with ObamCare
  7. As a news story there is nothing to it. The GDP growth for a single quarter offers little insight into the economy as a whole. It will cause a bump in the markets which is always good but does little to help the average Joe. The 3.3% is pretty average for the 3rd quarter over the last few years.
  8. I have no need to refute it. The simple act of refusing to support a claim of fact disqualifies it from being considered the truth.
  9. Yes, you have stated many times that the jobs being created now are somehow better than the ones that were being created in the past 6 years. But you have never once supplied any evidence to support this claim. Devoid of any evidence to support the claim I have no choice but to reject it.
  10. It is not about Shiloh in particular but about the whole partisan divide. Trump is given credit for this jump in GDP growth, which was the highest in 3 years. But nobody on this board will give the person that was POTUS 3 years ago any credit for the GDP growth at the time. The reality is that neither man had much of anything to do with it as the POTUS has very little effect on such things at all. All these things are cyclical and are going to occur no matter who is sitting in the White House. Our entire economic system was designed to ebb and flow as a matter of control. Anyone that wants more knowledge on this topic should read "Fragile By Design".
  11. Since you are giving Trump credit for this, did you give Obama credit when the GDP growth was this high 3 years ago? I did a search and could not find you doing so.
  12. Brick and Mortar

    Outside of groceries we as a family probably do 50 to 60 percent of our shopping on line and I have not had the issues you speak of. My 15 year old orders all of his clothing on-line and gets it for half of what going to the mall would cost us.
  13. Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post

    People are free to base their vote on anything they think it relevant. Everytime we go to the voting booth we use our opinion to do you what call enacting legal consequences
  14. The victim counts as an eyewitness. The victims have given their eyewitness testimony that Moore molested girls. They are evidence, even in a court of law.
  15. Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post

    We determine guilt this way each and every day. The court of public opinion is in session each and every day. OJ's life has been ruined by the court of public opinion even though the court of law found him not guilty. Harvey Weinstein's life has been ruined without a single piece of what you could call evidence, by the court of public opinion. There are a whole lot of people on this forum that have judged Hillary to be guilty even though there has never been a single charge filed against her. They deemed her unworthy to vote for, just like people will have to decide about Moore. This is also not something new, do you remember Gary Hart? This has been going on for a long time. This is also not just one person vs Moore, there is a growing list of people that have no reason to lie and have nothing to do with each other. I could give you a whole list of reasons why I feel that Moore is guilty and you can give me a whole list of things why you think he is not. In the end we each have to make up our own mind. If you live in Alabama you will have an additional step of choosing to vote for him or not. If he is elected then the Senate will have to make up their minds what to do about it.