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  1. One means to receive one means to beleive?
  2. To Restore you must first realize why it was demolished. If you don't you'll nener knoow the element the soil lacked that crack the foundation to begigin with
  3. The Reason You Are Hveing this Problem is because you hold little vaule in the word of God. You are not in love with Jesus.
  4. Iit is the natural heal element of the plannts that medice is usually composed of supernatual and devine healing are not of the same accord yet they are both of God.
  5. I beleive that God is pprepareing a place for us in heaven but He'lll never return to give it to us if we don't prepare the earth as his wife
  6. My Life Keeps getting disrupted by systematic lack of faith and propriety.. I've been here before under a differt name yet I forgot the passord and had to re enliist. I never really got any where do you have any quest quides. I was think something like day walking backward around the earth beack to edon and starting in America with slave trade route from brazil to south africa so I could return the the rymithis elemnts to johansburg that keep getting disreguarged as the forgeting about justice to expect justiice serevs the unjust. Any One Out theere??
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