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  1. So, you think the earth is an actual footstool and that God has actual, physical feet that are resting upon the earth? And that heaven is just a throne that God is actually sitting on? How does the earth being a footstool fit into the snow globe version of earth you claim is accurate?
  2. Do you believe that the earth is an actual, literal, footstool that God has His feet resting upon?
  3. If the flat earth model is correct, there is no universe. So, it cannot be utterly unique in the universe.
  4. And so do those of us who interpret the scriptures differently than you do with regards to the earth. Yet you have no trouble of attacking our faith or telling us we are denying the bible.
  5. Is the earth flat or it is a footstool? Isa 66:1 Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that ye build unto me? and where is the place of my rest?
  6. It is written in the Bible that the earth is God's footstool and heaven His throne. Do you believe the earth is literally a footstool and that God's actual, literal feet are resting on it? Or is this a expression, a figure of speech? And do you believe Heaven is an actual throne, an ornate chair that God is literally sitting in? of could this also be a figure of speech?
  7. The role of Chief Scientist of the USDA, the person that will oversee the Research, Education, and Economics mission area for the USDA is about to be filled by a radio talk show host with no training or experience in science. Also, US Code 7 USC 6971, which authorizes the position, states the position must be chosen “from among distinguished scientists with specialized training or significant experience in agricultural research, education, and economics.” Trump's choice has none of these things. He has zero qualifications to hold this job, it seems to be nothing more than payment for supporting Trump in the campaign.
  8. One more example of how the current Admin is not a conservative administration. Seizing property from people suspected of criminal activity but not convicted is not an example of smaller, less intrusive government. Also, the fact that the Federal Govt will now take 100% of the assets is another example of big government.
  9. They have an answer to everything except how such a grand conspiracy has been maintained over the centuries.
  10. Actually, no she did not go out for about 25 minutes. Also, most people would put on something other than their pajamas. And most people would take a weapon of some kind with them...that is the normal response.
  11. If you watch Alan Eustace's skydive video taken with his GoPro you will see first an upturned edge and then a completely flat earth and then a down-turned half-circle, all in the same video. This is caused by the rotation of the camera along its X-axis. Being stuck in a little box with only a tiny porthole to look out of, Piccard could not rotate his x-axis so he only had one view.
  12. I am a Christian as well, I am going by the Bible's description as well. We just have a different understanding of what the Bible states. The two passages above that I posted indicate it is a day but also seen as more.
  13. Hopefully he can beat this, seems his political career is a secondary concern right now
  14. And yet even today the Jewish people clebrate it as a week long event. I think I might go with their understanding instead of yours and others on here.
  15. That is the weird part, you think a woman is being taped so you go out in your pajamas to investigate? That seems an odd response, and a dangerous one